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I fucking hate every one of you. I had $20,000 poured into GME and AMC. You guys told me I'd be able to at least double or triple the money. I thought I'd afford a nice house. Something to impress my parents. Make them proud of me. Now my lifesavings are gone. I lost all my money I was going to use to finally move out.

I just sold and now I'm left with just $3,000.

Fuck you /biz/. Fuck you reddit. Fuck you guys for making me lose all my money.
I'm gonna be fucking 30 and still living in my parents house.

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Are you fucking serious?
You faggots migrated in hordes and turned the place into a retard echo chamber. Get fucked

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At that point you are best off holding.

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Don't worry fren. GME can still moon, just HODL.


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post proofs and/or nose

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>He sold

80% you are lying 20% you just stupid

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>GME and AMC
We were only allied with r*ddit until last Friday to fuck over a couple hedge funds. Both of these stocks are obvious pump and dumps, retard. Go back to your sh*t website.

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Thanks for the money, retard

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I feel you. im still holding and I guess ill forever hold now. unironcially fuck /biz/ and fuck rediit. everyone on biz is a retard pajeet trying to shill retarded ass crypto. FUCK CRYPTO I despise biz because what they have done to people. good luck recouping your money man, ill be stuck with these fucking bags.

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I fucking love every one of you. I had $20,000 poured into GME and AMC bought in at 15 dollars GME, 6 dollars AMC. You guys told me I'd be able to at least double or triple the money. I thought I'd afford a nice house. Something to impress my parents. Make them proud of me. Now my lifesavings are tripled when it hit my sell trigger at 450 and 18 respectively! I got all my money I am going to use it to finally move out.

I now have just over $600,000.

I love you /biz/. Fuck you reddit, fuck those retards for losing all their money.
I'm gonna be fucking 30 and a millionaire. My parents will be proud.

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That’s your fault kek. I’ve been bagholding AMC since December and I’m at a loss right now because the average is at $9 but never had I thought to go all in you dumbass nigger

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Everyone here was saying GME was a good buy <$20 but that retards trying to "beat the hedgies" or whatever the fuck it is you were trying to do were going to lose everything. Its not our fault you only saw and heard what you wanted to.

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Thank you for your money, retard. Perhaps next time you listen to the bears

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Don’t invest money unless you’re prepared to lose.

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The big reddit ponzy scheme has been acted with the greatest success. Well played reddit! Hope you like my $1.2k tribute.

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how the fuck was it possible to lose out on this? I got in at 80, MISSED the peak on thursday and exited smoothly on friday. Usually theres much less time to gtfo in a PND. You should have set yourself limits like
>If le gamma squeeze doesn't happen on friday the risk becomes too high to keep my shit in

I didn't even adhere to that a hundred percent and waited unitl monday with a bunch of shares kek. All in all did nice profit.

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Newfags or retarded

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fuck reddit and fuck stocks.I lost over 5000€ of my hard earn money investing in this fucking piece of shit scheme . My only positive income so far has been crypto and only on BTC and LINK, everything else is a fucking scam. I hate investing

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Lol his countries economy was wholesailed to China 30 years ago, and he still doesn't realize the the post sell out economy is going to resemble a mad max casino.

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I don't want to lose more

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no. you did no such thing

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>live with parents
>still somehow have 20,000 dollars to invest


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Fuck you faggot I bought in September and held through every dump only to sell at 43 the day it went to 72 for a modest 4x. You are a greedy and stupid nigger and I'm glad they shit on your head.

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Don't be this guy. Don't sell.

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I warned you all that if you bought in at 250 or higher you were not making a profit but instead throwing a molotov cocktail at Melvin. I thought you all knew that. I threw in 1,000 at 320 hoping it would cost Melvin millions, fully expecting to lose it all

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I've been living with my parents since I lost my job due to covid. $20,000 isn't much for someone in a similar situation who lives in a state with good unemployment.

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You can't beat a rigged game, bro

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>double or triple the money
you literally could have, you mistimed, perhaps in part due to the restriction of those securities.

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the strategy worked, if your stupid enough to buy a bubble after its already inflated thats your fault.

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lol just hold bro

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Oh if it was your unemployment money I'm glad it's gone, teaches you to leech off those who actually work.

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Actually I told about half a dozen /biz/ posters to absolutely not buy past 250

I did my part. I'm a good samaritan. The rest is on you idiots

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we only heard what we wanted to
t. 15 @$308
also bought a bunch of other of the meme stocks I'm out probably 6k from the 10 I put in. Should of listen you guys and myself after I was to scared to buy on Tuesday when it was still cheap but ended up with fomo when everything mooned Wednesday

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Why do these LARPs always sound so fake. Go to reddit if you want to see real loss porn.

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i would wager around half of those on ribbit are fake too. half of reddit is scammers preying on the genuine (albeit misplaced) benevolence of the other half. anytime a big event like this happens, there are people making crazy claims to bait out donations.

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Chad doomper beats virgin poomper.
Shoulda doomped.

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Put everything to Chainlink. You can thank me end of the year

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Your wojak’s not pink so I can only assume you’re not completely ruined

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How the fuck did you go from “double or triple $20,000” to “afford a nice house” sounds to me like you’re just retarded

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show receipts

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