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So $28 is the new $26? How long are they going to surpress it from here this time? I'm fed up of this manipulated bullshit & these puny $2 pumps. It's so tiring at this point

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It will get rejected at $28 hard you dumb shit. It's literally the most overpriced shit-token there is in the whole crypto space

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10% is good though? Have you considered that Link's meteoric rise from the low point of 10 cents to the high point of nearly 30 dollars is like a 280x?

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Not only is it $28, but it neatly lines up with 60k sats

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Now the rejection starts. You'll see. Link can never keep new ATH levels even 2 hours

Violent rejection at $28, soon to crab back to $23-24 price range. Binance already started activating the price suppression bots, multiple exchanges have bots that price suppress link + extreme sell pressure from oldfag

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Its the most undervalued as long as its not #3 newfren

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Already rejected $28

It's a double reject. It already went over $28 about 9 hours ago

Double reject, soon Bitcoin will start dump soon and the price suppression is extreme. We will see Link at $24 in less than 24 hours from now

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$28 has been rejected. Its an overpriced shittoken that will dump soon back to $23 range and crab there for weeks while Bitcoin reaches new highs.

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>$23 is fud
You had 3 years

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Back at $3 dollars end of day

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And just like that, you were so wrong

You have no idea what you are talking about!!

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ITS SUCH FUCKING BULLSHIT I CANT TAKE IT! I could have bought literally ANYTHING else in the past few weeks including BNB (wtf) & be up 400% already FUCK

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>implying I'm happy about my 1k investment being worth 270k

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yep, double top confirmed. down to $4 it goes

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It's at 27.85 again after daring to pop its head up you absolute baboon. Obviously choosing LINK to put your capital in crypto over the last few months was a huge mistake. Why can't you apologist cunts just admit it? If LINK doesn't hurry up, the market will crash and LINK won't be immune to that reckoning. We all could've/should've made it by now

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Don't like to trade crypto, as it's hard to get a profit with it, but I am a fan of binary systemsDoes anyone use BAEX( #baex)?

A many of people are talking about it, and I want to know your opinion. As for advantages, people talk about a great number of popular shares and market instruments, as well as a referral program and transparent open-source code. Is it a good solution?

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Sold all mine for api3

It's not too late

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>link is CRASHING to 24 dollars

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Good. I hope it keeps crashing. I’m going to buy in at $17.

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>sold all my link at $23

I FUCKING GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is there a price where faggots stop whining? Or will we be dealing with this all the way to $81k?

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>the stench of Niggers permeated my nostrils.

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don’t worry you’ll never even see 30

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Imagine unironically thinking chainstink will reach a quadrillion dollar market cap

Linkies are mentally ill

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Is anyone actually looking at the chart? It’s at a new ATH

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OG here, still looking

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It's going to fly past $32 this week.

They wanted to get you frustrated. Well watch what they do now

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ok be honest. how many of you 30k+ LINK holders are millionaires right now? and have you cashed out any LINK at all?

-t. 20k link holder wondering why its so quiet here

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Reporting in. Crossing the million made no difference to me. Still haven't sold a single stinker. There's nothing to discuss. The board is rammed full of newfags and reddit trannies. In fact I'm thinking of making an announcement...

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>tfw first bought in at 15c but my total DCA over the years accounting for all losses and failed swinglinks amounts to 49c
I still cry about wasting 2k link just to buy a fucking computer when link was $1.3. Or that swinglink that took away 1000 link from me. Oh my fuck.
at least I was a crazy fuck and went completely all in with a big sum so my gains are still big

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If you want to maximize gains and LINK is your safe bet, take a small portion out and diversify into smaller alts.
I know plenty of marines are into AAVE, Synthetix, GRT and BNT. But some of them are also top 20 coins now. I guess GRT and BNT still can run.

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complete rejection, its not being allowed to get much above $28, just like at $26. its so frustrating

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Almost like its overvalued

Cope linkshit

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based trips and i’m not even surprised

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The ol' turkish jew double bluff kebab puff.

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Oh look that faggot stopped replying

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>28 dollar stable coin

holy fuck is there a worse thing in life than being all in link oh my god oh my fuck

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It’s guaranteed.

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>he doesn't know that soon it will take 100 USD to buy a loaf of bread

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Thats not how inflation works. This isnt Weimar Germany

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good, then you wont be able to blame your frequent street diarrhea on your gluten allergy you vulgar mongrel.

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what the fuck happened with BNB they stole the singularity

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swingies are you ok?

