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>Run ads claiming covered
>Shorted float is over 100%
>Retail buying still restricted
>Shares unavailable to short
>S3 changes data over the weekend
>Institutional ownership is over 100%
>Etoro sets unchangeable stop losses
>Bots fudding GME / shilling SLV in WSB
>Borrowdesk hasnt updated since Jan 27
>News: Silver is the new craze. Social: No
>Brokers limit buying because of liquidity crisis

This shit doesn't add up. What am I missing with the $GME short squeeze? If it's done then every metric should be pointing in that direction.

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It isn't done. Remember, everything is encouraging you to sell & not buy, and you must always do the opposite of what jews say. Fuck off kikes, I'm holding.

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i've gotta be missing some metric out there. maybe there's a bank that specializes in bailing out shorts that bought all the shares and can absorb the price volatility.

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Everything except 8 million idiots shilling their bags all day everywhere.
Sell and never look back

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How do you justify the short squeeze ending with everything I put in the OP?

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Why do you even care what the fuck I do with my money? This never fucking happened before on this board, I wonder why suddenly anons care about other anons' financial well being... (((hmm)))

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Its down to 29 million shares short interest from 71 million. Literally all the open interest is shorting you dumb fucks at 400.


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They shorted the top retard

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Hold i dont give a fuck lol ,
Theres no conspiracy

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Why not just sell gme and buy as much silver that you can and fuck with them than do gold than do platinum and than start back at silver again. Or real fuck with them and buy up all the copper.

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