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Is this true, anon?

Are you, or have you ever been a white man?

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I'm working part-time from home and have a college degree. Also, I'm not white, I'm Greek, but close enough.

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Except it makes you money, and all you have to do is look at green and red stonk bars.

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I’m employed and have a college degree. Redditors are just retarded and like jewbux.

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Sounds like a typical angry wage kek

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Yeah, if you're a fuckin dumbass

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>haha that stupid white males who brought BTC for $4000 while i was on twitter ranting about trump

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and redditors couldn't even get in on that, sad

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Sounds like nocoiner tranny cope to me.

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Every business is a pyramid
American society is a pyramid
Food is a fucking pyramid

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and we are the new elite. fuck off coalburners

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Nocoiners seething again, imagine the seething at 100k

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greeks are white dumbass, unless you're an immigrant nigger

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I am a white man with two college degrees. kek

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why does reddit love analogies so much
who talks like that irl

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Crypto is big in other countries too. Anyways, I can’t wait for the salt when people irl begin to realize I’m fucking loaded once this covid bullshit is over.

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About as white as the Spaniards and Italians. A bit muddy.

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I know its tempting but be careful about flaunting your wealth

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They think they are in a house episode

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t. American

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jokes on them i dont even have a high school diploma

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I thought Greeks were white?
Sorry to hear the bad news anon.

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God i hate the woke zoomer trash, and stop using white as an insult. It is just cringe, how are these brainlets not understanding it just racism. The horseshoe theory is real, people are just hateful peices of trash.

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I'm Jewish, so I larp as a white person all the time and insult them for the goyim they are.

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My skin is like A4 paper. She is correct. But she will still buy our coins.

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Technically no college degree but got hired anyway so fuck it

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northern Italians are most definitely white, southerns are a little more iffy.

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White has essentially become an insult in 2021. It's been like this for awhile, but I am still floored by the ubiquity and shamelessness of it all.

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I fit that description but I'm not ashamed. I do honest work and pay my taxes.

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I have an mba and a finance degree

Im also a broker for one of the big three brokerages in the US

Stocks are a scam and crypto is the only way to make life changing money. Reddit niggers deserve the rope.

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Lmao, imagine serious thinking a college degrees worth something on these days and that you are smarter for that

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>when you delve into occult stuff so long you double read this as 'good people bad'

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Thanks. You’re right. It’s fun to daydream about. I don’t plan on going too big but it will be nice to be dressing a bit sharper and walking taller.

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For better mental health;

>Eliminate re*dit
>eliminate /pol/
>filter (what's happening) on twitter
>ignore youtube retards
>delete facebook
>don't engage with liberals

stop engaging with "jewish" social conditioning in general. every moment you engage with their faggotry, the eldritch kikes, steals bits of your time and soul.

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>being stupid enough to be bamboozled into paying 30k for a useless degree means I'm smart

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I turned roughly $2500 into $6500 through Ethereum, and if I hadnt sold early like a fucking moron, I would have made more.

Can't do that while being aped by a MLM scam.

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My firm will only hire people with no degree, or a PhD. A resume with a bachelors or masters gets put in the trash. Unless its in business or econ, then we will laugh at it before putting it in the trash.

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I'm Brazilian, we have public college, very difficult, and demanding, a lot of content, a lot of demands, teachers sons of bitches and in the end your diploma is worth nothing. You don't pay with your money, you pay with your soul. The best thing I did was to quit mechanical engineering.

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2 degrees and a bunch of certificates here (MA, BA, and tons of CompTIA + Cisco certs). That twitter poster is a retarded faggot, guaranteed.

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Let them seethe. My cousin is in some high level finance position and he's constantly shitting on me for investing in BTC and saying how it's a useless asset and blah blah blah, as I made more money in two years with it than he has in the last 10 with his job and masters degree in finance (Or whatever it's called. I just know he took A LOT of schooling for his job).

I dropped out of highschool too, and am a staunch conservative, while he's a super liberal. I know he just fucking fumes at the idea of this highschool conservative dropout making more than him.

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>muh white boogeyman
If it were possible to do some kind of census of users I'd imagine there's at least as many yellow or brown wallet holders. This faggot is just fishing for le upboats.

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I'm unemployed, no college degree, White, and I have over $200k in crypto

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>crypto holders predominantly white/corporate
>government gets a bright idea
>they cant redistribute USD, tax increases still look bad
>they seize the entire crypto market and mandate all coins be distributed evenly via special wallet on government issued smartphones
>mfw niggers arent poor because now everyone has nothing

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where’s the best place to live in Rio.

