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Fellow biztards,

We told you about ASKO when it was <1, all FUDders kept saying RUBIC/ ASKO IS SCAM.

We have a dOrg dev team(GRT/ BALANCER) a Hashquill audit AND A LIQUIDITY LOCK ON THIS FUCKING COIN


<you missed the 1c
<you missed the 2c
<you missed the 5c
<you missed the 10c
<you missed the 25c


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Lots and lots of potential
Comfy as hell

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Inb4 50ct

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This is actually true
TRIPS of TRUTH >>28504555

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Bullish burgers will pump it

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Been holding asko for a few days.. actually went all in this morning. Feeling bullish af.

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Can you trade through PC browser with MXC? Or is it app only? How much phone data does the app expose?

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How high is this gonna go this bull run??

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Im holding to at least $5

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>go to coingecko
>*check asko website link*
>*check medium link*
wow, amazing project anon
please enjoy it, don't want to take away from your gains, you know

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I've heard several people compare this to AAVE. I think we haven't even started climbing yet.

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Lame fud
Just like a week ago

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Let's be realistic, it can reach 5-8$ EOY but this exact run, like today I expect it to hit just a bit under 1$, like 0,80

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yeah I did you mong
that's what my post was about.

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Join our TG group, coingecko is slow as fuck with updating links. Fucking FUD, here: https://asko-official.medium.com/

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My comfiest hodl

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Woke up. Cried. ASKO gonna make my dreams come true.

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I’m here to hold Asko long term. The staking dividends are very comfy. Making a couple of thousand dollars every month passive. The more the price rises the more dividends I make. Love this project and the team behind it!

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>wants to compete with AAVE
>no one in this has the patience to wait that long and the whales want to take their 10x NOW

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Is the price gonna dump right after the mainnet release or is that just fear from the EOS fuckup?

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also want to know this

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Always happens but working product and roll out of additional coins over next month will slowly climb to 500m mcap minimum

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I think it will probably dump to some extent but I don't expect it to be super severe or to remain dipped for too long. I'm just gonna hold through it

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I should buy my ETH right now and have it sitting ready for the dump right?

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That works too swingie

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Thanks frens. I'll have some eth ready to buy up. No swinging for me.

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I got in at 0.4C LOL

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well i want to get in and stake too but... im poor. i need to get as many asko as i can :(

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.50c waiting room

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$8 eoy
$16 eoy 2022.

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I got in at .14 then it crashed to .05 and I bought more.
Just hold and buy the dip.

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You Discord trannies never Will be part of this board fuck you

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there hasn't really been any solid proof to disprove anything though.

The CEO of a project doing an AMA on a cambodian fingerpainting forum isn't exactly bullish.

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How the fuck do I get this token without getting raped by fees??? Tried to buy 5k tokens earlier and it was going to cost me like £800

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>asko hasn't even taken off yet and people are already trying to shill a competitor called PLT
GME -> AMC -> Nokia...etc all over again

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same but I'll be a little less poor

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can someone post hash of this 350eth buy?

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Am I retarded or do the MXC charts claim that it never went over 0.4?

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The price is a little higher per token, but you dodge the fees.

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The PLT thread was suspect as fuck.
The OP had 50 posts in the thread, and one guy acted like this was the first he'd ever heard about PLT, then went on to shill it for 30 posts talking about the fundamentals and calling it a "gem".
Most Pajeet shit I've ever seen.

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Implying that I should move it off the exchange? Sirs?

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And retards are flocking to it like wildfire, literally mooning.

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Look at what was posted just now


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ASKO is still the next ASKO kek
Take their cheapies bros

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0.5 imminent

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so so comfy

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Swingies will be swinging from their ceiling fans after this shit pumps and they lose half their money.

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When this shit pumps, it will be so suddenly and violently that these faggots will be lucky to buy back in with half of their original stack.

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0.40 is the new floor

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phone call for you anon

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Eh, wait for the L2 launch. We need a working product. The current state of rubic.exchange is more of a mediocre poc but transition to L2 alone will make it more attractive

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You lost buddy?
Get some ASKO, look at Asuka she's holding some.

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He forgot which coin he was shilling today.

