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"why do 28 year old men sit at home and play video games all day?"

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cos my coin hasnt mooned yet

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Will never be able to afford a house. Women are trash now. No family. No purpose.

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You can afford a house but you’ll move the goalpost when I give you advice on how. If you’re not American I won’t comment though.

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If you're willing to move, and work hard the American dream is still out there.
The right woman will come to you if you dont always look like a degenerate pathetic chump.

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This is true give me one good reason to marry a woman today

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imagine living in a world where jews and their sympathizers artificially inflate house prices and strictly control housing supply

imagine living in a world where formerlt sane, child-bearing women now are only sexually interested in 100s of future felons

imagine living in a world where the only escape is pixels on a screen, as they offer the most cost efficient and low risk method of self actualization and self worth

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Boomer moment

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Women never come to you that is virgin talk. You have to go to them.

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I can make the same money just doing stock market at home but with less expenses than if i did mcdonalds

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Yep. No reason to even look. It's up to Musk to make catgirl robots with artificial wombs. It's the only way to save the human race.


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Man, Obama really fucked up Millennial lives huh?

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i agree, the only thing you (sometimes) forfeit is health insurance which we all know is a scam anyway

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>The right woman will come to you
Life isn't a disney movie, kid.

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I'm 21, I got bored with school (online classes are the biggest waste of time) so I dropped out without any plan whatsoever. Within 2 days of jobhunting I got 10 interviews and 3 on the spot offers, all six figures. It's really not that hard if you have any technical skill whatsoever. Literally all from watching Linus Tech videos lmao.

Poor people are either not trying or are retarded and cannot be saved.

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To avoid being an evolutionary dead end, you miserable degenerate.

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>cannot be saved.
Yes they can. It's not going to happen of course. It's much cheaper to keep flooding our countries with brown wage-slaves.

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nobody gets paid 100k to swap harddrives anymore

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But he’s not wrong. You fags constantly move the goalposts. You can live like a boomer did! Live in a house with no central HVAC, have a shitty car with crank windows and a suspension so trash you wish you could drive a modern sub compact. Get rid of the smart phone. Don’t pay for internet or Cable. Go to community college! There you get to experience life like a fucking boomer And how great they had it!

Or you could move to somewhere you can afford not in California or NYC. But we can’t talk about that because we gotta keep moving the goal posts for pity

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the 2008 market crash did

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good bait

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id like to hear it

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based. supply and demand baby! mr sheckelstein needs rajesh to code his API for 20k less per year, and he needs tyrone to enforce the streets

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Nice sentiment, it's not going to help. When your quality of life has dropped this quickly this fast people don't rise up to the challenge. We give up.

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>Within 2 days of jobhunting I got 10 interviews and 3 on the spot offers, all six figures


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Everyone look, this anon found the hidden job market of 100k Salary jobs with no formal education required.

You're a liar.

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how the fuck did boomers survive covid job losses?

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make the most out of every day

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Kill yourself natalist. This world has enough suffering.

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Yes they do. I directly emailed the people in charge of hardware procurement for enterprise businesses and offered to undercut their PC supplier, as well as help with any of their R&D software projects. A few architecture firms wanted to start using Unreal Engine for VR architecture so I showed them that I understood the basics and they hired me.

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>man up and marry that marxist, dem-voting whore
yikes and cringe

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The idea that men today are fundamentally different than men yesterday will always be stupid. Men don't change, the times do.

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the bulk of boomers are managers, they were the ones who chose who got fired


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No it's not, this isn't the 60's where all you needed was a high school diploma for a good job.

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Move to middle America. Not all rural places are jobless hellholes, I myself wouldn’t live in WV because of the lack of jobs.

Or maybe move to the south. You can find a perfectly nice house for a reasonable price. I will be the first to admit I doubt I could afford a house in nyc or commiefornia I make 55k and paid 170k for mine. No way could I do
A 1mil mortgage

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the education system babysits people for too long.

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Same here, dropped out of school but applied for a ton of jobs(put that I graduted with a masters in my resume, not like they ask to see your degree at the interview lol)

Got tons of offers ranging from 150k-200k on the spot, literally all I did was watch Pewdiepie videos lmao

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lol whats the point even of making this up

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tasty crunchy bait

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cause video games are fun responsibilities are not especially since all the rewards are worse than single life

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Because I have Autism. It's also why I explode over what is (to you) minor inconveniences. I changed my mind. I want something other than this. I don't want to end up like that fat geek Richard or his bespectacled loser nephew. Ayala, you better not leave after spending God knows how much time in pursuit. I don't want you to leave.

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How much do you hate boomers anons? Never before has a generation had it so easy and fucked everyone over as much.

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the jews made the education system longer so that youll pay them money for longer and not compete with boomers for longer as well :)

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If you're actually telling the truth (doubt), you're either brown or jewish.

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I've thought about this a lot and I think the real answer is that I live in a non-homogenous society that will be full of foreign people in the future

Why participate in a society that is going to be destoryed by joggers, taxes raped from me to keep me poor, etc

My only chance is to make it with crypto and buy 1k acres & build a bunker

or flee to another country & i have a small euro country in mind that has the least amount of jews or jogs in it

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Why fuck do people work past 60?

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You think I'm joking but I'm not. Boomers go crazy when you show them a basic Ue4 environment and start walking them through the different menus. A lot of these older firms haven't changed their business model in decades and are scrambling to find anyone who can do the most basic shit. I'm talking shit like this:

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Kill yourself faggot. You'll never contribute something to anything, you won't pass on your genes and no one will miss you when you're gone. The world has enough morons like you wasting space and resources as it is.

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>My only chance is to make it with crypto and buy 1k acres & build a bunker
Similar to my plan as well. Just hope the billionaires don't buy all the land. Just become self sufficient and live the hermit life while it all falls apart.

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What even us the purpose in life
>inb4 gay "we make our own purpose"

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Only coper here is you giving into primal instincts and incapable of rational thought.

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>Live in a house with no central HVAC

Wow retard, good luck with this when 15% of the world is a frozen hellscape and the rest is a 50 degree desert.

Stupid boomer faggot

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just ignore the troll guys

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The us was fuck long before Obama.

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come join the anti-shill thread, join the anti-shill discord server


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>implying children are contributions when sheboons will have thousands for welfare
Cope more cringe larper.

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yeah legit I'm going to lengths to build a surveillance ai system with sensors everywhere that will have mossad calling me to ask me how I built it

Not fucking around

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1965 when the Jews pushed through the Hart-Cellar act and opened the country to non-White immigration. That was the end of America.

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while the linus guy is larping, you could clear 100k$ annually doing b2b sales with no formal degree easy.

if you don't mind levering yourself to the gills you could also wait until the housing market is less fucky and you can actually evict tenants and go into real estate.

