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>dude weed
Yeah it's not crypto, but who's investing in medical marijuana dispensaries. They aren't going away

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unironically all in weed just to laugh at the niggers when i become a millionaire because of them
they are seriously the biggest source of income no one realizes that

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yep been in for a while


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There are public companies that make and sell weed

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Nice gains. Look at TCNNF

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I'm happy I threw some change into SNDL and OGI while they were both under $2.

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>They aren't going away

Degeneracy will go away.

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ty sir, wish i put more in but I'll take what I can get. Not quite sure when to sell but thinking I'll probably target about a hundo based on the price history

> Nice gains. Look at TCNNF
will check, thanks

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not at this rate

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>bought $ZYNE at $4.20

>closed today at $8.76

$25 EOM

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I bought CANN group on the ASX when it was at 40 cents last year and it's up to 90 cents. Any ausanons should hop on this train, they're gonna be around for a while. Also, NAB gave them a $100 million debt facility.

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hitif is fud at this price

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The problem investing in weed is that the market gets so fucking saturated that you can't make any money, not to mention how deeply entrenched the black market is.
In Canada we have had legal weed for years now and all of our weed stocks are still penny stocks. Weed is a horrible investment.

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I invested in a bunch of weed stocks like 2 years ago and a bunch of them got fucked by fraud and lost me a lot of money. Thank got for covid I was able to get all of it back. Fuck stoners.

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Is this pump just based on the bill to legalize or is the dogecoin money flipping to dudeweedlmao

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I got burned hard speculating on weed stocks before the first vote to legalize happened in CA (the one that failed). Doing it again now, already taken my cost basis out plus a little profit so its only up from here.

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>got fucked by fraud
how so?

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I invested in a real recreational marijuana store instead, actually 3

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sure thing

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Check out VFF boys. Ripe for growth because they have good infrastructure so it's likely they'll beat out their competition and grow well.

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I was holding apha since 2018 and sold at like 7 at a loss.

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Is it too late to get in on SNDL and TLRY this week?? Afraid to get dumped on.

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Buy at the dip

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idk anything about SNDL but TLRY is trash yes you will get dumped on

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>lose interest in videogames mid jan
>quit weed last week after heavy use for years
not saying what ill quit next

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Decent small returns today, boys

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SNDL going to at least $5 get in at the dip tomorrow

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whoever writes immigration policies definitely realized

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Damn I missed the train there

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I wish I had put in more. I'm buying more tomorrow's dip.

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harvest, floof also

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floof is still sub $1

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i believe it will be legal and a prosperous industry, but I am morally opposed to recreational drugs and will not invest or profit from it. i will not side with evil. ofc it's inevitable and we're basically already there, most of the people in the world are drugged up, artificially content drooling netflix couch slaves

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falling for the weed jew, not gonna make it

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weed is arguably non degenerate
out of all drugs, including alcohol, weed is the only one that grows in nature without human intervention. The culture is stupid, but it is a helpful substance for many people. The only reason you consider it degenerate is because some faggot politicians decided it was profitable to ban it.

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nice, these exact symbols were the only thing holding my head above water today after buying BTC at the top

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Have a look, boys

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based weed investor

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