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>wanted to cash out to my bank
>sorry anon we dont accept money from crypto exchanges
>what to you mean you dont want my money
>yes it is company policy
>but if I sold a house for 1 million that would be fine?
>you are telling me you dont want 1 million euros because it came from crypto?


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>mfw opened a swiss account
>no questions asked
fuck (((them)))

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What yuropoor faggot commie shitbox are you living in nigger?

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Land of the free™
Change bank or move to a first world country you sugar bread eating caveman

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I know you're memeing. Do online banking. Chime, PayPal, or sofi. Heck transfer to BTC and withdraw it as fiat at an Atm. Also good on you to take profits let me know when you buy back in so I can dump my bags on you xdddd

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austria. insane right?

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I had to switch banks because my old bank wouldn’t even let me put money in an exchange to begin with

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What bank?

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>He thought virtual monopoly money was real

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why did you think it was a meme
dave ramsay warned you

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Not really, there hasn't been a single thing done right in that country for a few long years.

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Paypal direct to bank transfer.

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Erste Bank

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Use Bitwala or any kraut type of app banking shit. You have to be retarded to not know this.

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You can exchange literally any crypto for fiat on binance.

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you don't have to cash out to your bank. also if your bank is not allowing crypto money then it will soon be defaulting on business cause all banks that refuse to deal with crypto will eventually lose all their business.

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this is pretty bullish for sand dollars

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Exchange your crypto for Euro on Binance, then send it to your bank account via SEPA transfer.

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thats excatlly what I told them kek. And I requested a meeting with their manager for next week. Want to listen to this boomers explanation

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i think that is still a problem I told them I will sell cryptos and want to transfer it to my account in the range of around 1mil. they said they wont do it. even when I told them I will do it through my lawyer. this is batshit insane tbdesu. never heard of a bank that doesnt want money.

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fucking grow up. its 2021. its never been "easy" to remove crypto

fucking sell your gains and off yourself you utter retard faggot

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Lol they have nothing to say about it, they HAVE to accept SEPA transfer in Euro. Where did you get that money is none of their business.

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1 mil eurocucks, you literally flag super hard because you aren't a jewish elite. Erste Bank is a "sparekasse", those are usually not involved in investment products and hate any risk with a passion.

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you sure about that? guess I have to talk to my lawyer or taxman. i specifically told that bitch that I dont want to send her fucking crypto I will send them euros (didnt mention sepa tho) and that cunt said no.

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>find a home seller who takes crypto
>resell home for fiat
>deposit to bank account
it’s not hard anon

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use bisq bro, you should do that anyway

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how is it a risk if I send them fucking money I honestly dont get what their problem is

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What do i need to open a swiss account? Live there?

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based. Pls create a thread after the meating

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you are such a tarded shill motherfucker. are you a boomer? or are you just one of those incredibly naive german speakers that are Shocked SHOCKED I SAY that you, random dipshit nobody customer,

walks in and says to a GERMAN SPEAKING BANK EMPLOYEE....
>HEY Madel! im depositing a cool million out of Crypocurrency into my student banking account
what she hears from some pimply NEET
>Hey Madel. Im cashing out my evil, illegally gotten Darkweb Gainz into my no-fee student banking account.

are you actually a german speaking native? i doubt it because most of them understand how their own system works. DO NOT offer a speck more information than required. open the appropriate account (you know they wont accept you using your no fee student banking account right? you know they wont let you use your poor person account right? you know that banks are in it to make money right? not to get sued by an overzealous ECB department right?)

you are a fucking boomer or zoomer and are retarded and should fuck off

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You can just fuck them and find another bank.

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was just memeing I havent done that yet. But they have a branch here in vienna (dont remember the name) dont think they will have any problems with getting money

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Cant you just transfer it to paypal?

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>thinking that imaginary internet points are the real money

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>cant cash out
>cant pay tax
>creating the secondary economy for us

wtf were they thinking??

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yes they do actually

what this dude said....you are using a fucking sparkasse with a student or no/low fee account. fucking go to a real bank.

i CANT walk into my credit union and deposit 1mill in crypto earnings EITHER. they shit themselves unless they have a SERIOUS business relationship with you.