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It's actually not suppressed, on the contrary it's artificially propped up, and way overvalued.
Take your meds, and if the delusion successfully fades, sell.

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$28 stablecoin

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30 by tomorrow

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>puny $2 pumps
As much as I like talking shit on linky, that's 10% pump. Not so bad.

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Last week it was a $26 stablecoin. The week before that it was a $23 stablecoin. EOY it will be a $500 stablecoin, and I'm fine with that.

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Is it too late to buy LINK, have I missed the opportunity for gains?

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every $1 it goes up i make 30k. I ain't even mad

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Well it is a $500+ token EOY. What do you think?

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Yes it will maybe hit $29 then dump to shit

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dude can you repost this as a gif I can’t view webms on iphone

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yep, under 28 all ready

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Not everyone lives in the jewnited states of america

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>will crab from 28-23
KEK, asshole doesn't even know what crabbing is yet offers investment advice. Facepalm.

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Massive buy signal

>> No.28280560

>most overvalued token in the whole crypto space
The coin that won the pioneer technology award from the world economic forum last year that is partnered with everyone. What a fucking moronic statement. I'm not saying it should be $2000 per link, but you are a fucking retard

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If you're going to cope and seethe this hard can you try to keep it down a bit? Basking in euphoria and you're kind of ruining my making it vibes.

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Download VLC player my friend, the webm will download as a file, and then you can view it in VLC.

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dude. everyone in this thread holds LINK. relax. how often do you go into other coins threads that you don't own and shit on them? retards here just like playing mind games with eachother. its a mental illness.

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The original plan was to sell half stack incrementally at every dollar mark up from $1 until $100. A lot of the oldfags have made it and are acting according to the plan. There aren't many of these "weak handed" og's, but it's only going to get worse since every evenly sized increment is of course getting more valuable as we go up in price.

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When you see this level of cope, seethe and fud you know it's both time to buy and to HODL. The more the nolinkers try and push people to sell Link the firmer my grip becomes.

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I NEED 3,5 MILLIONS TO MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.28281408

being so new that he actually replies to this

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This shit has been tanking non-stop. Stop measuring in USD you nufags

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What causes the price against BTC to go down while going up against USD? Sorry I'd google it but I can't get the phrasing right

>> No.28282345

Alt coins are tied to BTC so whenever BTC moons alts follow BTC. However, as you can see some alt coins struggle to follow in BTC value like in my image. Link 6 months ago was 15$ but 170k! sats which would have been 90$ USD today, you lost money by holding LINK even though your USD value went "up".

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Nolinker cope thread :D

>> No.28282495

Beautiful isnt it

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>puny $2 pumps
>each $2 is another $40k in my pocket
>my net worth has gone up by over $350k this year
Why the fuck do people ever complain about this token?

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>Stop measuring in USD you nufags
Anon, BTC is measured in USD too.

>> No.28282587

so we were betrayed??

>> No.28282625

I always wondered if this really is the case because you can clearly see it when you compare charts. Thanks for the clarification now I know it really is that way.

>> No.28282789

Is this true? Some things can't be bought with money and honesty is one of them. If we were betrayed I'm not going to hesitate selling. In the end IT IS NOT about the money

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>you lost money by holding LINK

Just like BTC holders "lost money" by holding BTC instead of Doge, Fantom, Redcoin, Aave, Matic, Uniswap, BNB, ... these past weeks.
You're an absolute retard.

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I felt really good about Link breaking out from 25 to 28
Then I looked over at CMC and saw that literally every useless piece of shit is pumping harder than LINK right now. Even dogshit like bcash, XRP, litecoin, FUCKING ETHEREUM CLASSIC, etc

>> No.28282877

So you're saying there's an explanation to this and we actually we're not betrayed. You better speak up now anon. Give us the explanation

>> No.28282886

fake news

>> No.28282909

Explanation for what?

>> No.28282927

And eth, gbp, eur, a billion crypto pairings, think there are even some gold btc pairings out there.

>> No.28282956

There are more important things going on now at the moment. Apparently we were betrayed by the CEO of this coin

>> No.28282979

But if your alt coin is going to lose value against BTC why not just hold BTC instead?
This is a brainlet take, how did you "lose" money if you're BTC value went up? That means you acquired more BTC. You should always trade alt coins to accumulate more BTC, the coins you mentioned did achieve that.

