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this one... feels different, /biz/. is it time to go into stablecoins?

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This is the one. You either sell and come back in a few years or you buy all the way to the bottom. It’s up to you.

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150k eoy

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This FUD is so illogical

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threads like this are a buy signal. i'll sell when you faggots are in euphoria and there's not a bear in sight

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that was last week you retard

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This is the big one.

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People already in denial, beautiful.

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heeeere we gooooo!

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55k as soon as stimulus cheques go out

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Cheers, I exited the market - hit crash bobo do it do it come on!!!

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nah if you were here in 2017 you know what real euphoria is like. we're not there yet.

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I was here in 2017. I was here in 1720. I was always here. You just could not see me.

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Made me chuckle

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You can't measure the euphoria simply by the absence of bears. When BTC hit 20k there were tons of bears screaming for the end but they were just laughed at and declared as fools. Same thing's happening now but of course it can always get more ridiculous.
If you want to see complete retardation and blind euphoria just check out tradingview chat for a second, it will make you wanna sell everything you have and run for the exit.

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I took some profit. If I’m wrong oh well, if im right its good too. Cheers gentlemen

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They're going to be issuing tax returns for the next two months as well. My entire $5k is going into crypto, likely chainlink even though I have a decent stack. We'll see what the market's like though, I also like ren

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We just broke out over $50K, faggot.

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>market down .3% in 24 hrs

oh no its bobo time

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i remember in 2017 around christmas i was in Glasgow library looking for some old articles, and there was a 70yo man hunched over on the library computer behind me googling "how to buy bitcoin." we're not there yet senpai

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We also didn’t have Elon’s reckless ass either

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since the new year you could have caught at least two 5x per week on /biz/ shills alone, 2017 was pitiful compared to that.

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There are 12 Bobo threads in the catalog right now .....

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Why sell? I'm investing long term in crypto with real use. It's irrelevant how much it crashes short term.

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