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Uh oh
Elizabeth warren is on the case!
I thought she was for the people

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>redditors will get the rope in my lifetime
feels good

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I don't see how. What can the SEC do?
>ban apps like robinhood
>make investing require a loicense that requires rigorous study to obtian
>ban talking about investing on the internet

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>I thought she was for the people
She is!
The chosen people.

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This white supremacist market activity must be stopped

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Fucking kek

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they will literally hang you for going after (((them)))
remember the 6000000% float

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>only loicensed traders allowed to make money
>100% capital gains tax for everyone else
>for your safety goy

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I thought her people were supposed to love casinos.

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>elizabeth Warren swooping in to absolutely annihilate poorer investors once again
This is considered a progressive in the poonited states of shartmerica

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Yes. You will have to go back to having a broker purchase things for you.

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Holy shit democrats don't know shit about economy. You would think she would be happy that greedy hedge funds managers are getting ass blasted for their retarded bets.

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I have like 2 shares bought at 270, already covered my investment when it was at 420. Question is, do I buy in again now? I expected this thing to absolutely fucking crash today but it's holding stable.

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>today I told
Why does she have to speak like such a cunt? The correct way to phrase that is "today I asked".

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Just be happy you aren't in China. You would've been executed already.

>>make investing require a loicense that requires rigorous study to obtian
This would be better for everyone.

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I dont care what this stupid whore thinks, they will get lynched over this if they fuck retail investors over like this.

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>This would be better for everyone.
No, because it would discredit the entire idea that inefficient investors get filtered. You know what the real problem is? It's thst the federal government injects trillions into failing companies instead of letting them fail, creating retarded market conditions and propping up the several bubbles that threaten to kill the dollar.

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This. Let the shorts fail. They made a bad bet; they were the ones treating the market like a casino.

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>I thought she was for the people
She's one of the most corrupt people in Congress. How the fuck could you not know this?

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Not if she's on their payroll, she isn't

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>>>make investing require a loicense that requires rigorous study to obtian
>This would be better for everyone.

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Kek. Who do you think pays for her campaigns?

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She's a sworn capitalist, my dude. lmao

Her allegiance is to the people with capital, not the working class. The only people that will truly seek to fight Wallstreet on this are the socialists and leftists. Everyone else is for sale.

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>reddittors were sucking off her clit a moment ago

and now they are fucking crying

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lmao white supremacists are the people in power and their boot-lickers here trying to stop working class jews and minorities from joining in as a form of class action.

Everyone blaming jews for shit is trying to protect the majority of billionaires and capitalists, since Jews are a minority.

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Her attack on Bernie sanders this February should have told you everything about her.

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I hate how this fucking country literally revolves around them and making their life easier. I really hope this redpilled people because it did for my normie mom and brother.

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good thing no one coule buy gamestop stock yesterday so we don't get blamed! it just keeps getting worse and worse for these faggots.

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Elizabeth Warren is a capitalist/liberal snake, she tried to Gamergate Bernie supporters, and she will try to gamergate everyone trying to screw over the hedgies right now.

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this past february*

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the number of layers to this joke only adds to its hilarity

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Dont talk to me about casinos redskin

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based chris

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Aoc is their controlled opposition. It’s literally all a show. Bread and circuses

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so bluepilled it's ridiculous. don't' deserve the digits.
yeah, only thing wrong w/ your post is that dollar is already dead, just not many accept or realize it yet.

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Back to readdit refugee

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>they were the ones treating the market like a casino.
says the /biz/ poster.
Kill all traders unironically. Rich or poor, don't care. They are leeches preying off of others and need to be dealt with accordingly.

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Pocahontas found out all of her investments were tied up in the hedge funds that are about to go bust

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Holy fuck it's like a söyjack greentext

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Oh man you have no idea, there is plenty they can do, when it's the small dude getting fucked trust me the sky is the limit.

in some European countries and asia you need a fucking license just to be able to trade stocks through a broker.

In Australia leverage above x2 is ilegal starting this year.

they could put in place laws that allow marketmakers to monitor traffc or put in place kill switches forcing brokers to halt trade if certain conditions are fulfilled like suspicious increases in price with no news etc, ofc this changes wouldn't affect wall street.

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She's for Jew Masters and darkie slaves. She is against common whites.