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For what the other anon says. Us being betrayed. We were betrayed to thinking we are making money while we are actually losing money

>> No.28283028

mental illness sounds about right. it starts at delusion and progresses into a full blown mental illness

t.15k linker

>> No.28283030

28 rejected for the fourth time

It's over Linkies HAHAHAHAH

The sell pressure is massive, not to count the Binance price suppression bots

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>But if your alt coin is going to lose value against BTC why not just hold BTC instead?
But if BTC is going to lose value against altcoins X, Y, Z, ... why not just hold those altcoins instead?

>This is a brainlet take, how did you "lose" money if you're BTC value went up?
lmao, so how did Chainlink holders "lose" money if their Chainlink value went up?

You just have to be clinically retarded at this point.

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this is just fucking hilarious

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nothing makes me happier than seeing doomers torture themselves because they're holding LINK and somehow didnt make good money off it yet. i hope it crabs for 3 years, it would be worth it

>> No.28283156

When asset X goes up 30% in USD, but asset Y goes up 50% in USD; both assets "made money". Just one more than the other.

>> No.28283226

ETH, altcoins, gold, ... are also valued in fiat.

>> No.28283243

Why do you need to make it so complicated. Were we betrayed or were we not betrayed? You lost against x, y, z and "lost" against link or btc, what the fuck are you even talking about you bitch bastird

>> No.28283275

Absolute fucking nightmare fuel.

>> No.28283300

Just take a nap or something.

>> No.28283301

And fiat is valued in them.

>> No.28283353

>But if BTC is going to lose value against altcoins X, Y, Z, ... why not just hold those altcoins instead?
>lmao, so how did Chainlink holders "lose" money if their Chainlink value went up?
Cause if your coin is going to lose value against BTC why not hold BTC instead? Only reason to trade alt coins is to get more BTC cause that's what matters

>> No.28283355

Yes but the other anon says if we held btc we would have made money. You can think of it like this: calculate the amount of money you made from btc and subtract that from the amount you've made from link. If you get a negative number we were betrayed. Or at least that's my understanding of it

>> No.28283421

No, it isn't.
Fiat is the yardstick of value for everything in the current economic system.
If you want to buy a car with Bitcoin (or gold, or baseball cards, ...), both the buyer and the seller of the car will check the current fiat value of BTC (or gold, or baseball cards) before making the sale.

>Cause if your coin is going to lose value against BTC why not hold BTC instead?
Cause if BTC is going to lose value against altcoins X, Y, Z, ... why not hold those altcoins instead?

>> No.28283441

This is complete newfaggotry

>> No.28283459

>calculate the amount of money you made from btc and subtract that from the amount you've made from link
Now calculate the amount of money you could've made from Doge these past weeks and subtract that from the amount you made from BTC.

>> No.28283532

>1k investment being worth 270k
same thing, but it feels worse than prison

>> No.28283598

No if you want that you need to do purchasing power analysis that creates a hard value against various goods. Fiat is just another relational asset.

>> No.28283677

>purchasing power analysis
Purchasing power is expressed in fiat.

That's how the current economic system works.

If your portfolio contains gold, land, stocks, crypto, art, ... then from one day to the next each of those will have a different valuation not only compared to the other assets, but even to themselves in the past.
The only yardstick is fiat.

>> No.28283734

Okay I did the math and according to my calculations we were betrayed. What's your point?

>> No.28283773

You are too retarded to understand, BTC is the entire markets liquidity barometer.
If BTC ends up being 400k$ and link 80$, and your LINK stack is worth only 2 BTC or 800k$. However in august 2020 your LINK stack war worth 200k$ or 17 BTC, how the fuck is this a good thing? You would have had 6.8m $ if you sold for the sats you stupid nigger

>> No.28283777

>How long are they going to surpress it from here this time?
It'll moon right after you sell. This is the way.

>> No.28283825

>If BTC ends up being 400k$ and link 80$, and your LINK stack is worth only 2 BTC or 800k$. However in august 2020 your LINK stack war worth 200k$ or 17 BTC, how the fuck is this a good thing?

If Doge gains more fiat value than Bitcoin, how the fuck is this a good thing for BTC holders?

>> No.28283897

You are retarded, I am now certain brown hands are behind this ID.

For anyone else, hopefully my explanation is good enough >>28283773

>> No.28283907

I may be new, but I'm trying to learn so fuck off.
But fiat has zero intrinsic value am I at least correct in that? So now you're saying nothing we have has no value if it's denominated in fiat currency? You're an actual retard my man

>> No.28284042

Your "explanation" is this: "if BTC gains more fiat value than Link, that's bad for Link holders".
The same applies when shit like Doge gains more fiat value than BTC; that's also bad for BTC holders.

