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>Left out of ARK Invest Big Ideas Report
>Musk has no interest in meme contracts/oracles
>No companies stockpiling LINK
>No companies running nodes besides some german t-mobile subsidiary IT shop
>No CEO's preaching the importance of smart contracts
>No coverage in mainstream media

>Wahhhhhh why is chainlink dumping while everything else pumps?!?!!?!?

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thanks just sold my 50k stinkes

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If you actually hold 50k you should do yourself a favor and sell while you can

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thanks for being this concerned about my financial wellbeing anon you are a trooper. just sold as I said

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Any day now marines!

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LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL fucking Linkies, they're gonna miss out on yet another bullrun. Anyone holding any random shitcoin has already caught up to whatever % LINK gained during their three year 'bull market'.

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I too sold everything at the advice of OP, his words were simply too wise to ignore. I’m glad that even after all these years there are still people looking out for our financial well-being

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Anon, your daily concern about our financial well being is awe inspiring. Please continue to educate the unknowing about this perilous trap that may rescue neets from neetdom (the horror)

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its almost like it follows eth or something...

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The linkies won't respond because they're at daycare

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its just fun to make fun of a retarded cult you moron. it's no better than XRP bagholders. nobody actually thinks that telling a few /biz/ faggots to sell is going to affect the price.

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Wait there are actually people still holding this steaming pile of shit?

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Okay then fuck off nobody cares. Not selling.

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Same. We're all in this together.

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Their biggest customer is synthetix. That alone should tell you just how overvalued this project is.

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I can’t help but agree! Why didn’t I sell earlier? It all makes sense now.

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if the only FUD you can come up with is "you should sell so you can 3x your money on dogecoin", then maybe link is a good investment

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lol you guys are so mad it''s over 20 now... you had four years

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What kind of moron still has money in link

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>Wahhhhhh please sell link and pump my defi newfag bags
Shut up nigger

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Lol link is literally saving the entire eth network and all of defi by extension by developing fss so eth doesn't spiral out of control from the mev problem. You can suck my cock op because I know you're a fag.

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you're a desperate nulinker who bought over $5 and can't sell because he's made fuck all. have fun waiting another 7 years for your 40x to $1000.

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Please dump all your chainlink so I can buy in sub $20

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sorry partner, I have to correct you there, my latest buy was at $25! But thankfully I just sold everything because of OP’s wise counsel. What a close one that was

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Sound financial advice anon. What effort it must take to convince random anons to sell link

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If you actually hold 50k you should do yourself a favor and sell while you can

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LINK is wayyy overvalued. You are going to lose all of your parents' money.

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yeah I am "so mad" that chainlink got outperformed by virtual dogshit. But SWIFT and ISDA right?

This x100. Shat up this board for years, with the biggest customer being a fellow shit token

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Sergey abandoned a project called NXT in 2017 after it gained 500,000% on the year, what did you think would happen? Chainlink was just his latest cash grab that 4channers pushed to unfathomable heights, and now it’s gained such a cult like fandom that some will hold it to the grave

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There is no combination of words that will make me sell

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>ill just keep coping with sarcasm
stay poor nulinker.

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thank you, I will!

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My $5k is up to $20k. Not a bad investment at all, really

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>so eth doesn't spiral out of control from the mev problem
mev is already killing eth you fucking retard

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Link is the worst underperforming asset in my portfolio currently. LITERALLY every alt saw at least a 50% gain in 2021 so far while this piece of shit cant even break $30

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no thanks :)

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the difference is 99% of those altcoin gains will evaporate, whereas link's gains stay around and grow slowly over time

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Chainlink fucking sucks and will soon be confined to the dustbin of history.

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thanks man i just sold everything

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>$20k when people made millions on AAVE, DOGE, and ETH


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fuck you just convinced me to sell it all. thanks for looking out for my best interests.

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staking in 2 weeks
trust the plan

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Thanks just sold 100k

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you said that two weeks ago.