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Dude even hsbc in uk declines magic internet money gains

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I will

31 and I am "wealthy" already. and yes I am arian.
>Hey Madel. Im cashing out my evil, illegally gotten Darkweb Gainz into my no-fee student banking account.
I told her I will do it through my fucking lawyer and she still said no.

I will do that yes but I dont trust shady online banks with that amount of cash idk...

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Protip: you can have more than one bank anon. Just open an account with a bank that will take your dirty money.

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Muhahaa poor bank.

i cashed out over a million without any problems. You gotta need to call them first. If you r germanfag use Fidor bank.

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If you MUST cash out into fiat, Go take your business to a smaller local bank that actually needs your money and values you slightly more. I’m sure they’d be willing to work out something nice if you told them you’re looking to offload a ton of crypto into their vaults

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what was I suppose to tell them? "yo bitch you I will send 1 mil to my account but dont worry its all fine" dont want my money to get frozen and deal with all that garbage

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looked at fidor before I started this thread. will probably do that.

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>Where did you get that money is none of their business
t. has never heard of AML

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what account number?

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>Erlauben Sie mir, einzuzahlen. Andernfalls werden auf Anordnung des führer alle Bankangestellten ausgerottet.

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Für die germanfags, Fidor Bank macht keien probleme, man sollte jedoch vorher anrufen. BNP Consors macht auch keine probleme, vorher anrufen bescheid geben sagen das man alles nachweissen kann. Im privatkunden bereich wirkten sie so als wenn jeden tag 10 anrufen die das selbe machen, alá "achso ja ok kein thema".

Als spasskassen studenten konto kunde hat man ja schon von anfang an verloren.

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i transfered money from Bitpanda to N26 no problem. It was faaaar less tho

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Time to open up an account with another bank.

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Und dran denken ab 100k€ werden negativ zinsen mit -0.5 fällig.

Königsweg: fremddevisen konto und alles in USD auszahlen lassen -> keine negative zinsen.

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A local 7/11 and smoke shop now have btc atms. Isn't it just easier to use those M? I havent really looked into them

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This fucking cope lmfao. The manager does not give a flying fuck about your bullshit and will only meet you as a form of courtesy. You will be laughed at mercilessly the minute you walk out of there.

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Basiert und rotgepilled

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>withdrawing EUR1 million from an ATM in a gas station, stuffing it down your pants and walking half a mile down the road to the nearest bank to deposit it in an even more suspicious manner than transferring it from Coinbase

Sounds completely safe, can't see any issues there.

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so you change bank

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based as fuck

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>The manager does not give a flying fuck about your bullshit and will only meet you as a form of courtesy. You will be laughed at mercilessly the minute you walk out of there.

It’s a Sparkasse in Austria kek. That manager earns 60k tops and half gets taxed kek. That manager should be begging OP to deposit his 1 million into their fucking Sparkasse that only has accounts for Hartz-IV faggots and 1.6k Euro netto wagie cagies.

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because they think you got it selling drugs for monero

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You dont have to do it all at once, at the same site. What's the rush?

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I'll give you 30 cents on the dollar for it.

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>he thinks fiat monopoly money is real

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Buy silver or gold online with crypto. Sell silver and gold for cash (or just hold pussy) and boom. ez game

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Hol dir ein Fidor Bankkonto Brudi

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Yes but some banks blocking transfers between crypto trading platforme.

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The banks literally do not want your money. They have negative yield on large amounts of money and have to hold more reserves. It's probably not even about crypto, banks literally hate money now it's fucking dumb. Welcome to clown world

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open a new account with a bank not owned by kikes

>> No.28525795

Just goto a different bank that wants your business

>> No.28525872

Just open a different bank account, you're not married to a bank.

