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literal financial geniuses worth billions. your [tiny] net worth is showing

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>literal financial geniuses worth billions.
Those also bought tech stocks in the dot com bubble, didn't work very well.

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>literal financial geniuses worth billions. your [tiny] net worth is showing


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cringe you have to go back

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The same ones that will dump on your ass weeks before it plummets?

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FOMO and speculation. It will end in a bloodbath. Link will be exposed as Bitconnect 2

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These threads can be used as a time machine, just replace the numbers.
>Whose buying at $2
>Whose buying at $10
>Whose buying at $75
>Whose buying at $500
>Whose buying at $800
>Whose buying at $1,000
>Whose buying at $2,500
>Whose buying at $5,000
>Whose buying at $10,000
>Whose buying at $50,000
>Whose buying at $55,000
and on and on and on

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The exact same idiots buying at 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k, 50k, etc...

People who think they can sell it to someone else for a higher price. That's all Bitcoin is good for.

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>it can only go up because in the past it kept going up

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bought at 52,200 u mad?

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Because buying cryptocurrencies is buying the promise to become rich.
Only a very, very small percent of people actually believe in the future of the crypto world, the rest just doesnt care about what happens either way.

Bitcoin is the biggest ponzi scheme that has ever been created, Satoshi probably wanted to revolutionize finance, sure, but the only reason this could see a use is because fiat money is losing in value every single day and people want to escape that by aping into something that gains in value in the meanwhile. A 100$ is not worth shit nowadays, a 100BTC makes you a millionaire.

You dont buy BNB because you believe in the future of BSC, you dont buy ADA because you care about the project, you dont buy GRT because you want a google of ponzi schemes, you dont buy SWOON because you like sailor moon.
You buy the promise that other people will ape in and that you're early enough to make a x10 - x100 on your investment and cash out.

Why do we keep comparing the BTC to its USD equivalent? Because USD is still the true measure of value.

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we have no way to predict what anything will do in the future other than evaluation past performance

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Everyone hodling btc it are effectively buying it at 50k.

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I can tell you what literally every other speculative bubble in the past did though.

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They offset the losses against profis from other ventures, so w/e.

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You have been alive so far and I'm 100% certain you will die within the next 100 years.

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i use it to store my entire networth and hedge against (accelerating) money printing since 2016
all i can say is that it's doing its job properly
you better start stacking sats, money printing is not gonna stop

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People who want a guaranteed 2x by EOY without having to worry about gambling on shitcoins

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This, hell I remember less than a year ago people were saying "bitcoin will never be above 10k ever again" and "who the hell is paying 9k for a bitcoin?".

And they'd have their meme TA charts starting in 2017 with a line connecting the peak in 2017, 2019, and 2020, saying that it would just keep having lower and lower peaks until it flatlined.

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That's a bit flawed tho no? As long as people keep buying Bitcoin it will be a good performing "store of value", but the reason people buy it is to sell higher. I don't think people buying stuff from dark net markets even use Bitcoin anymore. It's just a big ponzi right now that will keep going up until the meme charts say it's time to sell.

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It's not a fucking hedge if it's fundamentally worthless. You don't hedge on assets with greater volatility than the assets you originally have.

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Shut the fuck up boomer. I'm tired of seeing your all caps ramblings in every thread after we crack yet another all time high. We know something you don't, you're slow.

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If the price is high then produce me a coin for 40k and I will buy it

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Mine a coin for 40k or 35k and I will buy it if it's worthless as you say

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Open a short then, retard

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its the standard you ape

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I have. I bought puts.

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>You don't hedge on assets with greater volatility than the assets you originally have.

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>the reason people buy it is to sell higher
the reason people buy it is to exit fiat debt-based system forever
maybe i will buy some properties, but i will never cash out in fiat

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petter schiff is scooping frantically every bit

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How are you going to manage that? How are you supposed to buy or sell anything when the price of a bitcoin can change by +10% in a single day? Who's going to sell you their house for 10 bitcoins when the price could crash by 1000% in a week.

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Its these people anon

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So you pay your bills, food etc in bitcoin now?

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>Past predicts the future

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This is it boys, btc has hit the big time, its never crashing into a bear market again

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Likewise, why would you buy a house for bitcoin knowing that its price might increase 1000% soon after you've paid?

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Big institutions are buying and they will release a statement in a couple of weeks. There will be no major correction until 100k

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Without this Corona nonsense and the money printing it would have never gotten to 10k again.
You are late and those idiots at the "institutions" are late, last change to get in safely was 1k.

