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>A suicide stack of chainlink costs 28,000 dollars

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A suicide stack costs 28 dollars cos if you own 1 link you want to kill yourself.

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>there are anons on /biz/ with a single digit stack of link that can only afford that in their portfolio

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Why won't they let it moon, bro?
I spent 3 years slaving like a dog to get my link stack and now they won't even let it fucking go up during the bullrun.
I'm unironically going to have a breakdown.

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nigger we've done nearly a 2x in a month

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That's bullshit. We are 8 dollars above where we were in fucking August.
I have more money than I've had in my whole life and I'm on the verge of crying everytime I open this fucking board.

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and 23 dollars above where we were a year ago

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Fucking BNB is 103 dollars above where it was exactly a year ago.

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ah quit your bitching. LINK is a large cap blue chip while all that other shit was mid-cap gambles. LINK was always a guaranteed thing. Be glad you're making profit that beats boomer funds by tenfold.

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Ah yes, it's another day of everything booming while LINK goes sideways. Can't wait for king shitcoin to take a dump and LINK exploding into single digits with it.

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>LINK was always a guaranteed thing.
It doesn't feel that way anymore, that's the point. It feels like it'll crab until BTC crashes and then we'll be back at 11 dollars and I'll need to go ask for my fucking job back.

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>he quit his job to gamble on shitcoins
>not working until you've made it and secured your financial future
you did this to yourself

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Jesus Christ what a spineless bitch. You are gonna lose it all with that virgin attitude.

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>It feels like it'll crab until BTC crashes and then we'll be back at 11 dollars

I guarantee you that's what is going to happen. BTC will lose probably 50% of value or more before it hits 100k and LINK will get absolutely destroyed when that dip happens. The only difference is when altcoins mooned link did fuck all and when btc dumps, link is going to dump harder than other altcoins. wouldn't even be surprised to see it drop out of top 20 desu

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I quit my job when I had made enough to pay rent to cover the rest of the bullrun but I did that under the assumption that Link would go to around 50 dollars this run and I could sell enough to pay for the next 3 years rent and still have a large enough amount to last until 1k.

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I refuse to believe anybody is this retarded.

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Lmao based retard

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You don't know shit you fucking faggot fuck you.
Don't even (you) me I'm fucking closing this shit site.
I'm never fucking capitulating.
If you want ANY of my linkies you need to pump it to at least fucking 50 dollars and even then you'll get like 200 of them, the rest are being staked or I'm holding them to 0.

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Great we're back in August

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This is the dumbest fucking market I swear I want to kill myself when I look at the charts

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frankly I'm fine. Contrary to what /biz/ says diversification isn't a meme. this is cope from shills trying to get you to pump their bags

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if people wanted your linkies you'd see the price rise. but apparently everyone is focused on other altcoins since link is doing FUCK ALL the entire bullrun. what are we like $5 above august? fucking lol

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I'm married to these bags
And I have battered wife syndrome

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10k has always been the suicide stack newfag. Sucks to be priced out

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What gdp episode is their ceo on again?

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friend you don't need to do the suicide stack fud because most redditors are priced out right now as well.

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Price is almost at new ath.
Shut the fuck up already faggot.

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A suicide stack (10k link) costs 280k$, or the price of a house in the suburbs in many first world countries

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I would like to thank you for convincing me to buy Chainlink last year, /biz/
While I was still late to the party at $4, I managed to get 1900 linkies at the time, so my gainz are still massive

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you sound mad as fuck lol.

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dangerously based

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hey, same. I got in at an average of 6.50 more or less. I had been accumulating LINK for a while after realizing I had been playing right into the reddit fud by believing it and it didn't click for me until it was too late. I have 1010 linkies and I'm never fucking selling.

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wow a whole 2x

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whiny little bitch lmao

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fuck you,
10k is a make it stack
at $100 that's a million dollars
and when it fulfills the prophecy at $1000
that's 10 million dollars worth of link.
not that you'd be dumb enough to sell any of your staked link for depreciating hyper inflating us dollars.
but still
10k is a make it stack.
1k is a suicide stack.
it is known.
but still

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whew ,I cant wait to buy your bags when you panik sell.

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He means relative to other legit projects right now. Link is underperforming, likely due to the insane amout of link available to borrow for shorting on platforms like AAVE. It could be a long time but they can't sell forever...

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Damn shut the fuck up. I hope someone hacks and drains your wallet

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>144 LINK

I just want enough to put a down payment on a house.. please..

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you're right clearly link has failed

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