You are absolutely retarded. Incredible.

>But fiat has zero intrinsic value am I at least correct in that?
It's the medium of exchange that literally everything is valued in.
Very few things have "intrinsic value" other than food and shelter.

>> No.28284088

5th rejection at $28 coming soon

After that it's over for Stinkies

>> No.28284108

Lurk more you absolute newfag

>> No.28284128

You are a dumb nigger. You are the blackest retard gorilla nigger I have ever seen

>> No.28284135

$28 Rejected for the Fifth time

It's over

The sell pressure is just too massive, the bot suppression is also the largest we have ever seen on any crypto token

Massive sell walls, price suppression bots, no news, nothing, no future. It's over for stinktard, Bitcoin would have to hit over 250k if you want to see Chainlink at $30

>> No.28284140

So why don't you hold fiat then? Lol

>> No.28284189

Shoo shoo, maxipad.

Because it's the medium of exchange and the standard of valuation. Not an investment.
You're not only extremely new, but also pretty dim.

>> No.28284214

Maybe he's got a lot to learn, but please don't use slurs. It makes you look very unprofessional you know

>> No.28284270

>Maybe he's got a lot to learn
Yeah, it's me who's got a lot to learn.

Not the faggot saying "if BTC goes up more than Link that's bad for Link, but if Doge goes up more than BTC that's not bad for BTC".

>> No.28284274

I think I'm starting to get it. One last question we're we betrayed or not?

>> No.28284301

I asked my friend who is a crypto expert, "should I swing my LINK gains into BTC?" He said "no, hold onto LINK"

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>> No.28284377

I said maybe this other anon has a lot to learn FROM you. I think you're intentionally trying twist this and in fact you might even be a bully...


>> No.28284382

>Not the faggot saying "if BTC goes up more than Link that's bad for Link, but if Doge goes up more than BTC that's not bad for BTC".
If BTC goes up more than link = you lose money, would have made more money holding BTC
if Doge goes up more than BTC = you made more money and even acquired more BTC value
Do you rather make 100k$ or 200k$?

>> No.28284395

No, it isn't lmao. Fiat is just one inflationary asset among many, not even a great measure of value just a ubiquitous one.

>> No.28284427

Crypto expert here. Bitcoin doesn't do anything, but Chainlink solves the oracle problem. Obvious buy.
>t. January 2018 oldfag

>> No.28284450

what the fuck happened to this thread? yes you would have more money now if you sold for BTC in august. no you did not lose money if you didn't, you lost potential gains. no one here is in the red unless they bought 10 minutes ago. /thread

>> No.28284464

Schrodingers betrayal. Whats not to get?

>> No.28284478

Im actually beyond astonished at your financial illiteracy to make retard claims like purchasing power analysis is expressed in fiat. Are you non-white?

>> No.28284481

>If BTC goes up more than link = you lose money, would have made more money holding BTC

And if Doge goes up more than BTC = you lose money, would have made more money holding Doge.

>Fiat is just one inflationary asset among many
Anon, fiat is what all assets are valued in.
Whenever you buy or sell an asset, all anyone involved cares about is how much "money" it's worth.

>> No.28284482


>> No.28284580

I'm watching it bounce back and fourth around 28, its pissing me off something, and watching shit like ada get to no.4 on CMC is just adding insult to injury

>> No.28284592

>retard claims like purchasing power analysis is expressed in fiat
But it is.
Even if you want to buy something with an asset other than fiat, all parties to the transaction will look ONLY at the fiat value of the items being exchanged.

>> No.28284631

Checked and taking the piss pilled.

>> No.28284651

Economics uses Big Mac index for PPP comparisons across countries, lines up nicely with Link.

>> No.28284686

Schrodinger... I've read about him. I think you have a lot of explaining to do. We're even arguing whether a simple newtonian betrayal has occurred. Actually now that I think of it some kind of a quantum betrayal might explain the different perceptions different people have? Am I on to something?

What do you think?

>> No.28284705

The Economist* - a thanks AC

>> No.28284715

Massive price suppression

Chinese/Binance manipulation

Organized oldfag whale dump groups

Organized Fud

Rejections and massive resistance at every ath level

You will never make it

>> No.28284766

It's a medium of barter. People make asset exchanges without fiat all the time. I do it every single day. As said it's easy to use for this purpose but not good as a measure of value due to how inflationary/subject to fraud it is.

