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So my first experience with crypto's as a poorfag went like so...

>Initially invest $75 NZD into BTC in binance
>Transwer BTC to Exodus wallet at a loss
>Now $45 NZD of BTC in Exodus wallet
>Find out that I don't meet the minimum exchange requirement for any of the coins I wanted to purchase (DOGE, MCDC, ADA)
>Get frustrated
>Transfer to Coinbase wallet (the one with the logo that has the circle and square in the middle)
>End up with $35 NZD in BTC
>Find out that the wallet has no exchange feature built in
>Reluctantly transfer to some other coinbase wallet type app (may not be a wallet, idk, confused AF at this point)
>End up with $25 NZD
>Find out that none of the coins I wanted to purchase can be exchanged in this wallet/app, only more popular boring coins
>Give up and find some random coin to exchange for that's done well today
>Just want to die at this point
>Don't give a fuck about the wallet any more or the coins I have
>Rope.png intensifies

I'm now sitting here, drinking beer after beer regretting every decision I made to start in Crypto, I can honestly say this experience has left me broken, and I will NEVER, EVER invest in Crypto's again.

Side note: I know there's plenty of money to be made, but I guess it's just too hard for poorfags like me to get ahead, I'll stick to HODLing my 1.14 shares of GME I purchased at $316 USD/share in the hopes of at least being able to break even.

...Anyway, thought you'd all enjoy this greentext at the expense of my stupidity, enjoy the lolz and your sides leaving orbit, I'm done.

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How fucking drunk were you? Probably very, if you thought any of those actions made sense.

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Yeah you need to play with like $500 minimum unless you’re good about what markets you use n how you deposit

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It's okay dude. There is a lot to learn. Being a newfag is okay. Just take it slow even though I know it's tempting to get in as fast as possible.

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don't be fucking retarded

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You are unironically low iq and should kys

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Sounds like you don't know wtf you were doing. Try learning more while you work and make more money to invest
And no I did not find this funny

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You just transferred a bunch of money before you knew what they sold?

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OP is retarded lmao. Enjoy being poor forever

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Send some bro

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>75 kiwibux
>bunch of money

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Completely sober when I first started. I started drinking at the point where I was at $25, on my 8th beer right now. All this happened in the space of 2 hours.

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Moral of the story

Should have bought Bitcon Cash $BCH

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don't abandon those sats I'll buy it from you when it goes down to $5 nzd

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Good larping, I'll give it a 6/10

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I had very basic knowledge.

>Create coinbase/binance account
>Put funds on with debit card
>Aquire BTC
>Transfer BTC to wallet
>Trade BTC for coin of choosing

At least that's how simple I thought it would be, but in the end, there's just too much fee's and too many different apps to choose from.

I'm not low IQ, actually over 140, also usually good at understanding these kinds of things, I'm only 29... But this experience has shown me that perhaps crypto will eventually fail, if a normal person like me has had this experience with crypto's then I can't see them being successful in the future unless they do something to make it simpler and cost less in fee's.

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How did transferring it reduce its value that much? How much were you giving in fees?

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I actually wish this was a LARP.

This has been my real life 100% real experience today, not even joking, I get that it's probably too sad and miserable to believe but I got egged on by the MCDC hype, apparently it was meant to 100x, I thought this was my chance to get in on crypto's, make a quick buck then invest in stocks.

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Idk, fee's are fucking retarded. it seemed like every transaction I made was a $10 NZD+ fee. It's ridiculous.

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lol no you just don't understand what you're doing. Take some fucking responsibility and use this as a lesson. You're seriously going to blame all of crypto, a trillion dollar enterprise, for conspiring to take your shitty 75 kiwibux. Get fucked loser you don't have the balls or the money for this space.

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>Get binance
>buy BTC,ETH,REEF,AVAX,GRT using my credit card
>watch it grow dat by day

Its literally that easy.

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> 25 NZD

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> actually over 140

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If it's any consolidation, I almost made the same mistake as you but I got extremely paranoid about fees after learning about gas, so I did my research and avoided fees by not transferring my poorfag funds into a wallet.