>> No.28525946

>what do you mean your bitstock coin did something?
>uhmm no we dont work with that
>what do you mean by alternate economy

>> No.28526056

> It's probably not even about crypto
i think it is tho I asked her if I sould a house for 1 mil that wouldnt be a problem right and she said yes.
dont get it at all but ey someone else will take my money

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Nah it’s just Sparkasse boomer that probably just learned how online banking works, let alone what fucking crypto or Bitcoin is. Go to a private bank like Fidor, BNB Paribas, or ING. Sparkasse is own by the government so they only employ incompetent retards that couldn’t make it in the private sector and got filtered out by competent banks like Deutsch, Citi, Credit Suisse etc. I had the same problem with my Sparkasse when I tried to cash out so I called them and told them to close my account and the told the Karen roastie worker there to close my account and if they want their girokarte back to shove it up her ass and hang up on her. Fuck these boomer banks. Just go to your local Sparkasse, literally filled with boomer employees and boomer customers trying to figure how to do an Überweisung when online banking is a thing since the fucking 90’s.

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Even if you deposit the full amount in cash over 5 years it is still incredibly suspicious for someone who doesn't earn anywhere near 1 million EUR. Regular large deposits attract suspicion it doesn't matter how spread out they are or how many sites you use, this stuff is flagged by the system.

Unless you save every single ATM receipt to prove that it all came from crypto you will find your account frozen and assets confiscated. Just find a bank that accepts crypto deposits.

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Any US guys have advice on taxes?

>> No.28526680

>implying you can buy that much metal without a knock on the door from your local constabulary.

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my ass. you can't even spell right.

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The US is getting fucked so hard with crypto, it is fucking bullshit. Land of the free, no taxation without representation my fucking asshole.

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Go to a new bank then, it's not hard, unless you have literally 1 bank in your country. It costs nothing.

>> No.28526989

Pay them or accept future anal devastation

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thats what you get with funny money bud

>> No.28527090

Blockfi USDC to Bank of America via ACH transfer took two days it's absolutely getting better.

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Niggerian prince here. I can transfer all dem cryptos for you.
Just hand them over to me and I take care of it. No fees, I love to make happy people around me.

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sorry that you have to project your own insecurities on others fren. I am as white as it gets from the country that literally brought us the greatest man of all times.

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Kek, you are here forever.

>> No.28527390

What works today is going to be restricted tomorrow. That seems to be the way the crypto market is going in the US.

>> No.28528502

Will I run into trouble in the UK and with mini gains like a few thousands or 10k

>> No.28528908

no. noone cares about small amounts. it only gets a little problematic at 10k+ and really interesting around the 100k+ mark if you fuck up there you can get ass raped really fast

>> No.28529107

Depends on your bank. I would suggest talking to your bank first and asking if there's anything you can do in advance of transferring your money that can ease the process such as providing receipts or proof of purchase, if any EDD is needed, etc

>> No.28529132

what does "fucking up" involve?

>> No.28529422

frozen fund pending investingation

>> No.28529426

cant prove where the money comes from basically. they will ask a lot of questions. i just handle it through my lawyer if I deal with those amounts a little costly but never had any problems

>> No.28529564

Generally they accept variations in price in your account up to a variable about monthly. If you go over that, it flags on the system - whether that be ingoing or outgoing.

If it flags on the system they may think you are money laundering.

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Documentation on Binance is super trash, am I going to get fucked? I swapped by now, but I still did some of my early trades there.

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I work for a private bank in London and lads, if you have 8 figures or high 7 figures then go straight to a private bank, forget your retail bank and their "Premier" service for high net worth individuals. They will make all of your crypto problems disappear
>We can't do any proof of income checks pre-Perestroika era so if that Russian oligarch can prove his funds since then were legitimate we can take him as a client. What? He made 99% of his money pre-perestroika? Who cares lmao
>Nigerian and Brunei PEPs with clearly laundered public oil money? lmao, so what?
>This Chinese guy got a promotion in 2010 which increased his annual income from £10k a year to over £150k? He literally went from call centre worker to global head of a department? Nah, we can account for at least 50% of his money so that it's fine.
>Greek guy had 8 million EUR wired to his UK account via Switzerland as a "bonus" from his Greek employers at the height of Greek capital controls when business overseas transfers were limited to 40,000EUR? Sorry didn't hear that
>You only paid £300k for a house in Marylebone? A one bedroom flat in Marylebone costs about £4 million but whatever

When you have enough money, banks will find plenty of loopholes to get past issues like source of funds and KYC

>> No.28530141

Were going to create a layer two nation across existing borders

>> No.28530362

I lost a five figure sum of Euros becuase the bank teller got a digit wrong on the SWIFT code and my money went to some other cunt.