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Only thing I can think of is air traffic controller but that requires a ton of job specific training once they accept you, and the washout rate is extremely high.

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Something about a dead society not worth investing in

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Wrong, you get your dopamine from easy, simple things like a fucking video game and feeling you achieved something by watching a fkn Gary vee self help stream . People like you will make endless excuses for why they’re lazy and how they still haven't figured out how life has always been a competition for a scarce amount of resources/women, go ahead and opt out/become an incel but don’t whine about it . People have succeeded with much much less then you

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Truth. You'll always have to approach women for the most part but self improvement is everything. They want a put together man not some bum. Get your finances right, find your passion, be a good person.. But by then you realize a woman isn't necessary because your confidence is so high. You realize you could have anything. That's your god given right as a man.

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Frankly the fact that all of you think I'm a troll makes me realize the average IQ of this board is 40 points lower than I thought it was. Did none of you have a hobby in high school that ended up being a marketable skill?

I'm white of European descent living as a 3rd generation American.

Teach yourself something useful already

cope more

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youd probably be better off flipping in an area that has a supply of houses that dont cost 850k+

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>primal instincts
>Ensuring the survival of your species
>Honouring the billions of years of so-called "suffering" that produced you, a nihilistic faggot who would destroy it all in favour of sensual pleasures regardless
>Upholding the only thing that separates you from worthless, inert matter, the default state of which is death - your ability to preserve evolution's progress through reproduction.

What a dumbfuck.

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Life is what you make it anon!

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American Dream is still out there just:

- move from your home, that’s been devastated by over prescribed opiates in the 90s and now wrecked with heroin.
- wait for a thot to give you her approval.

Yeah, I’m thinking your a faggot daydreamer. I deal in realism, not some pussyboi fantasy world.

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i make 150k a year as a software engineer at 28 years old bro fight me

id rather just play video games though

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I hate them, but if I think about it for more than a few minutes, I feel nothing because they got away with it and there is nothing we can do. It's not like we can take away the best years of their lives like they are doing to us. Boomers get 10 years of mediocre living before they die and we all get to deal with the hellish aftermath.

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shut the fuck up you retarded incel

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We got a house using USDA loans last summer. We just had to come up with the closing costs around 8k and did 0 down payment. We gave our realtor a letter about wanting the house for our kids and a picture of our toddlers so the sellers sold to us even though they had a lot of offers and could have gotten more money. They wanted to sell to us for our kids. A lot of boomers are selling their big houses and downsizing, paying cash with their sold house gains so it was hard to compete but we finally got a house in the 200k range we could afford that was pretty decent. But if we didnt include anything about raising our family they would have sold to someone else. There arent many houses theres a low inventory with a lot of people looking and going way over asking price. We were very lucky to get it. But its not impossible. We kept trying and pushed through. Look into USDA loan if you cant afford a down payment or the pmi.

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Let their bloodlines die out anon

>> No.27565031

>just move lmao

Yeah, throw away your entire life and roots and go somewhere far away, where you have no connections or support structure, find a place to rent even though you don't even have a fucking job lined up, and pray that you'll find something decent where you now are, despite having no connections and currently in a world where nobody is hiring because nobody is even in their fucking offices in the first place.

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In 2019 on /biz/ someone said they would grant wishes to the first dubs/trips, cant remember which. People were wishing for market improvements but I wished for a big butt asian gf by EOY. I rolled first and OP PROMISED it would happen. Couple months later I got my big butt asian gf, impregnated her, and now I work from one of my homes trading, NEETing, and looking after my son. All you have to do is believe and roll first in wish granting threads.

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>tfw the two Microsoft certs I got in high school and all the networking I did got me nothing

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>The right woman will come to you

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the aftermath wont be hellish, look at how good life was AFTER the plague killed 33% of europe

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This is so delusional it's insane, make a tinder account with a good looking guy and you will see this is bullshit. Women approach men all the time, they just ain't approaching the ugly ones.

People deserve to go extinct, cry more for me dog.

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You are just a pedofile who fucks his own kids

>> No.27565146

I think he meant they'll appear and be available, not that they'll start hitting on you.

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>muh bootstraps
how does it feel knowing that your children will put you in a home where nigerians will abuse you boomer?

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Apply to more jobs, find large enterprise businesses worth >$1B who have become so overloaded with bureaucracy that they don't adapt quickly.

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>Or maybe move to the south.
I already live in Texas where housing is cheap. How much more South do you want us to move to? I make $10K a year, I'm never going to afford a house.

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>all of these incels complaining that they can't get a girl to fuck
>I could get virtually any girl but I don't feel like it because it would take time away from my crypto trading and I want to have $100M net worth by EOY

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I work in fire alarms. Everyone is old. Young people are retarded and lazy. I'm 30. I'm the youngest person in my field. Young people are lazy and retarded

>> No.27565214

>comparing the coronavirus meme to the black death
Morbidity/mortality rates are comparable to the flu. It's literally just a flu that's been hyped up to whip people into a mass hysteria. Enjoy your never-ending police state lockdowns.

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I've never seen anyone with kids this happy or in shape. They're all miserable and live like poor people even if they earn $100k/yr

>> No.27565286

Not many in my area sadly, potentially some in the nearest major city but I've found no openings currently. My best options seem to be boring soul killing data analysis positions.

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basically we need to kill baby boomers and half of the world's problems would go away

>> No.27565317

I'd rather die suddenly while sleeping late into the afternoon than live a long, 'healthy" life working the deep fryer

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you can’t compete, so you quit. It’s not that uncommon anon unfortunately you’re doing it at 28 and will regret it at 40 when you grow up, kick the video games and go spend that time in a boxing gym and get smacked around until you learn to become a competitive man, get those primal instincts going again that you’ve neutered

>> No.27565340

Hopefully with work from home for many jobs this will be easier for people to do. I’ve moved back to a lower cost area since working from home and paid like $220k for a nice 3bd house and some land. Getting the higher urban area salary but the lower costs of living outside the city is the perfect combo.

>> No.27565349

Congrats anon you made it

>> No.27565360

Until you can't even enjoy video games anymore. Then you just wait until you fade away

>> No.27565383

If you can get the boring job, take it. It might be a grind but it gives you leverage when looking for jobs in the future. Your resume looks better and you can demand a 15% higher salary than your last job. If they really want you they'll pay you.

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>claiming can't get laid
Pretty sure you didn't read this thread. I found girls to fuck, but they aren't worth marrying or keeping around. That is what some of us are saying here.

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And this is why I say fuck god. Sadist bitches shouldn't be worshiped.

DIAMOND PUNCH *rips god's head off*

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Disregard genital stimulation.