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I mean, there are benefits to investments in raising capital for businesses to grow and expand. I in general favor privately held businesses over publicly held ones so to minimize the short-sighted goals that often interfere with long-term health that public ownership entails, but you can't deny that going public does allow you to get a bunch of capital.

I would be fine with making shorts and option trading illegal though since those solely benefit traders and not the companies being invested in.

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It's like one fucking layer my guy

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she succeeded in that, I think Bernie had a real shot if he was the only "progressive" in the race.

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They only have AOC in their pocket only so much. She's institutionalized enough for her to have opposed #Forcethevote on Medicare, but not enough for her to be an effective medium into anti-establishment, leftist practice and groups.

Many people learned about Mutual Aid for the first time through her.

The strategy is not to defer to her and trust her, but it's to squeeze her for all she's worth. That is the fate of everyone that plays the politics game.

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>since Jews are a minority
What are they again? 1%? I forget

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molto bene

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They're all in the same bucket you dumb fucks. Why are Americans so fucking dumb?

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That is such a smoothbrain take.

What is liquidity
what are liquidity providers
what are market valuations and efficient markets that allow for apropiate collateralization of assets enabling leverage etc.

I'm sorry if you're too dumb to understand how the market works but at least be smart enough to not talk about shit you don't understand in the slightest.

traders have a role to play, wether it be licensed certified traders or chimps with cellphones.

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kys leftie

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Why do women have to ruin everything. Let the boys let it ride

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It's Wall Street. Quite possibly nobody did anything illegal, just invented something beyond the scope of regulation that broke the system. This happens every 30-40 years.

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dems being for the people lol good one

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holy kek

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The ILLUSION of choice.

Fucking get into Decentralized Finance now before they own ALL our asses.
The Great Reset isn't a meme.

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shut it down

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fucking elizabeth warren is fighting on the side of the hedge funds.

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fuck off shecklesteinenberg glowie fag

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kek watching these people is like pottery

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They're 2.2% of the population, and less than 1% of that 2.2% is rich. The majority of them are working class.

They're just a small enough number to be turned into a scapegoat by reactionaries trying to protect the majority of the oligarchy.

It's as if these boot-lickers think that by blaming the Jews, nobody will notice when their asses turn around and betray us. Most anti-semitic boot-lickers just aren't that smart though, although they are equally spineless.

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of all the politicians, warren is one of the most loathsome, in the way she styles herself as being "anti-wallstreet" but literally every one of the financial policies she pushes through only serve to fuck over retail investors and do nothing to curtail wallstreet jewish tricks

Like the law that you can only daytrade if you have >25k in assets? That was warren's bill. Thanks for that.

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Anyone not balls deep in a decentralized future is literally a cuck.

Wall street literally turned off the console cuz they were losing at the game, shut it off to rebalance their positions, what in the actual fuck, that's what senators need to be asking about, we are being led by uneducated mouthbreathers being instructed by shadowy puppet masters that we never see, that is the system we live in and it's plain for everyone to see.
yet another opportunity for people to gaze upon the corruption of our centralized institutions, just like in 2008 are you going to take it in the ass or are you going to take a stand?

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this isn't YouTube

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Remember all the memes pointing out the banks were paying her and she gets $250k speeches with them all the time?

Geez wonder why they did that

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>They're 2.2% of the population, and less than 1% of that 2.2% is rich
So somewhere around 45% of that subset is rich? That is out-of-proportion to the other 97.8%, where maybe 10% of them are rich if we are being generous and that's including hundred-thousand-aires.

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>"durr durr if I blame the jews my white wallstreet daddy will let me lick his shoe"

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Top fucking lel :DDDDD

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>>make investing require a loicense that requires rigorous study to obtian
I think this is their long-term goal here. Not something that will get passed overnight, but they'll make it increasingly difficult for retail investors to actively participate in the stock market, until eventually we reach a point where you're not allowed at all.
They only want you passively putting your money into stocks through authorized jewish 3rd parties like investment funds.

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eventually he will just convince himself retail investors are bad and hedge funds are good.
its a lot easier than unwinding the years of brainwashing. it hurts still, but less

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I think you're the racist one here, actually. When I say "fuck niggers" I don't mean fuck black people. African immigrants are usually based and redpilled, and actually try hard to succeed in their new homeland. Niggers refers to the subset (subhuman) of blacks who are niggers.