>> No.28530421

funniest thing I read on /biz/ in a while kek any more?

>> No.28530825

you got the money back from the bank? if not, why didn't you sue them

>> No.28531038

It wasn't a real bank, it was ran by my local goverment department, and they don't give a fuck.

>> No.28531097

here's one client
>named his yacht "Tits" with the tenders named "nipple 1" and "nipple 2"
>raced Ferraris through the streets of the capital with his brother the Sultan
>employed a hareem of former Miss Worlds. A disco ball would descend from the ceiling of their quarters whenever he passed buy, instructing them to dance in case he entered (keep in mind this is a strict Sharia law country where an average person can be stoned to death for kissing in public)
>built a huge stadium in the capital and hired Michael Jackson to perform one year for his birthday. Never used the stadium again
>literally on trial in Brunei for laundering public money
>still accepted as a client

Also a Chinese guy who claimed to have made upwards of $10 million breeding racing pigeons

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footnote: It is believed that Prince Jefri has spent more money than any other human being who has ever lived

>> No.28531242

A swede had a thread with the same problem this morning, I think bank wouldn't let him cash out

>> No.28531256

>Also a Chinese guy who claimed to have made upwards of $10 million breeding racing pigeons
these are the guys posting shrimp farming ideas on /biz/

>> No.28531379

Doing that is literally a crime in and of itself. Just get another account with a different bank. Why are you so attached to this one?

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>I tried to warn you anon

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>Also a Chinese guy who claimed to have made upwards of $10 million breeding racing pigeons

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why didn't you just say stonks market?

>> No.28531725

get a better bank

>> No.28531874

go back

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>breeding racing pigeons

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Does your private bank report financial activity of you US clients to the US government? Under FATFCA or whatever its called

Also, how would someone go about finding such banks? Would be nice if there are branches in panama/caymen etc

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>I am as white as it gets from the country that literally brought us the greatest man of all times.
they just arrested your boy though, better be careful what you say. how far austria has fallen

>> No.28532273

This shit is hilarious. Any more to share?

>> No.28532332

>listening to a woman
Du wirst es nie schaffen

>> No.28532393

Open an account in N26 or some online bank. Why bother with your shitty bank?

>> No.28532507

A shit ton of money

>> No.28532651

thats why I will talk with the manager next week. dont think it will change anything but I want to hear this boomers take.

>> No.28532676

Just use cash app,it'll cost more because you have to convert it to BTC then send it to your cash app BTC wallet. Then yo have to sell it and then you can cash out.

>> No.28533001

Lol which bank?
We have tonnes to chose from so if they don't want my money I'll go somewhere else

>> No.28533093

Yes, all financial institutions must report American citizens' assets under FATCA to ensure that they're paying the appropriate taxes on any earnings or risk losing access to the USD which would be suicide for any international bank. If you want to cut down on your tax bill I'd suggest just speaking to a financial advisor.

We do have a branch in the Cayman Islands though, yes. Just look for news stories on banks that have been fined for AML breaches and you'll find a couple.

We have a team of asset managers dedicated exclusively to Jewish clients. The team is called JEDI (JEwish DIaspora)

One guy was cheating on his wife with his maid, he planned on divorcing his wife and running off with his mistress so he wanted to gift his entire net worth to his father, get divorced, and then have it gifted back to him (and to make sure that his wife's lawyers couldn't find anything if they tried searching). Our only issue with doing this was that he might fall out with his father at some point in the future and his father may refuse to give his money back, we took no issue with the illegal concealment of assets

>> No.28533148

do you know anything about the Magic Circle Firms?
Pretty sure any Private bank will want your business in order to complete a 'shady' wire. They will want a significant cut of investing your money through their bank.

>> No.28533214

they are looking for reasons for them to not give you money, simple as

>> No.28533301

>We have a team of asset managers dedicated exclusively to Jewish clients. The team is called JEDI (JEwish DIaspora)
this cant be real anon holy shit I am dying over here

>> No.28533341

you are supposed to cash out in small chunks that drip drip drip

10k this week
10k in other week

when you transfer 1 milli they get kike as fuck

>> No.28533438

doesnt work like that fren sure one or two 10k transactions would be fine I guess but try to do that 100 times no chance in hell

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was your bank implicated in pic related?

