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What are the actual odds of $DOGE becoming the new $BTC

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how does 90% sound?

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0% lmao. Are you stupid?

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Peak delusion. It's over boys, time to sell

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I mean

Anyone who understands who crypto functions (namely BTC), knows full well that we can't be standing around waiting an hour for our transactions to go through whenever we go to the store, gas station or other quick stop shop.

SOMETHING, eventually, will replace the turtle like Bitcoin

It's just a matter of time

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>Anyone who understands who crypto functions

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0.1% and even if it did, now wouldn't be a good time to enter

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0 and is not going to end well.

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That doesn't mean it can't go higher and you can get in on the short term. Personally, I'm sitting this one out. I don't think it'll go above 15 cents.

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Crypto will never be widely accepted in stores. Regulation will always stop it from being the kind of currency you can use in everyday life. You're a retard if you don't understand it.
HOWEVER it will be the backbone of worldwide economy where everyone will go for loans, deposits, insurances, transactions between people and whatever other financial instruments a person may need

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>2013 "Bitcoin will never reach $10k
>2017 "Bitcoin will never reach $40k
>2021 "Bitcoin will never reach $100k"

Never say never

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Zero, and you need to go back to Plebbit.

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BTC is a wealth storage coin, DOGE has the potential to be a currency. Expect $3 USD doge at most.

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In clown world 100% check my digits niggers

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Using crypto in stores isn't unbelievable.

Most coins probably wouldn't be accepted but I could see a large number of coins (probably top 25) being accepted.

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0% but all this publicity is going to bring in more investors into the crypto world. The fees are scaring away a lot of people though. If it gets to stable $3-$5 it may be a good success story for the coin market.

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0. There is no max supply for Doge. Its worthless.

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Fundamentally 0%, but it doesn't mean you can't have fun trading this memeshit

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A meme coin for a meme market

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I posted that Pepe first

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Nice. You make a good point and convincing argument about investing in $DOGE. I agree too that $DOGE will moon. I'm all in. 100x $DOGE soon.

Here we gooooooo!

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You could say the same thing about USD and yet people are buying cars, houses and other goods with it

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You need to consider that Dogecoin has the world's richest person supporting it.

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>Using crypto in stores isn't unbelievable.
Yes it is. The government has total control over retail. If it doesn't want you buying bananas with crypto it has full control over the banana supply line, banana warehouses, banana delivery and real life banana stores. You will never be able to bypass their regulations to buy bananas
And do you think they'll just let you ignore local currency that they control and let you use a currency they don't control? How nice do you think central banks around the world are?
What they can't control though is people getting in and out of crypto and using crypto financial instruments. As long as no physical bananas are being delivered they can't do shit

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The USD has the government who have army and drones. That's such a low IQ take.

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>doge will moon
Have you not been following it? it has mooned to 8 fucking cents

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Satoshi can drop 1,000,000 BTC anytime.

Dogecoin can even use the lightning network the day that tech gonna be ready.

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The more popular DOGEcoin becomes, the less seriously people will take the crypto space. Stop treating crypto like a meme or a joke when it can do so much more

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Depends, if Elon really goes all out and lets you buy a charge at Tesla charging stations using DOGE then only god knows how high it'll go

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Drugs will never be widely accept-

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That doesn't mean much either these days

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are you the guy who hoards pony porn to sell to people after the pornpocalypse?

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i fucking hate elon.

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Governments can tax drugs, why would they be against them? Crypto on the other hand takes control away from central banks, control that they spent centuries acquiring. They're not going to just let you take it away

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0 but god damn are people jumping on it as a joke

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This is an absolute retard take. I won't bother explaining it to you, but power projection doesn't matter for shit. It's all confidence.

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By that logic then
Nicki Minaj ruined classical music
Pontiac Aztek ruined cars
Scientology ruined religion
Die Hard ruined Christmas parties
See how silly that sounds? There is a market for everything. If you dont accept that then you will miss out.

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For it to work it would have to be adopted as a actual payment method, everyone here seems to forget that a big reason Bitcoin got big is because of it's use on the dark web.

If Elon actually wanted it to blow up he would start accepting Doge as a form of payment for Teslas

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There is a market until your stupid meme scam coins get regulated out of existence when the big boys wake up and take hold of the digital asset space

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0% chance

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btc is trying to be virtual gold
doge is trying to be virtual fiat

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If you can't tell the difference between some random pnd shitcoin and BTC you are a retarded normalfaggot who needs to go back to r*ddit.

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You realize the government would benefit from blockchain by being able to track every single transaction an individual makes. And if they controlled most of the nodes in the network, then its practically theirs.

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That all sounds true

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The entire crypto market is pump and dump

If you ever go to a rave, look for the big DOGE banner - the guy who put it up is selling illegal drugs for DOGE

(Also I've been on 4chan since 07/08 and have never made a single reddit post in my life)

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>This is an absolute retard take. I won't bother explaining it to you
kek. More like you can't brainlet.

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You just said something interesting. Theoretically a owner of a large company could severely branch out using this type of crypto while becoming something of an oligarchy in their respective field of products. A person could topple governments.

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Yes, but these pics are just from online archives.

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Pearls before swine.

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Could you explain your logic for please? I don't typically see people who comprehend statecraft on a deep enough level to have this tier of opinion.

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After this crypto will become very regulated and only one coin will be in compliance

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Yep but they will have to flow through ripple net.. Js

>Inb4 your a schizo

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Dogecoin is infinite though. Bitcoin's value goes up because there are only 21 million of them.

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Just like USD

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People think dogecoin is a shitcoin because it's not capped supply.

But most people don't read the code and don't know the main developer left the coin.

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yes it will inflate, BUT it will only inflate linearly because the amount per time it can be created is limited. That means that this amount will shrink relatively to the total circulating supply. Therefore inflation will be settling and not destroy doge over time!

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B6e bye time to sell
Doge hashtag is declinining and normies thibk there is a super bowl ad . Time to sell before the greatest dip of all time

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Traded 50% of what I put in, which happened to be my initial investment

whatever happens now, I can just ride it out

don't care what happens, even if it crashes to zero.

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Zero. The current nonsense is going to leave tons of people totally disgusted and turned off to crypto.

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The maximum of the dogecoin supply is a int64_t variable.

Meaning the total supply is (2^(64) -1)/2 sats included, unless you fork and update the client with a greater variable.

Any Cryptonote coin total supply is limited to 2^(64) -1 coins (sat included)

Yes even Dodgecoin is a limited supply in fact.

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no one said that though...

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I guess you haven't been on this board since the day it was created because we were spamming /pol/ with BTC threads

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It's a Doge dog world Anon

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The current price of Doge is not 0.08$ by coin, but 0.08$ by sat.

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>tons of people
How many people do you actually think bought a meme cryptocurrency on a stock exchange all because an electric car CEO tweeted about it a few times?

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I imagine this is what the guy who thought cars were stupid sounded like.

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Doge would never be able to reach the price of BTC, it could reach the market cap though but that'd put it at just over a dollar

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If Doge can't reach the BTC price is the proof the BTC is highly manipulated to be dumped on normies.

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Absorute brainret take

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holy shit i nearly broke my monitor trying to get that fly

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