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Who is ready for the mainnet launch of ASKO? What are your expectations

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I think we will reach 1$ within 48h from now and then retrace back to .75, while hitting 2/3$ next weeks

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Dev for ENJ & CTSI (both on Binance) is active on the QUAI DAO github :

Alec Curry is cofounder of QUAI DAO and ASKO

Binance listing page that links to dev's LinkedIn and GitHub : https://research.binance.com/en/projects/cartesi

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Make sense

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I posted that in a thread earlier, what's your point?

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Swingies making me more ASKO.

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Im fucking hyped for the Mainnet launch. Filling my bags for days already. Asko will go through the roof

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Someone please tank the price so I can maximize buy in.

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Does it make sense to try to get more now?
>t 7k stacklet

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10k stacklet here, gonna buy another 10k next dip for staking tendies

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the best part of the ama was realising we are gonna be rewarded with the returns of all the projects launched on this platform

like right now its cool and all getting 1 percent of transactions by long term this thing is a fucking monster

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should i be swing trading this while it's crabbing? i've got a 2k stacklet :(

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can you elaborate?

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You should be liquidating other assets so you can be financially independent in two years.

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It won't stay at 1% though

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if I only had more eth for this
got 25k asko and rest is under ada

1 usd eow guys

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Asko will surpass all expectations. Love the previews so far. Sure 5x from here until the end of the month.

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Why are there like zero buys and sells right now. Activitiy is dead, whats up with that?

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If the price goes up but the yield goes down I'll still be making thousands per month of dividends.

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desu it seems like a good chance to swing, but one of next pumps won't stop until 1$ so if you fuck up you will lose way more than yo will earn. just hold and wait

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People are waiting to see if it will pump or dump from mainnet launch.

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lol everyone was trying to FUD that the name "King Shill" on the Medium account meant this was a scamcoin, and he's still listed on the shiny new website. Fudders eat shit.

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All in on ASKO or nothing at all.

I make so much money from staking its unbelievable.

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when we get to AAVE market cap ASKO will be $50 each

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What's the suicide make it on this anyway?

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meaning even at 10% of AAVE's cap, one ASKO would 5 USD

and its currently sitting at 21 cents lmao
at minimum its a 50x bagger from now on

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what time is the launch?

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With a 5 bil USD MC
5k suicide
50k make it

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Is this another ERC20 token?

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Nah gas and 1% loss will fuck you in the long run

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thanks guys. i guess i'll just hold then.

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very hard to grab it at 20, whenever it reached 20 it just launched to 30 within 30min

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I'm gonna cum

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How long did it take for the staking transaction to go through for you guys?

I just tried to stake.. and it looked like it worked, but no ETH came out of my metamask and the website doesn't show I have any staked ASKO

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who swing trades while staking wtf?

>> No.28644632

I hope you went to asko.finance and not askostake.com, which is a scam site.

>> No.28644669

took around five or so minutes for me

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I don't care one bit about the short term price change. I want them swingies to keep giving me divvies. That's where the real money on Mainnet launch is.

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My 41.5k bag makes like 150-250 in dividends a day, even with these shit volumes. That's 45-75/day just for providing liquidity. I'm comfortable rn.

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Yeah, I'm at asko.finance -- made sure of that. Saw some people getting ripped off in another thread earlier.

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what shiny new website?

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this is going to tank after launch, and you better hope they don't have a single fuck-up or it dumps harder. i'll pick up your bags at .05-.10 next week!

>> No.28644928

Based. I just reinvested because it was 20x the amount it would cost in gas and it's been 6 minutes from starting at zero again and I'm already up 2 ASKO.

>> No.28644943

you're the faggot who just sold and you're now looking for a cheaper buy in price

>> No.28644990

Swingies get the rope anon. Remember that.

>> No.28645043

Nah obv don't stake if your going to swing. I'm swinging my stack but its not 2k and I make more swinging than staking right now because the gas fees and 1% are negligable in comparison.

You better believe I'm not swinging the launch tomorrow, too risky to get priced out if a whale jumps in on a dip and ropes me

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almost 50% of the liquidity and over 40% of holders are staked. People are waiting for launch. The only trading action right now is swingers swinging against each other.

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>making more staking 50k then I do being a wagie.

IMAGINE if this goes to even $2.

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launch is today famiglia

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last time to buy in before moon

im generating ~90$ per day just from staking

def the gonna make it coin

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Yeah I'm in euro so its tomorrow morning for me

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Dont be salty bobo
Hop on... its not too late

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Gotcha! Well it'll be a nice breakfast for you then, anon!

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Not him, but thank god I saw this comment because I was going to stake at askostake. Thanks bro

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Imagine swinging not realizing the release is today

>> No.28645464

It's pumping and my MXC payment hasn't gone through


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anyone know what the "30 day staking bonus rewards" is about?