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What is the incentive of having no degree? And I assume you look for someone who has experience to compensate? What field is your firm?

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When I see no coiners seething I just laugh. Stay poor , idiots.

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He got a heckin reddit gold out of it. Mission accomplished

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ayo my lil bitcoin stock b doin sumn n u sayin i'z a wyteboi? nnnn nnnnnnnn hell naw pasty ass cracka stay poor

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he's right though
people with college degrees can't afford to invest, in anything

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I'm a doctor, but also a white male.

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What? I have a degree and I invest all the time. You know you don’t even have to really pay that shit back right? And guess what happens to that debt when inflation sets in? All I have to do is wait and those loans will be worthless.

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>it’s another Americans think the whole world is like America episode

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>muhhh college degree
Faggots can t even tie their own shoes probably

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Nah, I'm a hapa with a masters degree.

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that's because men are intelligent and know how to make a pyramid scheme profitable for a long time. Seething roasties and nocoiners.

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>get google, apple, and microsoft onboard
>only US citizens who can hodl without being caught (temporarily) are linuxfags using tails-level distros
>nobody believes this could happen
>it happens
>crypto seized

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This, totally this. I couldn’t have said it better myself. The second I stopped engaging in bullshit, the second I got better at school, finances, guitar and Starcraft

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I have a job and a masters degree in Business IT

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I transracial, I wuz yte but now am black hence I sold all LINK I had n bought XRP instead

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>Are you, or have you ever been a white man?
I was. I currently identify as a black woman to get moar opportunities.

t. trans nigger

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I have a phd but it really hasn't helped me purchase chuck e cheese tokens very much. Do they bring up the education level because they're mad I have no student debt or...?

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What an odd take

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>You need a college degree to be someone

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i have a college degree but buying and holding fake internet money has gotten me farther in life than 2 years of college

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Now this is schizoid posting

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>tfw employed black trade anon that breaks reddit's narrow worldview

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it has been the honor of my life to be a white man and serve with you link marines.

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Reading these posts when crypto inevitabely becomes mainstream and they have to buy digital fiat hedged against shitcoin reserves is gonna be hilarious

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Imagine how mad this tranny must be

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I make 200k annually and I'm not even white. This faggot is just jealous 'it' missed the boat.

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I find it ironic that these faggots think punching down on the downtrodden based on race, sex, educational background, and employment status is unacceptable EXCEPT if you’re white, male, no college degree, and unemployed. If you’re any of these you’re fair game.

I can’t fucking wait til these faggots get what’s coming to them.

>> No.29184990

I'd argue there's still time, but he's probably too stubborn and prideful to even make it. That's provided he doesn't have a stack and just fuds for fun.

>> No.29185028

Let them FUD each other out of investing. They'll just throw tantrums in the future.

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nah im employed, have more than 1 college degree(s) and actually enjoy paying taxes because i know it goes back to the community (to benefit the less industrious races)
-t white male

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no I'm as black as hell
these SJW types can go fuck themselves for ruining race relations

>> No.29185159

isn't 70% of crypto user is black and yellow?

>> No.29185185


That was actually written into leddits site rules during the Floyd riots last year. You're allowed to shit on Whites, but no one else

>> No.29185231

At the very highest estimate, BTC only 10x’s from here. An unemployed NEET can’t make it with that, so they must otherwise be daytrading low cap coins with some manner of skill that constitutes self-employment.

Wagies fucking seethe.

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I have a STEM degree and a software engineering job. But yes, I am a white man

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In December I was permanently banned from youtube and reddit within the span of 2 weeks.

It was really upsetting, but it let me realize. "Why am I participating in these places where I can't speak my mind?" So I just stopped participating in it. I haven't touched re*dit in 3 months.

then my buddy alarmed me that crypto was beginning to show signs of life again. thanks to my social media dopamine/cortisol celibacy. I'm finally in green. Just joined 4 figure hell. Next stop is 5 figure hell.

No breaks til 50k.

>> No.29185317

topkek, it's like I'm back in 2013 again with this low-tier fud.

>> No.29185325

>what is leverage?

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You should be able to shit on anyone or nobody at all. Fuck Reddit, fuck white liberals, fuck niggers, fuck kikes, and most of all fuck jannies.