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a true mastermind

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mxc.com no fees

and the chinks didnt steal my coins

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just got in will try to accoom over the next few days a modest stack

got in late on grt at 1.1 so even if asko is 50c now i still feel early

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Oh yeah I forgot I'm shilling ASKO. Buy ASKO y'all, just hold through the launch

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>The first question is quite in keeping with /biz/'s way of going about things:
>The white paper on Google docs looks like the equivalent of a high school ap computer science project. How can we trust you guys to compete with AAVE when your guiding document looks so amateur? Additionally, you're securing your project with uniswap oracles, why aren't you using something more secure, especially since this is aiming to be a major lending app?

Was that a trigger warning that that redditer put in before the question?

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i have 5k usd ready to go but coinbase daily 1k limit is fucking me over, best way around this too buy eth and do uniswap for asko?

>> No.28513861

worth to buy now after this pump or wait for dip?

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The dip was at .35 anon, .40 is the new floor

>> No.28514000

ok bought now.

>> No.28514042

Uniswap is easiest with Metamask, some people are using MXC and probit. Maybe use a different app to buy ethereum if u have a 1k daily limit

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You really think it's going to 1000x from here? If that happens I'd make it even being a stacklet

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>We told you about ASKO when it was <1, all FUDders kept saying RUBIC/ ASKO IS SCAM.
Pls.. I just want to make it. I bought 8k of ASKO and wont sell until you tell me to, /biz/.
>t.seething wagecuck

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The reason why the price shot up was that some insanely large whale bought in. We suspect it was Binance buying up tokens in order to list ASKO. Mainnet launch and other shit tomorrow, reddit is starting to talk about ASKO. I wouldn't feel that comfortable about waiting for too long if you really want it.

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Be careful with this. I really hope you all make a lot, but it has made a parabolic move just before release. There's a decent chance it will dump. I'm not saying to sell, but don't risk money you can't afford to lose.

>> No.28514429

Despite this post reeking of shill it’s sound advice cause $1 is inevitable.

>> No.28514580

Where do i buy this?

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>> No.28514661

new delhi

>> No.28514712

AAVE has a $6bil market cap. If ASKO matched that, then ASKO would only be a 100x.
>only a 100x

Yeah lol. But keep in mind, crypto as a whole still has plenty of room to grow, so you really can't predict the future 5-10 years out, its all educated guesses.

>> No.28514910

Obviously I hope it's Binance, but it's more likely a smaller exchange like KuCoin.

>> No.28515308

Congratulations, you'll have doubled your money by Monday

>> No.28515739

5k stack, money already doubled. Let's fucking goooooooooo

>> No.28515798

>there are unironically people buying a coin with $18k trading volume shilled by Discord trannies

>> No.28515995

volume is $8,999,698

>> No.28516110

If I have over 85,000 ASKO will I make it boys?

>> No.28516253

Alright, just bought 2500 ASKO on Uniswap. GRT has treated me exceptionally well, so I figured I'd use a small portion to invest in something new that'd potentially goes up as well. Better not fuck me on this.

>> No.28516323

wgmi anon
70k here and staking

What are your guy's predictions on where/when this will dip, and how far?
What do you think will happen tomorrow when the exchange launches?
What do you think we'll see in a month?

>> No.28516561

I think it depends on how long we sit at $0.40 and build the foundation. If we manage to hover this until release, it could just moon to over $1 and we end up with (hopefully) a solid .7 if it dumps. Then it’s just a matter of time as we ride up and away.

>> No.28516872

Personally, I agree.
My head just drifted back to SAKE, but even still this shit would have to go back to 4 cents for me to come out even so fuck it I'm in for the ride now

>> No.28517019

fud is a bad drug. i sold all my asko holdings at 11 cents because of my fear


>> No.28517090

On coingecko it says the 24hr trading volume is $19mil. I just assumed that anon didn't know how decimals work and thought it said $19k.

>> No.28517315

what do you get from asko for staking? what are the conditions and how does it work?

>> No.28517335

800 ASKO, should I stake or sell >$1?

>> No.28517438



>> No.28517912

Cannot believe no one actually mention 1% taxing on every buy and selling of ASKO to the stakers !!!
Therefore owning ASKO is like owning part of the company that pays dividends, Just yesterday alone I have recieved 4.5k Asko. So comfy. This is doesnt go at least 1 Billion mc, I dont know what will

Don't forget Asko is the first defi that colleteralising LP pools, game changer

>> No.28518321

It’s based off the volume of ASKO being traded. You have to pay for gas and I believe to stop staking it’s a 1% fee on the stack. So depending on stack size, it could harm or help you tremendously

>> No.28518564

price will be $50 EOM

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800 ASKO are not worth staking. You pay gas fees to stake so around $40 right now, and you pay 1% fees in ASKO when you unstake, so in your case 8 ASKO in fees. At a rate of approx 8 ASKO yield per day from staking 800, so again 1% yield per day, it will take you 1 full day to break even on the unstaking fee, and about 12 days at the current price of 0.40 to recover your gas fees. So if you stake 800 you need to hold for at least 15 days to be in profit.

