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The silver shortage is going to mess everything up! Everything innovative requires silver!
>Space exploration and satellites
>Solar panels / wind turbines
>Cell phones, computers and microprocessors
>Electric vehicles, charging stations and power cells
>5G network, drones and the military industrial complex

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>>Electric vehicles

Looks like I’m buying more silver, ICE4life

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Glowniggers are so easy to see lmao
I'm not gonna pump your silver bags kike

When the GME short squeeze is over I will put it all in Doge

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>When the GME short squeeze is over I will put it all in Doge
please do KEK

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>.< he he he

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noo not the heckin space exploration. you will never live on mars Elon, you retard.

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Not the heckin Spice Roots

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citadel shills pushing silver don't be fucking marks

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I was going to buy three ounces of silver, but I think I’ll buy three more now.

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I will faggot. I'm gonna hyper accelerate this this world into clownworld and all your hard assets are gonna be worthless. You WILL buy Doge and you will be happy

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wew lad dont spend your whole life savings

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>Cointel Pro hard at work dividing the goyim to avoid any real damage to the market

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Go back to WSB and tell your friend the following:

The bankers use a derivatives market called the COMEX to manipulate the price of silver. 500 digital ounces of silver are traded back and forth for every real ounce held in the vaults. Equivalent to fractional reserve banking. The banks heavily short silver here. So much so that they would go bankrupt if the physical was taken delivery of. The regulators said when first setting up silver-trading on the COMEX in the 70s that the purpose was to scare off the average investor with suppression and volatility. Don’t let them beat you. Adjusted for inflation, silver should be $966 (ShadowStats).

If you buy silver, only buy either physical coins or if you do go with ETFs, PSLV. DO NOT buy SLV.

PSLV: Run by billionaire silver-bull and banker-killer Eric Sprott, fully audited and backed, with a delivery mechanism at 10,000 ounces for anybody

SLV: Scam with no proven metal, run by JP Morgan, only a few big banks have access, delivery for 500,000 ounces only if you're a big bank, can pay you out in cash in case of a default

If you can't buy PSLV then buy AG (First Majestic Silver). It's the next GME. Support the squeeze on this company which has a 30% short-float. The bankers are trying to punish CEO Keith Neumeyer, who refuses to supply the COMEX.

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Shit I bought a 10oz bar... why are coins better than the 10oz?

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Me too, those small coins have a massive premium where I live, bars are closer to spot value in comparison

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bars are fine. coins are sold out anyways

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Maybe you niggers can wait a week or two until this gme thing blows over so you can do some real in depth research into who owns the silver
> These institutions hold a total of 154,184,453 shares. Largest shareholders include Citadel Advisors Llc, Royal Bank Of Canada, Susquehanna International Group, Llp, Citadel Advisors Llc, UBS Group AG, UBS Group AG, Susquehanna International Group, Llp, Credit Suisse Ag/, Jane Street Group, Llc, and Parallax Volatility Advisers, L.P..

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ahahaha imagine going all in in a superinflationary coin with huge supply

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Lition baker where r u

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Just buy our silver bags at the top retard. Sell low buy high

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t. 1988 Pontiac Fiero LS4/F40 swap holder

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buy all silver bullion

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Just in case anyone doesn't believe this is a glownigger

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lol, like if you're a company that needs silver just buy like an lbma contract and ask for delivery like wth, this is not rocket science. Kek.

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>Electric vehicles
I'll buy silver out of pure spite because Tesla went way up after I called it a bubble (and Elon Musk is a fucking cunt)

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I was planning to buy silver to pay my property taxes in retirement as a way to protect against inflation of my Countries currency. I dont know what to do now

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epic silver chads

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The silver used in electric vehicles is the tiny polished dildo they sell with every one.
This isn't a growth market.
Silver is literally a meme metal. Point to the the last product or home item you have used that needed silver.
My electric cables are copper
My frying pan is steel
My bullet cases are brass
My car is steel
My phone is copper, gold and lithium
My beer cans are aluminium
My wife's ring is gold or platinum
The plumbing is copper and brass

Silver is only worth anything because you give it value. It is the fiat of metals.

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1kg of silver in a single electric car

the world is moving towards electric cars...

