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>Interview coming up next week
>I just gave myself a haircut to save money and fucked my shit up

What do I do now... it's too short to fix unless I just go with a buzzcut.

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post your hair so we can advise

>> No.2723640

Go with a buzz cut

If you can grow decent stubble, pair it with that

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Can't be that bad.

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post your JUST

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Cmon just post your whole damn head and draw a black box around your eyes. Check background of pic for identifiers a bad actor could use, obscure as necessary.

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I'm not going to post it. Ill just make it a buzzcut instead.

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weak, dude.

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Topik or that spray shit.

next time, please fucking remember, spending money that will EARN you money-- IS NOT FUCKING WASTED MONEY!

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You goddamn bag of wussnuggets, you knew what we'd say and you still posted a thread about it. You a lady anon? You sure act like one. Are you teeheeing right now?

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Back to r9k faggot also

>Summer in full swing
>being jobless

Not gonna make it

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Wear a turban. Give the impression it's a religious thing so they can't say shit. It might give you bonus points if they're SJW.

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lmao i did this, but before this first day of a new job.

just put the #2 on, and shave all over m8

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Please... I just want to make it. Don't be so mean.

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Pic or never happened.

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Ask /fa/

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I cut my own hair too and fucked it up a few months ago, noone really said anything though I know it was atrocious, you'll be- oh shit you have a job interview LOL u fucked

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