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I just want the old /biz/ back. Fuck all of you tourists.

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You mean bobo and mumu posting and pink wojacks with that frog poster saying" fuck you" every . fucking . day?

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>thread after thread of pajeet group pump and dumps
I miss old /biz/ too but it wasn't the tourists who did this.

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Digimarines we are not selling!

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Same bro, this is all so tiresome

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Yes, and thot posting. You always know the tourist ratio is high when the thot posting ratio is low.

This board is completely unrecognizable right now. It's full of redditors and poltards. Any regular sees it clear as day lol.

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yeah me too

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Yes. Say goodbye to good memes now

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Says pepe. Get bent faggot

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Most newfags don't last more than a week fren

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once the GME niggers all commit suicide it'll be back to old biz right bros

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U mad because you're degenerate club has be infiltrated?

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Yes, exactly, plus
and pump n' dump shilling, and frequent off-topic personal threads, and "N" threads, and everything else

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Bro.....it's over..........

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Limp zoomer wrists detected

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There should be a 4chan metamask add-on that shows how much a poster is worth so you know if the post is even worth reading. We were all joking about being low 7 figures hell just a few days ago. Now we're amongst literal 3 figs peasants.

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/Jiz has always been a shithole. At least now this shithole isn't as lonely. Don't worry anon we will return to endless pajeet coinshilling soon enough. Fret not.

On a side note; how many of our new frens from Reddit do you think came to 4Chan for the first time this last week and absolutely shit themselves at all the "nigger faggot kike" talk hahahaha

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I haven't even seen a wagie hate thread in days, it's brutal

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biz has never been better than this, I hope it stays exactly like it is currently
get with the times, gramps

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wagie wagie get in cagie

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When it first started out sucked. It was an extremely slow board and I eventually got tired of it and left because it was so slow. /biz/ with more people and faster threads is much more fun. Yeah more shitposting and low quality is coffee good for you bait threads, but at least you can interact with people over a span of a few hours rather than literal days.

But this board needs to get back into crypto, that's what I come for not stonks.

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Get stonked, faggots.

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Truest true thats ever been true'd
So many jeet shills and people looking for a quick buck. So little technical discussion

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that's a man

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it's fine when the newfags come in slowly over time, but they all showed up at once this week and none of them are up to speed

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Fuck Old /biz/

Ive had like 100+ successful threads since new /biz/ took over

long live new /biz/ - maybe we can also talk about jobs too so we don't have to post on /g/

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They blocked all images from Verizon hotspot IPs so I can’t even post pepes.

Thanks, Reddit

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It's been over since December 2017

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It's just like smash

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>How can make money from fuck prostitute?
>I think that Holochain SUCKS
>The conference yesterday revealed to the world...
bring me back bros

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it’s mostly /pol/

why do you think /biz/ is more active than /pol/ now?

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Old biz actually talked about investments and financial education memecoin biz is more retarded than a subtraction of /mu/ and /fa/ intellect.

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stop being a little bitch this shit will die down very soon, 2 weeks tops

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I"d remove Statera if I were you. Thank me later.

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there's gotta be a secret /biz/ somewhere that we can hide out at

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I actually miss the pajeet shilling, biz is the worst it’s EVER been. Once the bear market comes again I promise I’ll never complain about pajeet again

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you had three/five years, kek

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Most oldfags have their own biz telegrams or discord channels.

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I’ve seen several posts from people who just put $50 into Dogecoin and it’s their first ever investment.

I’m scared, is the bull market really almost over? The sell signals are everywhere, they are screaming. Even souljaboy was shilling LINK on twitter today...

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damn that's gonna be a pita to find, and i know they don't want us

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Yes. Even the jeets are more welcome and integrated here than redditors. At least they knew how to cook up a good scam.

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>Yeah more shitposting and low quality is coffee good for you bait threads, but at least you can interact with people over a span of a few hours rather than literal days
Except any decent threads 404 after ten minutes now and there’s almost no LINK discussion

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I (19FtM) am here to stay.

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Now you know how /pol/ feels

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Soon fren

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Watching out for jeets and discord pnds at least honed your bullshit detector and you get some laughs when they rug newfags. They’re like spiders that you don’t mind because they eat other insects in your house. Babying redditors on how to buy donuts is just cringe.

