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I'm the biggest fucking moron out of everyone on this board
>get into cryptico week ago
>had 1500 doge saved up and 50 grt (absolutely embarrassing i know)
>selling at dumps like a total retard by the end of the night
>now instead of the 1500 doge i now have 1000 and now 30 grt
I should have not gotten into this shit. Fuck you Gamestop for making me interested in this hellhole of trying to go make it.

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The best part about these threads is that they're so pathetic you know they're true.

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He's sad about losing 500 doge, a-anon I cant even...

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I joined grt way too late and kept fiddling around blockfolio sell buy sell buy god fucking DAMMIT. I'm just waiting for my next paycheck to come on Tuesday as these prices wont dip any time soon.

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I think you should just stick to being a wagie anon

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you're learning.

all losses are tuition to the school of pump and dumps.

your gains come later.

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I just hope the current batch of newfags blow up their accounts quickly, I can't believe this board got worse than it already was.

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>buying high
>selling low
classic /biz/
think of it this way: the moment you buy a crypto just pretend that money is gone forever and hold
that's it
that's literally it

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Nah im going to be a tradesman electrician once i get into technical. It would be great to actually contribute to society.

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don't give up OP you can actually do it (after fucking off and reading investopedia/lurking)

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newfags buying our shitcoins is a good thing. we just need to educate them
newfags are unironically a good investment

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Thx frens
Yeah i need to be educated for my actual mild autism. The emotional pain is way worse.

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Investing newfags will have no genuinely intelligent DD or instincts until they've had at least a couple years of trading experience, and ideally not just in crypto. Newfags dunning-kruger hard and spread bad information because they don't lurk. I would rather have WSBagholders posting here than newfags from the other boards.

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