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Based jew, we should start crypto Zionism and start fights between goys and traditional Zionists

>> No.29185411

I had over 15 Plebbit accounts, all on different email addresses and one day I called a tranny mod a tranny and said you will never be a woman and somehow they banned every account I had ever created over like 8 years lol

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>> No.29185443

Why do they keep coping like this? Is this a troll? Still bullish?

>> No.29185479

good for you. since they're removing hatespeech. and seeing us leave. they get bored of their circle jerk. they'll be trying to get in on crypto and try the same shit here.

>> No.29185504

reddit is for fags. all fags that repost reddit shit here should be banned

>> No.29185620

Not to mention that these losers keep begging for student loan forgiveness while thinking they're superior to the people who didn't fall for that scam when everything they're taught is available for free online.

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File: 19 KB, 236x357, 87a0d9d99aaffa99bfa3cba1e16f6aa1--ww-pictures-monochrome-photography.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm 1488, trying for my second child, own my house and currently make $1000/day from crypto

Hail Mike, vote NJP

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>Is this true, anon?
No, I have a PhD

>> No.29185761

LOL STEM and mexican.
Seethe hard reddit fags.

Fuck nigs, spics, trannies, jews and jannies.

>> No.29185904

>the chad monero diceware paper wallet

>> No.29186272

They’re no different than the banker scum they hate for getting bailed out in 2008. Both made horrible investment decisions while over leveraged. They’ll never see the irony.

>> No.29186285

Just don't go to Rio if you value your life, literally the worst place on Brazil and you can get shot and be killed randomly

>> No.29186498

I don't think that's correct. As a young white man, I both to both get a degree and find a job before I had the kind of disposable income that allowed me to put any meaningful amount into internet funny monies.

>> No.29186637

People think I'm white but I'm actually Jewish. Redditors are the goyest amongst goys

>> No.29186735

Look at this person’s post history.
Absolutely fucking SEETHING about crypto

>> No.29186743

not white :/ and not network marketing since I know all about it because I started one myself +20 years ago:/

>> No.29186918

work in corporate accounting. buy crypto because it's my only chance at escaping the wage cage. stocks are a jewish scam that barely outpace inflation unless you have material insider knowledge. fuck reddit niggers.

>> No.29187064

I would guess that white and Asian males own 95% of all crypto. And thats a good thing!

>> No.29187106

Finally, a gyro that knows his place.

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>unemployed young white men without college degrees
He says this like an insult, but let's break it down

aka not a good little wagie goy, sounds good to me
that's right, no roasties or boomers allowed in crypto
no better demographic to belong to
oh wait, guess I was wrong
>without college degrees
aka didn't spend $100,000 to get lectured by communists about the importance of coddling black people and trannies

Even his avatar is making the so.y face if you look next to his user name

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Im a mom with student loans ill never be able to pay off because I work part time. I only work 2 shifts when my husband is home so i can pay my bills. Ive made a few thousand which i could cash out but I'm seeing if i can flip it into being able to pay off my debt then maybe the mortgage. If i 'make it' my husband can retire after taking care of us for years. Idiots will just get rug pulled on food tokens and pajeet scams so fuck em they can try. Just stick to buying bitcoin stock on robinhood and fuck off.

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Go to Sao Paul, Minas Gerais, Parana, Santa Catarina or Rio Grande do sul. trust me.Pick related.(whats)- from São Paulo.

>> No.29187363

>Food is a fucking pyramid
AHHHHhhhhh nooooooo

>> No.29187552

>Im a broker
>Stocks are a scam and crypto is the only way to make life changing money
only because your clients are boomers who are too pussy to strap on 4x leverage and buy calls on top of their long bets

>> No.29187553

This. I did pay as you earn as a waitress and never paid shit. I had to pay my private loans but refinanced those to cut the interest and payment in half and haven't touched federal. Im investing what cash i can and if I make more money i can pay it off instead of slaving away to barely make a dent. Or they'll just forgive it all eventually. The debt will shrink if they keep pumping money.

>> No.29187826

My nigga..

>> No.29187893

I love the last part. You're truly living the good life. I hope to see you playing brood war in the citadel bud. Godspeed.

>> No.29188053

I have a question
Why do leddit types think that they’re the only ones who went to college?
It’s such a weird thing to be fixated on.
Also why are they so obsessed with acting like going to college makes you intelligent?
9/10 times An electrician who went trade school is smarter than some greasy balding Reddit tranny with a defeee in sociology

>> No.29188374

Boomers like their 12% growth from ETFs and mutual funds. Most of them will leave nothing to their families. They'll either spend it all on vacations or to extend their life an additional 6 months.