>> No.28518964

I got in at 18c (less than 24hrs lol). I wish I'd paid more attention to you guys sooner.

>> No.28519094

yes i want someone to behead me with a rusty knife right now

>> No.28519269

It's still very generous, i got 1.3k ASKO, not planning on selling it, wouldn't take many months to double my investment through staking alone.

>> No.28519283

still good that you hopped on the gains train, just stake and hold till it’s 5$

>> No.28519300

Who else has QuillHash audited?

>> No.28519455

Quillhash i imagine, do they need to audit anyone else?

>> No.28519602

Thanks for the advice, anon

>> No.28519919

>tfw poorfag got in at 0.04
I've never experienced gains like this, it feels unreal. When I saw that spike to 60c I nearly fainted. Thanks /biz/ frens for turning me onto this, wagmi

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its too late it was 4 cents last week and its 50cents now it already 10x

if I buy now I'll be lucky if it 1.5xs

Go on without me bros

>> No.28520326

Fellow poorfag here, I got in at about $0.06 and I cried when I woke up this morning.

>> No.28520357

I see a lot of low ASKO chads in here, under 20k ASKO, and I'm wondering if anyone knows an easy way w/o getting fucked on fees to airdrop ASKO. If we break $1 I'll give 20k of my ASKO away.

>> No.28520588

I mean have they audited any legit coins?
Otherwise a QuillHash audit means fuckall

>> No.28520652


They audited OPEN (openDAO)

>> No.28520838

I have staked my modest Asko stack - when do the dividends show up? Is it every 24 hours? I want those sweet returns.

>> No.28520844

Just look?

>> No.28521072

how do i stake asko

>> No.28521101

cum your askoloads as an airdrop to me dad

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File: 357 KB, 945x745, ASKOCHADS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28521369


9k asklet who held through the 5c dump reporting in for daddy's load

>> No.28521478
File: 1.01 MB, 1295x864, 1603662528567.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I aped in at 40 cents, please don't crash please don't crash

>> No.28521509

I don’t think you can. I think you will have to pay gas regardless.

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File: 99 KB, 746x512, 15678525725.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28521615

On their website.

I don’t think it will anon. We’re bound for .50 or .60 today.

>> No.28521621

Think this could reach $1bilion mc?

>> No.28521634


actually, what is airdrop?

>> No.28521650

They should regularly accumulate when transactions happen, anon. It's not on a 24h period.

>Post your stakes and dividends
Post your stakes and dividends
>Post your stakes and dividends
Post your stakes and dividends

70k staking, 1.1k per roughly 3d

>> No.28521705

They trickle in when they trickle in. I saw my first divvie after like 2 minutes.

>> No.28521775

Is this gonna drop back to 20c or under any time soon, i kinda wanna fatten my bag.

>> No.28521843

If/when this corrects, I think it might go back to around 20-25 cents

>> No.28522123

108k staking
1194 divs after roughly 36hrs

I have such a small sample size (only one NA afternoon/evening) that its hard to turn that into an average per day, but I'd be guessing that its a bit less than 1% per day.

>> No.28522354

staking is like buying a stock right?

>> No.28522395

I just can't believe this fucking doubled overnight...
I went to bed so fucking comfy at like, what, $.20?
I was thinking to myself "man, $.30 will be cool on Saturday," yet here we fucking are.
I've unironically made $24k because some mega autist shilled this coin in a thread last week.
God bless /biz/

>> No.28522416

whatever just liquidated my GRT and bought more.

>> No.28522475

just remember to stake for literally free money

>> No.28522742

this is the level of newfags these PNDs are attracting, tomorrow's dump is gonna be hilarious.

>> No.28522853

You already bought the stock.
Staking is like stock dividends.