>> No.28533815

Relax. Open an account in another bank and transfer the money to that new account.

>> No.28533909

Only read the OP but why dont you just open a different bank account? Do you have some weird loyalty to that bank? Anyway, your thread is obviously a meme thread.

>> No.28533930

you are most likely right
I only cashed out once 4k euros from coinbase (yeah I know I know) and 6k from coinmetro just to test, coinbase did an instant cash-out, coinmetro did a transfer that took a day.

>> No.28533990

The facts:
AC posted a bat
DRC (Dracula) has a bat logo
DRC has v2 launching soon
DRC’s first “victim” is badger (badger holders can stake for extra APY)
Badger is a sushi thing
Sushi is an Andre thing
Anything Andre touches is a minimum 10 mil mcap. Maybe even 100 mil mcap
So… Get in $drc anon!!

>> No.28534001

I just heard a Dracula ad on Spotify! It’s following me around! $drc might actually be legit!! 1,000,000 market cap and the guy in the telegram seems to think it should go a lot higher too!

>> No.28534068

i will. anons itt talked a lot about fidor will look into that. just thought it was funny that a bank didnt want my money because they are to stupid to roll with the times

>> No.28534184

hey bot fren I will use my cash to buy Dracula ticker ($drc) right now fuck cashing out!

>> No.28534224

hope u fuckin closed that account

>> No.28534232
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i think what we're generally suggesting is not simply making hefty frequent deposits, but to withdraw occasionally to actually purchase goods/services. obviously it would be difficult to pay your mortgage regularly with crypto since that would amount to quite a few thousand each year, but other "investments" or purchases would be easy-peasy. if you need a new roof, just withdraw 10k and pay the contractor. new couch, just get one. go to a money order place and pay your utilities in cash.

not 100% of your withdrawals have to go directly to a bank. the largest limitation with avoiding banks/govt paper trails is that buying something significant, like a house, with crypto would be likely impossible since you would only qualify for a mortgage amount based on your income and identified expenses

>> No.28534305

in all honesty I probably will. Never had any issues with them so far but I think they will go down sooner rather than later with a mindset like that

>> No.28534653

Having just checked offshoreleaks, yes it seems they were an intermediary of a half dozen or so businesses implicated in the Panama papers

I don't know anything about them sorry.
Yes they probably will but paying 1% or so on all of your assets is probably worth the peace of mind.

If you're investing hundreds of millions with a bank you're going to want a very personal service and that means having dedicated teams who can develop a deep understanding of each culture and their attitudes to money. For example, it may appear suspicious when an Arab client demands you hand over £100,000 in cash to their assistant for their one week stay in London but Arabs have a very strong distrust of credit cards for some reason so it's important you have an Arab-centric team who understand that to ensure smooth service. Also people from countries who have historically been conquered and colonised several times are vehemently opposed to taxation as they have been brought up to think that taxation is just a foreign power stealing your country's resources so don't get to suspicious when the Greek guy spends 2 hours talking about nothing other than how to avoid paying any tax whatsoever etc etc etc

>> No.28535059

in addition, quite a few auctions are (or at least were) conducted in person. money due immediately after auction ends. you could simply have a briefcase of money orders with you and buy an undeveloped parcel the same day, though recording the deed would take a few weeks. short of showing up as owner of a 500k developed mcmansion, no govt would give a shit, and the bank wasnt even involved.

though currently, most auctions are online only and require either mailed money orders or wire transfers, which would involve a bank.

>> No.28535239

this is amazing fren thanks for the insights and giggles

>> No.28535347

my cash is legal anon dont think I have to go through all that hassle I just need a bank that accepts my fucking cash

>> No.28535422

This desu. I absolutely fucking hate taxes but I fear the IRS more. You can either pay the tax now or pay it later with interest and penalties and possibly criminal charges. If you have a fuck ton to cash out and are crypto rich, hire a tax accountant and make a plan that can best reduce your tax liability.

