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hmm yeah I think it is a good time to buy BNB

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just invested my entire life savings at $340, $10,000 end of year

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Do you get it's got only 2x higher supply than ETH, is more used than ETH, and is 10x less expensive than ETH?

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crypto works on demand
>hmm should I buy this $1900 coin to pay for 50$ fees
>or should I buy this 300$ coin to pay for $0.60c fees
until theres parity between these two demand for bnb and bsc dont stop wont stop

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I decided to put my money into LINK instead this yesterday..
Is $ROPE still cheap?

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I can't wait for the entire market to crash. It's going to be a bloodbath!

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I would wait a little bit more... need to confirm the bull trend.

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this could be like bch in 2017. make a ridulous top and then crash hard as fuck and chop everyone up before making a new high at the end of the btc cycle.

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Unironically went with all my portfolio shorting it with 2x leverage. For me its now or never

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>>> more used
Oh you sweet summer child. It was a mistake pushing for wider adoption, the retards are here en masse.

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>buying into a pump
they never learn

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made me laugh out loud. thanks bud. gonna be a good day

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>calling him out

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Thanks for zat info meester anon

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It will easily go to $1000 in a week

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You’re gonna regret this... jeez.

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I sold this for about $2 back in the day. Still got 4x from it, but holy hell.

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all these retards buying on top lol

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not that hard when you wash trade and pay for transaction fees yourself so they seem lower

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Arter losing 70% of my portfolio over last couple of days knowing well i just had to hold bnb is enough. I was thinking about putting rest all on red on betsafe anyways..

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I sold for now, its retracing anyway, ill buy back if it falls to 260

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Same. God it feels terrible being priced out of a coin you knew about before biz started talking about it

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Never short the market when the money printers are going brrrrr

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you will fomo in eventually. have fun staying poor

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ngmi. its not gonna dip below $300 again anon.

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Wtf Anon are you stupid? Yes it’s pumping hard, but not everyone is even able to buy in yet...you’re fucked

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Can you explain to me how that BNBDOWN works?

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Sold under 300$. Never regret. Its going below 100$ just matter of time.

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>Since Binance Leveraged Tokens are not forced to maintain a constant leverage, Binance Leveraged Tokens rebalance on an as-needed basis only such as during extreme market movements only.
enjoy getting chinked

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Nice cz shill. Fuck off.

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So set a stop-loss then you absolute moron. Holy fuck it smells new in here.

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Does that mean they levarage me as they wish? What the fuck cz

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I’m so sorry anon

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