>> No.28522924

I feel like this is gonna have a dump like rubic but it’ll end up going back up, just at a slower pace

>> No.28523002

i staked half my stack and already made 15 bucks since yesterday.

>> No.28523015

This is not just a shill, we are going 100mmc after mainnet minumum, or to 200 to 300 mmc

Math dont like, free money staking rewards, and being the first LP collateral

>> No.28523030

>the price will go down and then go up
Excellent TA anon

>> No.28523072

I actually stayed up late enough to watch it happen. I was just about to call it a night, then the thread suddenly flipped the fuck out at the fuck off huge buys. It was quite the experience lmao.

I figured hey, today's a friday, I'm working from home and no work meetings scheduled... I can watch that shit and the aftermath in real time and just be extra sluggish while working from home today... and glad I did kek

>> No.28523081

Ya it’s like .25% return on a bad day and 1% return on a good day. And it’s looking like we might be in for a lot more volume for a while

>> No.28523166

Many stocks already come with dividends though that's what I mean. I'm just asking for clarification. No reason not to stake right?

>> No.28523217

Idefk if we dump -20% to -50% on mainnet launch, I'm still gonna be up 300%
This shit would have to go back down to less than $.04 for me to lose money so swinging is just pointless.
God I bet man, top lmao. I'm fucking loving asko rn. Plus that AMA last night? I'm all in on this project now.

>> No.28523226

tfw when I’m a NEET and can stay up all night every night. Unironically going to make it if this goes to about $1.50

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File: 157 KB, 960x960, 1606062854231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't have the spare Ether for gas rn and i my ASKO is on MXC i think need to transfer it to metamask or something for staking which will be more ETH.

I only have 1.5k ASKO bought for about 270 USDT. That's my absolute maximum investment into this, this month, i am the absolute razor wire of personal finances here. I'm sure Mr Curry won't rug this.

This will have to be enough for now. I may never make it, but at least i make an attempt.

>> No.28523320

What does it mean when it holds a steady .40 like this?

>> No.28523365

You're on the train, doesn't matter the cost of the ticket anon.

>> No.28523372

I was up too. I sold on the initial spike, and then watched it hit 70 cents. Not that my sell was bad, but there was a 30 second window where it was ridiculously high.

>> No.28523478


How long do you need to lock it up for? And do you have to stake with equal amounts of another coin (like ETH?)

>> No.28523494

I'd be thrilled with a 100x. I'd be happy with another 10x from here.

>> No.28523850

love the Asko shill haha

>> No.28523972

So like, maybe I'm flexing how smooth my brain is... But what's stopping this from hitting price of other exchange tokens?
Look a the price of UNI and 1inch right now.
They both have much higher max circulating supplies at the moment, yet are priced from $5 to $20
What the fuck am I going to do if this shit hits $10????

>> No.28524027

You can withdrawal anytime, divisors flow in every time someone trades ASKO, and you do not need to stake anything else along with your ASKO

stake here asko.finance

>> No.28524084

There's no lock in time. Just pay gas to get in and gas to get out whenever you want.

>> No.28524190

It means .40 is the current floor

>> No.28524258

Why do people sell? I just don't get it. We all know it's going to go up and it would go up faster if they didn't sell. So why do they do it? Do they hate free money?

>> No.28524289

Depends on the amount you're staking.
You lose 1% when you stake and 1% when you unstake.
Plus you pay eth fees for staking and unstaking.
So you have to do you own calculations.
For me with 35k Asko I am generating about 250 ASKO per day right now.

>> No.28524423

Just bought more askos at close to 40 cents. Super comfy holding it. Probably goes 2 x before mainnet launch tomorrow. But best thing is staking, do the math it can easily make you couple of thousands a month.

>> No.28524543

It shouldn't harm you if you stake for a long time, only if you stake short term you'll have to pay a lot in gas

>> No.28524679

Buy, it will go $1 and beyond long term

>> No.28524789

No faith in the product and are just taking the quick 10x
If you're a normie and you put $100 in to something based off biz memes and you find yourself with $1000, you feel like you've won the lottery and you cash out.
Or it could be someone with a big chunk of cash chasing a 2x or 3x and then leaving.