>> No.27565465

for fucks that don't understand, it's a quarantine / stay-at-home meme

>> No.27565469

This. I have a right to complain that I can't afford to live in a city my family has lived in for 80 years, where all of my friends are, where all my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, siblings, and parents live, even though I work hard at a respectable white collar job while being frugal. Nope, I should just accept boomers using housing as retirement plans, foreign investors dumping their money, and controlling the government to prevent new housing from being built to maintain and raise their net worth. Just accept it and move. Don't complain

>> No.27565477

Can a man lay down with his wife and children and not have western freaks call him a pedo? so much projection cause they can’t be trusted

>> No.27565490

lol even video games are trash now.

Good lifestyle = unaffordable

Women = insufferable

Vidya = boring as fuck

All I have left is my crypto trading account and my hardware wallet. I am entirely reliant on crypto booming in the 2020s more than it did in the 2010s.

>> No.27565499

>the American dream is still out there
youre a massive faggot lol

>> No.27565528

Seethe harder incel. Good looks are indicators of a superior underlying immune system, among several other possibilities. It's only right that if you'e more attractive, things are easier for you. Unless of course you want to accelerate the niggerization of the world like the mutt degenerate you are. Why don't you hop off tinder and go meet women in real life? Oh yes, I remember, even their primary function is useless to you and you probably just see them as a drain on resources - which would be ironic. Are you gay and autistic? Maybe you're right and should remove yourself from the genepool post haste.

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must be nice being jewish

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thank you grandpa we get it

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its unironically the jews keeping us poor through taxation & abusing our resources for wars in the middle east so they can secure israel

they encourage feminism/racemixing etc. so we don't organize against them and go 1488 but this generation of jews got power hungry and lost the plot & now people are on their scent

once we remove jews once and for all things will be great, for white ppl at least

>> No.27565665

I want /pol/ invaders to leave

>> No.27565676

I left /pol/ for /biz/. Gtfo with that cringy bullshit ragebait pls.

>> No.27565681

>people deserve to go instinct
then why the fuck are you mentioning banging girls?
Humans who reproduce should get skinned alive

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We need to remove the jews, foreigners, and finally whites can actually prosper again. Join the movement white man.

>> No.27565731

Lmao wtf is with this guy's face, he looks like he's seething with rage and either about to freak out or break into a huge smile

>> No.27565734

It's really not. You have a weak mindset. Tinder is pretty much a shallow hookup factory. Just because not all men get aggressively approached doesn't mean the average man can't find a good woman or love or a hookup or whatever they want. It just means you have to have more balls, game, and generally be better. Not gonna lie the 10/10 guy is going to get a bunch of chances to fuckup where as a 6 or 7 may only get one chance to fuckup and it's done. But if you're going to frame the conversation as what model will approach you, you're already pre emptively admitting defeat.

>> No.27565787

:( too pussy to kill myself hope someone takes me out of my misery


>> No.27565788

Jews and baby boomers are the same thing. They are both responsible for keeping everyone but themselves poor. Wake up. Baby boomers must die

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i gave it my all, wageslaving and all, turning tricks to selling meth. im broker then i ever was. I just gave up man, selling dope to local druggies makes me enough to live and there is ungodly amounts of dope users these days. hmmm i wonder why.

>> No.27565799

I'm an atheist turned semi-spiritual from DMT. All religions originate from hallucinogenic experiences, but the Judeo-Christian 'God' is definitely not the source of creation. Again, holding onto retarded ideas like organized religion will prevent you from ever truly making it.

>> No.27565822

You can have kids without getting married.

>> No.27565885

Karmic debt is real anon, you’ll learn that one day

>> No.27565932

cringe as fuck

you just have shitty grandparents or you're not white

>> No.27565975

LOL if karma were real, rich baby boomers would all be tortured to death. Instead they face no consequences

>> No.27565991

I'm a schizoid
normal life was never an option

>> No.27565994

>Women are trash now
women reflect the men in society

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get your gay ass karma out of here, i was a good boy until i sold drugs because i was fucked over and shat on all my life. i really dont have sympathy for my buyers because they do it to themselves.

>> No.27566008

I think many people were tricked into having kids too early or having them outside of their means. The nuclear family meme that is. Having kids is probably a great experience if you're ready for it. But it's so much responsibility and stress that if you have one by accident with the girl who you honestly just got with for sex and don't love..
Yeah it's going to be shit. My parents did that for like 30 years and my childhood wasn't the best. I see it all the time. But these kind of things can be changed over time as long as people learn from the mistakes of their fathers.

>> No.27566009

You know that some views that you decree as /pol/ are and have been regularly held views by average people for a long time, right?

Regardless, labeling posters and arguments as "/pol/ boogeymen" just further increases division, especially when these topics effect people and are more relevant than ever before.

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>> No.27566066

>you just have shitty grandparents or you're not white
Dumbass apologist. Only thing cringe here is you for defending the people that keep you poor

>> No.27566088


Yee, they're just half-kids

>> No.27566107

Looks are a result of genetic recombination, environmental effects are pretty much minor. You type like an ESL poster though so you are guaranteed to be either poor or retarded to understand.

The point is that average men are opting outta that now anon due to hypergamy, demands are ever increasing. At times the only winning move is not to play.

>> No.27566113

shut up fucktard, don't sell me trading my life to be a nobody while our cornerstones of capitalism made billions of dollars today by being connected to other billionaires and shit and breathe and sleep. merit is officially a boomer meme. die faster. You will be blotted out as a criminal generation who tried to enslave their own children and we'll spit on you.

>> No.27566145

Yep. And men have no reason to marry them or improve their behavior. It's not going to be fixed, especially with the degenerate left in power.

>> No.27566201


>> No.27566209

They're basically the same religion with some tiny tweaks because some asshole thousands of years ago decided he needed to be in charge so he made up his own 'team.' Not talking about Jesus but someone later using his story to boost his own position.

>> No.27566211

Yes but why. Children should be raised within a family unit with their mother and father. When the intra-parental bond is weak or strained there are psychological ramifications for the children.

But you're right I guess. You could always just move to Chicago or Detroit and bumble along with the other nigs and a string of baby mamas, dodging child support and collecting stds like medals.

>> No.27566246

>60 and over
Oh, so the people who have cushy positions and don't have to do shit besides zoom calls from home?

>> No.27566248

Somewhat agree, but it also falls on women to properly analyze and make judgements on what man she'll be with. Plenty of women ignore all bad signs and let themselves be abused.

>> No.27566284

If you wait too long, your kids are gonna be downies (unless you take a young wife). It's a rigged system.

