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Most will probably not believe me but, Jesus Christ showed me that XRP will be thousands of dollars and Trump will have a 2nd term in office.

Happening this year.

That's all. God bless you.

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based schizo

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based schizo

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He showed me 1 year ago

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Repentance means repentance. The MT literally calls for us to get our act together. Saying doing the right thing is disregarding grace is not scriptural and retarded.

>hey let me help my parents out, it says on the Bible to honor your parent.
Nah that’s self righteous, I’ll go do cocaine and steal cause God hates me doing the right thing.

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God repents most of all in the whole bible, is God turning from his bad ways? Lol. Repent means to change ones mind, context determines what you are changing your mind about. I can repent of wearing this t-shirt right now, etc.

Learn the bible kid.

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How does God repent on the Bible if he hasn’t done evil?

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bobo is my god

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Because repent does not mean turn from evil obviously. It means change of mind. Jonah 3:10 is a good example of this.

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You are retarded. Unironically goyish tier response. Learn some Hebrew if you want to flex to others about the Bible. Tshuva is the word you’re looking for pal.

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I looked up my name in gematria, 1 place was Jesus and 2 was XRP.
I opened binance and bought XRP.

Then the pump happened and i earned a lot of money :)

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im afraid ur the fucking idiot

Root &



μετανόησον μετανοέω metanoeō

>to change one's mind, i.e. to repent



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>believing anything written by jewish hands

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