>> No.28524853

calm before the storm, I feel a huge pump incoming

>> No.28524887

Go to asko.finance and connect with Metamask, then put in how much u want to stake. You will have to pay 1% of your coins along with gas fees so don't be surprised if you see less on the website

>> No.28524981

I hope it dumps so I can buy even more

>> No.28525008

I’ve recently moved to MetaMask and my address shows that I have ETH and ASKO in my account.
However when I try to stake, or even move the ASKO, it won’t let me and will just eat the gas. I did this twice, in case I’m retarded and messed up the first time, but it turns out I’m just totally retarded.

>> No.28525055

How do you tax the staking rewards?

>> No.28525359

>do the math it can easily make you couple of thousands a month.

I'm being super conservative with my calculations, since I don't know if this high rate of divvies is going to continue after this project gets off the ground and starts running, so I don't want to project this small sample size of 0.5% to 2% per day divs out to a "typical month".

Also note: when the price is higher, that's fewer tokens. Example: if some dude moves $100 of ASKO at a price of $0.10, that's 10 tokens he's paying towards stakers' divs. If he moves $100 of ASKO at a price of $10, that's only 0.1 token he's paying towards those same divs. Thus, when the price goes up, each transaction is going to be paying fewer tokens to the stakers (but the same $ value). However, more trading volume (in $) will mean more divs payed out (in $).

tl;dr: Don't necessarily calculate your future dividends as (current tokens)x(future price)

>> No.28525540

I never understand if all these tax threads/questions are serious...
Like I'm not trying to be some kind of badass or whatever but unless you're making millions or close, I myself wouldn't even worry about it.
I've made several thousands on crypto trades over the years, I basically just reported shit from Coinbase, I never report anything from Uniswap or any other exchanges... never was bothered about it... do people really think every cent is looked into? Just report what you can, I wouldn't worry about every penny you make.
But thats just me...

>> No.28525646

i used hoo.com

>> No.28525754

Alright thanks I'll just approximate it then for when I hit claim to the value that asko is at that point.

>> No.28525857

I also did it a couple times because staking is slow, you might need to wait and see if it went through

>> No.28526031

I buy tokentax every year. Just input your wallets and APIs from every centralized exchanges you use and it makes taxes easy mode. Even keeps track of uniswap trades.

>> No.28526258


After getting rejected at over .60 the price is consolidating into a new support floor.

>> No.28526340

Just being a stable coin after this huge surge says enough about how backed this is, almost 50% staked and no huge whales selling is amazing

>> No.28526398

I'm not the best person to answer but in theory nothing is stopping it. It just needs adoption/use and people to buy more.
>What the fuck am I going to do if this shit hits $10????
Cum. Then you should sell some to cover your initial investment and hold the rest

>> No.28526400

it means it's consolidating at 40. now it could go up or down depending on what gets announced after mainnet. my guess is a binance listing so it will go up.

>> No.28526582

I promise I'm not fudding, but are you worried at all about a rugpull or team dump right before the mainnet launch? Is there any proof that the product they're rolling out actually works? I own BIG bags, I'm just scared of getting Jeeted.

>> No.28526750

the team dumped already. they have all the funds they need for now. their product has been on testnet for a while and it's been audited by 3 different firms. there's nothing to worry about.

>> No.28526897

Asko made me Rich and will make me Even richer. Love this coin lol

>> No.28526916

so what is their financial incentive to continue working on the project?

>> No.28526952


I'm planning to dump my bags before the launch tomorrow. I expect the price will crash after the mainnet hype -- then i can buy some back for a long term hold.

If the price doesn't crash, then I'll just move on -- I made really nice gains already.

>> No.28527034

but what if you don't wanna keep track of uniswap trades ;o

>> No.28527359

bros what the hecking heck happened? suddenly the .40 floor became .38 floor

>> No.28527369

It'll probably dump when we close in on a dollar and mainnet launches, bad timing anon

>> No.28527454

they still hold a portion of their tokens but like i said they have all the funds they need for now so they won't dump for a while. why will they continue to work on the project? they will continue to work until they overtake aave's marketshare.

>> No.28527558

Fuckers keep dumping like 6 eth each time it even thinks about going above 42c
Once they've been shaken out we'll be on the way again.

>> No.28527660

>until they overtake aave's marketshare.
How likely do you think this is?
I feel like I'm missing something here. This seems like it's going to be big and I don't see the fud

>> No.28527930

Sheer volume. A whole lot of people trading don't really have enough to make flash loans a really enticing option, but everybody has enough to fuck around on uniswap (on the weekends and at night when gas is cheap)

>> No.28527966

"But what's stopping this from hitting price of other exchange tokens?"
Time. That's it. Give it time and hold on for dear life.

