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I'm an OG LINK holder so I can't be too upset and have nearly 7 figures but missing SXN and AAVE was kind of painful. I could have dropped 5-10K in either and beyond made it already. So what is the next financial product that will warrant a 300-500x? I would say proper DEFI insurance but most of the protocols I see either red flags in the teams or shit tokenomics that don't correlate token value growth to network growth. I'm going to start researching traditional financial tools that are staples and see how it translates to DEFI for some foresight. I.E. derivatives, futures, lending are current use cases that exist and were integral. It still amazes me we have yet to see a platform with put and call options that are liquid and with token that grows as the platform does.


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Look into MCDEX for decentralised perpetual swaps on Arbitrum.

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SNX and AAVE, unironically. The average crypto tard has no clue. The average investment boomer is even further off the market.

You can just keep your link, but even a small bag of either+staking will further increase your financial dominance in the future. People have no idea and no useful framework through which to evaluate how huge these protocols will be in the future. All we really know is that they're a pandoras box, much like bitcoin still is.

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also when you get into the nitty gritty of it, vanilla options are SUPER hard to do with DEFI. It's a bit above my paygrade to discuss the intricacies of options market making strategies and why that's hamstrung by smart contract infra, but a lot of great minds have though about it and no one has come up with a solution that won't end up REKT on some end, much like DEFI insurance either gouges on premiums or gouges underwriters on payouts. I'll stick around the thread for a while because you are asking the right questions.

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>SNX and AAVE, unironically.

I agree with you that they almost undoubtedly have tons of gains left in them but I see no reason to diversify from LINK to them at this point. I'm looking now for something I can throw 5-10K USD at which is around 10-30MM MCAP so I can still be 95%+ LINK.

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I'll look into it thanks. >>28806127
>It's a bit above my paygrade to discuss the intricacies of options market making strategies and why that's hamstrung by smart contract infra, but a lot of great minds have though about it and no one has come up with a solution that won't end up REKT on some end, much like DEFI insurance either gouges on premiums or gouges underwriters on payouts

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you likely won't ever find something that's gonna convince you to dump your LINK stack. Especially if you got in around 2017 you may as well just hold LINK and sell your staking gains in the future. I'm in the same boat, it's hard to find something that gives me the same feeling that LINK did back then.

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>also when you get into the nitty gritty of it, vanilla options are SUPER hard to do with DEFI. It's a bit above my paygrade to discuss the intricacies of options market making strategies and why that's hamstrung by smart contract infra, but a lot of great minds have though about it and no one has come up with a solution that won't end up REKT on some end, much like DEFI insurance either gouges on premiums or gouges underwriters on payouts

Hmm I didn't think options would be any more difficult than futures. In DEFI it seems like interest and premiums operate on a higher end but then so do the potential returns so it shouldn't be hard? Its like people borrowing USDC for 20%+ APR because they can yield farm 20%+ plus in a month with a little more risk.

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That's fair, but you might be very wrong about that one and saying the same thing you are now. I got in SNX about 10x from the bottom and am glad that I did, and called AAVE a shitcoin at $1.70 and eventually rage bought at $30--- and even then I had much of the same rationale you're using right now.

Stake it to make it anon. We are still very early.

I farmed MCDEX back in the summer (actually I alpha tested back over a year ago now), it's a diamond dozen orderbook dex. Decent enough project but I don't ever see them competing with SNX nor do I see them offering vanillas.

The interesting thing that does work easily in DEFI is binary options, unfortunately, these are pretty easy to game and don't provide you the same upside that vanillas do.

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Yea its frustrating because I can easily risk 10K on 1 or 2 low MCAP projects and not really feel any pain if they don't pan out. The timeline barely matters either if it takes them 3-5 years. Now seems like the time to buy(well probably 3 months ago was lol)

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Ppay unironically the easiest way for normies to get into DeFi look at there app they already have a finished product. Way undervalued

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BNT was the first thing i diversified into after holding 100% link since 2017... putting a quarter of my 10k link into it i'm now getting over $200 a day in passive income. working defi product with many link whales providing liquidity and hasn't pumped like snx and aave.


