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Why is Nano not mentioned on here much, if at all? From what I understand it's the best 'digital cash' type crypto from a technical perspective, and just faces an uphill battle in adoption and recognition terms against BTC.
Is there any reason not to have a bag? Thanks frens.

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because 100% premined altcoins with shitty coin distribution, some "amazing tech" that turns out to only work when nobody is actually using the chain, and a huge pump and dump history with tens of thousands of bagholders, are a dime a deozen.

over 8,000 alts out there. why pick one that's full of people desperate to sell?

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go back reddit fag

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Buy IOTA instead for something feeless. I'm currently freaking moooooning.

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>From what I understand it's the best 'digital cash'
that just shows you understand very little. lurk moar

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Nano is shit. Many of the og nano holders/proponents got burned when the main exchange it used to be available on locked deposits and went AWOL. I personally lost like 5k and i'm sure there were many others worse off than me.

Devs didn't do shit about it. Fuck this coin.

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Devs didn't do shit? That's good, very good. If you can't see why you need to learn about cryptocurrency

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nano doesn't scale properly. Download any nano wallet and have fun creating new addresses every 5 minutes in order to accurately reflect your holdings. Pruning networks is a messy, rather just stick to the consensus algorithm that xrpl uses. way more reliable and scalable.

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WHAT BTC WAS MEANT TO BE, IN THE WORDS OF SATOSHI HIMSELF: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=423.msg3819#msg3819

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Send that to me and Ill send it back. We can show biz how fast it is!

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This post is a massive red flag for the entire market. NANO on /biz/. Redditors are leaving the dungeon and attempting to get anons to pump their bags. SELLLLLLLLL

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Give it a rest, no one gives a shit about muh fast payments

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Thats why

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Remember that time IOTA had to freeze their network for a whole month? Pepridge Farm remembers.

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Old FUD. Go with the news or you´ll ngmi

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No one in the Nano community even thinks about you guys at all. The only time IOTA is even mentioned is when we have former holders come over and join team NANO, telling us their experiences and the unfulfilled promises from the team.

They still haven't even gotten rid of the central coordinator yet.

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Don't try to lecture me about philosophy nigger. What good is a decentralized coin if the only place you can obtain is is a centralized exchange.

This wasn't modern times, you couldn't buy this shit on a DEX. Saying that the devs not reimbursing people for getting scammed on the only exchange trading this shit with any volume is a positive for this coin is fucking retarded. The nigger in charge of the exchange literally was cashing out his liquidity and going to make a run for it before he got caught.

With a massive dev fund it would have been no problem to make everyone who got fucked whole but they didnt.

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>Banks provide a service, goy. Without a third party who controls the ledger, how else can you get your shekels back when a dangerous negroid robs you! Oy vey!

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whats the sui stack for nano?

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133 for pajeets
1,330 for white men and higher races
13,300 for kings

any higher than that and I will have to kill you

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are u a shill

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Nano is really impressive when you actually try it. Transactions take less than a second and don't cost anything. It's fucking amazing

Also look at this https://twitter.com/mira_hurley/status/1356277209212858371

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Would be on every exchange by now if that really was the case.

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Depends on your definition of shill. I have been holding and telling everyone I know about Nano since it was Raiblocks. But I am entirely self invested. No one is paying me, rather I make close to $700 per every cent NANO goes up in value. I think I am in the top 200 wallets as well.

Imagine substituting verification with thematic ideology. As if trends were not just patterns that are as valid one moment as they are invalid the next. I don't expect you to understand this comment.

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It's a reddit shitcoin, they're all bagholders. That's why they shill it.
It's technically good but it has had three years to moon and hasn't done shit.

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Cope. They had 4 years and barely any exchanges accept it. You can take a look at Decred to. Bitcoin clone but on as many exchanges as nano, but it still pumps. Stop gambling on non-bitcoin clones if you really want to hold a currency coin.

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>t. boomer

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just seems too good to be true. like others have said if nano is better than btc and other coins in every way then why hasnt it done anything for years?

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because no fees. No one wants to do things for free. Exchange get money from fees. People make money from mining due to fees. FEELESS COINS WILL NOT WORK. WORLD IS SELFISH AND WANTS PROFIT

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people are still salty about Bitgrail.
I can't think of any other good reason.

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lmao. How does it feel sitting on the sideline watching everything moon? You could have put those 250k 2 months ago in anything and it would have 10x by now

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Cope. Could have held any of the Bitcoin clones and made more than nano.


Cope cope cope cope. DAG coins are shit and flawed.

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Had this when it was called raiblocks but missed out on the pump. Bought a 2k stack at $1 average last year. I strongly believe this will go up but I don't have the balls to put my entire portfolio into just this.

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that 250k was 60k 2 months ago fren

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What caused it to moon a bit not to long ago?

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Bearish trend after a 30,000% gain finally ended coinciding with BTC reaching a new local top at 40k. End result of this equation is a bull run combined with alt season frenzy. We are just getting started too. I fully expect $7-10 Nano in the next 1-2 months. Specifically, when BTC tops out and wealth travels back into the alts that survive the next purge wave. Which is going to happen progressively every time BTC moons.

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Why stay in NANO though? Do you expect it to gain traction and realize its potential eventually?

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With this logic fuck BTC as well for Mt gox. But I guess it's 46k now. Nano will never follow suit. It's as if we hate money

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More important question is what is the suicide stack and make it stack now?

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133 for pajeet
1330 for white man
13,300 for god avatars

I will personally eviscerate anyone with a stack larger than 70k.

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What convicts you that this will be the case?

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The speed is a very important part, but isn't the most important. I do see this as a prerequisite for a currency to be used as a day to day unit of value transfer, however. Zero fee transfers are also very important, and are essential for microtransactions, which will become an important part of our economy, especially as machine to machine (m2m) and internet of things (iot) catches on. Imagine having to wait several minutes and pay any amount per transaction for integrated systems that not only communicate but exchange value for services or data. Nano is the only crypto that can work for such a purpose. Even fees in the fractions of a cent can disincentivize payment systems from being built, such as a pay per post model for advertising/social media exposure. The most important part of all however, is the ability for Nano to scale and to operate with minimal expense costs to run the network. I feel it is important for the long term strength of a society to minimize waste, especially as we do live on a planet with finite resources that will eventually be depleted. To me, the success of Nano is inevitable, much the same how DSL and cable replaced dial-up internet. Outside of controlled and backwards ecosystems, progress is inevitable. I do think the world as a whole trends towards progress, so it simply is a matter of time.

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I remember when raiblocks was shilled on here

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Are there any competitors that can replace NANO? I know that people here claim that IOTA will eclipse it.

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The only thing Nano has going for it is free and instant transactions
It doesn't have the userbase or apps that ETH does

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IOTA isn't decentralized. There was an IOTA wallet hack several months ago and they halted the network for an entire month. Maybe if they get rid of the central coordinator it will be worth investing in, but this is a promise that has been made and presented since 2018, and still has not delivered. Nano is fully functioning now and has been live for several years with zero downtime or network halts. The devs don't even have the power to do so. It wouldn't be a bad hedged bet though. I am interested in HBAR for similar reasons. But neither will take up more than 5% or so of my Nano stack.

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come back tomorrow when those german kikes dump their trillions of IOTA scam on you lol

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