>> No.28529071

Here we go.

>> No.28529073

>I don't see the fud
rly? is this your first day here?

>> No.28529209

My only concern is ASKO is being sold as having a "dOrg dev team" when the only proof of this is a Sep 2020 tweet where dOrg says they were hired by ASKO. Zero updates since then.

>> No.28529293

it's about to breakout any minute now

>> No.28529557

Overtake AAVE? Maybe, just because in the near term yield rates are going to be a lot better on ASKO. Don't count on it though. Be happy if we reach like 4b

>> No.28529758

omfg this again? go to their fucking github and look at the commitas

>> No.28529782

Lot of swings around $.40 last few hours, guess now we just wait to see which way it breaks and if it can get past the .42 wall

>> No.28529864


>> No.28529971

This is not FUD, I'm genuinely interested in this... But when I tried to do some research on ASKO this morning, it appears that their website doesn't even work.
Are they building a new one or something? Where do I go to find out more about this project?

>> No.28530043


yes, it launches tomorrow


this is the preview

>> No.28530426

this is the same kind of consolidation we saw at 22c yesterday. if binance isn't done accumulating for their cold wallet, we could see a jump to 60-80c by tomorrow.

>> No.28530472

Im so excited about the big announcement that the ceo is making tomorrow. Filled my bag just in case

>> No.28530553

What time does mainnet launch and why would it dump then?

>> No.28530955

Yesssss whale retards keep sellling and giving me free money.
MAn I can't wait for this shit to go back to 65c so they all fucking rope for dumping their stacks at 30c

>> No.28531025

Jesus were getting a ton of huge sells now what the fuck

>> No.28531092

When Alec Curry was doing his AMA here yesterday, said probably around supper time PST.

>> No.28531102

Fuck.. this ain't good.

>> No.28531158

Seriously what the fuck were getting like multiple ETH sells every 5 seconds now wtf happened

>> No.28531223

of fucking course mxc has maintenance right when 81 eth get yanked

>> No.28531233

whale niggers got paper hands, time to buy the dip

>> No.28531247


>> No.28531281

It's mostly one fucking guy.
He's sold like 60eth worth in the last 15 minutes.

>> No.28531321

buy the dip faggot, or wait for it to go back up. stop looking at the charts

>> No.28531360

Its probably just people cashing out their 2x. Enjoy the divvies and buy the dip if you need more.

>> No.28531361

Swingies be swinging. They'll get the rope as always.

>> No.28531455

you faggots told me 40c was the floor

>> No.28531469

Swingers out here giving stakers free ASKO

>> No.28531478

Imagine selling at 30c when just this morning we were at 60. Why the fuck would you do yourself like that lmao

>> No.28531491

Yea i see its a lot from one address
What a fag lol, paying me in dividends and missing the moon mission

Fair enough

>> No.28531531

Could it double in value (8 to 16 dollars) post bull run in 2022? not doubt or fud, curious

>> No.28531581

Like that guy who bought with 90 eth and sold at 50 eth lmao

>> No.28531582

>mass coordinated sells
fuck, not ASKO too? some whales coordinated a dump on rubic from 60c to 40c a while ago.

fuck this shit

>> No.28531590

but anon my forced liquidation is @ 25.8

>> No.28531647

Is this the 10c waiting room?

>> No.28531663


It's the same discord group who mass sold rubics earlier too around 4 hours ago. They seem to target /biz/ moonshots and wants to make it look like a PnD.

>> No.28531684

Sent my ETH from metamask to MXC 2 hours ago... and its still pending/in progress bros

>> No.28531687

he sold at a loss at like 6c ahhaha. he would've been up so much by now if he just held.

>> No.28531690

this guy unstakes his asko and started selling it off, wonder who else is doing this too

>> No.28531691

>mfw if ASKO ever goes to $10, then I just got $300 off that whale

>> No.28531819

>45% staked
I wouldn't worry about mass sells. We'll be at least 60c by tomorrow.
Once again whales proving that they have far more money than sense.

>> No.28531858
File: 748 KB, 960x540, Asko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Calm your jimmies. Let it crab. The faster it moons the more volatile it'll be.

It's healthier for our gains to come slow and steady. Just hold.

