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Personally I think nothing happens but willing to hear out some skitzo autists on how the cult of Saturn will unleash the singularity

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As long as it's not a coordinated OG linker dump, who cares. We going up either way.

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Same old plan

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I hole-hardedly agree, but allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. The chances of whales spreading false rumors on /biz/ to dump are really small. People take whatever promises LARPers make for granite, albeit it rarely comes true.

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>doubles advocate
Not sure if you're fucking with us.

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>doubles advocate

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i think it'll be good

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Well it's true, it's not that I don't hope for what the other anon said but I also cannot turn a blonde eye to these glaring flaws in his argument.

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elegant escort to walk to my apartment

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based doubles advocate

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wasn't it 18 lmao

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There are definitely insiders here, you can tell by their different posting styles. Since I spend pretty much all my time on /biz/ I've caught a few whale signal threads. When you read one too many larps you learn how to distinguish them.

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I see what you’re doing and I like it

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21/6 (June 21st) of last year was the Ring of Fire solar eclipse and while it didn't pump that day it was like a turning point. Within a week of it we breached the ATH at the time and started the ride to $20 which weirdly the top was in not long after Saturn's opposition.


>The specificities date of Saturn’s opposition is Monday, July 20, 2020, but practically speaking you can get the year’s best views of the “ringed planet” anytime this week and month. During all of July and some of August, Saturn will shine at its brightest of all of 2020; technically it’s going to be at its biggest and brightest between July 4 through August 9, 2020.

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it will correspond with a major shift in macro market conditions just like the jupiter saturn conjunction, the 216th day of 2020, and various other events like the winter solstice of 2018. i don't know what the shift will be so i have position riding on it, but i anticipate something unusual in the days following 2/16

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>doubles advocate

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I have been on here since 2017 and aside from AssBlaster I don't think there are any real insiders. You need to realize that the market is volatile as fuck so the market pumping when a LARPer says something doesn't have to be correlated. Personally I have zero taller ants when it comes to people blindly following LARPs.

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I know at least 11 people working for Chainlink that also lurk frequently here.

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Altcoins dump

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As an OG, and I say this for all intensive purposes, no larp date ever came to fruition. Do with this information what you will

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Hmm is this a whale fag outing himself that this Google partnership for 2/18 (some fags are saying 2/16) is actually a coordinated whale dump?

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Checked. My original thought was Arbitrum release, supposedly that's planned for next month. Somebody check me on that please. Somebody needs to fix gas immediately. Staking might be here Q1, nobody really knows. Sergey implied last summer that it was done on the Defiant podcast. My best guess would be they're waiting for gas to be fixed before staking rolls out.
GitHub tracker mentioned February 15 for OCR

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AGI will fund the singularity

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>no larp date ever came to fruition

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LINK pumped hard the last 2/16.

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There were whales in the past who called pumps down to the T like the ":~)" anon and shortly after started larping to discredit himself. There were a couple other instances although not too obvious, only recognizable by a tranny eye.

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Arbitrum is never going to be released.
No L2 scaling solution has EVER been released in the history of blockchain.

Which is why Arbitrum is trying to keep the hype alive by doing shit like launching a new "@Arbitrum" twitter handle only to announce a slightly different testnet.

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don't they always sell the news?

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No? Fucking redditors don't the prophecy at all. Just sell you link cause you're NGMI.

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you really could have gotten the grand slam and you just missed it

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L1 is the new L2

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the amount of eggcorns in your post is triggering my schizophrenia.
checked and I WILL be looking into this

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Is this OG link comms? Misspelling words? Something fishy in this thread (are the fish whales?)

>Intensive purposes

T. OG linker but not whale.

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2/18 was the google rumor, 216 has circulated around for as long as link has been on this bird. Ari Juels mysticism. 6*6*6=216. The number on Sergeys kayak...

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It'll have to be.
Good thing Chainlink is blockchain agnostic.

>inb4 fudfag's scraper bot pics up on the "blockchain agnostic" keywords and starts the same old useless discussion again whereby he always gets BTFO throughout

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Share eggs anon, something weird in this thread.

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Checked. Sometimes news is big enough to not sell right away though i.e. Tesla buying BTC.

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Chainlink (ticker: LINK) is a creepy and weird crypto project after all. I suggest you stop looking into it.