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I was interested in YLD. It seems incredibly boomer friend and I just looked today and it nearly doubled in price already. It was 30MM now its 60MM MCAP. I'm not entirely sure on the tokenomics.

I'll look into to Ppay more but I see its up 10x in a month and I don't want to buy the local top.

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Undervalued defi coins currently are BNT and NDX.

Ndx is a protocol for indexes, currently there are two indexes with about 70m TVL. One is defi top 5 index and other one is top 10 erc 20 index. Why i am bullish? There is more indexes coming and the one that i am interested in is degen index, basically index for degen defi shitcoins which is what lots of people want. That will create hype and this 12m mc coin will 10x.

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Yea BNT is another I felt I missed. That $200 a day won't last forever thought right its mostly from temporary bonus rewards? Is the LINK staking pool open for new deposits. I wish I would have put some of my stack into it.

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>Ndx is a protocol for indexes

Interesting this is a good idea. Great for normies who want the exposure without the research. Is it user friendly and normie accessible? I'll look into it as well.

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How much BNT are you staking in order to get $200 a day?

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it's not I find it pretty derivative of everything else out there. I bought some tho so buy it I guess?

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Research this.

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How about TRU? It serves a narrow and functional goal, and it already works.

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any defi oriented nft projects

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Check out YAX, just copy pasting

Meta-yield aggregator audited by quantstamp + some other. Multiple stable coin strats, with btc + eth vailts coming in mid march (v3) following audit. LINK + other blucaps down the line I would suspect as well.

New UX launching ltierally as soon as the Quant audit report comes back (its done); should be this week. I added it here

Lead dev is transfer and call. Absolute turboautist god. Lead UX is vinrock; previously lead FANG Ux-ops. Few others. Check their discord.

Oxb1 (that 400m USD whale) actively promotes yaxis, and has put up 200k USD for bug bounties. Not joking, you're gonna cry when you see this rip up. They a community voted on treasury, and supply locked, so no YFI-esque nightmares re printing more tokens + devs having no funds.

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The "some other" auditor is Haechi btw, they should've finished by today but are delayed for whatever reason. V2 + new UI launches after audit, so you still have a chance to get in. Or don't and use the vault for easy passive gains instead.

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Unironically HBAR. Not DeFi, but it hovers around presale price still and is one of the most legit DLT products that exist.

Another one I hold in addition to LINK and HBAR is GRAPH. I still think it has room to grow and is also one of the legit projects out there.

For Defi projects I would turn to bsc, I'm farming AUTO with really nice yield and the price appreciation has been great. Look at the TVL / MC and you see this is underpriced even though it has pulled a 100x already.

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You can directly buy in the indexes through interfaces like zerion. More and more wallets etc are going to include stuff like indexes so yes it will be easy for normies.

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Seems interesting. A bit higher MCAP than I wanted. Uncollateralized loans in DEFI seems like a nightmare now but it will happen eventually. I assume they are going to do actual credit checks?

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BAO, then.

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I'm specifically looking for things that are low MCAP now which have potential to 100x by the end of the year in the realm of DEFI.

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I'll look into it but damn 140x in 1 month seems like a sketchy buy now.

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Agreed with you on DeFi insurance. Etherisc sounds promising, but watching their interview on Chainlink was disappointing. Not so confident in that team.

I also would love to hear recommendations on platforms going after the derivatives space.

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Heres how it looks like in zerion, pretty cool. The governance and community is kinda active and doing research on the possible indexes and if people vote for it NDX will be included in some of the indexes so the token will get buy pressure too.

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U didn't "miss" bancor
Its at #100 or smth and still under the radar

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look up opendao

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Thanks. They are definitely trying to make it mainstream. Idk the specifics could Coinbase or Gemini as an example add the index to their platform and it still benefit NDX? I see you can stake the NDX but Idk how it interacts with the platform or indexes yet. I'm just picturing how to get normie exposure as much as possible.

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I bet it could still easily 10x but its not quite what I'm looking for and I'd rather just stake my LINK in their pool and farm at this point. I keep hearing its closed off though I need to do some more research on it.

