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>Euros wake up
>Everything dumps

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it's 2pm in europe you god damn mutt dumper

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euros arent waking up for another couple hours yet

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So redest du nicht mit uns du Windhund

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are you retarded?

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i just woke up tho

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euros dont invest in anything besides Bausparen or Girokonto

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go back

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Jeder gute Deutsche und Europäer (ausgenommen sind die Untermenschen im slavischen Raum) ist schon vor Stunden aufgewacht du dummer Neger und jetzt verpiss dich du Sau!

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literally just got out of bed

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kek and how could I lose money competing with dumbos like this

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fucking polaks everywhere

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That's caused by mutts waking up at 5am for a day of wage slaving.

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Europoors have literally never pumped a coin

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It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it

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id like to thank americans for pumping my bags.
waking up and selling is my favorite hobby

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>this nigga wakes up at lunch time
Ask me how I know you are THHpanish

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>wake up
>women still exist

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It's 3 pm almost here...

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I believe he's here with us

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You know damn well anyone who spends all day trading crypto isn't going to wake up before 2pm

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Why are they like this

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Germanfag here. Every morning at 8am I see my portfolio make q sea of green, until then an hour later the britfags are opening up for the first wave of red, just to recover during the day to wait for the americucks to open their markets for another massive red candle. Fuck you Jerry. You should be thanking us Eurobros to pamp your stonks every day anew for you to fk it up.

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