>> No.29188426

because they're all in debt that they'll be paying off for their whole career and need to feel like that debt was worth it

>> No.29188594

>Im also a broker for one of the big three brokerages in the US
>Stocks are a scam and crypto is the only way to make life changing money. Reddit niggers deserve the rope.
What's the color of the wallpaper in Blackrock's underage blood orgy room? I don't remember seeing a faggot like you around

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I'm a fucking white male but I have a college degree and a job so....

>> No.29188714

Lol and many of those white boys are getting richer then that broke smug faggot

>> No.29188764

my based sense is tingling

>> No.29188768

Over 60% of tg groups are pajeets and chinks. How white.

>> No.29188795

White but not unemployed

>> No.29188936

no I'm a black man who race mixes with pure aryan women constantly. I wish people would understand that crypto is a diverse environment already

>> No.29188961

São Paulo it is then, anon. Ty fren

>> No.29188975

12% growth on an ETF still gives you fucking nice returns if you lever up and also buy LEAPs on the ETF. it's kind of sad how much crypto-only traders discount the stock market because they're not literate enough to understand the opportunities fully. BTC only has a 1 trillion market cap and the market as a whole a ~1.7 trillion market cap. BTC wasn't even a ten bagger this year. hasn't even been a ten bagger this year just a moderate 6.5 bagger. if you'd bought tesla a year ago with 2x leverage you'd have bigger returns than you would have gotten buying BTC. if you bought LEAPs on top of it you'd have absolutely crushed the gains you could have gotten on BTC. I understand you can buy crypto with leverage as well but in my view from what I've seen it seems like buy and hold is basically the optimal strategy for crypto since the market is too volatile to use leverage or to swing trade consistently.

>> No.29188999

they do when they have to serve you at wendy's so they can pay the minimum amount on their 150k loan that they used to get their English major.

>> No.29189001

I know dude I think about it so much. I want to wake up in a beautiful waterfront apartment every morning but they cost like 2-3x the regular cuck apartments that I'd reasonably be able to afford if I wasn't rich. Maybe I can act like I made enough for a down payment and pretend that I have a job or something.

>> No.29189011

am white, am unemployed, and crypto is mostly a ponzi scheme. Yup, checks out.

>> No.29189035

Reject modernity. Embrace flip phone.

>> No.29189042

All good points. I use adblock to remove the youtube comment section

>> No.29189105

this is a data mining thread.

>> No.29189163

Some greek women are really hot. Some are not. Guess that's how it goes.

>> No.29189200

I don’t even blame you, I blame the whores. Obviously every man is gonna try and “date up” or whatever you wanna call it. And we both know white girls are way better than the negresses. That being said, fuck you nigger.

>> No.29189202

your comparison is baseless. TSLA is once in a lifetime returns.

>> No.29189243

Poor people love making fun of wealth generation systems instead of taking advantage of them

>> No.29189444

It's not dating up. White women are lousy soul sucking demons and I pity white men for having to deal with them. Black women show real love and don't need IG filters to look attractive. I hope to find a dark skinned woman to bring out into a plot of land before the collapse. I just bang white chicks to spite /pol/tards

>> No.29189485

Or once a week for an options trader.
Yeah. Learn to join them. Its much more fun. You get to hang out in castles instead of some rando's basement where he has 16 GPUs on pallet

>> No.29189521

over a year? it's really not. you can find a lot of stocks that deliver 6 bagger returns over the course of a year. a bunch of fucking weed stocks all delivered 6x returns over the past month because a bunch of stoners decided to buy them because dude weed lmao. you can find 6xers every month if you're dilligent and do your research and really dig deep looking for them and know the market well. or just get lucky and get shilled the right stock and buy in at the right time and exit at the right point. it's the same way people find 6-10x coins in the altcoin market. the difference is the stock market is way fucking bigger than the crypto market. amazon's market cap is basically the size of the entire fucking crypto market.

>> No.29189559

hes not black and he doesnt fuck anything thats not an onahole

>> No.29189590

Why not Porto Alegro? That’s the white city

>> No.29189658

It's bone, with romalian type.

>> No.29189780

how old are you?

>> No.29189870

Fellow 1488 poster
When XMR goes to 40k I will personally donate 100k USD per year to TRS/NJP.