>> No.28284778

>not even a great measure of value just a ubiquitous one

Say you want to buy a car; what "measure of value" could you use other than fiat?
Would you be able to say "I'll give you X amount of gold for it"?

>> No.28284815

You don't even know what a purchasing power analysis is, what's the point in the conversion lmao.

>> No.28284826

>People make asset exchanges without fiat all the time
Yes, based on the fiat values of the items being exchanged.

>> No.28284841

I'm starting to feel like this place is a medium of banter
This. Rinse and repeat

>> No.28284894

It's whatever you can buy with fiat.
Because fiat is the yardstick for buying ANYTHING.

Yes it also fluctuates (inflation, etc.), but it's what our economic system uses to value anything and everything.

>> No.28284916


>> No.28284947


>> No.28284955

Massive sell walls just formed at $28.5 they are dumping it back to oblivion

>> No.28284974

Do you quite seriously not understand the difference between a transactional medium and a measure of value?

This is actually painfully low iq. As for your dumb example yes you can exchange cars for cars, I've done that. You could also do it with gold, homes, hours of labour. Cars get swapped around with a lot not that it would matter if they weren't.

>> No.28285017

Jesus fucking christ anon. How do you think arbitrage exists?

Fuck me get off this site before you lose a lot of money.

>> No.28285031

Okay I'm off. I actually took some notes and going to study them later today. Sorry if I have caused you any harm and thanks for everything. Waagmi - we all gonna makes it

>> No.28285082

Sell walls nonexistent, $28 barrier permanently broken. See you at $30.

>> No.28285113

>the difference between a transactional medium and a measure of value?
Fiat is both.

And answer the question please: Say you want to buy a car; what "measure of value" could you use other than fiat?

>How do you think arbitrage exists?
Arbitrage happens when an asset is "worth" more in one place than another.
And "worth" is ultimately expressed in fiat. Always.

>> No.28285115

Look you're going round in circles now so you might as well refer back. I'm not trying to have a go but honestly be careful investing until you've read around just a little.

>> No.28285130

Statistically impossible. Even if $30 could be hit some day it would be a retrace of sub $20 prices followed by 6 months crab accumulation phase, a blow off top of this proportions, even something like Link could not take it

>> No.28285166

It all boils down to transactions.
You will not be able to transact asset X for asset Y without verifying the fiat values of both. It just does not happen.

For instance: say you want to buy a car; what "measure of value" could you use other than fiat?

>> No.28285179


Love how they slip the Kalergi plan in the middle all subtle-like.

>> No.28285216

Do you quite seriously not understand the difference between you and a nigger? Fair enough, because you are one. Fuck off with this shit in every fucking thread for fuck's sake you bunch of fucking nigger faggots.

>> No.28285230

$30 would not warrant a blow off top lmao, a quick rise to 200k sats would but anything below that no.

>> No.28285483
File: 649 KB, 475x755, 1592932674562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You do not realise it. But all you sats deniers are looking like a bunch of cringey nufags. When link was crabbing below $1 everyone was looking at the btc pair to get an idea of link's progression. The sats pair announced the subsequent boom in fiat, level after level. Same now, when you are all complaining about suppression at magical numbers, look at the btc pair, Link has been rejected the 200 daily in St's for a few weeks now. Understand that big boys rebalanced their portfolios according to each crypto's dominance in the market and sats are a good indication of this. Now I understand that these concepts might be difficult to grasp for someone incapable of any abstract thought, I understand that when you buy your doritos or whatever poor people eat you pay in dollars, but this is not what we are talking about here. Try to get rid of all your emotions, they are holding you back and also you sound like a woman.

>> No.28285550

Nolinker cope in this thread. We are going straight to 100

>> No.28285621
File: 3.44 MB, 1109x1141, 1560618868749.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28285656

I've already stated you could exchange like for like, labour or more. I have personally taken a car in exchange for a car and some work and i'm not even remotely involved in cars.

As for your first statement today I already exchanged several cryptos without ever once referring to their value against fiat. A medium being used for one thing commonly does not make it good for everything else. Cash is useful to use, it's often poor for assessing value though.

That's all you're getting though because some of this stuff is page 1 economics stuff and there's little point getting it from me when you can get it from a book.

>> No.28285789

>I've already stated you could exchange like for like, labour or more
And the value of that labor will be expressed in fiat.

