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It's been a bumpy ride, how is everyone feeling about Hoge right now? Any suggestions so we can improve on our project? We will post updates based on your suggestions. And first trips determines who wins the doge ripoff war will it be Hoge, Shib, Dogira, or husky?

There is also a new game based on Hoge with daily updates http://hoge.fun/

Also, visit hoge.finance to invest in Hoge
A deflationary currency with 1% burn every swap, 1% redistributions every swap, and awesome community and memes.

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it keeps going lower lmao

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which hoge 30 is real??

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True it's sinking practically worthless but people left at this point are diamond hand-holders and are in it for the dreams and memes. But its stabilizing, out of shib, Hoge, husky, and dogira. one of them will remain as a new meme coin though Id at least have bags in one of them

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the other one, they didn't tell me they where posting it fucking tards I swear

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what's funny is shib has better stats right now

HOGE daily vol: $195,252.17

SHIB daily vol: $309,296.13

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Thats true, but this isn't a weeklong battle. This will be a game of diamond hands. Im willing to fight for 10 years if I have too because hoge is going to win in the end

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Dogira is the successor to Hoge

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Holy shit lol, it's become nearly worthless. I feel so bad for you bag holders. If ETH prices weren't so fucked I might buy some of these just because any improvement would be a boost from basically nothing. Shame gas makes taking a chance on your shitty coin impossible. If the prices weren't so bad there'd be people willing to invest in this just for memes. Should probably sell this as a Dogecoin competitor too, remind people this is supposed to be a chance to repeat that and get in early now that it's over. Otherwise this coin is just going to keep going down, people aren't risking their ETH on meme economy shit right now.

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that's good advice, i'll make some doge+hoge memes

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Thank you I appreciate your words. I will work on that

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How have you not realized this is a scam by now? You literally got dumped on retard

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devs and mememakers are still in it. we got dumped on by whales and fudded by the Husky boys. We're here to stay (liquidity locked for 4 months) and prices will be back up soon.

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Someone please tell me this thread is full of pajeets samefagging and nobody is actually stupid enough to buy this shitty pajeetscamcoin.

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I was and I cant cut my losses memes are to funny dogira memes are gay and husky memes are non existant

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more hoge-chan
I want to bury my nose in her anus

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right? we have best logo. best hoge chan. best hentai and harem memes. best webgame on our website. and best telegram community. how can you not hoge onboard?

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>I was and I cant cut my losses memes are to funny dogira memes are gay and husky memes are non existant

Yikes. I actually kinda feel bad now. Hope you didnt lose too much.... Just joking faggot. I know its you Pajeet. Your broken english gave it away. Poo in loo.

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same boat haha, cant pull out now, would lose it all to gas, may aswell sit in it for the long run now

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>how can you not hoge onboard?

Because 100% of the people that are on /biz/ want to make money and not lose money?

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hogebros... i've been finking

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No I'm white but not that smart hodling hoge after all

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If you fell for this scam please do some basic interest into tokenomics before you put your money into the next shitcoin

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Lol the tokenomics on this gold coin are rock solid anon, more so than most other coins

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Exactly, pajeets just pajeeting other pajeets here

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Wow! Riveting speech Mr.Singh! You sure convinced me! Just bought $10kUSD worth of HOGE! Very epic! Great community! Were all gonna make it! Already planning my retirement as we speak!

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Thanks bro now you own 100 percent of the project

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You are right and i am hoge holder

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If you're skeptical/don't understand the legitimacy of this you'll just miss out

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legit, I cant think of a coin with worse tokenomics, plus the memeability just isn't good.

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Wow! Great call to action! I really do feel like im missing out on something big! I just bought another $10kUSD of HOGE with my credit card! I definitely dont want to miss this!!! Im already deciding which sports car im going to buy tomorrow! Fucking based!

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It's started again, no denying it

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What if we market it as a literal shit coin that has value and is a complete waste of money but has fun memes?

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That would be XIPOOH

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Based buyers in the log know what the fuck is up, we're on the bounce and off the ground HOGE bros, anons buying your billions of coins, YGMI, can't wait for you to see how many millions you acoom in the dips
Godspeed HOGE, you're inevitable

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Looking healthy and stealthy, don't miss it anons, it's a clear and obvious 3-5x shortly just like first pump, 10-100-1000x if /biz/ can prove it's able to work together for a coin.
I believe.

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You forgot to switch IP Pajeet

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No, I just don't care about posting consecutive replies, honest just like HOGE and its team (which is /biz/)

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