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>And they hated anon and refused to engage him, because he spoke the truth.

No one is buying any crypto for its fundamentals. It's simply window dressing for offloading onto greater fools.

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this looks so not like a bubble

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Everything in crypto is worthless.

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Literally nobody is buying right now. The market volume is caused solely though exchange washscamming via tether

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>Everyone now agrees it's digital gold
>Hhhmmm why is it mooning so hard to catch up to gold's mcap

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>missed the still ongoing bull run
>meanwhile I'm a millionaire from my initial $100k investment

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based. these low test retards who cant stomach risk are getting left behind while the rest of us unironically make it and its beautiful.

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I remember back in 2017 when people asked who the idiots were buying at $20,000.

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You guys sure have cracked the case! Selling now! Can't believe I never thought of these arguments against Bitcoin. Thanks for the help fellas

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Yep, crypto only interests people because theres absurd amounts of money being slung around constantly and if you are in the right place at the right time you can make off with a ton of it. Crypto won't ever be anything more until it's speeds increase, fees decrease and more people accept it as a form of payment.

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Yeah and in the years afterwards it crashed, and people lost 16 thousand out of that 20k. So in a way they were idiots

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Can't believe literally no one has ever given me an answer to them.

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BTC will always trend up because the cost of mining naturally balances the supply against the demand of the coin.

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only lose if you sell doofus

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this man just opened his public school 5th grade textbook. you people really are cattle.

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>it can only go up!1
Remember that the number one indicator of a bubble is that the people involved in it are fucking retards like this guy.

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who is going to supply limited goods in exchange to your ever increasingly expensive crypto. people will just not going to buy it. if the central banks get involved and actually consider it a "coin", currency or "money", i think it will crash lower than the usd.

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who is selling?

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I wouldn't be to harsh. Economist also see infinite inflation as a good thing, by preventing prices of goods to go down.

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6% APY on a hard asset that appreciates reliably
also, if you don't get it by now you're dum

>> No.29168815

>hard asset
more like speculative "asset" (barely). Less hard than a lottery ticket and more speculative like a Ponzi Scheme.

>> No.29168917

>appreciates reliably
>more volatile than literally any other asset in existence.

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That ID looks good on you, retard

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they price floor level for bitcoin is raised after every bull run
you literally have no idea what you're talking about
you're a parrot *squawk*

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They only lost if they sold. The real question is who are the idiots that sell at a loss? Everyone knows btc will only go up in the longterm.

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>you're a parrot *squawk*
the parrot is probably more intelligent

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It's a new paradigm, and everybody who doesn't buy, now, will be priced out forever. Anybody who does buy will be rewarded with a lifetime of riches, as their bitcoin will continue its 30% monthly price increase.

Nocoiners, and anybody born in a future generation, will not be able to afford a $10,000,000 satoshi in 15 years. They will live in tent cities, and Hondas.

This asset bubble is different than all of the others - it will never slow down, or pop. The gains are permanent.

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Me give cashapp money from for bitcoin. Money number go up

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Holy shit go look at price chart from inception to now. Afterwords sit there for a while and think about what a retard you are.

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You'll just have to avoid that bear then. It will ask for food, clothes and materials to build shit. You'd better be ready and have buyers wanting your expensive bitcoins then.

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based CNN keeping their dipshit audience away from BTC

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Normies on my friend group chat are celebrating their $100 gains they've made since buying BTC a week ago kek. They have no idea I've been accumulating crypto for 3 years.

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Because the USD is doomed and everyone knows it.

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They don't have the answer. They think that BTC is like gold, but better and that it will continue to go up, because it has gone up for the past 12 years. There's no foundation from where they build up their argument. It's just a loop. BTC is a good store of value because people buy it because it has gone up because it's a store of value because people buy it because it has gone up... It used to be about being able to transact without an intermediary and it being actually used to pay in the dark net markets because it was the only way to order anonymously. The fees uses to be low enough to buy stuff online like games, but who's gonna pay $20 fee for a $60 game? Then there's almost no progress on scalability solutions even if those solutions would have to be a lot more centralised. The whole Bitcoin as a world reserve currency/store of value is flawed and I still haven't gotten a good response on this. This of course doesn't mean that Bitcoin can't go up. Personally I've been holding LINK since 2018 and it seems to me like smartcontracts will be the real use of blockchain rather than cryptocurrencies.

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I own a bit over 1 BTC in a cold'ish wallet and a comparable amount in gold,
but I like BTC much more since I don't have to protect it and can convert it to a stablecoin within 20 minutes.