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You bought GME at 315 you're a fucking idiot LMAO typical kiwis

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>loads $75 NZD onto 'Crypto'
>doesn't understand gas or the concept of rake in transfers
>140 IQ

You know OP.. You could have made an account with Coinbase.. And they reward you with up to $50 USD just for watching a couple videos...

Also, why are you putting $75 into BTC? You'll own practically nothing, and if it 2x's it's current position you'll want to nech yourself. Lol

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unironically just buy ftm and other binance and kucoin coins and buy stocks

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This is the sole reason why people buy crypto on normie exchanges like Robincuck. They make it easy to invest for a low fee but you don't actually own the coin and can't transfer it anywhere.

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North island or South Island?

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consider that theres been people before you who have done this with extra 0's at the end of the initial buy in, it should make you feel better.
id like to say itll get easier and we're all going to make it but it might not and its impossible we all will, it took me a very fucking long time to break the poorfag cycle of chasing risky moonshots with low amounts and that was only because i was meme'd hard into chainlink in 2018 that i broke it at all, which didnt happen really until last year (i bought a 1488 suicide stack sub 50c). sold some at 14.88 last august when we made our first spikes over 10 bucks and with that money have meandered my way through the markets buying all the projects i used to watch from afar, have since made over $30,000.
id also like to say that i learned some valuable lessons during that period of being totally broke, maybe about the markets, the technology and my own psychology, that you could too to help you get to where you want to be and how to handle money once you get there but i didnt really learn anything useful.
i guess the most valuable things i learned were what not to do, which i should probably have known in hindsight, you dont need to be a genius to guess how not to torch money.

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>This has been my real life 100% real experience today, not even joking, I get that it's probably too sad and miserable to believe but I got egged on by the MCDC hype, apparently it was meant to 100x, I thought this was my chance to get in on crypto's, make a quick buck then invest in stocks.

I was going to offer some kind of advice but after reading this I really don't care to. Go invest in a happy meal instead.

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larp or not oh man this shit is relatable

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sounds like some of the stuff i encountered when i got into crypto. sometimes education costs money.

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Can someone help me
How do I transfer ETH from Coinbase pro to a different app or wallet (metamask)

please sirs ...

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Up $400 already meme trading BTC on RH. I've done precisely nothing.

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IQ plays not much part in that, it's more for math skills or pattern recognition, literature, reading comprehension etc... Understanding a concept you've never delved into before can be daunting, even for people that claim 160+ IQ, you have to take the time, I didn't, because I caved into FOMO and pair pressure.

Perhaps I just don't understand enough, and that's fine, but regardless, I'm going to stick to stocks.

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How come everyone is so unhelpful :(

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Why didn't you buy the real Bitcoin?

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on coinbase select send. Copy your metamask wallet address and paste it into the address section on coinbase. Select how much you wanna send and send it!

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There is no send button on Coinbase pro

>> No.27894427

if you click on the coin you want to send and click wallet there should be a thing on the right of your screen (if you're on desktop) that says send/receive.

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It would seem that way, but instead of teaching me a lesson, I'd rather just back off and leave it to you guys. Crypto's aren't for me.

No larp.

I wouldn't have taken it if it had involved Crypto's, I'm cutting my losses and just giving up on Crypto's.

There will always be someone worse off, but this is my experience, still sucks.

North, Matamata

It was what I could afford at the time, planned to add in about $100/week but this experience has just put me off.

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If you guys wanna feel better about yourself read this:
>buy 100 ETH for like 900 USD
>put the wallet on a computer i had from work
>save the passphrase in a .txt on that computer
>Nov 17
>quit job
>Dec 17
>boss messages and asks if i still got that computer and im like "yeah sure ill bring it in"
>format computer
>bring it back to my old job
>come home
>watch ETH Moon to $1500 in Dec 17 literally a week after
>delete all social media
>get off the internet for 6 months

I didnt recover from this for years. Only recently got back into crypto.