>> No.29189877
File: 8 KB, 182x277, pobrane (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah bitch I have a Master's degree and I'm not white I'm Polish

>> No.29189992
File: 7 KB, 237x250, 44FCF7C2-6897-4E8B-9A36-B7F0FED736EA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>three degrees
>big bag of btc
>two digit sharpe ratio
>two scoops
>two term voter
>whiter than mohammed
>two unclamped testes
>two side thots
>zero fucks

>> No.29190053


>> No.29190079

im 30 and I was playing poker with bitcoin when it was $500 a coin. so i've been involved with crypto since before most of this board. most of the sharpest crypto traders I know have all increasingly moved into the stock market in the past year because they've recognized it's just a bigger fucking opportunity. it's essentially just a bigger casino and the size of the casino matters a lot to how much you can bet and how much you can potentially win.

>> No.29190128

there are actual fucking reddit crossboarding niggers here? FUCK you GO BACK and STICK A DRAGON DILDO UP YOUR SOI-BASED ASSES.

>> No.29190199


>> No.29190332


But r/buttcoin is fun to watch. The gigapump makes them seethe harder with every day

>> No.29190584

goddamn that is still a thing? What the fuck are they coping with now?

>> No.29190756

>have degree
>have job
>invest modest 20% per weekly check and 3 tax returns into crypto
>in 3 years have more than I could make in 10 years
>not even white

Keep seething reddit

>> No.29190846

truest shit ever written on biz

>> No.29190966

imagine sticking your dick in nasty white bitches just to make internet nazis mad. feeling kinda sorry for you bro but checked

>> No.29191187

>blue eyes
>can fuck your girl
>degree in biology

>> No.29191284

Καλημέρα :)

>> No.29191311

This. Imagine being a college debt wagecuck while highschool drop out make millions investing in memes.

>> No.29191342

employed white male here, pretty average. the world hates me and I hate it right back, fuck them, sounds like they're jealous of my gains.

>> No.29191382

The Greeks now aren’t the same as back in Socrates day

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File: 191 KB, 1080x1020, 1568384742927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck plebbitors

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File: 33 KB, 554x554, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why won't reddit just buy in? They've watched it since 2011.

Is this their version of financial cuckoldry? Do they get off to the sight of other men making big gains while they stay poor?

>> No.29191632

Modern greeks got blacked when they took in all the Christian turkroaches

>> No.29191644


>> No.29191759

White, male, a tradie, and a whole coiner. This guy is basic.

>> No.29192122

I dunno, I’d probably not be vested in crypto and trying to flee urban living if it wasn’t for these nigger faggots.

It’s just projection to accuse whites of being unemployed.

>> No.29192341

I'm black (yeah, yeah, I know, "nigger", "gtfo my board", etc.) but I truly and sincerely hope that every single white male anon on here - even the racist ones - makes millions of dollars from crypto and is able to rub it in the faces of all these hating-ass, ill wishing, sour-grapes nocoiner faggots
Because I can tell you all right now that I damn sure will
Can't wait to let them know that a black virgin autist who never went to college and only has a high school diploma, made crypto millions by age 30 while they're still waging and bitching about how crypto is gambling/a scam

>> No.29192443

The US dollar is a pyramid scheme. Just look at the back of it.

>> No.29192827
File: 104 KB, 1600x900, Euc0xGeXIAQZy62.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop learning, stop creating

>> No.29192882

*start creating

>> No.29192950

Everything. It’s fucking hilarious

>> No.29193010
File: 477 KB, 659x626, 1612463681920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope you make millions too anon and use it to become dictator of New Afrika

>> No.29193109

Okay stavros

>> No.29193182

I love you my nigger fren. Hope you make millions and build Wakanda or something. God bless.

>> No.29193219

Because Reddit is obsessed with ETFs, dividend stocks (lmao), and meme stocks. Anyone who strays from the cathedral gets over 9000 downdoots that rattles their self confidence because any male that uses Reddit unironically in 2021 is a pussy.

>> No.29193414

based moldbug poster

>> No.29193525
File: 46 KB, 1200x1200, all smiles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29193716

>beautiful waterfront apartment
You mean house. Fuck the cities, Im going way out, some where sceneic and secluded

>> No.29194010

>thinking that having low interest university debt means you can't invest
your degree must be trash lmao

>> No.29194589

> I just bang white chicks to spite /pol/tards

LARP senses are tingling.

>> No.29195309

this is excellent advice. even if you "hate follow" this dumb shit on reddit or twitter, it will seem into your subconscious

>> No.29195376

I actually agree. Quick greedy money chase, gives you an unfounded feeling of superiority and being involved in a real enterprise when really it's just a scam. Very low bar for entry.

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