>> No.27566291

dubs tho

>> No.27566357

Many of them fucked up and didn't buy a house when they should have, or they sold their house and rented for awhile to look for a new place, but then got priced out of the market, so they need to keep working

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okay brah

this is wrong, women want a daddy & the government is providing them with resources & encouraging feminism so they go full degen

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Surely nothing bad will happen!
Biden will fix everything!
>ha ha ha ha ha ha

>> No.27566492

if you plot the mean for 16-59, it wouldn't look all that different from the boomers. it's delusional to think that younger workers shouldn't be hardest hit by economic downturns. they have more time to recover. suck it up, you little bitches

>> No.27566498

Opting out of what? The dating pool? At the end of the day it's just a numbers game. But look no decent women wants to be with a guy who has no passion he's pursuing, and isn't living his life with meaning. Guys who sit around and complain about not getting women while not doing shit with themselves are in an endless depression cycle. You have to take control of your life.

>> No.27566568

Wrong. Feminism is a cancer and it has destroyed the world.

>> No.27566592

>enivornmental effects are pretty much minor
Quote where I said otherwise?

>You type like an ESL poster
Putting these two points together it's pretty clear that you're a retard who can't read or think critically for shit. You're just a weak willed faggot who gets off on being angry at the world whilst yourself having nothing of value to offer. Thank fuck you don't want to have children, retard. Kys and end your suffering.

>> No.27566599

>basically the same religion

Who is the messiah of the Judeo-Christian religion?
What is the Judeo-Christian position on usury?
How do Judeo-Christians feel about heathens?

>> No.27566605

kikes broke the rules, but their hubris will be the end of them

>> No.27566610

i can't hold a job and i'm a literal schizo. people will say i'm making excuses and moving goalposts so i don't waste my time with them. they'll never understand what it's like to be me.

>> No.27566621

This is why you get wealthy and date young. There's nothing wrong with that and I'll never subscribe to the modern day bullshit that there isn't. Provided you're actually a good guy taking care of her. Plenty of women like older men.

>> No.27566636


They came here with Reddit

>> No.27566827

>Good looks are indicators of a superior underlying immune system
Your such an easy read you larping trad ESL nigger, forgot what you typed already you dumb fuck?

What do women bring to the table again?

>> No.27566836

>feminism is cancer
I mean yes but it turned terminal because of the sick society it had to run free in.

>> No.27566842

Because if your under 5:9 height in western countries or a sub 8 male you will be invisible to women because they only want Chad

There's no incentive to work men in the past found wives and had families girls in 2020 only want the top 20% of men

>> No.27566896

Because the Boomers are fucking assholes that didn't save any money, so they can't retire. 33% of them have NOTHING saved for retirement. ZERO.

>> No.27566953

If this is true, kill yourself and end it now, pussy. DO IT.

No faggot, he's right. I mean look at you, harping on an aged political fad that the majority of women don't even by into - claiming that it has "destroyed the world". Again, if your world is destroyed then kys. Surely you aren't delusional enough to believe that you can rebuild a destroyed world, are you? Fucking retard, are you even old enough to post here?

>> No.27567053

>Hurr durr it's the world's fault

Ever suppose the women and culture are trash because.. you're probably trash too? What have you done for society to make it better?

>> No.27567063

90% of millenials dont even have $1000 bro what's your point

>> No.27567078
File: 57 KB, 1080x1059, 1610998466832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The problem with respect to hordes of losers being at an ATH is due to the increase in asymmetric payoffs across fields. Every field is more competitive and more precise with the slight nudge of luck or advantage tipping the scale and mooning the winner. Even for careers that are not as scalable (waging) the amount of work required to craft and search for a job is getting considerably more difficult. I doubt all these people are just playing video games all day as much as they are losing because the winners are sucking up the profits and attention so thoroughly.

>> No.27567122


>> No.27567157

We need to just abandon modern life entirely. Start living like the Amish and let the economy just burn.

>> No.27567216

Are you actually fucking retarded?
Explain how
>good looks are an indicator of a superior underlying immune system
Have anything to do with
>environmental factors
when I'm referring to genetic factors. You must be a larp/troll. No one can be this devoid of brain cells. Your shit embodies what it means to be the epitome of fucking retard.

>> No.27567254

lets make a list of everyone working over ago 70 and cancel them!

>> No.27567258

fuckoff with your "ist" barking you useless dog.

>> No.27567265

this lol^. and they wonder why 110 coming soon.

>> No.27567266

A reset like that is kind of what it'll take to save the west.

>> No.27567295
File: 3 KB, 112x112, ahaahaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>90% of millenials dont even have $1000.
Wow, you just made me feel better about myself, poorfag.

>> No.27567314

In that case, based as fuck.

>> No.27567318

"I cantz find a woman!"

And this is always the follow-up, without fail.

>> No.27567414

Remember what the Weimar Germans did when their rulers broke them? They just fucked off into the the forests to try to rebuild themselves.

>> No.27567435


These threads are great morale boosters I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not

>> No.27567461

You have to be asleep to believe it.


>> No.27567466

Based but due to inflation it's now over for sub 9 men as well.

Immune systems are entirely environmental and have very little to do with genetics.

>> No.27567502

Yes, you can buy a house in rural areas of cheaper states, the problem is that you better fucking have your other shit in order
>money saved up
You're going to have a harder time achieving any of those things once you move out to the sticks, or live in an area with tons of niggers

>> No.27567503

>it's a woman's job to think
women are trash because men are trash

>> No.27567627

Based. Although, my gf wants to adopt if we have kids and I'm not having that. It's either my genes or no kids. I have cheat codes in my dna

>> No.27567683

Men who gave women the right to vote are trash.

>> No.27567691
File: 111 KB, 512x500, 1601683351733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree, the amount of work to secure a low paying entry level job is disturbing. The requirements and endless certificate needs are unfathomable. We have too many university graduates and it is flooding the workplace. Your degree is becoming worthless, without a masters or PhD you won't see yourself getting out of the rat race without some luck.
We no longer value trades workers in society, we no longer value our white culture and we have seen a destruction of everything we know. These problems all stem from a couple of things and its time for change.

>> No.27567782


>> No.27567797

>Move to middle America.
any options for a darkie such as myself? i just want to live my life in peace without paying $1600 for rent and i don't need old white people showing me prejudice.
>inb4 go to detroit
i hate niggers

>> No.27567932

Why hasn't a FAANG company hired you yet black anon? Just get a degree in comp sci.

>> No.27567936

Let's get one thing straight. A CHILD is not equivalent to a sounder of WORTHLESS NIGLETS.


>immunity is entirely environmental
I'm done.

>> No.27567974
File: 45 KB, 676x676, IMG_20210103_033110_696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bring your gains back to Africa and live like a KANG.