>I have personally taken a car in exchange for a car
>I already exchanged several cryptos
Within certain specific niches, you can exchange like for like more easily for reasons of convenience; but the buyer and seller will STILL consider the fiat values of both items being exchanged.
Even crypto to crypto.

>> No.28285810

Ask yourself this anon, how will staking effect the supply?

>> No.28285828

Is this a cry for help?

>> No.28285890

You have a point in comparing everything to Fiat value, but the bigger picture is that Fiat is dying, and many anons here are jumping ship before it starts going down, which I shouldn't have to tell you has been happening for a while. Crypto assets may or may not succeed, but Fiat is becoming less and less relevant every day. That 35% printing of the USD supply last year is an alarm bell like no other. Anyone sitting with Fiat in the bank is being wilfully blind, or is stupid. This having to compare to Fiat all the time will fade, as I think there's a good chance people will begin thinking in sats ie use BTC as the measure by which value is judged.

>> No.28285912
File: 1.97 MB, 2128x3889, 1591737416934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1k eoy

>> No.28285917

I don't fucking care, I know what the BTC ratio is. I'm suck of every thread being derailed by the same bunch of cunts.
>and also you sound like a woman.
Only women and niggers would insert their thoughts ad nauseam like you.

>> No.28285932
File: 188 KB, 1147x650, 1591736757762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28285965

Why the fuck is Bnb 140? What the fuck does it even do? That makes me think link has to be gunning for 20b mcap so like $50 soonish?

>> No.28286024

I don’t know , are these suppose to discourage us? Or encourage us?

>> No.28286056

>but the bigger picture is that Fiat is dying
Maybe. Worse shit has happened to fiat, but anything's possible.

But until it actually goes away, everyone will continue to price everything in fiat. Even people who don't want to; even the worst goldbugs, even the worst BTC maxis, ...

>> No.28286086

it reduces your trading fees on binance if you hold a large amount and lets you vote on new listings.
it's also historically been a bellwether for new money coming in to crypto

>> No.28286139

jesus chirst I hate you fucking greedy linkers youre up 150X and more and you faggots still have the never to complain and make these "ironic" threads FUCK YOU LINKIES!!!

>> No.28286171

i don't get linkies, you made exceptional returns during the end of the bear market, and now you are carrying your bags while literally any shitcoin is 10x. why? just take your profit and move on ffs

>> No.28286189

If you know what the ratio is and you still get angry when someone brings it up it means that it hurts your feelings. Listen, you sound like a nice lady but please stop derailing threads and trying to impose your censorship, this is an anonymous board, everyone is allowed to talk about any pair (plus this one is quite relevant as you probably know)

>> No.28286192
File: 3.82 MB, 196x388, 1567850813202.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It will get rejected at $28 hard you dumb shit. It's literally the most overpriced shit-token there is in the whole crypto space

>> No.28286203

see you at the end of this day faggot

>> No.28286223

Is that really more important than the security to de-fi that link is providing right now?

>> No.28286412

It's going to 3 digits before it hits over 1k minimum. Nice fud though

>> No.28286420

No it's not, but it's an absolute clown market out there.

Even fucking BCH made more gains than Link this past week.

>> No.28286554

Take a deep breath and step away for a moment

>> No.28286686

any spoonfeedery on this one?

>> No.28286720

Maybe it just looks like a clown and there’s still a lot more upside to go who knows. But if bnb is 20b then link should be too and we’re going to $50. Or everything crashes and link doesn’t crash as much.

>> No.28286794


>> No.28286806

nope but the market is irrational, CZ runs a massive exchange and will pump his own coin. investing in scams during an alt season and buying good projects are both valid strategies.
see the pic just above it

>> No.28286864

Geez there are some fucked up anons in this thread. I’m still acoooomulating but fuck. What happened to all the cool OG linkers that gave tips and helped nufags. Shit is fucked between rugoylls like nulink and never ending FUD I would have to say the Link community is full of the nicest but also the most psycho sociopathic anons there is.

>> No.28286924

this is why we kept retards out of the coin as long as possible. crypto twitter fucked that though.

>> No.28286954

oh dear

>> No.28286979


I don't give a fuck, I bought Link because I want Link, not because I want to convert it to BTC.

>> No.28287125

Okay, then say this. This makes sense. But stop with this fiat non sense.

