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So we are just gonna have a huge shitcoin derivatives market for common stock now?

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Synthetix will.

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Explain to a retard what he's looking at

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Chainlink’s biggest customer 2 years after mainnet is Synthetix. If only you realize how overvalued Chainlink really is.

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You're not smart enough to reply to me.

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This exactly what I suspected would happen when Sergey mentioned derivatives in 2019 kek

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Your ID says your a sow. Oink oink piggy

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Says the faggot that does not understand what having a 24/7 unregulated derivatives market for trillions in assets means for a $26 stablecoin.

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>$26 stable coin.

Nigger we are going to hit $23 and $30 this weekend.

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Prove me wrong then. Who is chainlink’s biggest customer?

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how do these synthetic things work? are they basically just fancy iou:s or something? do syntethix buy tesla stock and then print however much they have as some token people can trade with each other, with link oracles pegging their price?

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Its like tether, for LINK

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I didn’t even click this before respond. Holy shit, Elon needs to tweet this.

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It's like all derivatives markets, people buy and sell thin air based on the price of an asset.
There is no reliable way to wrap a non blockchain based asset at this time without some kind of centralized custodial service.
Think of it like a sports betting site, but contracts execute on the price of a stock instead of the outcome of a sportsball game.
Most people in the world cannot participate in the US stock market, this lets them.

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bagholder cope

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What? Dude, stani is fucking rich. He’s not a “bag holder”.

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How can you baghold link? Are you stupid?

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Always wondered, how does this work? I mean if I want to buy a crypto tesla stock, someone has to sell it to me, where did he get it from? Why woul anyone buy it from me at the tesla stock price later since it is not a real stock?

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LINK's price swings are much slower.
If we hit 23 over the weekend, we'll breach 30 next friday.

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I just realized this. Just sold all my Link
t.23k linkie

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Post tx. For historic reason

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81K is FUD if this is true
t. wanted to short brainstop but all my money is in crypto

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It’s being held for you by the custodians smart contract. In this case, synthetix.

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Im so fuckin close to fomo in to snx, someone fud

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You're talking about options? But you need someone to sell you the option, and he needs to deliver the underlying if you exercise it. In a crypto setting how does it work, does the market maker lock up the potential ppayoff when you create the contract?

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The SEC is going to wreck them

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Just look at the chart anon

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You mean the actual stock is locked up by a smart contract?

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seriously, when is Ed going to get arbitrum on the go?

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Yeah ive thought about that, but will it matter?

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pretty sure this is not how it works. synthetix tokens are derivatives not backed by the actual asset, kind of like bitmex. But for every long, there is a short, and that's where the money comes from

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Fuck are you retarded. Buy link and never post again

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I have no idea what a derivative is and I've been on /biz/ for 4 years

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So you don't know

Ok this would make more sense

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81k per link wasn't a lie?

Godlike trips

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Ice ice baby. Linkpool synthetix ice.

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