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>> Most promising project in crypto
>> Coin with least monthly gains in the top 50 crypto.

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>> ‘’ Its a 2017 eth copy paste ‘’


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Look, I get that Sergeys Dumps aren't really market dumps, they're meant to keep all the existing oracle's up and running which is insanely expensive with these ETH fees. That's my question: hoe much longer is Sergey willing to burn through his LINK reserves just to keep operating on this cucked ETH network? What's his endgame? How will he solve this?

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This has to be Sergey right about now

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have sex

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If it doesn't happen on the 16th, I'm out.

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>> “ Bitch, you had 4 years it has already 100x from 25 cents”

Link retards think that their coin has made incredible returns against other coins therefore it is “reasonable” that value shouldnt increase a lot but thats not true.

AAVE has surpasses Link since both ICO

ETH has made more profit than Link if you take in considerstion Link ICO start time

In 2017 Link, only pumped 8x.
In 2018/2019 Link pumped from $4 to $20 . but in 2020 ETH and other coins recovered 10x , while Link dumped tback to $8.

Link recovered to ATH but all alts already have +50%+ while Chainlink cannot even break a 25%

Its over Linktards... Your coin can get to $100 but you will miss other opportunities.

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vaporware. probably the only coin more pathetic dev wise in the top 10 is eth

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This is entry level link lore but the solution is Arbitrum

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Chainlink is a very useful and great project but from an investment perspective, it is unfortunately already priced in.

Sure, it will increase price and follow/chase the btc pumps but not skyrockey as people expect to.

Smart money is now investing in DeFi which is revolutionary.

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ah damn, just 100 dollars? Damn Im gonna be just a millionare, I better sell now.
Damn you fudders are retarded

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You mean Delaybitrum?

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ETHbros... It's fucking over...
Everything else is pumping while this shitcoin keeps crabbing...

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Only faggots who invested in 2017 are expecting Link to pump like ETH did in the previous bullrun but it wont happen.

Newfags think chainlink is already high and priced in and want the moonshots which are mostly in defi and some other related protocols. No one denies that defi is the next big thing. ETH continues to consolidate as the big standard, just look at how many projects and new concepts have been built on top of ethereum. And then you have Chainlink, which is incredibly important but it just solves one thing. I think it deserves the top 10 but in no way a parabolic movement like eth did in 2017.

I think it will just “slowly” rise like any other high market cap coin

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All valid points but your spirit is too weak to enjoy the ultimate fetish.

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This won’t age well. I understand why more people didn’t make it off Ethereum on 2017 now that I’m in a similar situation

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I firmly believe sergey and co are playing with a certain timeframe. He will shed his last bag as everything falls into place with arbitrum, staking, and that will be the true moonshot to 1k

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I sold my Link and bought DeFi coins. Best decision I ever made; I have already double my money while link schizos and their retarded cult has gained nothing recentlt.

I will put it back in Link once it breaks $26 so I dont miss the “Link moonshot”

You can decide to not be stupid and increase your capital while this link shitcoin does nothing in the meantime.

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I also sold my Link at $24-$25 and bought BTC when it started going up.
BTC just crossed ATH and it means altcoins dump temporary, specially how shitty Link is. I will reinvest my money to Link too once I see LINK/BTC looks good. In the meantime, it is bearish as fuck. Sergey dumping money and stupid price manipulation doesnt help.

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scam coin new MCD is better choice

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Did you even see ETH in 2017?
Ethereum in 2017 would have been $150 right now already lmao

Link cannot even keep up with any other coin IN THE TOP 50

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Someone posted the chart, scroll up. ETH was only 9 bucks this time 2017

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Not aligned with the btc phase.

Almost all coins pumped after btc confirmed its bullrun after the second correction. At this time ETH already pumped to $120 . Link was actually following a very similar pattern from $7 to $20 and then from $20 to $120 but it stopped at $25 lmao

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>i am a degenerate gambler and not an investor at all

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biggest joke in crypto and thats saying alot

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Link never performs well in bullruns, just look at how little it increased in 2017 compared to others. Only retards who are shilling are 2017 OG who already made it and fags that missed it in 2017/2018 or didn’t accumulate much.

