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This never felt right. Plenty of people in the US have $1million saved up. Why aren't they buying $10,000 or $20,000 worth?

They probably have that much in stocks already. These people could easily buy up 20 or 30 BTC. And the richer among them could buy 2,000-3,000 at a time.

I'm starting to think it's all a normie ponzi scheme

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Because it hasn't been realized yet. Btc is still fairly unknown. These people are too satisfied and rich as fuck to really pay attention, and I am sure there are those who have seen it.

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... And several are?

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Why would the rich need to buy bitcoins to get their drugs?

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Several of them have

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most of them probably have enough money that they don't feel like buying what they perceive to be a risky asset? we know better but they don't.

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yes OP, all the autistic basement dwelling NEET retards on this forum have figured out the future of commerce, money, and investments, but millionaire and billionaire money managers are left in the dark and missing out on massive profits once btc is worth 10mil and they are all forced to buy it

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it's called the Great Transfer of Wealth in the year 2020, brah. deal with it

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>I am ahead of those with infinitely many more financial scouting resources than I
Yeah okay bud

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It's not really unknown anymore. Its just they haven't put money into it

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The ultra rich earn more from their mutual fund dividends per month then we could possibly ever earn working our ass off with a high paying job.

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I think the complexities of storing them securely is what turns most off putting significant amounts in

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I bet you are the same guy that posts the pic of the other anime girl all the time 24/7 forever

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Because boomers are fucking stupid

They became accustomed to pensions and 8% savings accounts

My father in law in worth 25 million and not only will he not buy any, he always talks shit on it

They are essentially scared and they trust kike money to the point of Stockholm syndrome.

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I am just approaching from a philosophical standpoint though. Btc is for the long haul.

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