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Hey, poorfag. Yes, (You).

Do you honestly think you'll make it in this cycle unless you have at least $200k right now?

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Nope 20k poorfag. Basically going to start pulling everything out within a month and then pray to god I can figure something out.

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Fuck, only got 150k

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Nope, not even close. But as one author of a desert fan fictiom once said.
>we must do the work of he who sent me while the sun shines, because night cometh and no man can work.

Going to take profits from this bull run and use that to acumulate during the crash.

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had 160k in jan
have 350k now
im 90% btc
am i gmi?

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I hold link and the next link

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whats the next link, allow me to help pumping your bags anon

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*to help pump, the fuck is up with my english

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Link marines will stake link on anystake

DFT 3m cap

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>tfw 230k

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>7k bnb
>7k bnt
>2k eth
Should I stick with these for now and then dump for btc in a few months?

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>whats the next link

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Did you know?

Over 100 applications are using the Pallet SSVM to build scalable applications on the #Polkadot multi-chain


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I only have 500 dollars in crypto, which btw is the entirety of my life savings

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>tfw only 30k

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>dump for btc in a few months
Anon BTC is priced out. LINK and DOT will do better than ETH. I recently came to the realization that ETH is not going to survive the bear market. 125 Tps is a joke. People who believe ETH isn't centralized are delusional.

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I have £60k in crypto right now.
I hope I'll be able to buy a modest house with half of my gains this bullrun.

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jeet detected

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no, but the money i've made so far is enough to improve my life substantially.

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Likely will hit a cool mil.

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that's the spirit, fren

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Crypto is over 1.5 trillion. TRILLION. There's not going to be another 100x in crypto. The money's been made.

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No fren, I am just trying to improve my position for the coming crash.

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If I had 200k that means I made it.

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But i thought it was at least 100k? Why the sudden change?

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I used to drink an eat junk food all the time and now every time i crave something unhealthy i think about how much i can make if I invest it into crypto.
Up 2x on that fun money by buying anything that isn't named LINK or is tied to a pajeet.

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That was a month ago. Get with the times, grandpa. You're being priced out.

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yep im all in low mcap project that makes difference and is huge upgrade to etheruem network

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There's not gonna be a crash

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The “cycle” has been broken.
This is not a bull run. This is the new normal

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