>> No.27568003

4/10, work on your bait. why would you gain from larping as a shitskin?
if you're really afraid of racism in the middle states just fuck off and kill yourself.

>> No.27568004

Reading this makes me sad cause I hear abou people living their dreams and "finding their passion" but I haven't at my age and it sucks. Maybe should make a post about it b/c I'm curious how different people went about finding it, was it intentional searching, how long did it take, was it by chance?

>> No.27568035

You literally have programs and quotas to make sure you're successful even if you're retarded. Just stay in your local metro and move up the ladder.

>> No.27568094

so its men's job to fix women? no thanks

>> No.27568105

Have you even pictured what this planet is going to be like in 50 years? It's going to be so dystopic, it's not even funny. You want your kids to grow up in that shit? Chances are, they would probably kill themselves.

>> No.27568152

This should be the automatic response to anyone complaining about Boomers. All these retarded twentysomethings think Boomers just waltzed into the lap of luxury, when everything was going their way. They want the lives that Boomers had/have starting in the late 90s, not before that.

My folks were living with literal squatters in a rat infested hell hole in Times Square in the late 80s. My mom has all sorts of stories about stepping over hookers strung out by their stairwell, and being chased by various coked up street people if they ever went outside after dark. No heat, no AC, no cable, grilled cheese or peanut butter 7 days a week. Most of the Millennials who graduated into the Recession eventually made it off the beach and built a life for themselves. These fucking pussies would have been shitting themselves pale if they had to deal with what life was like back then with years and years of terrible employment. If you failed to get your act together in the last five or six years, you're an actual moron and need to sit down and come to terms with that fact.

>> No.27568210

This used to be really easy to do, but now there are too many laws.

>> No.27568237

>from man
what are you fucking retarded? women's actions are a reflection of men completely. Stop being a fucking pussy.

>> No.27568242

>Variation in the human immune system is largely driven by non-heritable influences

Very wise anon.

>> No.27568246

Imagine if your ancestors had this mentality during the black death. Life has been terrible for most of history. The 20th century was the exception, not the rule.

>> No.27568254
File: 106 KB, 360x326, wen u feel scare or frigten 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.27568303

That sounds like a nightmare. I didn't live through that but heard stories from people who lived in NYC during the crack epidiemic.

>> No.27568362

If you can afford the move, and are business savvy, you can unironically move to one of several African countries and live a comfortable life without getting shot by Reshaun and Lil Nigga Shawty Johnson just because you're wearing the wrong color hat.
Not even meming, you wouldn't have to live in some urban jungle, and you'd have more business opportunities there than in the US.

>> No.27568383

I personally would love a son and a daughter, both intact, paragons of the human race and trained from birth to be wary of jews.

t. never letting my kids NEAR a jew until they're old enough to defend themselves against the inevitable cannibalism and blood sacrifice attempts.

>> No.27568408

if having a job was just about working I wouldn't be in my current predicament
turned out software dev requires a lot of social interaction tho, either with coworkers in the office, or with the client if freelancing, lots of which is not work related
having family was never a possibility considering how asocial I am
at this point I'd rather just play vidya all day and wait for death

>> No.27568445

yer retarded

>> No.27568459
File: 3.23 MB, 4032x3024, D36886F9-FEF8-4C79-A10E-D1ED75C61DED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lul kys

>> No.27568511

That's different though. Humanity is dying a spiritual death, not a physical one. More smartphones, surveillance, computers, etc. Before you know it, people won't even meet face to face anymore. We will spend our lives hooked up to computers. It's really fucking creepy. Have you ever been with a group of your friends and you just look up and everyone in the room is just staring at their smartphones, never going outside and letting the natural beauty around them pass by? I'm talking about shit like that but on a way bigger level.

>> No.27568702

I live in middle America and the houses here are too expensive even.
150k seems so far that my body will likely give out before I could pay it all off.

>> No.27568882

i am looking into comp sci. as for the programs, it feels like "cheating" especially because those programs prioritize minorities, but okay. i'll look into that stuff now.
I have NEVER been to Africa in my entire life.
go shove a crowbar up your ass faggot

>> No.27569003

Oh man, it was nuts, haha. They alluded to it when I was a kid, but it wasn't until I was older that I got some specifics. They heard someone get stabbed to death right outside their bedroom window on the street below, and the cops just never showed up and the body was just there for the next day or so. They were both artists and had a good community to help them through, which is good because I couldn't imagine doing that all alone. New York used to be fucking insane.

>> No.27569036

>Women are trash now

This. Not owning a house isn't the end of the world, but women are fucking insufferable to date now. They only look at dating as what they can receive, not what they can provide. It's toxic as fuck and down right dehumanizing to try and date a women in today's age.

>> No.27569038

>formerlt sane, child-bearing women now are only sexually interested in 100s of future felons
No, they were always interested in tough guys, it's just that in the past they had to capitulate and marry nerds to secure their meal tickets. This is no longer the case, but nerds still think they can coast by on just their income because they haven't gotten the memo yet

>> No.27569233

I have a friend that's early 30's, makes 150k a year before taxes, jacked as hell, handsome, and even he can't find a decent woman. It's actually really fucking depressing because if it was years ago, he would already have a wife and 2-3 kids by now.

>> No.27569239

Whoever convinced all these boomers that a virus that's particularly lethal for them is actually a thing that's either trivial to get over or doesn't exist at all is a genius

>> No.27569256

Women just want to have children. They have always and will always be unbearable, but life is meaningless without them.

>> No.27569262

I think most young nerds have got the memo and joined incel/redpoll/mgtow communities. It's the older marvel loving retards that betabux and become male feminist's.

>> No.27569333

have sex.

>> No.27569369


>> No.27569469

No, it's a man's job to fix himself. Women are this way because weak men allow them to be. Drop women from the pedestal, earn money, fuck traps, and vote republican. Everything else will fall into place

>> No.27569536

Yeah, I get it. Honestly, I think everyone's best bet is to abstain or heavily restrict themselves from using certain technologies. For example, why do you even need a cellphone anymore if you're inside all day? I've barely used mine since COVID started. I've stopped taking it with me when I go out and I just let it sit in a drawer all day. Consciously and intentionally fight spiritual decay.

I don't blame people for taking advantage of diversity policies. I would too if I could. The HR lady decided the hire needed to be brown before the position was posted, so white men never had a chance to start with.

>> No.27569542

shut up faggot tranny KYS

>> No.27569603

yeah i believe this

>> No.27569655

The thing that caused all this was unironically feminism and online dating. We put women on too high of a pedestal and constantly indulged their whims for decades. Now they have zero inventive to come down and any man that criticizes them is misogynistic or a rapist.