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checked. this looks kinda neat but i am smolbrain. can u spoon/breastfeed me a nice infographic or something?

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This, if they can pull it off it will become a bluechip.

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I'm in same boat, missing SNX and AAVE was rough, particularly as there was a lot of discussion here.
I'm still 95% LINK but have some in BNT (very nice rewards in the main pools) and DIP.
DIP looks pretty shit to me but worth a little bag as it's in the insurance space that Sergey is talking about, is a German team and is 50m marketcap. Also got funding from EF and Chainlink.
What I would really like to do is invest in Arbol. Those guys know what they're doing but not token as of yet.
But I also have a good chunk of LP too so can't complain really.

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Basically anyone can add the indexes to their services without any hassle be it decentralized platforms or a CEX. There are currently 3 potential index projects and i can guarantee one of these will be big in few months time. Just take a look and you will see ndx is most likely the one. Piedao is one of the competitors but its way too confusing and much lower tvl.

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REEF Obviously

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Did I already miss the boat on Venus XVS?

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It is, too much demand. However, I think they're working the ability to stake LINK (and other tokens) proportional to how much BNT you stake. So might be worth getting a decent amount of BNT prior to that.

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I'll drop some breadcrumbs. This is the founder.

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etherisc is like market.link for parametric insurance.

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That's good but then I'd have to diversify too much LINK to do so. The whole point was single sided liquidity. I need some kind of alert that tells me when there is space to enter. Lol

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Let's see. The team doesn't look that great to me.
Yeah, I'm wary of letting go of any LINK. Though desu I've got enough LinkPool so not so worried, but you picking up 10k BNT might not be a bad idea.

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>missing SNX
If you understand SNX, look up JRT. Different minting model, USDC as collateral.

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should I sell my PNK bag for anything else right now? project seems dead. anyone else have a bag?

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For those not aware, LP will allow passive income from LINK soon: https://twitter.com/mobealo/status/1355706238093283330
Not sure exactly but I would assume it would have to be liquidity provision.

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yup the team looks good. bunch of white boomers. also liked the LitePaper. However the website is a bit janky.

my concern is when will this actually start to take off in like 5 years?

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mcdex looks like the boomers dream to make money like banks do

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That nigger loving faggot has been saying "soon" for months. He clearly isn't in it know.

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you didn't miss bancor. its nature means its not going to pump hard, but even in a bear run the project is so fucking quality i don't expect it to lose me any money. Also the rewards are sicknasty right now

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still holding bro. digits will prove it's worth.

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They've onyl ever said Q1

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OHHH NO nonono not the ID

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Current Market Cap: 2.5m

Katalyo is a platform which uses no-code technology to appeal to not just programmers for ease of use, but also to those with no coding experience at all. Anyone with an idea can bring it to life when utilizing Katalyo.

The industry is at the beginning stages of mass adoption, and Katalyo is at the forefront of revolutionary tech.

The project is solving a major issue, allowing non-coders to create products for their company or business that takes advantage of blockchain technology and it's features.

-No-code protocol for DeFi applications and enterprise tools (Similar to UBT with more DeFi focus)
-Digital document verification (similar to VIDT)
-NFT Minting and Marketplace
-Real estate Tokenization in the works.
-Already on 4 exchanges with team stating they are currently seeking a top exchange.

*News and upcoming events*
>Partnership with NULS announced February 2nd
>Beta platform launch expected late February/early March
>Marketing has just started with InBlockchain (EOS, ZCash)

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bancorpill me anon, what are use cases and are any implemented at the moment?

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Holy shit anon, someone smart. How long have you been in? Are you an OG link holder too? You must be if you are following arb this closely. What’s your predictions on release date for arb main net?

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its a dex?

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Honestly, all these answers are wrong.

BNF is probably your next big pump.

>On schedule with the roadmap
>token burns
>The devs are public and european, no pajeets with terrible english. AMAs etc...
>Platform releases in a month.
>still a tiny market cap at 2.5mm
>wallets growing
>the number of watchlists its getting put on is growing on coinmarketcap
>telegram getting bigger
>just partnered with NULS

at ~100m market cap, thats .32 per token. Way less in circulation than REEF.

