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>"The government can't take my crypto!"
>government shuts down the power grid
Enjoy your worthless shitcoins. Meanwhile us goldchads will be trillionaires

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Alwayswrongman is always wrong.

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I don't live in a 3rd world country like America anon.

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Uhhhhh, you realize if the government shuts down the entire power grid, more important things that crypto will be gone too right? How do you air the game without television and ESPN for example? You didn't think that one through.

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>power grid shut down
ok well me and my cannibal militia will offer you a vial of our homebrew penicilin or perhaps some insulin we squanched out of a bunch of dogs in exchange for all of that fucking gold or you can say no and meat's back on the menu.

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>"The government can't take my penis!"
>government mandatory penis removal
Enjoy your worthless penis.

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You can run the blockchain on a ham radio

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There are trillionaires in Zimbabwe too. That's actually a bad thing.

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>not mining shitcoins with an abacus

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lol. Yes but really. lol

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Government literally can't take my crypto tho, retard

You will die poor. I'm up 6x and next month bitcoin will go even higher thanks to michael saylor

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>government shuts down the power grid
ok, enjoy having no authority lmao!

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have fun sitting on your pile of gold wile you starve to death because you can't leave or someone will steal your gold.

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your gold will literally be stolen by roving bands of mechanized niggers in the first 30 days if the power goes out.

Along with your car, wife and copper wiring

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>>government shuts down the power grid

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I'd rather have shiny rocks than shiny 1s and 0s

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Lol, they still try to tell about this dump on /biz/ thread

I am not an dumper to take part in it
>wanna get rewards? go for stakenet and forget about cheap shit shitty coins
Check XSN! Listed on Bitfinex. Layer2 DEX!

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Thats not counting the people who are literally planning for this and have various blockchains backed up to offline servers in nuclear powered underground bunkers. There might be rollbacks to an extent, but most people would eventually be able to recover their bitcoin. Maybe some other higher mcap alts too

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I invest in bullets. They are stable and won't loose value. Plus I can use them when I finally snap.

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>"The government can't take my gold!"
>Government confiscates gold from private citizens

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I was going to invest in gold then I realised Id have to keep it in some mint, which the government would just take, then i realised if I wanted the gold Id have to keep it in my house, then id realize id need a safe, then i realize how the fuck would I even know if its real gold, and when time comes to sell, I get told its fake.

Gold isn't perfect bros, plus it hasn't really moved anywhere 10 years.

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>hiding worthless data in bunkers

Yes this is what everyone is going to be scrambling to acquire when the power goes out lmfao

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>from private citizens
you mean from retards that gave it up

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>government willing to go to war with the people but cutting power supply.

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Enjoy getting waterboarded.

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LMAO. how pathetic you are

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There are solar powered satellite nodes that also use a radio mesh network. No one here talks about it because blockstream did it.

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The power grid can and will shut down the government.

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You maybe being ironic but it's actually funny to think about the fact that it's true, to shit down a majority of crypto would be to shut down the propaganda machine indefinitely. Crypto is unironically safer than metals as long as you are secure about your seed key and have quantum proof encryption, the only way it could be seized is if they seized your mind, rather than physically retrieving your metals, it's a lot more nuanced

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This you?

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I love it when people who blatantly know nothing about technology talk about it. You're not wrong though. Just retarded.

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i have a phone and hand crank power generator with offline backup

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Brass and lead is worth more than gold, when push comes to shove

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When the power grid gets shut down the raping starts. Win / win.

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the only thing schiff has been right about is that our government is run by retards. would probably be a better politician. didnt he run for senate? hed do better now hes not dying his hair

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kek i listen to his podcast and do the exact opposite of what he says.

up 400% in 2020, because I bought TSLA when he said the bubble has reached top.

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Are you implying you can't make bullets out of gold, brainlet?

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Based going to start doing this.

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why are you not invested with his mutual fund goy?

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>Government takes your gold, again.
>And your silver for good measure.
Nice argument boomer, lol.

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How does Schiff get so much positivity on his socials and so many views, but he doesn't perform at all?

What is this shit? How can someone fail so much and consistently over 10+ years and have such a positive following listening to him

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It's called being a Jew in America.

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>Hide gold from government.
>Uhhh, sit on it a while I guess.
>Try to trade it for something valuable.
>TV brainwashed Karen see’s le shiny and reports you to the authorities for having gold.

>Crypto chad instantly gets guns, weed, food, whatever the fuck he wants.
>All done anonymously in a system that would be beyond the comprehension of pea-brained Karen, and always stays one step ahead of authorities.

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>and always stays one step ahead of authorities.
>wallet gets blacklisted
>"Anonymous" gun dealer™ is ATF
>Meanwhile gold gang chads retain multi-generational wealth while he patiently polishes his stack

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joke's on them - PNK is mostly owned by asians

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Starlink + generator

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He is very entertaining, I never miss an episode but almost nobody adopts his strategy because it's based around USD collapse (hint hint, not coming in the next few months).

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>the grid shuts off in every country around the world

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I collect bottlecaps in case of fallout type situation

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you realizing nerfing the power grid HURTS the government more than the people right?

A centrilized authority needs power and energy for power projection while a decentrilized insurgency can forage and seek sheltery seperatly

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I can power my computer with my own solar panels and the internet can never be shut down because elon musk’s starlink runs on solar powered satellites in the sky.

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well lets be honest here no one really goes to youtube or podcasts for an investment strategy. Even if they did its not like they would blindly follow one guy. The reason most people listen to him is for news and commentary, he talks about boomer parts of the economy that most people wouldn't really bother to research but you get an easy report every week. Plus everyone loves to complain about the fed or government spending.

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I have my cat.

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>>Meanwhile gold gang chads retain multi-generational wealth while he patiently polishes his stack
But he can never sell it because he is actually even more paralyzed financially in the event of a government grab than the crypto holder.
He is stuck with gold that will always gold. This means the government will always know what specifically to look for.
While the crypto chad can change his exit strategy in a much more adaptable and creative way.

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>>government shuts down the power grid

That's why the dream is to live off the grid with Starlink internet.

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Why would the government shut down their own power grid that they’re highly dependent on? You will realize eventually, just how indifferent the world is to your individual power trip when you grow up a bit.

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>He is stuck with gold that will always gold
Gold has many shapes, ed boy
>melt it down into axe heads and paint them black
crypto cuck meanwhile is publicly broadcasting his information 24/7, and needs a bank account to cash out into

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>computer turns on
>literally no network, no method of trading coins
rip in peace your portfolio

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>Goes all in on anything

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