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What's your plan when you make it?

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Buy land in foothills of Canadian Rocky Mountains, build house, have roughly 3 children with my wife

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Move to Japan and have sex.

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>having family and close friends
I'm late to link and it's over almost 3x since I've bought and their more miserable and hostile towards me than ever. Do yourself a favour and tell no one about it, you're cursed to be filthy rich and everyone will hate you for it. Just shut the fuck up and pretend to smile

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land.....red head....couple of wasp babies

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Move to some island and fish and swim in the ocean and find some qt brown island tomboy girl to pump full of babies.

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>1. making money
>2. asian women

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Have a studio apartment, stare at more charts, get wealthier, repeat.

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I'm going to have sex with a female
probably an attractive one too

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Yeah, make them wonder about you. Never reveal your financial power level.

>wow anon sure goes on a lot of vacations
>did you see anon's new car?
>is that a rolex?
>what does he do again?

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Go to Thailand and in between the whole SEA area and enjoy life banging different ladyboys on the reg

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Move to japan, preferably near the beach, watch sunset and cry tears of joy.

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buy a self driving car, go on a roadtrip across the US, watch anime

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Maybe I won’t invest in $ROPE then but this is pretty unlikely. The only thing I’m really good at is fucking my life up.


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I will buy a lambo and drive it from a cliff.

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Unironically buying a boat.

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Own a pub.

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hey, I know that guy!

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Quit job, that’s all I care about.

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buy house in nice area all cash
re-invest remainder for comfy passive income
leave a little in crypto for the next wave
spend time with wife and dog
visit korea and japan once a year
keep adding to my blood angels army
that's literally all i want in life

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Travel around Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Buy a nice house. Continue studying.
t. majoring in German

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only 3?
I'd like double digits personally, not sure if it will happen but I know a few families that have it and its comfy beyond belief

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Buy a nice house in Italy. But I'll never do that because even if I make a million ill just invest it and change nothing in my day to day

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trap culture is so big now you don't have to leave the states

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dream: own land and build a castle
reality: get fucked by taxes and never own land because it's not possible in my country

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Nice house. I’ll probably keep working, I like my job.

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Why is this true?

>start investing after GME
>start with 1k
>make my goal to make 5k to pay debt
>make 5k
>decide not to pay and keep investing

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my plan is to not make it so i don't need a plan

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10k for a few buildable acres innawoods

15k for 2bd 1ba metal prefab cabin

10 down...15 to go...FML

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>eastern seas so blue

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I'm going to become an enormous prestige whore. I'm going to go back to school, get a PhD and do a dissertation on the autistic shit that I can't get funding for because it's not weapons. Then I'm going to do autistic research with my autism doctorate.

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Smart decision. Take advantage of the historically low interest rates and refinance your debt instead. If you have student loans don't pay them at all and wait for the Dems to bail you out.

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This but also race the touge

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I want to build a church integrated with stores, clinics, or social facility. My concept of house of worships is that they not only serves a spiritual benefit, but also a social or economical benefit. People rarely go to the church, mosque, ortemples, not because they are boring, but because most of them only serves the spiritual benefits.

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move to Georgia (Europe), marry a Georgian Tradwife, have family and live a simple life, die as a family man, far away from western degeneracy

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I will meditate for like a month straight or something.

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should I unironically take out student loans just to invest?

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Yes. All student loans will be cancelled anyway.

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