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>i was here longer than you
Why do people do this on anonymous boards bros?

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Pajeets served as a moat from nufags and redditors
Look at what happens when they are outposted

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Only the coins that have dedicated shill squads are being talked about right now. It sucks, I'm not saying I like the board with all these tourists talking about stocks. I saying I like 2020 /biz/ much more than 2014 /biz/.

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Imagine you live in a small town, life is harmonious and you have your daily customs and rituals.
Then one day out of nowhere, thousands of blithering morons from a foreign land turn up and change the entire face of the town overnight, do away with all the traditions and act as if they run the place.

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Todays society is ruled by elitism.

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I mean if it's a difference between years and mere days...

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If you haven't already realized that /pol/ is a useless board there is no helping you. Move on from that shithole.

This dogecoin GME bullshit needs to blow over fast. As soon as the boards post/min keeps dropping and threads don't get slid in minutes, the jeets will be back.

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/mu/ is one of the worst boards that I frequently visit. These people can’t even play guitar and shill music because it’s on a fucking chart. There are people that listen to shoegaze unironically, let that sink in

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Doge is already crashing so soon they will be gone.

I’m mostly concerned that this all signals the top, I thought we would have 6-12 more months before the top. I can’t imagine how bad biz will be by then if this isn’t the end

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I wish we had mods that would force doge to one thread

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they will be gone after they lose interest. most lost their $10 in doge

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I tried to warn them about DOGE and explain what a pump and dump is, but they are so retarded that they just accused me of fudding. Now I'm just LARPing as a Redditor and telling them to hold/buy more, which has been pretty fun.

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Fuck you lol

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It's really scary but just like Corona was a black swan this gme thing might just be a white swan... Doesn't change the halving dynamic or defi progress.

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ey whiteboi das raycis

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I'll take the jeets over the normies any day.

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What do you even see?

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pathetic sad sack faggots like OP crying because people are interested in a potential happening are the ones that need to GTFO

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U are retard if you still try to run for bitcoin for sure
If u don’t have brains to find systems you should delete your wallet and forget about crypto
I will give you advice go base protocol and you will thank me
You should know how great cascade and rebase protocols work

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It's not the top yet looks more like the beginning to me. It's that scary fren.

I posted picrelated a few times, tried explaining and my threads got archived with 0 replies kek

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Yes, the meme rainbow chart indicates top at 100-300k / btc.

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This. Also checked.

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Our mods are completely fucking useless. They'll let pajeet scams and redditors run amok probably both themselves (they are confirmed the latter), but anyone who tries to self-moderate the board or threads trying to scare away or traumatize the newfags is quickly banned. How mentally ill and retarded do you have to be to mod this site? What's the points? It's like arresting someone for public urination trying to put out a fire while niggers riot in streets flooded with diarrhea shit.

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A glimpse of the old biz

>> No.27115436

this is the type of currycoin shilling that the fags in this thread are referring to when they say they want their old board back. absolute retards.

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Niggers before I enter the citadel I'm putting a bullet in the skulls of newfags like yourselves and putting the heads on a pike at the gate.

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Nigger, it was ALWAYS pajeet shitcoins & wsb rejects... What are you missing?!

>> No.27115521

fuck you cancer OP

>> No.27115527

Remember when BTC broke 20k, and so many anons were asking "WHERE ARE ALL THE NORMIES? THEY HAVEN'T EVEN ARRIVED YET"? Now they show up over fucking gamestonk.

>> No.27115621

Gaslighting little shit. I'm going to chimney sweep your sister's asshole with the castor oil.

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>NOOOOO the board can't just change when a happening pops up I'm an autistic retard who can't handle that
so sick of these gay threads. just stop crying lmao.

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There are niggers who believe doge is going to $10. Check twitter. Reddit is trying to pump it to $1 by mass upvoting at a certain time of day, didn’t work kek

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I want older /biz/ back. Fuck off to another board with your pajeet crypto shit.

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It’s beautiful, just imagine Rajesh typing it out in his village...

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Merry Xmas, oldfag

GME (4 days left DO NOT SELL ALL) -> Doge -> Stellar Lumens -> Ripple
Follow this strategy for maximum games and gains

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they're low test sad sack emo faggots that do nothing but bitch.

