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retard here, can two limit orders "fill" eachother? or do you need to have one maker and one taker?

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Who cares, there are more important things to spend brainpower on.

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Create a bid at the same price as the lowest ask or vice versa and see for yourself.

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If you open a limit buy that is at or above the price of the lowest ask in the book you will just buy that order. The reverse is the same. No two standing orders will end up overlapping in the future if they do not already - in which case the above example would have happened.

The fact that this isn't obvious to you is incredible.

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Buy something for cheap, and sell it to yourself for high price. Walla Insta profit

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....wow you guys are going to loose a lot of money. If you have a limit order you can get taken in whenever the market price hits your limit.


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someone who is smart doesnt need to know how a car works, take the power shizo dreams to upvote palaces

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actually it won't even let you put in a limit order below the midmarket price (or vice versa buying and selling) so no you can't just buy it

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but who takes your order? wouldn't this just mean you need a market taker? because a limit order doesn't change so the midmarket price would be irrelevant in that context

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> The fact that this isn't obvious to you is incredible.
You sound like a fag, he’s probably unironically smarter than you. Savant types typically think outside of the box and OP probably was thinking of a more abstract concept when he made the thread. You on the other hand, have a brain the size of a lentil, who can only think in concrete, simple-minded terms.

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>buy limit $500
>sell limit $500
And we'll say the market price is $300.
What's gonna happen is the buy will get filled for the lowest ask. Which is probably less than $500.
The sell will not get filled until the market price is >=$500.
Same terms, but market price is $700 now:
Sell will get filled at the highest bid. Which is probably more than $500.
Buy will not get filled until the market price is <=$500.
Same terms, $500 market price:
They can fill each other.

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