When I say fuck jews, I don't mean the jewish kid behind the Starbucks counter. I mean the jewish families who have been in generational power for centuries and utilize their nepotism and generational wealth to have mass control over institutions. Not every jew is a new, but the jews that are jews are especially fucking jewish. Understand? Not every nigger is a nigger but I fucking hate the ones who are niggers.

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Fucking KEK

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the sins of your people are far too great to be overloooked.
nothing personal kid.

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>Wall street literally turned off the console cuz they were losing at the game
This.. the fact that you are even on this website is enough to say you are a radical.
At least get a dVPN. Thre are only 3 right now. Well 3 that actually work.

>we are being led by uneducated mouthbreathers being instructed by shadowy puppet masters that we never see
We've been told this our whole life. We are all about to collectively understand.

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lmao no that's not how that works. The post you're quoting is pointing out, quite explicitly, that less than 1% of that subset is rich.

It's an inconvenient fact for all the proto-fascists trying to blame the jews for everything, when the majority of the oligarchy is white.

Anti-semitism must come with some sort of reading dysfunction. lmao

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Hahaha, redditors thought she was on their side.
Can't wait for them to realize their liberal politicians are all corporate whores.

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honk honk!

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bruh, I'm not even a jew. I just actually understand numbers and political philosophy.

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Fuck niggers

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You're doing your calculation it reverse, kiddo. Calculate how much of the wealthiest people are Jewish. Then come back.

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Lmao who knew baiting was this easy

>> No.27048440

It's ambiguous in the post I quoted. for what it is worth I like many (most?) jewish people that I know. I don't like the hedge fund shorters (several of whom happen to be jewish).

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have a le updoot good gentlesir
in this moment you are euphoric

>> No.27048971

VPNs suck, nice way to get you banned off your trading account at random because "we detected strange behaviour on your IP"

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Stock markets are literally just casinos though? None of these investors give a single shit about actual workers, profits or even the actual intrinsic value of owning a share beyond how they can meme it into being significantly more than what they purchased it for. The stuff is literally just convoluted memeing.

>> No.27049141

I've been using them everyday since 2018 on Bittrex and Binance. No problem. I trade ALOT as well.

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what a fucking retard. got what he deserved.

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It’s always cute when a young jew like yourself finds out about 4chan. You always try and dispel the antisemitism but only ever remind people why jew hate is as old as dirt.

>> No.27049474

Capitalism != Corruption

Centralized power breeds corruption.

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I know right, if anything reddit literally saved THOUSANDS of jobs.

what did warren think these shorts were going to do? now GME can raise capital, get out of debt, expand into an online business model to compliment their current model, allocate part of their balance sheet on bitcoin Lmao.

reddit literally saved thousands of jobs are GME if warren does fuck it up for everyone.

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the memes have become reality or maybe they already were all along

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>a young jew such as the anon you replied to*
whoops wrong ID

>> No.27050015

if you post these type of images you're never gonna make it

>> No.27050135

Kek ok anon. Middle-aged white 'boomer' here.

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Bruh, you must be a newfriend. There was a time when 4chan all thought that this qualified language and intentionality in meaning was anti-racist, but we've all found out since that is not the case.

There are 2 problems with your approach:

1) Not everyone that reads your comments is aware that you don't intend to generalize all black people under the same banner. And thus, tend to generalize black people in an unfavorable manner. This is how the forums were co-opted by neo-nazis, neolibereal, protofascists, instead of anarchists (a leftist philosophy).

2) The criteria that you use to classify these "subhuman" sub-section is also unclear and based around loosely established racist stereotypes, while ignoring socio-cultural and economic context.

I know plenty of people that by consensus of people like you in these forums would classify in subhuman for their mannerisms or political, while in reality their positions are rigorously philosophically justified and they happen to be brilliant scientists.

There's no point in trying to classify people as less than when you know so little about them.

Similary, the jewish families who have been in generational power for centuries are no different than the white families who have been in generational power for centuries. The oligarchs of today are mostly white, and yet, everyone attacking the jewish part of them exclusively.

That is racism on the basis that it only reifies racist attitudes, serve to protect the ruling class, and encouraging working class division and intersectional blindness.

>> No.27050530

>sucking kike penis
I hope they at least give you a lot of shekels.