>> No.28287217

Hell awaits anon hell awaits

>> No.28287529

Its because newfags like >>28286924
and a lot of other retards think they're being cool and edgy since comming from pol and r*ddit
Biz won't be like it was years ago until all the newfaggots go back to where they come from
Just in 6 months the sub changed so much its insane

>> No.28287596

>sats are all that matter!!!
>literally everyone posts their portfolio in fiat

Really gets the noggin joggin

>> No.28287610

You are and you are not. Spoopy

>> No.28287618

You aren't taking 20% of your link stack to ride pumps and buy more link?

>> No.28287750

still too retarded to get the link with the pearls, could you enlighten me?

>> No.28287810

>the sub
fucking yikes

>> No.28288042

/biz/ is for shit posting and pajeet scales all the good info is on Twitter

>> No.28288335

So Sergey himself is suppressing LINK with his giganteous BTC stack (not the 1000000 one) to accoooooomulate LINK on his private wallets. SIR GAY BETRAY

>> No.28288647

true but there is also a giant cadre of circlejerking fanboys on twitter who don't know their asses from their heads, shilling to retards in public and crying/fudding on here. it's a vicious cycle of faggotry and it pollutes the community.
and yeah, there has always been fud shitposting on /biz/ but a lot of the people doing it now are a different breed. like this >>28287529 cocksucking faggot said, the board has changed and not for the better. OGs rarely visit any more for good reason

>> No.28288788

shut the fuck up with this low effort threads

>> No.28289072

I've been reading this same post since 2017 just with significantly lower numbers.

Stay poor uncle Nufag

>> No.28289308

Sixth time $28 rejected

It's over

>> No.28289536

hi everyone i am serge i own 40% of all link because you doubted me i am going to crash this price with no survivors

>> No.28289559

who the fuck is selling

>> No.28290896


>> No.28291190

Link broke $28, so Bitcoin took a big fat dump to stop it.

>> No.28291295

26 is the new 26 bois. fuck this clown market.

1k eoy!! until then its all shitposting.
see you at the yacht party marines.

>> No.28291303

How haven't you people roped yet, surely you must be close

>> No.28291356

I don't think you know what "betrayed" means in the context of LINK and Sergay

>> No.28291483

Kek literally came into this thread to write this

>> No.28291945

You werent here for $24 we’re you?

>> No.28292103

Kek and THERES....the bitcoin suppression dump. Right on time back to 26 we go.

>> No.28292189

This cryptocurrency is so unstable. Already sold all of my LINKies at $25. Thankfully I got out.

>> No.28292366
File: 254 KB, 1366x713, Chainlink 81K Breakdown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28292620

remember when memes were this good?

>> No.28294053
File: 433 KB, 848x1043, SmartSelect_20210204-122523_Samsung Internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28294226

>I'm glad I sold my LINK at 25 instead of 28 today and even higher in the future

>> No.28294275
File: 118 KB, 1279x1279, 1610722770626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If the situation was hopeless, their FUD would be unnecessary.

>> No.28294294


>> No.28294469
File: 20 KB, 500x404, 0EF150ED-6A69-4F2F-B625-76E67E6EB05D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How come linkholders can never use well thought arguments of logic and reason? They always respond with emotionally charged outbursts when being to some hard to hear truths about their priced out project?
Just some food for thought.

>> No.28294474

every single time, we need to kill the kikes

>> No.28294574
File: 223 KB, 927x635, 1596965645313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28294622

Usd chart is completely irrelevant

>> No.28294719


>> No.28294781
File: 1.98 MB, 640x360, sneed.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>well thought arguments of logic and reason

>> No.28294791
File: 468 KB, 480x600, IMG-0147.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To think... you all had 3 years...

>> No.28295083

>bought at 28.6
>sold at 25.12
had to cut my losses, will rebuy when it goes lower folks

>> No.28295200

>selling LINK
Redditfag spotted

>> No.28295425
File: 66 KB, 278x343, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im wheezing

>> No.28296005

top kek the ABSOLUTE state of biz

>> No.28296025
File: 92 KB, 795x450, IMG-0033.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>had to cut my losses
keep this chart in mind for next time so you don't sell the bottom and buy the top

>> No.28296129

>Had the chance to buy 15k linkies back in 2018 but idk why i didnt couldnt find somewhere to buy in my country or never really looked

may as well just kms lads its over

>> No.28296325
File: 1.18 MB, 643x835, 1612659767029.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go back nigger

>> No.28296678

Schwab is a fucking psychopath

>> No.28297354

I want you to think the implications of chainlink climbing its way up in spite of the suppression. This give you and everyone else critical time to buy more, if you were one of the original link marines. When they can stop the price rising anymore, this will moon beyond any expectations.

