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What are some of the best talks/podcasts/etc Sergey has done about Chainlink? I'm ready to listen

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>Feb 15th: Sergey talks about The Adoption of DeFI
Skip to the 30minute mark, and tell me your dick doesn't get rock hard.

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Recent interview Sergey did. He's acting so God damn BULLISH in these recent interviews.

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ETHDenver is kino

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Yes, also a very good one even if it's a bit longer.

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oh fuck

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wew lad, is it hot in here?

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thank you friends

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Guys I think I have got a promising coin for you. It has a low market cap and it is still undiscovered, HYVE. Do your own research and thank me later. Dont be the crying guy who didn't buy in at the right moment, BUT be the smart guy

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>sergey saying exactly what i've been thinking
woah epin

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No but my ass is getting milky, is that similar?

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Could You please link me to video and timestap of that legendary smirk? Forgot where it was

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ETHDenver 2020 has been my favorite day of being a linkie so far

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Thank You fren

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