>> No.28645569

relax, it's about to hit 22 cents

>> No.28645591

Just looking out for my asko broskies. Happy to help fren

>> No.28645594

Where can I find info on staking rewards?

>> No.28645612

It's 10k suicide
100k make it

>> No.28645706

>not one woman on the team
We are gonna make it.

>> No.28645734

good question. I also have not heard whether people trading the coin on exchanges generates dividends for stakers or if its just uniswap trades.

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Read the white paper. It's confusing. 15 million coins set aside to divvy up 10% (1.5million) every month to registered 30 day stakers until it runs out is how I read it.

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>tfw it's actually the reverse

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Honestly this coin has been a stain on my portfolio. Fortunately I only bought a 2.5K stack but jesus did it dump. Not selling only because even if it dumps to zero, it doesn't impact my portfolio that much.

Pic related; me getting jewed

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>check asko twitter

>> No.28645995

1-2 hours before new website launch. Should be interesting

>> No.28646029

just hold it man, the concept behind this WILL blow up

>> No.28646044

>No movement for 10 minutes straight
I can feel the anticipation holy shit.
It's like the cypto version of waiting with held breath.

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No release? Lied to by a curry
Figures.... I really need to stop investing into coins that have more than 2 threads at a time. They are always rug pulls.

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yup.. this ain't no pnd.
we are early on a great project.

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That's how I read it as well. Its quite an elegant method of increasing the supply IMO. The idea is that the supply of tokens are handed out at a rate proportional to the trading volume, thus there are no supply shocks, but a smooth increase to the supply that moves along with trading activity (which could loosely be compared to demand). It also encourages more staking in the early days of the project, thus stabilizing the volatility of the early days even more.

I'm attributing this idea to Alec Curry, because he's the guy with the Econ degree, and this is very much a concept that came from an economics mindset, not a compsci/programmer mindset. Its a little touch to the project that contributed to my faith that this is a legit project, because if this was half assed or a scam, that level of detail would not have been here.

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Ah yes i remember, the january '22 dump, should've sold at 450 in december

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My man the boom is just around the corner. I'm getting my ass drunk and ordering a fat ass hooker for whenever the test net releases.

>> No.28646564

makes sense, people are still FUDing how GRT is going to triple its supply all at once in a few months

>> No.28646767

shouldn't asko.finance be down for maintenance or something if the launch is supposed to happen in an hour?

>> No.28646858

launch in 3-4 hours, confirmed on telegram just now

>> No.28647176

This is gonna dump so hard when the launch is either delayed or bungled.

>> No.28647301

fingers crossed, I only have 3k

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gotta say i dont know why they wouldnt release something like this in the morning for people to just wake up to, not sure why they'd have to be slaving over it all day to rush it out at night, shouldnt it just be ready by now on the day they announced for launch? they should have had the finishing touches on it before yesterday.

>> No.28647501

You have no idea how much you just soothed my concerns. I've been up 2 days trying to figure out if this is a scam or not. Team is still active in the TG, if this is a rugpull or dump, I don't know what the fuck they're waiting for.

>> No.28647664

who said they were rushing to finish?

>> No.28647761

Well people are saying they're not tweeting or doing anything because they're "busy with the launch"

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>> No.28647952

It was already pushed back from the 9th. The fact that they're so vague about the actual time of the launch would imply they're still working on it to the last minute. Doesn't scream professionalism honestly.

>> No.28648025

we are all about to get ass-koraped aren't we?

>> No.28648043

To be fair, nothing about this project ever screamed professionalism. The placeholder materials and such are embarrassingly bad.

>> No.28648068

That would take so much stress off my mind. I've only got 0.07% of the total staked. Even if it doubles from 46% to 42%, I'd still have 0.035%. If my math isn't wrong, that's still 75-125/day dividends at the current volume. $2 each would be 150-250/day

>> No.28648145

first the 9th
now the 13th

now who knows

fuck this scam, they openly admit half their team is just stock pics, ask on the telegram

>> No.28648159

There's a non-zero percent chance of this staying above 1$ in the long term.

>> No.28648169

46 to 92*

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Every transaction. Swingies always get wrecked

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I really do love how the question of "how do we keep stakers staking to give stability to the market" was handled with an economics mindset. You want to stake for the divvies, the more volatile the market is, the more profitable staking is, so the more people will want to stake. If you really want to unstake, nothing is stopping you other than your own decision making... there's no arbitrary 28 day waiting period to unstake (like with GRT).

Influencing behaviour through incentives is just a great way of doing it, and it allows people the freedom to change their mind should they need to in the short term. Divvies being collected from stake/unstaking will also encourage people to remain staked when others unstake. The other day when whales got scared of fud, unstaked and sold, I was just watching them divvies raining down on us... again, more incentives to stabilize the market when instability hits.

I didn't buy in so heavily on a whim.

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