>> No.27569697
File: 612 KB, 831x620, cb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27569820

Why do you think so many of us on this board put financial independence ahead of getting lambos with our gains? I could capitulate out of crypto right now and buy a brand-new Huracan with the gains I made, but I'm holding out for a better future instead

>> No.27569881

They should be joining gyms instead and fixing themselves, maybe they're being body positive

>> No.27569899


>> No.27569970

>almost climbed to pre-recession levels
>drop straight fucking down in 2020

god damn

>> No.27570035

His name? Albert Einstein

>> No.27570089
File: 150 KB, 831x1200, DwYlg5mVAAAJA4g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gotta take the 2D pill anons

>> No.27570239

The worst part is that it was on a massive pump instead of the economy actually fixing itself. Also, what counted as "employed" at the time isn't what most people would consider "employed". They counted the massive number of underemployed people as "employed" for this metric; if you had a proper degree but were stuck flipping burgers because your job got outsourced, you were "employed", congrats! Rona didn't actually ruin things with the economy so much as it accelerated them.

>> No.27570260

Lmfao at all the ugly faggots who have never had a woman approach them/ pursue them. Just because it doesn’t happen to YOU,doesn’t mean other attractive people are being chased by bitches 24/7

>> No.27570373

There are a billion pajeets would would lick dust off the floor for their spots tho

>> No.27570387

If you aren't making at least six figures by the time you're 24, you might as well kill yourself.

>> No.27570509

Let me guess, you just turned 24?

>> No.27570680

No, I'm 22, making $95k with a clear promotion path to a six figure position at the company I work at.

>> No.27570774
File: 9 KB, 258x196, images (4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>whether you live or die should be determined by how many sheckles you possess
Gee I wonder who could be behind this post

>> No.27570841
File: 104 KB, 376x341, 1547564639610.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27570994

>Surely you aren't delusional enough to believe that you can rebuild a destroyed world
Thats what the elites have been doing since the beginning of mankind

>> No.27571001

>The HR lady decided the hire needed to be brown before the position was posted, so white men never had a chance to start with.
Yeah I don't believe in that. If you can do a job better than someone else, you should be hired. I'd rather be given the same chance as everyone else, not a role reversal where one ethnic group is prioritized over the other, because then it would be no different from the '50s. We're just going backwards.
kek, nah this isn't me. it doesn't matter what your race is to me, i just don't get along with people that live degenerate lifestyles, ie most blacks/poor people. if you have no goals and choose to rob people and smoke weed all day, we're not gonna get along. i do think blacks falling for the white supremacy thing is sad and weakminded though.

>> No.27571017

Women have always been trash in our society. The change happened when we removed the man's ability to keep the woman in line wtihout also fixing the woman's immaturity, entitlement, and impudence. So really the women have never reflected the men as much as the default was a battle of the sexes and then we took the men's swords and gave the women guns.

>> No.27571034

What does this graph prove?
People who are 60 in working are likely to be in managerial positions or have tenure of some kind. Companies have always been reluctant to fire long-time employees.
Honestly, the biggest surprise is that the 60+ crowd got that big a dip at all. Apparently a lot of boomers are still working at walmart.

>> No.27571270
File: 91 KB, 960x1024, 1612116540085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is just sad cringe. Stop posting. You will never be white.

>> No.27571279

>Need 3 Years Experience before you can get this job
Holy shit kill, why are people like this ?

>> No.27571323

Dump your gf ASAP, if she's even considering adopting she's mentally ill and more interested in ideology than in you and your potential family together. Learn from my mistake.

>> No.27571401

ok boomer

>> No.27571631

>If you can do a job better than someone else, you should be hired.

The sentiment is nice, but that's not how it works. It's almost always nepotism and when it's not, it's usually a quota.

>> No.27571693

>Companies have always been reluctant to fire long-time employees.
The problem now is that these companies are being eaten alive or absorbed by larger corporations because of their empathy. I've seen it firsthand. I used to work at a family company that despite the fact that they've spent millions modernizing their equipment, they just live in the past, keep the same old business practices and have a shit ton of Boomers there that won't retire. I get that they care about their workers, but these people should be retired by now. You can't save everybody, so it makes sense to prioritize the future rather than the past.

>> No.27571745

Baby boomers refuse to retire think theure gonna live forever

>> No.27571814

>that plebbit spacing tho

>> No.27571948

>cherry picks the small handful of Boomers that had to struggle like it was fucking 1932.
Why do Boomers always do this?

>> No.27571969

Also date multiple until exclusivity is agreed on by both parties in clear communication

>> No.27572890

This reminds me of when my Mom talks about needing to work 2 part-time jobs before she bought her first house in her mid twenties, but manages to spin it like she survived a war.

It's not even that bad. I lived in a shitty apartment in a major metro that didn't have A/C, heat, cable (oh the horror), no consistent hot water and niggers stabbing/shooting each other literally right outside of my window while I was in college. Contrary to popular belief, most millennials and zoomers live in worse conditions than the boomers that had it bad and we complain about it less overall than they do because it's our normal.

>> No.27573270

Life is an ez mode for us fellow darkie. Look up scholarships and get a comp. sci degree, with full ride, refuse to take the scholarship until they give you a full ride, they are desperate to get their quotas filled.
Same shit with job placement, we can literally pick and choose.

>> No.27573445
File: 114 KB, 253x253, AUafzLs4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"The Industrial Revolution And Its Consequences Have Been A Disaster For The Human Race"

>> No.27573473

No man is poor who has friends.

>> No.27573685

dude it sucks lol

>> No.27573700

true. day of the pillow when?

Whenever I talk to my parents it just becomes more evident there is a massive disconnect on how they see the world and how we see the world. They grew up in a time where 90% of their time was spent, I assume, out and about, doing errands, talking to the librarian to find a book and use those magnifying glass machines to look at old newspapers. Chatting with the neighbors around the block. Going bowling and gossiping at the office and salon.

Now think about the interaction most people on this board have. If they are anything like me (20 something males in the west) I can tell you right now at least 50% of my waking life from age 10 and up has been in front of some sort of screen. Despite the fact that the civic life boomer americans enjoyed being completely destroyed like I just mentioned, we also have fewer prospects, and more pressure from our parents.

I don't think boomers had high expectations from their parents. When I talk to most of them their life story is like, "whaa dude I did LSD at a concert.. then I found my girl at the football game and Ive been working at the concrete company ever since." It seems to me, they had this carefree attitude that everything would more or less be okay no matter what they decided to do.

Nowadays parents hound their kids to do da homework 9 hours a day, "WHY are you no doctor yet?" If you don't get at LEAST a BA you will be flipping BURGERS for the rest of your LIFE!
They would always point to every homeless dude we would every see and say, "See him!? That's what YOU'RE going to be without a college education!"
Fast forward and I find out that colleges are firstly scams, but also gathering places of dumb and narcissistic people, and the only reason my parents talk it up so much is because they are one of them.
I am now realizing that we just call those people normies. This leads to my final conclusion which is fuck normies.