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damn, just market sold my 35k link after holding the past 3 years. thanks for looking out for my best financial interests anon

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thanks, just acquired 5million more

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this fud legit made me kek

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>ocr tomorrow
>native oracle of avax which is currently pumping and release of pangolin is imminent
>pic related
Please sell

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My dearest friend, 'tis with immense pleasure that I inform you that your letter has found safe travel to my destination and landed in my hands. However, this pleasure was fated to remain short lived and bittersweet, for I must also admit to you, regardless of what distress it may cause to you, knowing you went to great trouble to pen it and deliver it to me, that I in fact declined to open it and refused to read the message contained within. Surmising your intentions, there exists no doubt in my heart regarding your sincere worries for my financial well being, but alas your attempts to convince me to modify my investment strategies shall regretfully remain futile, as my stubbornness in this matter has indeed been sealed irrevocably and no other voice shall rock its imperturbable foundations. Allow me then to reiterate my will once more, and do your best to forever remember it for no change will follow: I shan't part ways with my beloved asset for it is my utmost belief that I have invested wisely and foresee infinite potential in its future, and therefore no other possession in this world shall change my decision, not even a mountain of gold! For my possessed asset is indeed fated to be worth more than any other riches in the world. We shan't speak of this no more. Sincerely yours, your beloved friend.

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just bought more, already literally 100% of my networth is in Chainlink. we'll see who's laughing in 6 months when I become a billionaire, you fud bitches

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Thanks anon, your advice makes perfect sense and is completely logical and the smartest thing to do, but I will still hold.

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i sold

>> No.28114205


That’s not a good argument because every rational person will flip alts eventually back into btc/eth again and not hold it to the ground

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>open cmc
>check link
can't stop wont stop

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Ah yes more of the "tomorrow" "next week" "it's coming soon" copium

I'm screenshotting every single response for when LINK is $3 again ala DGB, NEO, DASH

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>ocr tomorrow
this is the talk of mumbai rn dears,, can confirmation

>> No.28114512

literally what and who?
>native oracle of everything defi and yet this piece of shit doesn't move while everything it "LINKS" together does.
Sounds like chainlink really isn't all that valuable bro

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[OCR] 10/2


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go fuck your mother "bro"

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AAVE and SNX will pass LINK in market cap by next week. Sergey btfo

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but anon you convinced them to sell you should put those pictures on your wall of fame

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i love how ever since Q and GME, telling people to wait at all for any reason is now some dumb conspiracy theory or copium.

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you brought this on yourself. $1000 eoy has been preached on this board since 2017. staking has supposedly been imminent for 2 years. other parts like deco, arbitrum, mixicles, sgx, sigs also spammed.

What has the team released to back up your schizo claims? Not a single thing. Oh, random numbers. KEK

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re read my post nigger i literally said that.

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uncle why do you ignore me that makes me sad

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What time is doge dump?

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Cry about it bitch. Maybe you'll get a 10x in the next bear market LOL

>> No.28115639

I unironically sold my link for The Graph.

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oh shit, fuck OP, I just bought back in. thanks for helping me see the light again fellow marines

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>Left out of ARK Invest Big Ideas Report
>We believe that decentralized finance (“DeFi”) has been a positive catalyst for the increased adoption of Ethereum’s network. By leveraging ether as “trust-minimized” collateral, market participants can disintermediate traditional financial companies and access financial services like credit & lending, market making, trading, custody, investing, and access to synthetic US dollar exposure.
>only mentions bitcoin and ethereum
>only mentions ethereum to talk about defi

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forgot my black sergey image

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It would be irresponsible to buy an asset where the majority holder dumps weekly for undisclosed reasons and refuses to use OTC.

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please sirs sell the chainlinks at most urgent attention

>> No.28117218

>thinks a utility token will be as valuable as the networks themselves
>thinks the best fund manager on the planet would care about a money grab token

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pls sell to me

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what was the first bullrun? how is going in your village?

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Is this a message from Sergey?

>> No.28118105

yes, saying hello

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>Be biz
>Shill LINK being groomed by SWIFT and ISDA
>Breadcrumbs everyday for years bragging of industry connections like Docusign and Microsoft
>December 29 2020
>No PayPal
>No Docusign
>No Microsoft
>No Oracle
>No enterprise adoption whatsoever
>Just a man in plaid getting wealthy dumping on neets
>Could've bought BTC instead
>LINK continues to melt in sats and $

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Not just random numbers dipshit, verifiably random numbers. You underestimate the value this can bring to cryptography

>but muh quantum computing

Bullshit, quantum computing a random number doesn’t mean shit for shit if it is not verifiable that it is genuinely random

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