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This is how retarded the current market is. Link has these announcments just in the last month alone, & barely pumps at all. Like nothing. Hardly moves. Doesn't go up except for tiny pathetic up-dumps. Yet no one can tell me that a single one of these wouldnt make any other project pump hard FOR DAYS. But link? It fucking dumps instead of course. I AM STARTING TO LOSE MY FUCKING MIND!!!!!

>New projects integrating Chainlink includeKraken,dClimate,BSN,Bifrost,SingularityDAO,YIELD App,Mushrooms Finance, and more. See a full overview of Chainlink integrations on the community-createdChainlink ecosystem pageand follow the officialChainlink Twitterto keep up with the latest announcements.

>Kraken to run Chainlink node.Kraken, one of the first and now largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, announced that they will berunning their own Chainlink nodeto sell Kraken spot price data directly to smart contracts on-chain.
>A global climate data marketplace.dClimate, a decentralized network for standardizing climate data, isleveraging Chainlinkto manage key functions around data validation and delivery and ultimately improve weather modeling for businesses, farmers, governments, and other stakeholders around the world.
>Chainlink integrated on BSN mainnet.With the support of a Chainlink Community Grant, IRITA Hub has completed a native integration of Chainlink oracles on theBlockchain-based Services Network (BSN), enabling projects and enterprises on BSN’s cross-framework infrastructure to securely access real-world data in their blockchain applications


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Chainlink is gay that's why.

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LINK used to be worth .17 cents bro, what else do you want?

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token not needed

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you forgot that it is over though.

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>plese buy LINK sirs i wrote a paragraph about it!!!

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bro I fucking pooped in my pants and I own over 5000 chainlink lmaoooooooooooooooooooooo

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Stop being so angsty and anxious.
May - August is the yearly LINK run.

Hasn't failed yet.

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Well link doesn't have a food or animal cartoon logo so obv no one buys it atm

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LINK is like ZIL, progress but no one gives a fuck

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it’s all priced in, the pump from $4.9 to $20 was for the reasons you listed t. insider

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Literally none of that is particularly bullish. The team is still funding every "customer" through mass token flooding and we haven't seen any tech development for months. In fact deadlines have been missed as a rule.

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Yeah doesn’t help that the devs own 30% of the supply and dump constantly and the other 99% of the supply is owned by whales. Chainlink has no organic market movements. That’s why it doesn’t pump unless it has major momentum. You can blame Sergey being so anti hype and hush hush he lets the insiders accumulate and everyone else left out to call them stinky while buying avax or polkadot.

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you must be confused. this isn't rlc or ftm

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whats wrong with ftm?

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I know all the discussion of LINK is on Twitter now but do have a look at the dClimate annoucement.
Uses a DAO to certify external adaptors for the marketplace and is building out a USD frontend (which is how LINK will be used in future more broadly - people won't even know what Chainlink does).

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This. Sushi was an easy 10x and could easily 2x from here while chainstink crabs for this entire bullrun

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Nobody is ever going to trust this russian scam

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Major reason for this could be the 4 year long FUD campaign on reddit

Most of the current pump is probably reddit based and they are never buying LINK kek

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I want to get excited, I really do, but the dumps are destroying my soul

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erc-20 token that isnt not needed

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He wants $100 to start and will update his demands once that one is met. Stand by.

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if you believe the project has a future then it should be easy for you to hold and busy yourself with other things. it is by no means certain that chainlink is going to be valuable one day.

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I hate these fucking retards

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link is doing just fine. it's almost $25 again. quit whinin

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Results matter more than announcements now. Look at UNI.

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I saw this email too, immediately thought about the manipulation to suppress the BSN pump. It’s bad

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this is true. synthetix and aave are chainlink's biggest successes.

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Yet AAVE is on track to overcome LINK in terms of valuation. I really fell for the never selling meme, I thought all these projects integrating Chainlink would mean it'd at least grow as much if not more but it doesn't seem like it's capturing much value despite usage

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LINK is merely the oracle running behind the scenes. it will need hundreds of AAVE-sized projects using it before it is appropriately valued. it's not there yet and it might never get there.

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Sounds like I might as well accumulate AAVE or SNX instead of LINK then, I understand the project is important but I'm not interested in sitting in the sidelines while everything else is mooning. AAVE was <30$ back in october, now reaching 500$, fuck me

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AAVE and SNX are fine things to accumulate. you'll go crazy trying to get rich quick. i love LINK and will be holding for a long long time. we can't even stake yet, things could get insane for LINK. or maybe it's bunk i have no idea.

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oh no not the clown world, were all gonna get pozzed and cucked desu baka ne

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Its priced in.

25 usd per link is the price for being the default oracle of the world. Having more examples of how Link is the default oracle of the world, doesnt change the main fact.

The next pump will be only when derivatives arrive and will push it easily to 200 bucks.

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This was such a chad fucking email holy shit.
I almost came when I saw it in my inbox.
thank you based sergay

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