>> No.28532082

Anyone staking this shitcoin is an absolute brainlet, at least have it ready to sell before the mainlet launch tomorrow.

>> No.28532091

Some fucking retard just sold 48 ETH at 28 cents

>> No.28532138
File: 26 KB, 540x533, 1494354554438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

idk Anon, I'm absolutely loving the divvies on this volatility.

If that whale had to unstake first, then he just paid out 2% (1% from unstake, 1% from sale) of his big fat ASKO stack to all the stakers.

>> No.28532232

This doesn't feel like a rug pull, but it is infuriating nonetheless.

>> No.28532266

I'm not even worried man. I bought at $.08, sold at $.11 like a retard, and bought back in at $.04 practically at a loss from other shitcoins and gas.
Sitting here with 70k bags and I'm not selling.
This may dump on mainnet launch, but you are 100% going to make more returns by holding, staking, and waiting for the explosion as this platform gets more use.

>> No.28532314

>what is a correction

>> No.28532335

That 48 ETH sale being eaten up quick
I genuinely hope that faggot regrets his choice

>> No.28532340

>still up 75% in 24hr
fucking idiots

>> No.28532392

Why would I buy a PnD scamcoin when I can multiply my stack on comfy-hold normie coins?

>> No.28532476

that's not a correction but a forced dump. look at the transaction

>> No.28532516

>Why would I buy a PnD scamcoin when I can multiply my stack on comfy-hold normie coins?
You do you just check the chart in 2 weeks

>> No.28532546
File: 260 KB, 787x1247, donquihodlte.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>PnD scamcoin
you're retarded
don't you have pink wojaks to post in other threads?
>pic rel
Cap this, post it like a retard when this corrects, then cope when it hits $1

>> No.28532547
File: 11 KB, 236x253, 1608681293706.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw sold at 0.06 when it dumped from 0.12

>> No.28532601


>> No.28532618

>back to 32c
Aaaaaaand we're back

>> No.28532710

Welp, looks like it’s swinging down. Let’s see if it stops at .3 like last time

>> No.28532751

>imagine selling aave 2.0 at 34mil mcap

>> No.28532769

Bought a lot more this morning at 43.... fuck this shit, why do I even open biz

>> No.28532787

>from 50c do 30c

reeeeeeee why I did not sold

>> No.28532800

They're pushing the price lower.

Don't forget, they did this back when we were $0.15, that scared a bunch of people into dumping until the price hit $0.06 (and then quickly recovered).

This is just whales coordinating to try to scare people into selling.

>> No.28532872

Now is when you buy. This morning was when you should have sold

>> No.28532906

Implying it wont go back up

>> No.28533091

Probably part of it. All my peaking coins dipped in the last 30 minutes due to selling. Clearly some algorithms that kicked in at 2pm.

>> No.28533099

biz will fall for it again. smart anons will hold until $1.

>> No.28533108

Bought at .06 and .10. Fuck coordinated dumping whales. These diamond hands ain't budging.

>> No.28533130

All the swingies filling my dividend bags. Thanks guys!

>> No.28533164


I don't get how people still do not get this. Mainnet is Sunday UTC 5am. It will reach 50c tonight. Mark my words.

>> No.28533198

I already got out my initial investment so lets see where this goes.

>> No.28533343

best place to hold my stack? Only have 5k, not worth staking - but should I hold them in metamask rather than MXC?

>> No.28533351

please keep swinging, i'm cooming with all these dividends

>> No.28533589

How do i pay this shit with an opera touch wallet on uniswap it doesnt work at all, pls help

>> No.28534149

do you need 1:1 eth to stake asko?

>> No.28534227

pretty fucked guys, metamask has my ETH locked up for 2 hours now so far and its still pending

>> No.28534248


>> No.28534333

Nice bart formation. I'm buying more if it reaches .10

>> No.28534351


>> No.28534404

try cancelling it or increase the gas?

>> No.28534432

what exchange are you guys using? USA is fucking pozzed

>> No.28534437

Big wallets are dumping. Small fish are snapping it up.
It's good because it means that less and less is being held by massive faggots who can dump the price 30% in a minute.

>> No.28534451

10c EOD

>> No.28534468

I can't cancel it or speed it up because i used all of the ETH for the transaction itself hah

>> No.28534730

sell the news just happened

>> No.28534804

what news? nothing came out lol

>> No.28534821


what news?