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Hearty kek

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Well whatever happens tomorrow, stay safe anons. It's a doggy dog world out there. Don't misinterpret this as me telling you to tether up though, I think anyone holding LINK has developed a sick sense of sorts when it comes to these types of things. Just remember that what comes around is all around.

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eggselent post

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Last time /biz/ was going crazy about 216 date was last year

As suspected June 21st, the solar eclipse, might actually mark the turning point or date that needed to pass. Companies are now set to announce their partnerships and integrations from that time onward. Its almost unreal, but then again nothing about this project surprises me anymore

>Big times coming for Chainlink. Mods are trying to delete this, but just fucking redpill yourself before it's too late. 42 welcome here and other redpilled Linkholders. Pears to the swin

Link started pumping few weeks after that date and started the run up to $20

If date of tomorrow is signifcance, it will mark a turning point and maybe the effects will be seen in few months

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The ANS-NEO rebrand is the only large crypto event that caused multiplicative gains instead of a dump. Still haven't seen anything like it, or on its scale since.

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I used to make fun of the Link schizo posters too, but they have been right too many times

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Hard to imagine you have to look back as far as last time it occured.

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>The number on Sergeys kayak...
Crazy shit. Got a pic of that? Thanks anon

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There is a reason Sergey started to wear a ring around his finger few weeks ago. He has never wore a ring before in his livestreams. It is around his middle finger for a reason

Pic related.

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Oh its literally the OPs pic lol

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There is a reason Sergey started to wear a ring around his finger few weeks ago. He has never wore a ring before in his livestreams. It is around his middle finger for a reason

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The Ring of Saturn 216

These guys are balls deep into the occult you have no idea how deep they are to this cult

Because you are fucking swine you cannot understand the symbolism it is too sophisticated for the goyim, full of occult astrolgoy, palmistry, ancient correspondences dating to the time of Pythagoras

Just keep living in the dream of ignorance you retard goyim idiot shits

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Well we can't simply trust anyone in this doggy dog world, especially not LARPers.

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LMAO sorry anon, I just read some crazy shit about saturn the other day and guess what, it mentioned FUCKING CHAINLINK, I bet you guys already know this but I'll leave it here for other anons that want to get into the rabbit hole.
I thought you guys where schizos but after all, there's some truth in the shit you guys say so idk now, shit is so weird.

Part 1: https://twitter.com/NickHintonn/status/1151986535475994624
Part 2: https://twitter.com/NickHintonn/status/1152736970617106432

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Ari has a surprise

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Anon it's too late for me now I've been holding since assblaster larp.

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One ring to rule them all

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>Just keep living in the dream of ignorance you retard goyim idiot shits
Fuck man, this shit is so crazy. Got more stuff I can read on to get further into the rabbit hole?

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Yea we had threads posting Nick's articles forever ago. Its good stuff.

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As a /pol/tard, coming to /biz/ has been such a redpill holy shit.

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Cybele and Demeter and the Cube 729 are closely connected to the concept of "Magna Mater" or perhaps even Dark Matter that lays the foundation of material matter


The Cult of Magna Mater, the Great Mother, is probably the oldest religion of all.
The earliest stone-age sculptures depict the mother- goddess, and an idol found in ...
of the cult were men who had castrated themselves in front of her image, but ...
of the goddess, which quickly got the reputation of being less religious ritual ...

Oracle of Delphi is closely connected to the Black Stone that is in turn closely connected to Saturn and Harvest through Demeter. Saturn rules over time, Pythagoras was said to reincarnate between 216 years time spawn

Most accounts locate the Delphi omphalos in the adyton (sacred part of the temple) near the Pythia (oracle)

Read Guénon's chapter The Omphalos and Sacred Stones and how it is closely connected to the Cubical Stone, the foundation of universe.

Pic related is the Cube of Cephas which is 9x9x9 = 729

Contrast this to 6x6x6 = 216

The cube of Cephas, the Oracle of Delphi, the Black Stone, the Cubical Stone

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I had to do multiple searches, but I finally found it on some obscure image board.

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>Cybele and Demeter

If you go the personal site of Ari Juels you notice that the prominent feature is the picture of Goddess Demeter

>The amethyst you see above and to the right is a 1st century B.C. signet or intaglio depicting the goddess Demeter.