>> No.27050795

That was a whole lotta words. I think he just hates niggers.

>> No.27051158

Sorry anon, I got excited by the fresh meat. Newfags defending jews always lead to hilarity.

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Capitalism is defined by centralized power. That's where the term "capitalism", coined by socialist French historian Louis Blanc comes from.

The idea is that Free Market Liberalism was supposed to bring Freedom, Egalitarianism, and Fraternity to the working class as an improvement to feudalism, but quickly people found out that the power dynamics of feudalism were recreated under liberalism, replace the land with capital: hence "capitalism". It's just feudalism 2.0.

If you want non-centralized power, you gotta look into leftist solutions such as anarcho-communism.

Liberalism depends on a state to enforce the concept of private property, and capitalism will result in centralization and monopoly in 10/10 cases in the absence of effective regulation (which then capitalists can manipulate too).

>> No.27052083

kikes like to hear themselves talk, so it’s no surprise they write essays about their heritage.
>the kike is also a commie
The jokes really write themselves.

>> No.27052108

No worries anon. Hope that you are doing well and god bless you and yours.

>> No.27052152

>sayd all this shit
>a few posts ago calls the ruling class "white supremacists" implying a ethnic correlation to power the way Nazis are

Be consistent or admit you're a class reductionist

>> No.27052247

>"if I blame the Jews then my white oligarch daddy will let me lick his shoes."

All billionaires are parasites. This is a class issue not a race issue.

>> No.27052362

Doing as well as can be expected, so no complaints.
Keep up the good fight, anon.

>> No.27052425

>When the market buys stonks this is market manipulation
Chief retard

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>> No.27052580

It’s only a class issue because of a certain race that has instigated their Cultural class structure onto the masses.

There wouldn’t be a class issue if your people weren’t involved. You ferment the class issue by the merit of your beliefs.

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>> No.27052759

Everyone holds, it holds.

>> No.27052813

>jews are a race

>> No.27052821

Post “early life”

>> No.27053069

She pretended to be Native American and Natives run casinos.
What's the second layer you're thinking of here?

>> No.27053077

we really don’t need an early life when someone is engaging in pilpul at such a level as this anon.

>> No.27053092

Hey what does shabbos mean ?
and what does goy mean ?

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>> No.27053390

There is no inconsistency in my position, and if you think there is, then you must have some sort of semantical confusion.

The concept of "white" only came into existence with the purpose of undoing working class solidarity. White isn't a race. Europeans were racist against each other in the old days as well.

Rich Jewish oligarchs benefit from white supremacy as well, since the social conditioning that discourages solidarity amongst workers, scapegoats marginalized ethnic groups, and takes the aim off the inherent corruption of the oligarchy's political and financial institutions keeps them safe as well.

How do you think they're going to brush this off if this movement fails to materialize?

>> No.27053640

Calm down anon and breathe. It is OK. Just breath.

>> No.27053768

They do pay and treat their employees like shit

>> No.27053827

this desu, enhances reallocation speed in the economy

>> No.27053876

>it’s a class issue not a race issue!
but then...
>white supremacy is real!

the pilpul, it keeps going and going and going and...

>> No.27053894

Remember that this will never stop, and the system will keep fucking you until you're dead.

>> No.27054145

pocahontas at it again.
I can't take politics seriously anymore. It's a WWE entergayment fest for the masses.

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onoonoono progressive bros
how does it feel to be stabbed in the back
by the deepstate.

>> No.27054285

She's a corporate elite protecting her rigged casino

>> No.27054517

Finally a legit laugh from this shithole.

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You guys realize the only thing that’s going to come from this is more restrictions on retail traders?

>> No.27054706

That horse left the barn last week. You can try to profit in the interim or stay on the sidelines. Up to you. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

>> No.27054742

She got shoved a big roll of cash in her cunt by the lobbyists and she woke up.

>> No.27054799

>politicians “for the people” restrict the people’s ability to invest
Good. Accelerate.

>> No.27054846

I would buy the shit out of this dip but Im already all-in with 30k. Oh well, just hold and watch these fags try to put out this fire with more cash.

>> No.27055108

There at least least two though

>> No.27055606

same situation with socialism and communism retard.

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>they thought re-electing the people who've been in power for half a century and created all of the problems they're pissed off about would fix the problems
Fucking normies.