>> No.28534854

it wasnt sell the news, it was one whale doing a massive selloff to cause panic sells

>> No.28534957

mainnet news

>> No.28534992

link to the news?

>> No.28535032

mainnet isnt out yet dumbass

>> No.28535046

No, just eth for gas fees, staking asko only

>> No.28535203

post link or get out you literal nigger

>> No.28535254
File: 33 KB, 1209x301, temp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I vehemently despise swingies.

>> No.28535438
File: 10 KB, 258x245, photo_2021-02-12_11-35-23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw swung it this morning for a cool 4k


>> No.28535500

the price is EATING SHIT right now
from .40 floor to a pitiful .33

>> No.28535514

I can’t find it on binance so how do I buy in Uniswap ?

>> No.28535716

add ^ as a custom token in uni

>> No.28535753

This dump has been 90% swingies and whales.
If you look at the IDs you'll see a lot of repeats.

>> No.28535767

DOTR for swingies when? Oh, wait...look at that. Another 125 dividends for me. Carry on, faggots.

>> No.28535786

Yah it only went from .12 to .4 in a day. Pitiful

>> No.28535795

save the gas fees and use mxc with usdt

>> No.28535911

This is me. Lost 278 dollars between this post and the quoted one. FML.

>> No.28535973
File: 77 KB, 653x590, 1490643696684.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And we stakers are cashing in so hard off this. I've gained about 100 in the past hour.... when I was only expecting like 800 in a whole day.

>> No.28536058

Exactly, get ready for moon mission

>> No.28536118

It will pump again fag. Can't expect it to be streight up forever. I felt that way when I bought at .06 and it went to .04. Look at it now

>> No.28536147

Almost to 700 from staking. Feeling comfy.

>> No.28536155

How many did you have stake?

>> No.28536324
File: 7 KB, 1390x74, The biz classic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Swingies getting the rope

>> No.28536451


>> No.28536469

Daily returns even at current price average out to $108,000 passive annual income for me. KEEP SWINGING YOU RETARDS.

>> No.28536519


>> No.28536746

This. Been in since .03 so just riding this one out. Will buy more if it hit .2, which is unlikely

>> No.28536782

We've already won, fren. Watch the ant people battle for scraps and fill our pockets.

>> No.28536816

Probit has ASKO-ETH

>> No.28536879

That make no sense. Why would you buy and then panic sell at a loss minutes later? Price manipulation?

>> No.28536999
File: 18 KB, 604x482, 1594485916653.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So (you) can buy more. How kind of them.

>> No.28537058

Poorly configured bot perhaps

>> No.28537118

only 817 ASKO feel poor

>> No.28537189

What are make it and suicide stacks lads

>> No.28537332

Suicide 10k
Make it 100k

>> No.28537335
File: 25 KB, 247x295, swingies get rope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this one gave me a good laugh.
10/10 bot

>> No.28537374

100k make it
10k suicide

>> No.28537435

ASKO will really go mooning

>> No.28537436

ah fuck nevermind those are the same exact ones

>> No.28537461

lmao what a woman

>> No.28537494

so what is my 20K?

>> No.28537495


>> No.28537552


Assuming this only achieves 5% the market cap of AAVE would imply a 300 mil MC and a price/token of 9.92, so if making it is 1 mil:

Suicide 10k
Make It 100k

I think it can do at least a billion. Do you figures from there.

>> No.28537755

Going to say it, I'm going to die in 5-10 years if I can't finance a new lung, so 1B is what I need.

>> No.28537854

we're back boys

>> No.28537967

damn. I should have bought back in at 0.25

>> No.28538126


>> No.28538133
File: 54 KB, 680x658, 1597184440297.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nigga just stick a balloon in there, shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

>> No.28538368

Stake boys. Do it for lung annon <3

>> No.28538410
File: 785 KB, 1080x1080, FlyerMaker_12022021_152009.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28538426

How much askos do you make for staking 10k?

>> No.28538550

Probably around 80 a day. Not bad considering how little you put in.

>> No.28538597

Bout three fiddy

>> No.28538663

So for the 30 day staking bonus, if I were to register now, it would be for the next period, and I would have to claim rewards before the end of that next cycle or they go back in the pool correct?

>> No.28538727

This was supposed to be a moon mission, but with sellers dumping at 0.40 this is turning into Apollo 13.

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