>> No.27573746

>I make $10K a year,
How about get a better job retard

>> No.27573865

I agree but not before white people take back what they gave away then everyone can die knowing what was what.

>> No.27573955

just think about zoomers, they're gonna be butthurt we get to eat bugs and they subsist on basedpaste

>> No.27574039

Kill yourself right now, you're suffering.

>> No.27574186

if I go airforce as a network engineer
how do I spread out to software engineering and be multi-skilled
just learn2code in down time
gi bill while in and multi major?
go for certs?

>> No.27574795

>WHY are you no doctor yet?" If you don't get at LEAST a BA you will be flipping BURGERS for the rest of your LIFE!
wow can i relate to this. it's all i'm told, reminds me of the generic "be a doctor or lawyer" talk. never asked what I want to do with MY LIFE. parents try too hard to live through their kids just because they're old and want to be young again.
>This leads to my final conclusion which is fuck normies.
checked and based.

>> No.27574861

why do rich people show up to meetings everyday and worry about getting more money when they already have a house, wife, and all their bill set for life?

Thats the real question

People play games because its PLAY, its what normal humans live for.

>> No.27574951

If I ever have kids, I'm going to point to garbage men and plumbers and electricians and say "See that guy? You need to make more than $90k/year before you even think of looking down on him. And be sure to tell your teacher I said that if she does the same."
The absolute hatred toward blue collar work in this country is so ridiculous. I don't know how many B and C students I knew who would have been happy as fuck using their brains and working with their hands but they were shoved into debt prison instead. It's like ((they)) knew houses would be impossible for millenials to buy, so they had to rope them into a mortgage somehow.

>> No.27575361
File: 252 KB, 805x358, Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 10.42.23 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I make $10K a year

>> No.27575414

Fuck off SIMP

>> No.27575452

Yea the brainwashing everyone into going to college was a clever way to make every human a debt slave from their first moments of adulthood. That plus the new necessities of a working car and a phone.

Ive noticed a difference between college educated people and non college educated people. I like the "uneducated" people a lot more. They are freer, happier, less schizophrenic and narcissistic. I worked 1 year in a govt office and it was full of depressed, middle aged narcissists. It was my first office job, and it looked exactly like the office from fight club, I couldnt believe how depressing it was.

I realized Im gonna do 6 years of studying bullshit I mostly hate for the reward of 50 years in an awful depressing environment with mediocre pay. Fuck just kill me now, and this is on TOP of the fact that I never got a real childhood... No stories, just slavery from birth to death.

>> No.27575589

They are completely delusional. As you pointed out, one of the bigger problems is the disconnect between them and us. They give us advice that they would have given themselves when they were in their 20s, but the World is not even remotely the same. The nagging about education would have been the right thing to do 40 years ago when college was dirt cheap and actually taught valuable skills. Now you can get a better education just sitting around googling shit. They don't understand how easy it is these days to spiral into life crippling debt by living a lifestyle that was completely normal not too long ago. Most boomers are not malicious imo though, they're just stuck in 1999 and are not able to comprehend the struggles of modern man.

Zoomers are beyond fucked. I guess at least they have the advantage of not knowing comfort and safety, so hopefully they won't be as depressed as we are.

>> No.27575649

Anyone who inserts their college education into a conversation that is specifically not about their field of study is an absolute tool.

>> No.27575709

underrated post
males are competitive by nature. a society that gives people the freedom of choice yet bars the youth from a fair chance at climbing the ladder will find young men navigating towards environments where that need to win can be fulfilled

>> No.27575769

The American dream isn't dead, just incredibly different. Honestly, good. Too many faggots who shouldn't be here (me included) but are because of how easy it used to be to make it in America thanks to the gov. Survival of the fittest, niggers.

>> No.27575861

I am ripped, tall, make 6 figures, own multiple properties and I can tell you that this is a complete lie. The average woman that 'comes to you' is utter scum.

>> No.27575911
File: 170 KB, 1920x1280, 71ce915f4f17d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27576004

The key is to enter hispanic instead of caucasian on the equal employment opportunity form.

>> No.27576128

It's an AI generated face

>> No.27576251

It means literally all of the 11.8 million jobs created in the US in the last 21 years have gone to Boomers.

>> No.27576339

Notice how there's not difference between this boomer post and /pol/ posts.

>> No.27576342

The zoomers will be on phone screens from fucking day one. I at least made it out of elementary without smart phones. They will turn out to be mentally fucked, but probably less arrogant than boomers.

As for the boomers, are they malicious? No but they totally expose all of humanity to the fact that the human brain stops learning after age 30. Not their fault that all the wisdom they spent their lives gathering became obsolete. It will happen to us too. The world is changing too fast. Its too much for a human mind to comprehend, a human mind doesnt want this and cant cope wth this. The illusion of control that boomers had has been completely removed for us and zoomers though. It will be interesting to see what sort of mental maladies express themselves in the working stiffs of the near future who will feel and know they are rats in a cage.

>> No.27576407
File: 142 KB, 1078x1078, 1610663890902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they don't understand how the economy has been 100% fucked because they're the ones who crashed it on the way to the banks. everything that's expensive today, education, healthcare, housing, all of it is expensive because boomers have a monopoly on it. but they don't even have the right mind to see that they're the ones holding the bag.

>> No.27576450

if that's the case you either have no self confidence or cannot talk to women. Literally ANYONE can get a gf. just talk to women and be human.

>> No.27576455

i fucking hate boomers so much bro

>> No.27576516

I think you're not getting me here. I don't want one.

>> No.27576601
File: 94 KB, 194x475, vadm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

retard zoomer detected

>> No.27576604

I was just thinking about this the other day. I even have a Hispanic sounding name. I haven't done it yet because I was worried they will ask my references. Gonna go for it next time I apply though.

>> No.27576690

That's bullshit, there is something really wrong with how fucking desparaging the gap is between men and woman in western whites, growing up if you would have told me this was a real thing I would never have believed you, literally no where on earth is it that bad and looking through history back to rome it seems to be genetic flaw that has persisted for 2000 years, I mean maybe you'll have a little bit of it here and there even if your asian or hispanic especially if you grow up in America/Europe but whites seem to have it ingrained in them despite the best efforts of white men

>> No.27576820
File: 279 KB, 903x1600, Saturn Devouring His Son (1819-1823).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The real answer is that most of them don't.
Boomers were completely taken in and sold not only their children, but themselves.
Most are actually deeply in debt to support a lifestyle that stresses them, and take care of a mate they hate.
They will die with nothing but debt, even the house they got for cheap is actually owned by the banks now.
This includes the wealthy seeming ones.
They were lead on by the carrot, and did not see the stick they ignored beating their own children to death now coming for them.

