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>Bought 4K in LINK when it was $2-$4
>tfw still in profit while everyone who bought at the current price is having a panic attack
>If the mother of all crashes comes I'll just buy more anyway

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Been in since mid 2018. Bought my cheapest link at 15 cents. Laughing at all the panic

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very funny dump, not selling

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I was going to say “same” but then I realized I bought at 20 cents

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>hurr i bought in cheap because i'm an autist who got lucky, me so smart.

No one cares faggots. Besides if you aren't swinging your gains with this dump, you are losing profit. but that requires room temperature IQ's.

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Chainlink is the token of eternally btfoing midwits like you.

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me but GRT, do better research next time fags lol

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We shilled this for 3 years across everyboard you fuckwit

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any other $25 buy in chads here? still soaking in the afterglow of my gains despite the dump

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>t. perfect specimen displaying dunning-kruger effect.

good one. Keep holding dum dum.

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you too. see.

linkers are have inflated egos and iq's.

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I suppose even in the absence of a jungle vine, it is still in the negro's nature to swing.

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Why didn't you buy then?

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>taxed 25%
>buy back after 20% dip
Damn bro, you must be a fucking genius.

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profits go down.
profits go up

the profits in the middle are missed, because you're too busy playing the meat whistle on your dog.

I suppose peanut butter lickers never learn.

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That's not how capital gains works you fking mong

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>hurrr durr doesn't know only profits are taxed.

seriously, how new are you? No wonder your dumb poor or lucky rich.

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