>> No.28297691

Apparently it means I have been lured to believe that if I make money it's not possible to lose money. But if you do the math it actually is possible to lose money while making money. Got to admit it still feels like a pretty difficult concept to wrap my head around

>> No.28297740
File: 126 KB, 594x594, 1609767514588.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

55k LINK here, bought in 2017

Eventually you just stop caring

>> No.28298061

The manibulation is so blatamant

>> No.28298147

coin has no use

>> No.28298148
File: 68 KB, 2343x694, ONEANDAHALFMILLION.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

56k link here. i care more and more. the fact that bitcoin just went from 45500 to 45k made link dump a dollar is just absolutely pathetic.

>> No.28298294

have you guys figured out your taxes? any advice?

>> No.28298515
File: 210 KB, 409x409, 1612281138084.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dump every single linkie into staking
>get a crypto credit card
>all your everyday expenses are payed for for life
>don't need faggot sports car and cabin
>only cash out the personal exemption amount for hookers

its literally that easy

>> No.28298607
File: 2.71 MB, 2171x2171, 5ecd2e386705c98465774c5f_04_5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>put them all on Binance

>> No.28298666
File: 202 KB, 400x400, 2FC8F235-FCC2-491E-B519-90C56C636630.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are buy Hoge sirs

>> No.28298722

>keep your stack at binance
>be surprised when chinks suppress LINK's price

you're not very bright, are you?

>> No.28298870

i get 16$ usd a day. my maximum impact on the market is x10 so its like givingn someone 560k link. its a very small impact. its not me causing link to dump a dollar everytime bitcoin sneezes

>> No.28298894

yeah that clearly won't work for me. gluck with that though.

>> No.28299000

t. faggot that needs sports car and cabin

>> No.28299039

man you really are retarded. for $16 a day, you give chinknance full control over your tokens which they use to manipulate the price. then you come here to bitch about it when you are one of the reasons why the price doesn't pump

not your keys, not your crypto nigger

>> No.28299114

Haha seems like I’ve found a pot of gold in the crypto button! You have to check Crop Finance and make sure that I’m right! A lot of advantages in one place

>> No.28299450

>Is there a price where faggots stop whining?
No. And most of the whining is autistic link holders trying psy-op the uninitiated.

>> No.28299453


>> No.28299460

You do realize binance has control over 50m linkies right? I'm not the one that's making any impact. I'll tell you what, give me 16$ a day and I'll pull my linkies out of binance

>> No.28299643

Stake on UNI dum dum you’re underperforming and let cz swing the market

>> No.28299720

Can't wait for Bitcoin to die and LINK to absorb its mcap

>> No.28299858
File: 3.77 MB, 377x344, 1610378044292.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

commit suicide

>> No.28299923

Whatever faggot, don't bitch about the price not pumping while keeping your coins on a fucking cex like a retard that's all there's to say

>> No.28300259
File: 84 KB, 998x970, 929B65F3-F582-44CC-946B-0C428778F945.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Delete this

>> No.28300669
File: 31 KB, 633x758, A187F85B-3DDB-4489-8BD9-4919029269B6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28301005

You really are a hopeless useful idiot. There’s no helping you.

>> No.28301543

just pay the cgt

>> No.28302267

Mark 12:17

>> No.28302728

It is being suppressed just enough to keep its market cap from being easily flipped out of the top 10. It is only going up at all because crypto as a whole has gone up so much that LINK needed another couple dollar's in pricing to keep it chugging along. But Christ look at the rest of the top 10.

>> No.28302840

kys pajeet

>> No.28302919

Bnb started at $.10 and is now over $120. This run is showing what is possible. Likewise with ADA's market cap.

>> No.28303017

holy fuck you are absolutely drooling, helmet on head, pee pee poo poo retarded

>> No.28303027

if it ever comes out who was behind this, there are some very unstable people out there looking to make introductions with them

>> No.28303782
File: 56 KB, 478x475, 1611154981416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit its barely hovering 26 with life support what a clown world

>> No.28304134
File: 142 KB, 2048x2048, Eq5aKiaXYAEUrFn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we're still here. I don't say much anymore since I am mentally prepared to wait another 5 years for the prophecy to come true..

>> No.28304928

why are so many people on this board so obsessed with link's position on the market cap board? what difference does it make? the reason we hold link is that we know what it will become, not what it is right this very second. it's called investing, and if anyone is so dumb to invest in something on account of it's 'position' on some fucking board, then they're NGMI. It's not a football season, ffs.

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