Low risk high reward rn

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$4m market cap is going to be one of first defi projects enable you to use real btc - not wrapped btc of having to burn your btc like strudel - (fucking lmao btw) within a defi platform in a native wallet

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has anyone considered 0x (ZRX) at this point?

1.2b mCap AMM, is battle tested from the shitcoin run of 2017/18.

github active.

working product, matcha, looks pretty clean.

tokenomics make sense, 750m of 1b supply already in circulation.

what am i missing here? seems like this has the potential to be sitting up with UNI / SNX.

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+1 for bancor — currently have about 8k link on there and making about $100 per day (I may be off by a little) and extremely grateful to bizanons who shilled it last week

Basic idea as I understand it is They act as a liquidity provider for other exchanges. Eg if there is demand for say link, but exchange doesn’t have enough to cover atm, exchange can borrow some link from bancor to satisfy demand fir which bancor charges a fee. If you park some link with them in the pool you get a portion of the fee and also rewards in their token bnt. Right now they are giving good rewards bc they want to create virtuous cycle where the more liquidity they have the more liquidity they can provide and they become the dominant player

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judging by your graphic i would say look for chainlinked projects which have to do with derivatives, global real estate, the stock market, and gold.

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buy IDLE

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Just want to say this thread is based

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unit protocol. andre approved. 5x incoming. quack quack

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This thread is cool but I don't like people shilling shitcoins.
I have more faith in projects like GRT and AVAX that seem powerful from the start. Link was like that too. It started with a 200 million marketcap I remember.
Shitcoins are trash. Shill powerful coins not this garbage.

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Yeah plenty of shitcoins in here but it’s pretty easy to see who has done their research and who hasn’t

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me on the left

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NFT is the new DeFi, combine both and that's 2021 summed up for you. Blockchain gaming is also getting big, specially established projects like Axie Infinity and their new Land gameplay.

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Isn't bancor from 2017?
Why hadn't it pumped? Why would it pump?
Whats the point if it won't pump?

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Harry from Offchain Labs said on a recent call that they are optimistic about March for mainnet. Wahooo!

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>It started with a 200 million marketcap I remember.

You're a moron I bought it at 30MM MCAP. All low mcap coins are considered shit coins until they aren't.

>> No.28818184

>NFT is the new DeFi

I know about NFTs but haven't found any decent projects yet. I remember DMG was trying to tokenize real estate and we know how that went. I will say though whoever successfully does tokenize real estate will be a 1000x easy.

>> No.28818313


I tagged you and then didn't reply because I was busy attacking the other guy lmao. Yes you are right chainlinked projects in regards to derivatives make them at least worth a look. However its not full proof of course DMG as an example.

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I've been enjoying holding FinNexus, it's an onchain options protocol and clearly the best one. A shitty one called Hegic, which is literally broken, has ten times the market cap and FNX has an actual team and a future and a superior working product.

>> No.28819421

>is battle tested from the shitcoin run of 2017/18
This usually isn't a good thing, the tech has gotten way more sophisticated since 2017 so unless ZRX completely rebuilt themselves or something they're most likely just obsolete by this point. ICON, Stellar Lumens, Ripple, and Tron are all "battle tested" by this point too but that doesn't mean they're relevant.

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Why are options difficult? I've seriously been thinking of playing around with that concept, I'm surprised there's nothing decent yet.

>one guy can offer buying an asset at a given price, the collateral will be frozen
>another can enter the contract, needs the asset
>both parties can sell their contract if the buyer can replace the frozen assets or some equivalent to it depending on the exact contract (e.g. 1 BTC or 24 ETH might be allowed)
>contracts are new tokens, similar to LP
>fixed knockout to secure collateral and prevent infinite loss
>only consider European for simplicity at first

What am I missing? Complexity needed for tokens, as those need a strike price and a date each to work (as well as a number of tokens I guess)?
Also just have an oracle simulating an option using Black Scholes for rolling contracts.