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Silver is only used because it has the highest electric conductivity. If price goes astronomicaly high, producer will just use copper and higher diameter which will bring same results.

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literal retard. Look up silver paste and its uses in electronics and cars. It is also used in all photovoltaic cells for solar panel technology. Engine bearings rely on silver.

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Under the latest Government plans, all new cars will have to be electrified from 2030, but even before that announcement, sales of such models were booming.

Electric cars and trucks require silver. This category includes electric vehicles (EVs), battery electric vehicles, (BEV), and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). These vehicles use more silver than the internal combustion engine (ICE). The electric engine, battery pack, and battery management system all require silver.


Why Elon Musk Secretly Loves Silver

But there’s something you may not know about Elon Musk. He won't admit it publicly. Neither will most “green” company CEOs. But it’s a reality for all of them.

They desperately need silver.

The fact is, the growing green revolution requires the use of silver. Due to its unique chemical makeup, silver is one of the elements that, directly or indirectly, make green technologies what they are.

Whether you know it not, incorporating more green technologies and products into your life means you are, by default, using more silver. Ditto society as a whole.

Here’s where silver plays a key role in the green revolution…

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I own ze silver . U will eat ze bugs.

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>>Space exploration and satellites
>Solar panels / wind turbines
>Cell phones, computers and microprocessors
>Electric vehicles, charging stations and power cells
>5G network, drones and the military industrial complex

Well I can't personally afford any of those things really, so why not buy some silver!

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During the 1940s when the Manhattan project was in the middle of finding a way to enrich uranium, in order to build the machines during the war they had to take silver from the US government reserve to build the springs and coils to go inside the massive calutrons.
>durrr silver is worthless hurrr

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based, fuck electric vehicles, in fact fuck any vehicle that is OBDII or newer

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comex is fake paper silver you tard

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how many manhattan projects are there currently?
>ha checkmate autist

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Point being, silver was needed to end the war in WW2. It is needed to do anything with nuclear power and is another reason it’s valuable

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Dont care. Collapsing your enitre stock market. TSLA to zero.

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I already bought 30 Oz, cry harder.

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it's afraid

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Double-Based, fuck SUVs and nanny assists

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if you cannot live without technologies, you are not gonna make it 29 years from now.

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17,000 tons of silver in SLV!? Does anyone believe that?

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>electric vehicles
I ain't driving those pussymobiles

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Tell the miners to stop selling to the comex!!!!!!!

Get on Twitter her miners Twitter and tell them of the plan. They have a vested interest. Yes they might come under attack like Keith newmyer. But if we break the crimex it won’t matter.

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SLV is the poker player with the big stack that always goes "all in" forcing everyone else to fold. pretty soon, we will call their bluff and when that happens, all hell breaks loose

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Oh noes, you might have to use carbon to dig up more silver for your meme vehicles

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Is anyone actually selling silver right now? I've been to about 20 sites and they're all either sold out or not accepting orders

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>not knowing about 10 oz coins

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I will not pump your bags
I will keep holding GME
I will keep buying GME dips
I will sell you a share for $9999 and that is as low as I'll go

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Fuck you nigger

Longway bitch

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That is a specific number anon.
Care to share what it means?

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Don't give a fuck I'm gonna be rich

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>Tell the miners to stop selling to the comex!!!!!!!
$AG refuses to supply comex. that could be the reason they have such a high short-float (23%)

crazy! this bar was $300 yesterday, now its $330

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Fuck it this autist bitch is on to something. Might be tempted after the great dip this week.

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So if we buy up silver and drive the price way up wouldn't it just make JP Morgan's silver shares more valuable?

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they dont have what they claim to have, they got busted for lying once, now they're about to get their bluff called when institutions demand proof of ownership. when that happens all hell breaks loose

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>Everything innovative requires silver!
maybe it should cost more then

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imagine being this dense and doing 0 research, how tell us how much that physical silver is being used to back up paper derivative silver

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By 2030 all cars will be electric

Tesla uses 1kg silver per electric car

There are 1.4 billion cars on earth as of now

There is a total of 3 billion ounces of silver that has been mined on earth

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A kilogram is 32 troy ounces.

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