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To all the "muh market cap" fake investors out there:

To run an optimal Cardano node you need ~30million ADA stacked RIGHT NOW, there are CURRENTLY 1680 nodes and there will be about 2500 when the protocol no longer relies on the IOHK nodes. Of course this is not the max, to get that sweet 5% guaranteed APY + any benefits from defi (that you don't need to unstack to get) people will form more and more nodes and there you go, more than 50% of the total supply is locked BY DESIGN to secure the system and the incentive are the rewards. Have you ever fuking wondered why:

- As right now 70% of total circulating supply is stacked
- ADA transaction volume is in the 3rd place behind ETH and BSC

So stop FUDing about 5$ max price, we are talking about 20$ at the very least

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But when

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ADA was always a long term hold, at least 1.5 years from now

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Oh that's fine I've had it 3 years already, I can wait.

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Err: optimal cardano node stack is 60 million right now check adapools.org

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So comfy. I'm all in on Ada, its been a long term one for me and its amazing to see real world adoption happening soon

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How high do you think will it go this month / next month? I realise the long-term potential, but I kind of need to make some quick bucks atm.

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You'd probably be better off looking for projects planning to swap chains in the coming months.
Ignore the 80 or so % that exist solely to help Ethereum cope with it's own inadequacies.

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It will pierce $1 this month then probably sink down again as people sell. From there $2 is totally possible by April. But continued gains on this depends on Bitcoin stating bull. The real question is if this market cycle will actually last until December or not.

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Thanks bros

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Wow so in 5 years my 500 ADA might be worth 5 thousand?
Convince me why I shouldn't put that money into any number of 1cent coins that could explode in 1000 times value

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What happens when there is no "real world adoption"?

Institutions are buying bitcoin. Even Ethereum is an ICO shitcoin. Everything goes to zero against Bitcoin, which will be the future reserve currency of the world.

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Compound interest added every 5 days.

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>could explode in 1000 times value
I think you just answered your own question.
500$ worth of ADA isn't going to make you rich. Same is true of 99.9% of all equities, crypto or otherwise. Feel free to search for that .1% though.

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In less thann1.5 years this bull will be over and cardano's price will fall back to 0.3.

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I don't have enough.

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This is not the coin for you fucking gambler get the fuck out

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That's a good point man but the counter argument is that you can pull your coins out of staking at any time. They're not locked up so it's not much different from just being in a hardware wallet.

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Its going to 0.60 any day now

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My analysis puts a correction at around $.62 in the next few days as well before heading to $1.
I put buy orders in down to $.55 so it's fine by me.

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Your point

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Redpill me on staking

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Unironically more qualified than 99% of bizfags lmao

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Sold about 1/4 of my stack 30 min ago, planning on buying the dip

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