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just started reading this thread, in case you're still here have you taken a look at FinNexus? They're the only liquidity pool based options protocol running onchain right now. Hegic is $100M market cap and does stupid shit like this, which indicates that the dev Molly Wintermute clearly doesn't understand how an option is priced.

I haven't thought about it too hard yet, but LP-based options wouldn't give anybody the ability to write options contracts, which is half the strategy. That's an inherent weakness isn't it?

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this is the actual answer here.

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Unironically AAVE and GRT. Not that I'd buy either at these price points. Maybe YFI if they can stop getting hacked.

>> No.28819958

That's definitely the issue I think. Basically you have to set up a somewhat standardized market within a DeFi setup (unless you want to go full OTC at first), so the LP pools would be somewhat liquid instead of people writing options for all kinds of silly amounts.

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Yep ICO link buyer. The 7 ETH cap seems numerically significant in retrospect.
I’m backing Offchain/Arbitrum, LINK/BNT/MCB

>> No.28820121

look into defiat, seems kinda interesting. it lets you stake whatever asset you want? like you could stake your bitcoin or chainlink. havent looked too much into it but i saw a thread about it here

>> No.28820222

read this, video explaining it coming out in 3 days here:

made my long time ethereum developers that presented at edcon 2020 10 million marketcap. going to breakout. they release v2 this friday.


>> No.28820278

aave snx bnt
dot avax

>> No.28820341

Saffron finance (SFI).
LP aggregator.
Risk tranching.
NFT pools.
Accessible dev.
85,000 max supply.
Market cap still small.
Inflation slows dramatically in one week,
New UI coming soon.

>> No.28820358

The issue with any real asset is making it anything but make-belief.
I've been playing around with the idea of an oracle'd prediction market for rents. If set up properly, it would enable insane potential in some countries that lack any kind of transparency or hedging options for retail. Say you live in a city with insanely increasing rent prices and you want to hedge against it by buying into the market without having the money for actual property.

Linking this to NFTs based on real estate properties (location, size, etc.) would be a fun concept. The question is just how to link this reliably to actual rent markets without a massive initial investment, and then also have it somewhat dividable and expansive across e.g. every sub market within a country.

>> No.28820389

Xsn. If you weren't a newfag you would already know this.

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OpenDAO, I recommend looking at this thread.


I'm in heavy since 1 dollar. Don't plan on selling for a long time. still floating aorund 10 mil marketcap

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interesting I like it. thank you anon

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PGT polyient games. Have connections with chainlink and avax. Are basically creating the dex for the metaverse. Already have the biggest games within their ecosystem.

>> No.28820689

look for deri protocol.

>> No.28820701

Check their page. The best defi platform out there.

>> No.28820771


>> No.28820978

Didn't sergey said that insurance products are the next big thing?

Imagine staking on your favourite defi protocol being insured by some defi insurance product that if you lose your funds you get them back. That would put my mind at ease when staking anything in some third party protocols.

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Unit Protocol

Been around since July last year. Decentralised borrowing protocol in which you can use many different tokens as collateral.

50m total value locked and growing since big growth at start of this month.

Whitepaper is here: https://github.com/unitprotocol/protocol_docs/raw/master/unit_wp.pdf

App is here: https://unit.xyz/

Plans for staking and fees for token holders in the works, very comfy hold right now tbqh

>> No.28821396

Yes agreed.

Insurance for staking or yield farming will be well worth the 2% when you're locking in 10% APY.

However, I don't see an insurance token solving this problem at the moment.

Etherisc just launched a flight insurance and soon are launching a wallet insurance. Flight insurance will take years for mass adoption. The wallet insurance could have legs.

I think the Etherisc team looks shitty imo. Watch the Chainlink interview. The founder doesn't quite have the same level of autism you see in a Sergey or Vitalik.

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opendao. without a doubt the most upside out of projects I've seen in this thread.

a couple other folks have mentioned it

>> No.28821572

Multi millionaire? I’m at 250k despite being around for a long time due to capital constraints. Looking at making it to 1 mil this year so fingers crossed

>> No.28821591

fuck off faggot I don't want Stakenet.