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Just recover your metamask you fucking dumb nigger.

>> No.27894932

i literally said i used Metamask anywhere in my post and that i lots the passphrase to my wallet. I dont think you understand how this works.

>> No.27894974

*never said i used MM. Either way. The wallet is gone. No way to access it anymore. I only lost 900 USD technically.

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I'm a NZer too. I'm not super intelligent, also a poorfag currently on government benefit, lost a good chunk of money betting on Trump in the stupid fucking US election recently, am also new to crypto - but even I managed to scrape together $1200-1400 or so which I chose to invest into GRT (The Graph) when it was 55-60c, because I almost immediately recognized that it's a pretty ingenious concept with a solid use-case (it fills an important and currently missing feature in blockchain technology and decentralized application), has a good team and solid investment backing, and it's a project that could potentially have genuinely interesting implications for the future in terms of potentially disruption of tech company monopoly of information, censorship, monopolization of data monetization by corporations, ect.

My initial investment already doubled when GRT hit USD$1.10-1.20 or whatever it got to just recently. Could have cashed out for about $3200 if I had wanted to.

I didn't just jump into some fucking McDonald's coin hoping to get rich in a few days or weeks. Maybe that's your problem.

I purchased from https://easycrypto.ai/ direct to my wallet without any major problems.

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nooooooo don't rope urself aha

>> No.27895240

Its ok anon, I got liquidated twice in 2 days of $100 each, and I'm a turbo poor fag. Did hours of research, looked up trendlines, made sure my risk reward was solid.

Red dildo shot back into a triangle after breaking out. I fucking hate chart patterns so badly now. Whats the actual point if "throwbacks" and "pullbacks" happen 80% of the time? Fucking depressing

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I'm a NZer too. I'm not super intelligent, also a poorfag currently on government benefit, lost a good chunk of money betting on Trump in the stupid fucking US election recently, am also new to crypto - but even I managed to scrape together $1200-1400 or so which I chose to invest into GRT (The Graph) when it was 55-60c, because I almost immediately recognized that it's a pretty ingenious concept with a solid use-case (it fills an important and currently missing feature in blockchain technology and decentralized application), has a good team and solid investment backing, and it's a project that could potentially have genuinely interesting implications for the future in terms of disruption of tech company monopoly of information, censorship, monopolization of data monetization by corporations, ect.

My initial investment from only a few weeks ago has already over doubled when GRT hit USD$1.10-1.20 or whatever it got to just recently. Could have cashed out for about $3200+ if I had wanted to.

I didn't just jump into some fucking McDonald's coin hoping to get rich in a few days or weeks. Maybe that's your problem. Or one of them, at least.

I purchased from https://easycrypto.ai/ direct to my wallet without any major problems.

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sounds like you need to plan ahead further also remember crypto is a commitment if you try to get in and out fast you're gonna lose a lot of money

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Your story starts pretty similar to mine, but ends very differently
>see memes and want to buy doge when it was 0.77c
>make a coinbase account and buy 1k in BTC (binance was taking forever to verify my account)
>funds aren't available to trade for a week
>BTC goes up and I can send out the gains
>send the ~$20 gained on BTC to exodus wallet
>not enough to buy any doge with
>send it back to coinbase, most of it gone to fees
>go 50/50 on BTC/XLM
>30 minutes later XLM jumps 20% and I convert back to BTC
>split it 35/35/30 on BTC/ETH/XLM after XLM goes back down
>BTC/ETH pump for a day, convert all my BTC to NU (also moved over to coinbase pro)
>NU nearly doubles

And that was my first 10 days here. I made a lot less than if I had gotten into doge when I wanted to, but at least I still made money.

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>>27892194 nz mate here, read up about it all before moving money around willy nilly, also asb let's us trade stocks so sign up with them and give that ago instead

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>poor fag
>pays for beer
Unless you MADE THEM YOURSELF you ngmi

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op faggot

You are probably transferring btc between accounts, right? This is why a chunk of it is taken as fees

so in the future convert all that you want to transfer into a coin that does not have a high withdrawal fee

some of the coins I use for transferring between accounts are
ltc, bnb, xrp, xlm and usdt (trc20 address, not erc20)

Most of these transfers will only cost maximum $0.5 or much much less

Only convert to btc or eth and transfer if you plan to hodl in a secure wallet.

