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Do you tip? Why (not)?

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i leave my house twice a year and have never seen a vagina in real life

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usually unless its delivery because they charge a 4 dollar 'delivery' fee like jesus fucking christ just pay your employees minimum fucking wage good god

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Yes because I worked as a delivery driver for a while. By the way the only people who didnt tip were niggers, so if you dont tip youre a fucking nigger

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This. Worked many tipped jobs in my life. Have taken hundred dollars bills directly from charlie sheen and rush limbaugh

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I gave my waitress the tip of my penis if you catch my drift

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Tipping should make the food cheaper but it doesn't, so I only tip if they're white (which is never).

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Yeah, though if the bill is higher than $50 and its subpar service you ain't getting no 12%

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I dont because i live in an actual first world country and not burgerland

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