Just look at the trend, it always increases 5x in pumps and dumps back, expect a price of $100-$110 AT MOST, then dump back to $25 and then go higher but it will be in 2-3 years later.

If you expect to have more profit, just gamble with UNI, Bnt, aave and other defi shitcoins.

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>what is heavy suppression?

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very stupid post.
>And then you have Chainlink, which is incredibly important but it just solves one thing
the reason OGs are so bullish on link is its value capture. all data into blockchains will pass through chainlink almost exclusively and its value captured as collateral.

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>> BTC pumps +20%
>> Link “pumps” +2%

>> BTC corrects -3%
>> Link dumps -10%

>> BTC retraces back to +10%
>> Link increases +2%

>> BTC crahes
>> Link crashes harder

Its over linkies

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How link retard holders COPE when Link doesnt moon:

>> pRicEe SuPpReeSsiOn

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>March 2020 crash:
BTC $4k

LINK $25
BTC $46k

LINK x12.5
BTC x11.5

BTC is almost there but still needs to catch up to LINK. You did stock up in March 2020, right anons?

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checked. Harry Kalodner from Offchain Labs just said on a call they are "feeling pretty optimistic about March" for mainnet launch. The sushiswap CTO wants to gamble on vaporware and not use optimistic rollups. Hope for his users sake he makes the right decision!

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That means Link has not increases against btc value in satoshis.

Its just a shitcoin that pumps with btc

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A few days ago BTC was 33k making the multiplier 8.5 while LINK was still at 12.5. To me it looks like BTC is following LINK not the other way around

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that doesnt mean price will increase parabolic.

chainlink fomo and moonshot is already priced in

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No, it isnt.

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That multiplier is just the pre-pump remainings...

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That multiplier is just the pre-pump remainings...

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Just buy something else stupid

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Chainlink will just crab to $100 and then crash

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Sold for DOGE and never looked back.

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This english is so bad im not even going to break down how pants on head retarded this comment is

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1. Arbitrum
2. Chainlink native offchain aggregation that is supposed to come in version 1.0.0

Both are supposedly 1-2 weeks away.

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Reminder that eth was under $12 4 years ago and $399 by june

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ah yes just like mainnet was supposed to come in 2018, and Oracle integration in 2019, and staking in 2020
just 2 more weeks bro. trust the plan, wwg1wga

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This, goyim. Wait two more week and shekels will rain upon you.

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Does anyone have the 216 schizo pill info graph?

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>>1-2 weeks away
>>Source: Trust me bro

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>> 1-2 weeks ago
>> Source: Trust me bro

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>2 weeks
Chainlink is unironically Q for /biz/fags

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Link is the glue holding Defi together

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I can't tell you the 3 years of pure smilies ive had just by knowing and owning chainlink. Is this what religious retards feel daily? I even quit drinking daily years ago because of how good I feel on link

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why is it so surprising that all the normies flooding into crypto skip by this hard to understand but vital project

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>just two more weeks bros

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>what is collateral
Newfags don’t understand link staking at all.
$1000 is fud

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I'm old enough to remember when patience was a virtue, not some conspiracy theory

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I bet you remember the Gulf of Tonkin incident like it was yesterday.

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And you will miss other DeFi opportunities in the meantime

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Im comfy. Bought in at .30c and up to mainnet. Loaded up a few more under $2. Sold 2k link at $16 back in August. Feet up with everything I need enjoying the bullruns beginnings. Looking forward to 1keoy. Likely sell 10k link on the way up and leave the other 18k for staking/next cycles funtimes.

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you didnt sell? LOL!

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Sergey said so in his latest video.
I don't think there is a point in lying about 2 weeks.

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give source. now

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All of this FUD is making me super comfy

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>chainlink is too risky NOT to hold!

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I sold all my link a week ago for GRT and RBC, and you all should too.

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