>> No.28821642

Definetely Polka City. This is a DeFi and NFT project with passive yield. Also a Polkadot project. This is pure gem. check their tg group @polkacity

>> No.28821665

I just want put options so I can hedge against collateral volatility when I take out loans. There is a project doing this but they seem kind of scammy.

>> No.28821699


damn is this what those kleros people are talking about for third party verification? uses in these sort of situations.

>> No.28821790

Hoe did you guys learn this stuff? Is there a good 1-2 hour video for a new dum dum to watch or does it take years to learn

>> No.28821909

buidl. it’s set to do some amazing things and the autist spaghettibros work hard

>> No.28821919

Touched 2m in the last week but as we both know, a long way to go from here.

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>no AMPL

Doesn't surprise me, 99% of /biz/ is too low IQ to understand the ampleforth protocol anyway

>> No.28822102

Doesn't surprise me you're a faggot that doesn't know how to read the thread. Its about new projects or services that don't exist yet but are based on tradfi concepts not your 450MM MCAP bullshit

>> No.28822189


You'd have to be more specific. Just go on coingecko and look at the DEFI coins that just got listed and see what they are about. Or what I previously said in the OP research integral tradfi concepts and see if they are being done in DEFI yet

>> No.28822467

UNN is doing with with its binomial tree options model undercollateralized loans and insurance.

first project to bring this to defi as far as i know

>> No.28822528

I'm into BOND and PLT

>> No.28822582

Goes to show how much you understand about the project if you think 450MM MC isn't early

>> No.28822589

Don't know. But they seem like someone who might have first move advantage. And they are tight with sergey... That's more important then how retarded they look. As long as they do their job and develope some code that works its fine. And I doubt that the ceo himself does that. He has couple of monkey programming for him.

>> No.28822962

What are the chances

>> No.28823001

So many pajeets on opendao team. Big turnoff.

>> No.28823214

Around $200k

>> No.28823694

I'm in DFT, and the shilling is in overdrive now that testnet is happening for Anystake. Very weird experience to own a coin that wasn't vigorously shilled weeks ago but now is. Anystake is tied to DFT ownership, so if the staking proves worthwhile, it could put constant price pressure on the coin itself, and we could be talking turbo growth as the supply shrinks and the desire to stake otherwise unstakable coins grows. Basically an extremely valuable utility coin that everyone wants but no one can get due to the burned+held supply.

>> No.28823748
File: 11 KB, 262x262, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

UNN - a multi layered token solution for distributing risk in settlement, exchange, and insurance.

>> No.28823806

if it have finance on it is scam usually

>> No.28824008

HYVE: Just sat in on a legacy industry conference with several fortune 1000 companies and this shit had a 20 minute presentation about future integrations. The presenters kept menyioning that several of the companies that were present have a large pool of contract and freelance employees and apparently this helps? What the fuck is this and why are we in legacy industry trying to integrate this tech? https://cryptoshib.com/hyve-catering-demands-gig-economy/

>> No.28824098


I've read all about UNN. It seems scammy based on the CPOs previous project and their tokenomics suck. However what they are trying to accomplish would be game changing if successful

>> No.28824171

Sergey is close with anyone that's developing using Link. He wants his platform to succeed obviously.

I don't feel confident in Etherisc at all. I dig into them when I competed in the Link hackathon this year. They're slow moving and also the tokenomics aren't there.

I do like BNT though. I bought into their $300M ico in 2017. But they fucked up. But I like the fact that they have capital from that ico to work with still.

You see that's how you pick guaranteed winners. Look at which teams have stacks of cash to work with. DOT BNT LINK...they all have tens of millions in their war chests. Think about that. Typical silicon valley startups are happy with lime 2M funding. These guys have $20M or in Links case $200M ....it's fucked really. Only big brain Anons really get this.

>> No.28824549

I just put staked 6k LINK on Bancor what am I in for lads?

>> No.28824601
File: 119 KB, 450x405, 1613355944675.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


how does 1k$ a day sound?

>> No.28824671

Sweet mama that sounds comfy as

>> No.28824797


>> No.28824957

Do you guys feel the same way about link too? If I have 50k in link should I get diversified into aave as well?