Ari Juels username on Reddit is also Arij216

You have no idea what kind of high iq dark matter, Demeter, Saturn, Harvest occultism this shit about, literal high iq occultism and they deny it all constantly "IT'S JUST A COINCIDENCE GOY! NOTHING TO SEE HERE! 216 IS JUST A COOL NUMBER"

Literal fucking Obsidian Castle of total Matter control on the fucking middle of Saturn hexagon.

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> no link
Yep, it's fake

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It's a doggy dog world

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At least post the high quality version

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>Link marines haven’t sold and made hundreds of thousands in profit then invest that money to keep making them money in real time instead of hoping sir Ghey doesn’t dump on them contiounsly
Ngmi or larpers

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>Kill Crypto
OMG! He is going to crash everything isn't he?

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and walla, finally a post that makes cents

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the real one

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As in making literal cents because everyone that buys LINK now is going to get dumbed on.

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My only expectation is that bevcannas probably gonna 10x.

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I hold 666 Link.

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Mecca is just one instance of Sacred Stone sites as a Cube, it is not the only Foundational Stone. Similar items are found all over the world

The Omphalos could also be represented by a conical stone , like the ' black stone ' of Cybele that are connecte to the Delphic Oracle and communication from 'below'

And Cybele has her eqvuilant in the harvest–mother goddess Demeter because Demeter was often considered to be the same figure as the Anatolian goddess Cybele

At first notice they may be interest with 216 that is 6x6x6

But the real interest is probably the 9x9x9 that is 729 and connected to Demeter closely and Cybele, the Dark Mother.

It's close relation with the Oracle and the Cross unfolded as symbols of Saturn

216 = Pleb tier, babby's first orakul deep end dive

729 = Real, occult Pythagorean shit that Ari hints in his books and even personal site

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Wtf I'm dumping now

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Its interesting because from the research I made months ago while threads were popping up from Ari and Demeter I didn't get the sense they were a malevolent or evil group historically. They actually seemed to be a natural enemy of the Cult of Saturn/Luciferians. Some interesting facts below I found about the Cult of Demeter:

-Admittance wasn't reserved for aristocracy, slaves and the poor could enter, but your own merit determined how high you went if you were ready for their truths.
-You could not have committed murder(cold blooded killing, self defense was acceptable from my understanding)
-One of their temples that was destroyed by an opposing force (unclear who exactly) was rebuilt with the help of Marcus Aurelias
-Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Plutarch were involved
-They considered themselves seekers of truth
-They believed the soul was immortal
-Cherished free will but understood there is someone level of determinism that exists as well
-Individual responsibility and virtue as a mean of achieving happiness
-Drink Kykeon(d-lysergic acid amide) beverage
-Ate Amanita muscaria mushrooms
-The most reserved truths they told to the members in the highest echelon appear to be unknown today

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I always saw the cross as the opposite of the cube. The cube represents the material nature of man containing his spirit so to speak while the cross is a cube unfolded and you are no longer bound by material desires. Although in that picture its inverted. Lol

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Jesus fuck. Powerful forces are at work here.

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What if 216 is actually June 21st because eurofags?

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And guess what the superficial area divided by the volume area is?

Go ahead and divide 729 by 486 on your calculator

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>As an OG
>as an

go back please

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>I always saw the cross as the opposite of the cube

Even the ancients attribute the Cross to Saturn, literal Saturn's symbol was a cross because you unfold and fold it into a cube

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You americans and your backwards dates

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So you think it represents the same thing as the cube then basically?

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Tesla = 216 in jewish gematria.
Tesla filing for bankruptcy tomorrow.

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>Not sure if you're fucking with us.
lurk moar

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checked those doubles advocate

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INTJs are like vegans.

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$100+ or more by tomorrow

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What the suicide stack again 10k or 1k?

>> No.28794742

I know

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1k. It's a million dollars once the $1000 EOY prophecy unfolds.

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Mainnet and mainnet announce. You are not an OG

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It's "I'll be it"

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>nb4 1’s and 6’s

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Ok i did the math and its .6666667 but where the fuck r u getting that 486 this number has no significance

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point of the image was the date and to illustrate >>28794921

maybe look up that date on a chart

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