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Wheres the guy who had 400k chainlink? I want to say im happy for you :)

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This is now a fren thread

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Why would you be happy for anyone else's success, cuck?

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Respect the pamp

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Because Im not a sub 80iq American.

Helo fren!

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If you got the fuck beat out of you I would be happy for the faggot that did it

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I sold everything I had.
Can't take this shit anymore.
Buying back at 20

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I want to hear from 160k anon, he should have 4mil+

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There's a difference between being happy for fellow frens and being deluded like the stockniggers that flooded our board the last two weeks. You don't sound like a fren... Please leave the thread and the board.

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back to pol mutt this is a fren board we are all in this together

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i am so sad I have only 5 link
Why am I so poor

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Guys, found the dude with the micropenis!

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No, the Queen disapproves of your deplorably small LINK stack.

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Linkies with large stacks have been at this for a while
It has not been an easy ride

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Yes but how is someone (who I'm unrelated to) else's net profit supposed to make me feel better? It is not in my financial interest for others to succeed and considering financials are a zero sum game I'm most likely even losing marginally when that happens. Please explain your reasoning to me because it defies all rational logic. Why should I care?

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meant for

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Good things happening to other people is nice. Youre a piece of shit for not wanting others to be happy. Get out of the thread non fren.

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>he literally doesn't understand the concept of empathy
unironically, do you have autism? if someone feels good, and you believe that that person justly feels good, you can imagine them feeling good and it will make you feel good
never change /biz/

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cult mentality

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Why are you posting in threads you don't care about? There's 20 pages on the first page at any given time and you chose to get into this one to announce to us that you don't care about this particular one? Clearly you're salty about something here.

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How do you think ogs found link and were certain enough to bet their whole lives on it and wait for 3 years?
This was a collective effort of tireless autistic research. Without other anons sharing info on here I would have never ever gotten to where I am.
The research, the memes, the teaching each other. In retrospect, this was an incredible feat.
Of course I’m happy that other anons are making it from link

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if it's deserved you should respect it
irreverence just makes you look sad

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Im starting to feel a sense of accomplishment.
Ive got a meeting with a tax specialist this weekend. I pretty much made it

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kek, if your inital is only 1 hoe tf are you gonna make ot spread across all those high mc coins?
youll need to take risks anon

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Proof of making it.

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I'm not saying I want people to not be happy. It's just that I see no reason in being emotionally invested in some else's success. It's a waste of time and energy. It's kinda like those people on /v/ or /g/ who jerk off to hardware sales charts as if somehow they're making money off of it.

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Im happy for you fren!!!

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We are all gonna make fren.

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Im not emtionally invested, i just think its nice that there are people out there getting out of the rat race thanks to link. I dont even have 1 link and im still happy other people are making it. If you cant even say something nice about people making it then you should just fuck off desu

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it's just a stance you take for your personal mental health. jealousy will get you nowhere in life. see others success as your predetermined path for the future, it's a reassurance that your investment decision was right.

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Once I made it with crypto to 8 figures I will actually go around and give like 10 people 1k just because I can.

if you are thinking to do the same:

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If i held for 4 years you would understand

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>other people's success makes you mad

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You sound like an autistic cringe faggot. If someone got rich off the lottery I wouldn't give a fuck. This has been a group effort and I like seeing my brothers do well. You are not the callous businessman you think you are you are just some autistic freak

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>>27802400 -this
Yep, anyone who hijacks a thread which celebrates success to spread negativity about their own lack of it is weak, and doesn't deserve any. I'd wager he's experienced rejection and failure a lot, and is mega-salty about it. Guess what, anon? You'll never be happy unless you man up.

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>all in
Diamond balls

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We are all LINKies here.

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It is called respect, american.

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Never bought crypto and I just bought 13 link am I retarded

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yes. you bought the top of this cycle. Should have wait for the 22$ drop

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marc zeller is a faggot like ivan on tech

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i guess thats okay i plan on holding for the long term anyways

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If link goes to 1000 like other frens say then youre gonna make it :)

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i read it in his voice and it made it 1000x funnier

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because this is not pol, and we all want to make it. Fuck off back to your pol containment zone

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with this attitude Ur >ngmi

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I bet he sold
Me on the other hand with 3300, I'm sitting quite comfortable never selling. Ever.

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>t. spiritual woman

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you sound like a communist and your last 2 digits are your chances of ever making it

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To be honest, even at ICO that stack would've cost you $23k.
So it's fair to say you already made it before Chainlink.

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You can literally put anything in there you fucking retard, that isn't proof.

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What do you do when you reach this point when you know it has so much further to go? Do you try to become a billionaire or just retire to a semi luxurious life now?

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We are all in this together

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>top of cycle
Pick one

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do you not understand WAGMI?

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based bitterfag

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We've been through a lot together this past three years, a shared experience that has made brothers of us all

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i feel like a poor millionaire, im still buying cheap stuff and no car no house

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chances are he is still there wondering how he can exit and get into OXEN

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Shamfrul dispray

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