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because we're gullible

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the sorting hat that is livable autism

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Hidden jew. Remember to see if someone is really a jew you have to make them smile, then their true form is revealed. Nothing wrong with being a jew though

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Our pain is self chosen

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I don’t think we’re supposed to know yet, and that’s okay.

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What the fuck based schizo

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I mean his name is ari jewls

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>self-fulfilling prophecies
>the "chosen"
Everybody knows jews hate europeans because we are the true lost tribes of israel.
You are the nasty desert rat caanites who eat baby dicks and worship money and power over strength and altruism.

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you weren’t, you just were lucky

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>he wants to be a jew so much he makes up a conspiracy about his own race being true jews
fucking kek

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Because we BeliEVE

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