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no coiner probs

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Yes, that is exactly my opinion too. The people I know who hold bitcoin are literal 110 IQ brainlets who think they're going to become the new millionaire class with their one or two coins. This whole 'store of value' thing is insane. How can you store value in an asset that can move 500% up or down in half a year. It will never stabilise because why would it. A gold bar is inherently valuable. If I put a gold bar in front of you and you knew nothing about financial markets, you could probably still have a decent guess at what its value is. That's why gold is gold because it's always the same.

I don't know enough about smartcontracts to actually make any investment in that kind of thing though. They may be the future, but that doesn't mean Chainlink is, for example.

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well then....

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found the faggot

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Just nature weeding out the stupid really

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Literally all crypto is a ponzi scheme. Some coins might have more complex features and better technical abilities but in the end, only about 20% of the people owning crypto actually use it as a currency. It won't mean shit in the future. You think you're going to be able to pay for something REAL with BTC, LINK,ETH, DOT or whatever in 20 years? Think again. Clean water, access to clean oxygen, houses/shelter, those things wont be accessible through crypto and probably wont be accessible through FIAT either. Resources wont mean the same thing in the future as they do now. Climate change is truly bringing an end to the world as we know it but in the meantime, I'm trading crypto (yes, including bitcoin) to make some profit so that I can have a more financially compfterable life now.

Enjoy it while it lasts but don't fool yourself into thinking it will mean anything when you'll be old. And that applies to all coins, not just bitcoin.

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Company treasury departments are starting to buy BTC among other crypto as a source of liquidity in these potentially disastrously inflationary times for the USD. It's legitimate risk management. I know my company's treasury is buying crypto for this exact purpose. We have to fund operations 6 months and year down the road, not too bad if we make some money doing so instead of letting it sit as cash. It's a great way to diversify risk away from the money pool.

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the same that buy bnb

>> No.29171945

>i don't understand how digital currencies and tokens work

Think about it this way, imagine if software licenses for powerful software suites were tradable. As the world becomes more digital, owning licenses that are hugely in demand would be a pretty good store of wealth wouldn't it?

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This thread reeks of seething nocoiners coping so hard.

>> No.29172082

You know, not all of the companies that were around during the dot com bubble failed. The ones that are still around, are running the world.

>> No.29172144

>Big institutions
Name one

>> No.29172543

Been reading these nocoiner threads since 2016, never gets old

>> No.29172903

But the world won't become more digital. Or rather, it will be then it will all crash. There are litterally water and lithium shortages already. Maybe I was exagerating with the 20 years thing but I am 100% confident that during my lifetime, any form of currency that isnt primary resource based will be useless. You have a very optimistic view of the future if you think that there won't be a third world war that will directly affect even first world countries and that people won't be litterally fighting for survival. Look at war ridden countries, do you think Syrians care about crypto?

>> No.29173138

based. I understand the potential but I don't see a reality where crypto replaces currency

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printer -> stimulus -> bitcoin -> china
printer -> stimulus -> china
Please stand up for your national anthem!

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In the scenario you are predicting, fiat curencies are much more likely to collapse while bitcoin stays alive. You do realize to shut down bitcoin you would need nuke the internet? If your entire investment thesis is based off a ww3 scenario with nukes happening then you will be poor if it doesn't happen

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I'm old. 45. I have been hearing the resources as currency argument since the 90s.

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macro chads that can think ahead of time.

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The digital world exists within the material world. Hardware manufacturers, power grid operators etc. possess the material base that the digital economy is founded upon.

>> No.29173983

Yes, and we also keep dca until 2030 at least

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>price could crash by 1000% in a week.
Something tells me you came here to raid with your tranny friends and now you are a seething no-coiner.

>> No.29174424

So its like stocks, you just hate it because you're all in the stock market and are making comparably smaller gains than everyone else in crypto, got it

>> No.29174622

Elon Musk buying in big time meant others thought "woah so this is the future" and then they all bought in. It'll go up more soon (since some other company is buying in, forgot who) but some of the hodlers from a while ago will sell not long after that. Then it'll crash, they'll buy some more again and wait for another big buy in.

BTC is curiously both predictable and unpredictable.

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Anyone that checked monetary bases to be honest now that i think of, cash has a negative interest already.

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wrong without corona and printing it was going to 120k, now it's going to 530k
Money printing was going to happen due to the fact the youth has been broken by money printing.

it's keynsianism death loop and anyone with a brain knew this would happen


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