>> No.28825648

Similar situation to me, I was a LINK maxi for too long and didn't care for anything else.
I've got 2 potential projects that might fit your critiera.
Recently launched. They've produced a crypto version of the TradFi VIX (volatility index). As far as I've heard, the VIX is widely used for trading as you can get on volatility rather than a certain direction the market is going; this is even more applicable to crypto markets. The token earns you fees from their platform and, of course, muh governance.
Team is solid and has connections to names in traditional financial markets. They've also worked with the original creator of the VIX.
The platform itself is currently in beta but there's a heavy roadmap and updates coming today/ tomorrow.
Decentr is my next LINK-esque play. Their vision is to give control of all our online data back to the us, letting us unlock its true value. The DEC token will be backed by all data that users generate (browsing etc) so value will accrue over time. Also the token allows you to leverage your data against real world value (paying less online, better rates on DeFi loans etc). There's too much to get into and what they're doing is really revolutionary.
I also see data decentralisation as the next major movement in crypto, as DeFi was in 2019/20. The recent Facebook + Twitter/Signal + WhatsApp/Telegram backlash gives me confidence that this kind of thing will be welcomed by normies and not just crypto heads.
Hope you find what you're looking for fren

>> No.28826034

>Recently launched. They've produced a crypto version of the TradFi VIX (volatility index)

Awesome I'll check that out. I'll check out the other as well but this one sound more in line with what I'm looking for. Also I'm still a LINK maxi I just don't mind being like 95% LINK instead of 100%. I also still have my free 1INCH air drop that I'm probably going to flip into something lower cap. I just expected it to be 1.5-2B MCAP by now. I'm sure it will get there as soon as I sell.

>> No.28827153

they are aussie pajeets I think.
Not the same thing.

>> No.28827323


What the fuck I went to go to GOVI's webpage and Firefox stopped me because it said if I continue I'll get phished lmao

>> No.28827379
File: 704 KB, 1413x1016, 1613257091037.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28827461

The next 100x is probably LCX. Partnered with WEF, LINK, Biometric companies, Central Banks, etc. 12 million market cap. DYOR

>> No.28827535
File: 123 KB, 591x1280, IMG_20210215_213303_531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Staking my link on Bancor was a great decision. Rewards for like 60 more weeks. Working with offchain labs for L2, which is in testnet. Idiots keep trying to exploit, but fuck up.

>> No.28827630
File: 20 KB, 472x205, govi website.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep, just small diversification with the end goal of outpacing LINK's gains is a good idea imo
See pic, it's to do with their platform upgrades this week
Just realised I probably picked a bad time to shill this thing lol, but check the official telegram and twitter for updates
The website is still fully secure

>> No.28827999

Stx, programmable Bitcoin will be huge.

>> No.28828626

Stacks. Will hit big exchanges soon.

>> No.28828776
File: 53 KB, 369x476, 1613185652633.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>WAH000 confirmed
I'm spooped...

>> No.28829200

at its current mc even with the recent pump with the defi run starting up its got insane potential. hyperloop next month. just need to iron out the whitepaper

>> No.28829392

Many smart anons in this thread. Price estimates for end of March of Arbitrum and OCR launch successfullly within that time frame?

>> No.28829778

You're deluded if you believe these DeFi protocols have already unironically 'won'. There'll be plenty of competition and plenty of gains to be made elsewhere...

>> No.28830294

Odom wasnt crazy

>> No.28830458

how did you manage that? says no link staking available for me?

>> No.28830772

Yeah lol I essentially filled it sry fren. Should open back up as more BTN is deposited

>> No.28830832

*BNT please excuse my retardation

>> No.28830925

ah lucky, been checkign regularly for space. might even buy bnt to open it up but not keen on losing any of my link stack

>> No.28831579

Mind informing what the requirements are? Do I need to hold a certain amount of BNT to make money off my link?

Any idea of the returns?

>> No.28831678

L1s I like CKB and RVN, they at least are very undervalued.

L2s I like LRC Dfinity and Matic

Apps-layer I like BAL, JRT, and yes, STA

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