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Official announcement!

Jannies pls stop deleting these threads!

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MMMMMMMMMmoney baby! I can't believe I'm going to be a millionaire at 17.

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I thought this was a rug wtf? People were saying it was a rug because they didn’t announce a partnership officially and now they did, actually surprised

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it’s literally dumping right now. you think with bnb this shit has any hype or use case anymore?

it’s over

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cya lmao

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LOL you actually think BNB is a long term play? Nigger it’s fucking centralised and collapsed this morning. BNB is FOTM and will only come crashing down with those shit food defi projects. Just like what happened with the TRON defi awhile back

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>provides cross chain for bnb and eth
>is useless

You are one dumb nigger

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Rubic is decentralized and has cross chain support so you can swap crypto to crypto

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I'm 22 issa joke jannies, have mercy

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>the fucking irony in making fun of BNB for not being a long term play while simultaneously insisting that RBC is one instead

Kek my fucking sides, the absolute fucking state

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>Rubic retards are unironically bragging about a Matic/Polygon ‘partnership’ when these are the type of projects they brag about being partners with on their own website
>literally $10k in daily volume

The absolute fucking state of delusional RBC retards lmao. Feels great to see you coping faggots dump after you all laughed and made fun of me for saying 70 cents was the obvious top and to not be greedy and take your profits

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You should probably not put money into crypto... >>29134152
If they deliver, this shit might finally pic up alot of unis volume and moon

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Watching BNB pump so hard whilst Rubic dips and crabs is tough as fuck.
I was going to swing to BNB yesterday and then back to Rubic.
Would have been up 60%.
I'm just going to stop paying attention and hope that Rubic actually delivers on the promises.

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Yes, this why whales have been accumulating

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Yeah just chill brother

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what does this mean. what is polygon

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Polygon help develop L2 which is an essential part of RBC's roadmap

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Dyor, it’s an L2 solution that’s shooting to fix scaling issues with transactions on eth and a few other blockchains, one of the lowest latencies for block confirmations. Also a top 100 mktcap coin. Afaik rubic’s the first dex that they’re partnering with so it’s pretty groundbreaking.

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Honestly was thinking about picking up Polygon/Matic today. It's on Coinbase and pretty cheap. I feel like worst case scenario it's going to 2-3x.

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