Also there is no issue storing minimal funds on exchanges ... binance is one of the safest. unless you are not storing $100K or more, you don't need wallets. Just store it on exchange .. but make sure exchange is top notch like binance so they can refund you in case of security issues

Also buy $ktlyo

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We're just not meant to win anon, there are winners and there are losers, the poorfags like us have no chance of making it.

Not even crypto's or stocks can even the playing field, because of the following scenario

>Spend $100 on investment
>Investment moons and makes $150 profit
>$250 total

Not poor fags
>Spend $1m on investment
>Investment moons and makes 1.5mil profit
>2.5mil total.

You have to have money to make money and to play these games.

The rate of increased wealth is exponential the more money you have. That's why they say the rich get richer and the poor stay poor.

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dont listen to these rude anons, anon. you did just fine

>> No.27895579

>put in low money
>transfer constantly so nothing grows in value
I've got bad news, you're a retarded paperhand

>> No.27895593

>pair pressure
>140 lQ
>can’t operate a website to check exchange capability
>doesn’t learn lesson about xfer fees after the first or even second time
>140 IQ
>GME at 330
>”quick” buck in crypto to invest in stocks
>pair pressure

... this nigga trolling so hard

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I missed the GRT hype train. Just like I miss everything because I never have the spare money to buy in, always more focused on putting it into groceries, petrol and gym for my mental health... Don't often have the spare cash.

>> No.27895709

Don't worry Opie you're in in here so you're still early beyond the other new fags don't give up get you some studying in do your research find a good product and hold your make out a lot better then the newer people down the lie. Heads up chins out newfag you make it

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I am an ASB customer, but my ASB account is negative 800. I have a networth of like -600 NZD, if it wasn't for my girlfriend who's a dairy farmer, I'd be on the streets. I was doing this for her, bro's, 6 years and I've been a useless doll bludger, I just wanted to be of some use and set us up for the future, hence why this hurts so much. I know her love for me is slowly dying because I don't do anything and I'm not successful, felt like this was my chance to get into crypto's/stocks and make something of myself for her... But alas, all I've done is spend what could have been spent on groceries or petrol.

>> No.27896382

how does it feel to literally be the ideal mark for shitcoin pump and dumps?

>> No.27896483

they fucking literally have a help page that's the first result in a google search that explains how you select "Withdraw" in pro and can send to a wallet or coinbase regular you moron. 100% ngmi.

>> No.27896550

I'll give you some free advice. Leave your shit in a trusted exchange wallet unless you have fat stacks. If you were to lose $200 worth of crypto on Kraken/Coinbase/other big exchange it's better than paying miners' fees or gas to transfer. $40k worth of crypto is a point where moving it off the exchange is worth. Otherwise, move to wallet for transfers or staking. If you're staking 4 eth or some bullshit that is not worth it either.

>> No.27896659

another point: gamble with money you're willing to lose. Otherwise you will be a bag holder for someone else and very bitter about it. BTC/ETH/LINK are fairly safe buys. You might get in right around ATH and it takes within a week or two, but it will probably reach another ATH after that in a year or two. Those three are as safe as crypto gets, and if you want to shit yourself over losing $200, consider parking ur $$ in those and leave it. Check every couple weeks. Maybe you can exit at ATH and buy back in at bottom. If not, leave it in and you'll still make out in the long run nigger.

>> No.27896673

You learnt something about the system you never knew before.
Next time you'll be more informed.
And for only $50NZD
A win as far as I can tell. Especially when there's mongs out there dropping far more in fees because of fomo.

>> No.27896700

whats gas? i've been seeing this thrown around a good bit

>> No.27896734

OP I just got back into crypto. I bought BTC on an app like coinbase then transferred it to Binance. I'm going to leave it there until I have enough that I feel like moving to a wallet is worth it. Don't be retarded and move small amounts. Just leave it on Binance and trade it.