>> No.27577198

>I make $10K a year
>How much more South do you want us to move to?
Try Nicaragua anon?

>> No.27577239

>you HAVE to go to college or you'll be flipping burgers for the rest of your life
>it doesn't matter what you major in, just do what you like and get the degree
>what, now that you have a degree, you're too good to flip burgers?

all bullshit i was fed when i didn't know what the fuck i wanted to do and was an impressionable 18-21 year old. then the economy went to shit like 3 times since then. surprised i'm still alive. btc is literally my last hope in this world.

>> No.27577351

haha, Boomers stay winning!

I wish I had the correct Pepe to display my disgust and anger, but I deleted my meme folder

>> No.27577370

I dont have to imagine

>> No.27577433


Fuck off boomer. The stock market is rigged, it’s all been a fucking lie and it took a meme stock to prove it.

>> No.27577457

Lose weight, marry a Latina. If you are white woman and family are not an issue

>> No.27577524
File: 947 KB, 1080x1104, IMG_20210118_212316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same, I wouldnt mind it so much if being poor wasn't so stressful. If it just meant a modest lifestyle it would be fine. But instead its eat or be eaten.

>> No.27577530

Did you consider the rope?

>> No.27577860
File: 224 KB, 300x298, EtAB5WEU4AANn9V-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wallstreet and the federal government will actively shit on you if you manage to make money in a completely hostile economy
I loathe boomers in ways that aren't humanly possible

>> No.27579121
File: 84 KB, 810x960, IMG_20180809_195031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Booms and jews are the two main groups keeping this world down. The chinks are only capable of enslaving this world if the shitheads in power let them do what they want

>> No.27579122
File: 7 KB, 176x176, ElliotrogerswasactuallyBLACK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


you sound like Elliot roger

>> No.27579172
File: 39 KB, 683x349, 1517956767496.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27579198
File: 384 KB, 900x560, PollutionsLeaves ChineseDEAD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They're destroyed their environment.

Don't think that this doesn't affect you at all...

>> No.27579281

big incel vibes ITT

>> No.27579341

Pussy is on the market, roastie. Anyone can buy it, it's not even expensive. Don't pretend it's an exclusive club

>> No.27579389

what would you be doing if it did

>> No.27579460
File: 11 KB, 1048x540, pussystock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The pussy stock has been soaring thanks to boomers

>> No.27579493

I get paid more by the state to sit home than I did working. and honestly all those jobs were complete bullshit, showing up early and working overtime just to still be broke and not get anywhere on the job.

Also the prospect of working at a place for years just to get sub one dollar raises every year seemed like a scam, especially when I leanred I could be laid off anytime without warning by no fault of my own (thanks covid)

well it took a virus to wake me up from the lie of gainful employment. Not to say you cant make it by working but below a certain dollar amount per hour you are just wasting your life/time.

>> No.27579603

You will never be a woman, tranny.

>> No.27579611
File: 491 KB, 956x1280, 1517259897328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because those complaining about said 28 year olds can't see the forest for the trees. Video games are cheap and easy to obtain. Shit like affording a good house or getting a high paying job isn't easy and requires years of effort/ investment to obtain. If you want to prevent such trends from happening or continuing then do something to lower the bar of entry for good housing/high paying jobs. Do something to reduce the pitfalls that could hamper them in life.

Participating in a everlasting "rat race" isn't inherently appealing. People becoming aware of such a situation without sufficient faith of gaining something significant in return demotivates them from society in general. And to a certain degree I don't blame them. Luckily I work a good engineering job but that's only after spending 18 years in education institutions alone plus several years in the job market. Having full knowledge that if some accident/ event had occurred that killed me before "making it" all my effort would be for not.

>> No.27579660


Dont write that on this board fren.
Anons here live in their own schizo world, which consists of cooming , eating , playing vidya, probably working at the mcd, coming home 2hour comute, cooming again , eating, playing vidya , crying themselves to sleep.

>> No.27579710

I laugh so hard when i hear the people who say they never made more money in their life then on government benefits.
Should have did the trades meme.
I work as much or as little as i want
make $90k in 6 months
work never stopped because the corona
why? cuz power generation

>> No.27579787

Most of the guys here don’t want a relationship with a man though. And no, men reflect women in society. Women decide on social rules etc. forget about their awful and boring personalities and behaviour. So many women are overweight, with tattoos, piercings etc and are simply physically repulsive.

>> No.27580177
File: 42 KB, 585x399, 57f0Ipj6g0Y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the fuck are we supposed to stop the chinks from polluting the earth when our own (((governments))) suck chink cock day in and day out?
I think you completely missed the point from my last post. There is no fixing jack shit until boomers die and the jews are permanently removed from every position of power
>You're not allowed to talk about the state of society at all cause vaginas
I'm not even a virgin you retard. I really genuinely want a nice gf that actually makes me feel like life is worth living but the vast majority are simply cancer from the socio political brainwashing they've been put through.
You're basically implying that anybody who wishes for something to get better actually hates that thing to death. Pic related is you

>> No.27580236

incels spotted

>> No.27580321
File: 40 KB, 679x368, image0-43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Confirmed b8 or 62 IQ. If you're not b8ing I'm surprised you even know how to use a computer

>> No.27580343

>ID is jew
checks out

>> No.27580615
File: 19 KB, 534x401, Chinese Polliution Real.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Chinese are far more dangerous than the Jews.

The Jews have made extraordinary contributions to human history. I just don't like the ones rigging the markets or promoting degeneracy - as I would be with any other demographic group of people. The only reason Israel gets so much Taxbux from the US is in hopes that some goofy Evangelical Biblical prophecy will get fulfilled and all the adherents of that Death-Cult will get to go to heaven.

Back to the Chinese.

There is a race of people that are genetically devoid of compassion, empathy, innovation, morals, or critical thinking. They only care about money and social status. Which to be fair is just like most people, but for the Chinese that's it. Their society and culture is devoid of values.

Now keep in mind that there's a billion of them.

There is a race of a billion people who only care about money and social status. A race of a billion people witch no concept of sustainability or ethics.


>> No.27580941

This is based though, and you sound like some atheist faggot from reddit.

If my options are “empathy” which brings in loads of immigrants, affirmative action, muh social programs, and makes it harder for me to get a job or advance in life or “amoral Chinese that only care about social status and wealth” I’m gonna side with the people that aren’t gonna try to cancel me for getting ahead in life.

Empathy is masochism.

>> No.27581097

I love women, women are great, they treat me nicely

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