>> No.27056348

She knows

>> No.27056680

yeah many of whom happen to be jewish, but singling out the jewish minority among them is to protect the majority.

All of them deserve the guillotine.

>> No.27057405

If you think that's the same situation with socialism and communism, then you fell for propaganda and misinformation campaigns.

Communism is stateless. Why do you think that anarchists fight for communism? Socialist societies like Kurdish Rojava don't have centralized power structures. They're a stateless democratic society. The same is true about Zapatista Chiapas. The Paris Communes? Spanish Catalonia?

If you think of the Soviet Union when you think of communism, then you oughta know that the Soviet Union didn't achieve communism, but that the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary approach is to set up a temporary state to fend off reactionary invasion and violence (like the one suffered by the Paris Communes) while international revolution takes place, and transition into decentralized society and organization.

Come on, catch up bruh

>> No.27057929

>the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary approach is to set up a temporary state to fend off reactionary invasion and violence (like the one suffered by the Paris Communes) while international revolution takes place, and transition into decentralized society and organization.

This is objectively not what Lenin wrote.

"To make things even clearer, let us first of all take the most concrete example of state capitalism. Everybody knows what this example is. It is Germany. Here we have “the last word” in modern large-scale capitalist engineering and planned organisation, subordinated to Junker-bourgeois imperialism. Cross out the words in italics, and in place of the militarist, Junker, bourgeois, imperialist state put also a state, but of a different social type, of a different class content—a Soviet state, that is, a proletarian state, and you will have the sum total of the conditions necessary for socialism."

"Socialism is inconceivable without large-scale capitalist engineering based on the latest discoveries of modern science. It is inconceivable without planned state organisation which keeps tens of millions of people to the strictest observance of a unified standard in production and distribution. We Marxists have always spoken of this, and it is not worth while wasting two seconds talking to people who do not understand even this (anarchists and a good half of the Left Socialist-Revolutionaries)."

Lenin's plan from the get-go was to establish industrialist capitalism in the USSR to use as a springboard for communist revolution.

>> No.27058100
File: 46 KB, 1024x166, ew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did she mean by this?

>> No.27058170

You're confused. What my statement is saying is that through the propagation of white supremacy people are distracted from class divisions. White supremacy is a tool to keep the ruling class in power, and once people stop falling for racist pitfalls, then we can address the root cause of power imbalance in capitalism and these ineffective systems designed to extract the value from the labor of those who are poor and marginalized domestically and abroad and hand it to an oligarchical elite.

>> No.27058195

Protecting her ((donors)).

>> No.27058508

Unironically agree.
Look at the Forbes billionaire list. The top 10 richest people in the world are almost all WASPs. The only exceptions are Zuck and an Italian who was adopted by Jewish parents but who explicitly says he is not a Jew. The vast majority of people in positions of power all over the world are not Jewish. It's a dumb conspiracy that convinces gullible people to blame the flaws of capitalism on a tiny subset of people instead of investigating the mechanics of capital more deeply.
I mean how the fuck have none of you ever looked up the term "scapegoat"?

>> No.27058561

it means that she's a capitalist boot-licker doing some performative shit for the working class but bending over for the oligarchy

>> No.27058748


>> No.27058849

Forbes billionaire list excludes royalty. Top ten by pure net worth is all Rothschilds.

>> No.27058954

I cant believe you guys are surrounded by guns and ammo yet you do nothing


>> No.27060125

Who would have thought someone who buys into idiotic conspiracies would say something blatantly untrue?
The Rothschilds family hasn't been a centralized economic force since the 1700s. The family, and its wealth, have dispersed pretty radically since then. The only Rothschild on the Forbes billionaire list is Benjamin de Rothschild, who manages Edmond de Rothschild Holding SA, which is valued at $190 billion dollars. For comparison's sake, Amazon is worth over a trillion. And guess what? He died ten days ago.

>> No.27060498

He was the only eligible Rothschild to be put on the list because he was the only one running a business.

>> No.27060616

I would add though that the oil industry at large is a centralized cabal and the most powerful at that.

The current power structures depend on the exploitation of energy resources. All civilization viability is based on available exergy.

>> No.27060800

It was literally capitalists from r/wsb wanting to make a quick buck that started this, you lefties are the ones that coopted it

>> No.27060849

Under neoliberalism, gun culture has been co-opted and is basically synonymous with "corporate boot-licking" and "protecting the billionaires because they're white and so are we and we can maybe one day be like them".