>> No.27896746


Fren you got this. The fact youre in here means ygmi.

You've for your first experience with crypto and that's already better than 99.99% of the population on earth. Crypto is here to stay just DCA into BTC/ETH/LINK/GRT and come back in 4 years. All these coins are available on coinbase and you can keep it there unless you've got like 100k worth of crypto.

Good luck

>> No.27896752

yes, but if you bet $100-200 at a time and a few of those bets pay 10x+, you can use that to keep building. Good lord man quit being so fucking negative. Everyone gets burned at the roulette table at least a few times.

>> No.27896815

Im fucking dying OP

>> No.27896825

>buy btc on binance
>trade btc for doge

Why the fuck did you make this so complicated? Why do you think $50 is a lot? You're one of those smart retards, huh?

>> No.27896918

>I get that it's probably too sad and miserable to believe but I got egged on by the MCDC hype, apparently it was meant to 100x
You’re a special kind of retard to believe this. The MCDCoin is a meme coin that is not supposed to hold any value than dick measuring amongst holders (literally says so on their website). Also this coin will inevitably disappear when McDonalds sends the developer a cease and desist. So the only people buying this coin are those who have enough money to literally burn on something stupid.

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You justed like 50$ NZD just moving back and forth BTC lol wtf are u doing ?
Why didn't u just kept it at Binance and sell at a higher price than what you brought it at ?
You got HONKED

>> No.27897164

why did you switch your funds from binance to a wallet like exodus if you were planning on trading anyways? and desu, take it as a learning experience that you didn't buy an absolute pajeet coin like doge. Lurk on here for a while, save up some money, if it's under 10k, find lowcaps with potential.

>> No.27897204

Just use binance retard

>> No.27897295

Most exchanges charge you to withdraw and then fees on top of that. You ideally need to know what you're doing. I have an Australia exchange I deposit into which gives me instant deposits then I generally buy a shitcoin with low fees to transfer to binance and change to whatever I actually wanted to buy. You never transfer BTC for trading/exchanging purposes... it takes like an hour to confirm. Only time you transfer btc is to your own wallet from the exchange you bought it. If you want to move crypto to another exchange then change it to sometime with quick confirmations/low fees (most shitcoins).

>> No.27897376

ahahahahahahahaha thick cunt

>> No.27897400

Cunt there's jobs fuckin everywhere in NZ at the moment, even more so pre covid, unless you live in fuckin Westport or something

>> No.27897409

What is gas please elaborate
No joke I was just about to do what OP did this evening with about $400 as my first dive into crypto
(Signed up on binance, ready to buy then transfer to wallet)
I have no idea what I'm doing but yeh the fees did stand out as being crazy

>> No.27897461

Just leave it on binance

>> No.27897539

Eth and btc transfer fees are fucked makes moving them to a wallet retarded
Just leave them on the exchange and wait to be hacked

>> No.27897551

Yeah, except not where I live, and I'm also suffering from bad anxiety/depression as well as having no social skills, also my joints are all fucked, so even a supermarket job is beyond my capability.

>> No.27897663

Yeah you fucking retard. You lost at most 170 000k$ in lost opportunity, hope you learned not to use fucking random computers for crypto and save your wallets how youre susposed to. I hate you retard, take responsibility and stop playing victim.

>> No.27897669

Fuck anon, what happened for you to end up like this?

>> No.27897673

crypto fucking sucks for real

im done with this semen slurping bullshit

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you could've bought kneepads for that amount of money
dumbfuck oz

>> No.27897758

how am i playing the victim you fucking nigger. i used to practice good wallet safety and yes im fully aware that i missed out on 150k at the time. Quitting the job and having other things going on made me forget that the wallet and phrase were on there.

