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I did something retarded: I bought BTT on Binance, then afterwards I noticed the current supply and freaked out. When trying to sell this shitcoin I then realize it cannot be traded against anything other than stablecoins. This is on Binance btw.
So... which stablecoin should I convert it into? Can you give a TLDR on USDT and USDC, and other, better alternatives?

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bumppp. its mooning if you want to gamble a little.

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What the fuck kind of retarded question is this? If you can't even make a decision like this on your own then you're seriously ngmi. Also lurk moar.

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I know

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thx bro, heres busty woman for you.

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What's her bra size do you think?

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D or DD I would guess.

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She is 1 dorito and 1 child away from being a cankle spilling lard eating jobless gf.

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