>> No.28535576

well yeah, and your current bank doesn't give a shit since it's derived from crypto. the first couple posts here told you get a new fuckin bank, which should have ended your inquiry. the thread has since evolved.

>> No.28535664

true that

>> No.28535930

The best part about working there is reading client profiles, learning their source of wealth and getting a million ideas on how to make it myself.
Once a Monegasque billionaire requested £500,000 in cash for a one week stay in London, when asked why they needed so much money their shocked response was "that's just how much I spend in an average week".

One day that will be me and all of my biz bros when we finally make it

>> No.28536024

It isn't the bank's job to determine whether or not your money is legitimate, it is the taxman's job. They need to stay in their lane

>> No.28536114

What about transferring into a stablecoin and using that for future purchases with a crypto debit card and such? Isn't that a possibility?

>> No.28536217

>It isn't the bank's job to determine whether or not your money is legitimate
It is literally their job or they will be fined billions for not performing enforcing strong AML controls


>> No.28536304

you could probably make it by simply posting these stories somewhere where you can monetize it this shit is amazing

>> No.28536465

seconding this anon. i would buy a book about this and i'm guessing i'm not alone. i guess there's not much money in books but still

>> No.28536554

I would also be prosecuted for Data Protection Act and GDPR breaches unfortunately. Still nice to share

>> No.28536900
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>I would also be prosecuted for Data Protection Act and GDPR breaches unfortunately.
kek no we dont want that to happen guess we have to laugh in our malaysian basket weaving forum. just know it is very much appreciated best posts I have read in a long time
maybe do standup or something like that "this is a work of fiction" kind of deal. just want to hear more tbdesu

>> No.28537476 [DELETED] 

DRC is pretty legit man. Just check out the telegram. They lay out the whole road map for THIS MONTH. No waiting. Pump coming soon. $drc , Dracula protocol

>> No.28538710
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If you ever get the opportunity become an asset manager for a private bank, those guys have the best lives. "no, I can't use Skype very well and I don't want to have to come all the way to London to talk about my money, why don't I just fly you out to my Villa in Monaco for the week and we can talk business there?"

Last story

Some Arab guy would show up to the bank and withdraw £100k or so every few month, he would take it to a casino in Blackpool with his brothers. If you're not British, Blackpool was one of the main tourist destinations in the UK back in the 1950s but, with the advent of cheap overseas flights, completed died off and lost its entire tourist industry as people started visiting Spain and Greece instead. It is now a desolate, impoverished town which survives on a handful of working class tourists a year. He could gamble in one of London's many elite casinos but no, he takes his £100k to Blackpool, probably betting more than the entire casino is worth and returns on Monday morning to deposit the £2k he has left over. He just can't get enough of riding donkeys on the beach and riding the 100 year old roller coaster. It's quite wholesome

>> No.28538969

G’day mate..put another shrimp on the barbie

>> No.28539136
File: 89 KB, 1387x702, 1574888400496.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

godspeed anon take care

>> No.28539402
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Find a crypto exchange (for example Bitpanda if you live in the EU) that offers a Visa card which allows you to spend your crypto like fiat money.

Problem solved.

>> No.28539411
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most entertainingly funny and insightfully based anon in a long while
btw couldn't you just ask around for people's crypto allocations, create a paid tipster type tg and get rich from that?
also post portfolio plz

>> No.28540226

How do I even find one of these banks do I just google “private bank”?

>> No.28540292

>download revolut
>call them up and tell them you are cashing out crypto to your account
>they let you
>problem solved

>> No.28540543

Did someone try to cash out with the DKB bank?
I am too lazy to open another bank account in Germany, as I already have 3 from different countries and still need to open one in Switzerland...

>> No.28540633
File: 1.63 MB, 648x1440, 1610263159501.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.28540669

Look for wealth management services for HNWI's. High Net Worth Individuals.

>> No.28541133

>(yeah I know I know))
I dont get it, that's what I do.
What's wrong with that?

>> No.28541264

pretty much yeah. Most large retail banks will have a private banking division too but are more stringent on the type of customers they'll take. Coutts is the largest private bank in the UK I believe, they did a major de-risking in the past few years and shed a load of Russian clients as they were considered too high risk. My bank took every single one of them no questions asked lmao.