>> No.27897784

Fellow nzfag there is 0 opportunity to get wealthy in this country
Get out of this shithole while you can, and get rich somewhere that doesn't hate young people

>> No.27897799

What iv gathered today if I'm just testing the waters a wallet is pointless if I'm doing less than like 100k right

Gonna go with kraken and just see how I go with a few hundred split up on there for a month or so

>> No.27897862

You literally saved the fucking wallet to .txt on your bosses computer you fucking nigger imbecile. Hope you are sleeping well with the knowledge that your boss sold your ETH for big buck.

>> No.27897984


>> No.27898003

You are playing victim by making this thread and passively expecting us to give a fuck and give you advice. Here’s advice faggot, buy 10 000 Reef on binance and forget about it for two years, its gonna make you rich. Also, fuck off.

>> No.27898028

1. Buy ETH on EasyCrypto
2. Buy whatever shitcoin you want on Uniswap

It could have been that easy

>> No.27898115

I'm good in boomer stocks but been trying to get in crypto for a while but fucking ethereum gas prices are insane for any transaction and I'm butthurt. Could've made money in link when it was a couple cents but didn't listen.

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Life happened, dealt a bad hand. No need to go into further details, it is what it is. I'm actually a semi-chad and a qualified PT but it hasn't gotten me anywhere really, especially because social skills = 0 and depression/anxiety just exacerbate it.

>> No.27898216

eastern europoor here, there is money to be made in crypto but please start playing with about 1000-2000$ dollars so the gains outweight the fees

>> No.27898230

look at the bright side, you learned a lot and only made a $50-$75 loss.

>> No.27898309

Uniswap is not for people with $75 to invest

>> No.27898374

>>Create coinbase/binance account
>>Put funds on with debit card
yes, but ideally bank transfer as 0% fees
>>Aquire BTC
>>Transfer BTC to wallet
no, that's where you fucked up, keep the btc you just bought on the exchange and buy the coin of choice from there. (make sure before you do step 1 that the coin you want is actually on that exchange).
>>Trade BTC for coin of choosing
then this. but once exchanged there's no point moving your crypto if its not worth much, only move bigger sums of it that you plan on long term holding into a wallet.

>> No.27898388
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Wasn't the whole points of shitcoins to cut the middlemen so you don't get talmuded out of your shekels by the banks when doing transactions?
How did it ended up being SO bad you end up paying $100 to digitally transfert few virtual numbers lmao?
Wasn't it supposed to cost like $0.0000000001 or something?
Fucking clown scam, the whole shitcoin space.

>> No.27898401

This, easycrypto straight to my wallet is what I did when I started out. Avoid uniswap until you have a bigger stack to play with. Just buy ada and stake it

>> No.27898419

What part of poorfag did you have trouble understanding? I have a negative networth and live paycheck to paycheck.

>> No.27898473

if you can't scrape 2k in a first world country like NZ then.... why would you even get mad that you can't get rich gambling crypto
literally why are you mad and why do you think we should feel pity for you?

>> No.27898492

I don’t know if i should tell you this judging by the state you are in but you wont even come close to breaking even on gme.

>> No.27898503

Heh, that's a lot like my first experience with crypto, except that it was the swapping fees that killed me over time when I was chasing pumps like a retard. I put my initial £250 in back when BTC was below £9000, and started swapping into random shitcoins when it was at £22000 with the tiny profits i'd made, and it cost me shitloads of gas to get out of my positions without me realising just how much it was all adding up to. Don't worry fren, you have to learn the hard way, like most of us here.

>> No.27898560
File: 112 KB, 306x306, 1611362176062.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I sort of realized this might have been a better way to go about it after the fact.... But either way, what happened today has left me demoralized, I'm prone to depression so this didn't really help, and maybe I am blowing things out of proportion, but I still don't think I'll touch Crypto's again, I think I'll stick to investing in the stock market.

>> No.27898654

There's nothing "first world" about our country, you lot think because our government gives us tendies and free health care that everything's bright and shiny, wake the fuck up! NZ is not a magical place where everything is right, we have high rates of poverty, family abuse, violence and our economy is shit, everything's expensive here, whatever you've heard or seen is a lie, our country is a lie.