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I could always come and break your monitor. You won't have to worry about seeing the threads ever again right beside you millionth fucking GME and Rubic duplicate.

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They are OUR jeets
They shit on OUR streets
You don't
Go home, go back

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Are you this retard? (nvm can't post pic from mobile data). Basically you're the one that said in the gme thread "You're a pol tourist!! Thots is a stamp of biz!". That was you, wasn't it, you stupid faggot.
YOU STUPID BITCH. That was my POINT. I was saying the op was PRETENDING to be "one of us" BY posting the roastie, you stupid bitch.


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I'm actually enjoying it. Mad the front page isn't spammed with random shitcoin shillers?

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I am a financial retard that bought stocks for the first time in AMC yesterday during the 11:00 AM dip. Shoot to the moon baby! Do I hold and screw the hedgies or sell after a certain date?

>> No.27116502

The future is now oldfag

>> No.27116562

hahahaha I'm here to stay motherfucker!!! gonna get rich off my $150 of crypto

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This is the state of this board

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The future is more gullibility and retardation and less DYOR? Awesome.

>> No.27116593

I just started using filters. I used to love sifting through all the shit but now it's fucking too much

>> No.27116596

4-5 days for funds to hit these people's coinbase accounts, then one more pump before its all over i think

>> No.27116690

Yes 30 Dogecoin threads is just perfect

Literal /b/ tier shit

>> No.27116711

Lol.. I have like 35k in crypto atm and even I know I won't get rich with that

>> No.27116834

Care to post catalog?

>> No.27116858

I started with $4k in 2017 and now have 6 figures, you can make it with 35k in 2 cycles by accumulating link/ETH or if you find the right shitcoin and sell the top

>> No.27116859

>Today's society
Always has been.

>> No.27117019

A board always turns into normie containment zone. First it was /b/, then it was /pol/ and I bet it'll transition into /biz/ if the stock market turns into zoomer's new video game.

>> No.27117045

I can't believe i still remember fapping to dgb-chan.

>> No.27117112

yeah what's wrong with it?

>> No.27117174

Again why the fuck do we even have mods?

>> No.27117244

I'm going to enter a 10x leverage with the free .5btc primexbt gives and will buy when institutions do probably next month. Hopefully I fon't get fked and lose that nice free bonus.

>> No.27117313

seems like an even dumber and this time more mentally ill (due to normies not socializing during lockdown) repeat of 2017

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We are here to stay. We are the redditors who made the new world possible, and you memelords will not intimidate us.

We are reddit, and we are unmemeable.

>> No.27117560

>the free .5btc primexbt gives

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why do they keep trying cause trouble lads. I just come here to shitpost and have fun while making money
they keep posting man-looking 3DPD and trying to argue with everyone and cause trouble. basically nigger behavior

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I think it's an improvement desu. More intelligent conversation and less shitcoin shilling and coffeeposting.

>> No.27117934


they give you half of first deposit with a limit of 1 btc meaning 1btc gives you .5btc for free (not to withdraw, just to trade with). If btc goes to 220k eoy like what max keiser thinks, it's like saying they are giving you 110k for free to trade with. Fucking crazy

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I still can't believe he knew.

>> No.27118392

very much thank you for kind words sirs, may many blessing be bestow on to you. please do the needful and buy much more LINK.

>> No.27118424

i have over 50 filtered threads
use filters faggot

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me too fren

>> No.27118443

Old biz is literally pink Wojacks

>> No.27118462

Thanks for the info, definitely going to look into this exchange
>more intelligent conversation
A quarter of our current posters didn’t know where to buy cryptocurrency last week

>> No.27118571

I avoid hanging around /biz/ during these times
the only time /biz/ is good is during the bear market, granted there's an assload of pajeets but discussion still manages to be less retarded

>> No.27118599

Seeing so many people refer to crypto as "shares". I've never witnessed such retardation on this board.

>> No.27118622

That’s a man.

>> No.27118727

what kind of tard would want coin shilling sub

atleast things are interesting nowdays

umad cause your next 100x coin shill post gets archived faster than you cum

>> No.27118998

i wanna go back to coinshilling 24/7

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I have 61k karma on wsb. Looking forward to making money with you guys.

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I am a tourist but I feel this. I am a white nigger living in a kike world. I am a retarded jew who longs for the times of old.

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