I don't actually have a major crypto portfolio. I'm 60% ETH/BTC and 40% GRT, SNX, ONE, PRQ, REEF.
I work in Compliance and make most of my personal investment decisions based on the high risk client investment proposals I have to approve kek

>> No.28541715
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>> No.28542101


>> No.28542119

kek'd one time for the ole reliable

>> No.28542696
File: 74 KB, 625x374, 046657ede3154549514cc754684cdd013f51e7c5ffee9a90fc5cab6ef1d1b1ab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


also whats your total AUM #of clients avg networth of clients

>> No.28542766

Go to gold and silver dot com. Get you 1M of gold paid in bitcoins delivered at any private vault. Sell ingots to get shitty fiat €.

>> No.28543541

you know you can have as many bank accounts as you want anon. Just open another non faggot bank

>> No.28543544

You are fucking retarded... in the states, and im sure this applies everywhere, anything below 20k in transfer flags your account. this is why people have deposit their funds in small increments throughout multiple accounts throughout multiple institutions. 250k mac per account.

fucking rere. prepare to get taxed and fucked out the ass, dude.

>> No.28544103
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Thank you for the posts, fren. Take care! (But post more if you have more time)

>> No.28544717
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>> No.28544803

AUM is between £100-200bn (I'm not telling you the exact amount), but that's globally not just UK operations. You need to have a minimum of £3 million to invest if you want to be considered as a client so clients range from senior bank staff managing their pensions to oligarchs and sheikhs.

Reputation is very important in private banking so, as company policy, we have to treat major celebrities almost like PEPs in the KYC process as it would be pretty bad for the bank if it was revealed that someone akin to Gary Glitter invested with you so I had to review some rather lengthy and excessive reports on a footballer who had a criminal record.
His offence?

Oligarchs are fine though apparently

>> No.28544826

Americans cant open swiss bank account.

>> No.28544862

why are you talking to them at any point? you just cash out bro

tell the exchange your bank account number and just cash out bro

>> No.28545135
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>> No.28545302

im the anon that mentioned magic circle firms. There was a thread a while ago discussing law firms that help people with a huge tax obligation or have shady money they are trying to invest/move around. never really looked into it but as you mentioned many of these firms like private banks wont touch you unless you are $3+mill. i could be wrong

>> No.28545577

>account flagged: suspicious activity
>unusually large transaction
>account frozen
>good luck paying rent and buying food for the next 3 months while you prove your funds are legitimate

It's like you have never heard of AML

>> No.28545815

What is your "shady money" from, anon? Is it just crypto or are you involved in some drug cartel?

>> No.28545874

then spend them

>> No.28546863

cuckbase has larger withdrawal fees, that's why I switched to coinmetro. Although cuckbase pro has decent fees mor ein line with the tyoical exchange

>> No.28547923

Is it true that banks will block deposits even though they allow withdrawals? What the fuck?

>> No.28548147

im in 6 figure crypto hell. I will probably cash out a huge portion when i hit 7 figures. Probably just talk to some local accountants/lawyers

heres the thread for that magic circle firm


>> No.28548686

Yeah, talk to a tax advisor with expertise in crypto on how to best manage the tax bill. Maybe you can transfer ownership of the account to a Limited Company or something and pay corporation tax instead, that would probably involve selling the assets too though I'm not too sure. Talk to a lawyer at an actual law firm (not your local lawyer who did your mom's will or something, someone with something to lose if he were to steal your gains) when it's time to sell to ensure your account isn't frozen.

>> No.28549143
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>> No.28549168
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>tfw have 3 debit cards and a paypal account I can cash out with

>> No.28549222

Go back

>> No.28549251

I'm at DKB. Anyone here have experience with cashing out to them?

>> No.28549674

I have DKB, but I only cashed out less than 1k.

>> No.28550085
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What memecoins do you recommend nigga?

Boomer Meeting:
>Well anon, we don't deal with Crypt - Toe, is that how you say it? We deal with real money here
>you see anon, people work hard and that money is used to pay taxes, those taxes go on to help the little guy. See where I'm going with this?

Pic related

>> No.28550813

>What memecoins do you recommend nigga?
I only hold btc/eth/link

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