>> No.27898737

Yeh but escorts are legal

>> No.27898761


>> No.27898762

I have had a girlfriend for 6 years so that means nothing to me, apart from that I'd be too poor to afford one anyway.

>> No.27898918

it's still not a third world country or some shithole like Moldova or Ukraine.
You still haven't answered, why should we feel bad that you can't gamble on crypto? Why did you made the thread? to receive actual advice on how to make it or to have a pity party?

>> No.27898974

Checked and retardpilled. Pls grow a pair and LURK, why is that so fuckin hard to do? Everytime i wanna learn something or enter a new space i always just read for a day. Fuckin spoonfeeding faggot

>> No.27899041

I'm in chch doing minimum wage and I'm still able to put in $250nzd into crypto every week. Wtf are you doing wrong?

>> No.27899125

Wait, what? When did I ask for sympathy? This is not a sympathy post I just thought you retards would get some kicks out of a poorfag doing something stupid. I'm an honest guy and so I answered some posts honestly, but I'm not looking for sympathy, not necessarily even advice.

>> No.27899133

I also made some losses a few years back, still annoys me some days today because i simply didn't know what i was doing. but what i regret more is giving up on crypto for a few years after 2015.
had i stuck with it i would have got in on many of the alt coins that have done well today. but i'm here now and trying to make sure i don't kick myself in another 5 years when crypto becomes even more popular
so my point is don't give up, also don't dump your money into coins that you've not properly looked into, so many scams on here. try invest in ones that have a legitimate roadmap and some actual credibility.

>> No.27899172

I don't have a job, as aforementioned.

>> No.27899177

Have they got you on anti depressants? If so stop that shit immediately, I used to rather socially awkward but you have to socialize and fuck up socializing to fix it, I've been through the depression thing too and the only way to fix that is to give yourself some purpose, try helping the misso out on the farm a couple days a week and invest the jacinda bucks in some boomer stocks on sharsies, also, stop drinking and doing drugs for a while, might help

>> No.27899180

All these stories about lost wallets have a fatal flaw. Remember the famous tweet of the guy who bought BTC at $0.06 and wished he hadn't sold it at $0.30, "now that it's $8.00". That's what would've happened. I'm in a similar boat, almost bought a few hundred buttcoins in 2009, but canceled it. Was I just one click away from being a multimillionaire today? Probably not, because I would've sold at some point, way, way before it ever reached today's heights.
Why is nobody ever imagining THIS?

>> No.27899192

None of this would have happened if you took 10 minutes to do some research beforehand, you mongoloid.

>> No.27899227

Fellow NZ anon.

Watch some youtube videos you’re making us look dumb

>> No.27899265

sure im aware of this. I talked about this with friends recently. The biggest challenge is actually not selling like the people that had 10k BTC probably sold when it mooned to 1k the first time? but yeah i actually deleted that wallet during the 2017 bullrun and it went from basically nothing to 150k in a week or two.

>> No.27899271

Can you recommend some

>> No.27899423
File: 267 KB, 500x436, 1611892184560.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't do drugs, only drink, but I don't even get drunk any more, also have GERD which is an esophagus disease that stops me from eating/drinking too much, so I only get a mild buzz, I'm on beer number 15 and feel pretty damn sober right now. Also I've had my depression/anxiety looked at by professionals who've offered me help but the drugs I've taken either made it worse or did nothing, so stopped. I'm not necessarily suicidal, though I do feel down quite often, I think mostly because my GF does everything and I know I do nothing to help her, I feel like a burden to her, and she could have gotten a lot further without me, anyway, that's why I have taken up investing because I'm clearly not fit for a normal job so I thought this would be my chance to contribute.

>> No.27899455

They still can’t control whole market and no safety for followers

>> No.27899502

>transfer around all the time for no reason
Nigger what the fuck? It's 75 kiwi dollars fucking keep it on binance. I hope you fucking slip on a parrot feather and crack your skull

>> No.27899584
File: 9 KB, 249x189, 1611325148671.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kek my sides, made me laugh, anon.

>> No.27899680

I assume you're on the dole then? Nz pays bene to people like you who don't even look for jobs, yet you claim we aren't first world. Many other countries would literally let you starve and die. You're the reason that your life sucks. I hope you manage to do something about yourself OP.

>> No.27899694
File: 89 KB, 1387x702, 1511154761926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's ok buddy. It was just $75 kiwi bucks. Just stay on binance next time, they have a big enough coin selection if you decide to invest or gamble on shitcoins.

>> No.27899727

I think it's related to the tendency of the human brain to remember the good things rather than the bad things. In most "If only I had done X" scenarios, everything else is the same or gets positively affected by the change. You know how I deal with such thoughts? I tell myself that if I had done anything different in my life, I would have been run over by a bus five minutes later. I mean, any different decision would have altered your life fundamentally, but not necessarily to the better.
Let's say you kept that wallet and cashed out at the very top. You would've bought a nice new car, but, being unfamiliar with it, you lost control while speeding on your way home, ending up dead. Or paralyzed from the neck down. Whatever.
People never imagine such scenarios. It's always only "everything would have been better" dreams. But actually, nobody knows how it would've ended.

>> No.27899773

im over it and everything happens for a reason i guess. WAGMI.

>> No.27899882

This is the most dumbfuck normie thread I've seen in a long time.
Time to pack up I guess. Kthxbye

>> No.27899920

The dole is just to keep you in the poverty cycle, why go work shifts at McDonalds when you can get the same amount from the doll while sitting on your arse? It serves no purpose except to keep those who are already in poverty, in poverty longer, if you don't understand that then go educate yourself.

>> No.27900040

>"let me buy some of those neat coins my friends on 4chan are talking about!"
>buy coin on uniswap
>$80 gas fees
>what the fuck does a computer need gas for it runs on electricity
>try to trade for another shitcoin before it starts dumping
>send $150 eth to wallet for CEX so I can get my fucking coins back
>the gas fee is now more than the cost of my coin

Honestly fuck you nerds. This crypto bullshit is a kike scam, no amount of technobabble buzzwords and """"""litepaper"""""" bs will ever convince me otherwise.

>> No.27900061

Ukraine and countries like Slovenia unironically has similar ratio of wage to cost of living as NZ does.

>> No.27900117

this is called confirmation bias

>> No.27900137

Fuck that was painful to read. Got a discord? I’ll get you started

>> No.27900216

I don't think they have it that bad (I'm from Romania), it's just that first worlders think the eastern block is more shit than it actually is

>> No.27900222

I bought 2k worth of BTC about a week ago and put it into a wallet
It's gone up in value
If you're new to crypto like me just keep it simple
I'm hoping to accumulate more this year in the hope it'll reach 6 figures by 2021

>> No.27900237

sell signal

>> No.27900245

You're joking right? Maccas would pay double what your unemployment benefit + accommodation supplement + whatever the fuck else you're leeching. It would also help with your anxiety if you're talking to different people every day. Stop making excuses, your problems won't get better until you do something about it. Please dude

>> No.27900282

Do some fucking research retard

>> No.27900292

Crapto aka SHITCOIN is existing for how long - 11 years give or take?
It took you this long to figure out it is THE MOST epic ponzi of all time ?

>> No.27900329

It was hilarious

>> No.27900412

10k in BTC wont go magically in 6 figure dungeon
it's all about market cap

>> No.27900527

In my experience in the UK it's not worth working for most min. wage jobs
The money will be fractionally higher than benefits at best, and that's if you're willing to work like a slave and be talked to like scum. Work is brutal in this economy. I've had several min wage jobs where i've ended up chasing paychecks, etc.
This wasn't the case years ago
I remember being able to walk into a pub and get a job as a barman easily between 2006/2007, and i'd earn 2-3x as much as benefits
Those days are long gone, and the pandemic has fucked it completely

>> No.27900569

I mean the value of BTC reaches 6 figures, I would genuinely be happy with a 3x gain

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