>> No.27060956

That's not even an accurate stat. About half of the 0.5% wealthiest people are Jewish. Virtually all Jews (~85%+) are in the top 10%. Even """poor""" orthodox hasidic khazar rats who have low income usually get all sorts of gibs from the government and their coethnics. Indeed, the average hasid gets more government/charity bennies than your average nigger. Face it, retard: poor Jews as a phenomenon have not existed in this country for 70 years.

Jewish solidarity exists and it's a fucking huge problem, because these people hoard resources among themselves and their lackeys.

>> No.27061001


She got fucking B O D I E D ,

>> No.27061223

>he doesn't know that forbes top lists are voluntary

>> No.27061319

stfu nigger kike

>> No.27061511

communist /leftpol/ nigger kike detected

>> No.27061745

I purcahsed approximately $10,000 worth and as of right now, I've lost about 10%. Its not about the money though, its about sending a message. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

>> No.27061891

>Liberalism depends on a state to enforce the concept of private property
This is the most idiotic take on private property. Private property is property you claim and can defend. Whether you take advantage of the defense provided by the state or provide it yourself doesn't matter. You're a moron. If you got your wish private property would still exist. The only difference is you'd likely be shot a lot faster for trespassing and not just face a fine.

>> No.27062490

Twitter should only exist for prime shit posters like that fellow.

>> No.27062507
File: 321 KB, 1241x1271, signal-2021-01-22-135005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even if it was the case that we 'co-opted' it, what better example of a leftist case study? It just so happens that all the things that we lefties have been talking about for centuries are exemplified right here with 100% clarity.

All the racists in here scapegoating "the rich greedy jew" are just trying to be the next rich oligarch running these same hedgefunds, they're trying to scapegoat and scare away poor marginalized people and groups and then bet the farm so that they can be rich themselves.

On the other hand, the only reason this movement has seen success is because of mass class direct action against wall street. Large quantities of people making small investments represents a sure victory for the working class, where all the racism and greed is clearly counter-productive, and is leaving scared people betting the farm buying high and selling low.

>> No.27062722

>The idea is that Free Market Liberalism was supposed to bring Freedom, Egalitarianism, and Fraternity
False. Egalitarianism, which is in itself an authoritarian concept, was never part of liberalism or free market. You are talking out of your ass.
>the power dynamics of feudalism were recreated under liberalism
The power dynamics of feudalism are seen every day through democracy. The democratic political class has more power than any king throughout history. This has nothing to do with free markets at all.
>If you want non-centralized power, you gotta look into leftist solutions such as anarcho-communism.
It's non-centralized until you decide to do something the commune does not approve of.
>Liberalism depends on a state to enforce the concept of private property
The concept of private property precedes the state. The idea that the state protects private property is akin to believing that the abuser is protecting its victim. The state exists on the idea of expropriating private property.
>capitalism will result in centralization and monopoly in 10/10 cases in the absence of effective regulation
There's not a single case of monopoly that does not involve state regulation of some kind.

>> No.27062986

>White isn't a race. Europeans were racist against each other in the old days as well.
Irish and Iberian peoples were not considered white until mid 1900s.

>> No.27062992

>working class
You do not represent me nor will you ever.

>> No.27063528

You clearly have never read any political philosophy because private property is clearly defined in its function, and it's not how you define it.

By your definition any private property that was lost during the riots or looting was never private property since it is not able to be adequately defended.

Your definition JUSTIFIES that rioting and looting, and I'd be with it if wasn't that that's not how it works.

Private property is defined as private property by the property rights owners are granted by the state and its methods of acquisition. Since the advent of neoliberalism 60% of Mexico's land has become the private property of foreign industries exploiting Mexico's resources and labor for profit.

Whoever told you that private property is the same thing as PERSONAL property is lying to you with the purpose to equivocate and frustrate the dialogue.

>> No.27063869


For every wasp billionaire there are like 20 Jewish hedgefund and (((financial services))) billionaires.

>> No.27064060
File: 732 KB, 500x367, twin-peaks-giant.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is no working class. People who go to that subreddit are looking to become rich just like WS. They just found a way to do the exact same thing hedge funds do to make as much money as possible by exploiting bots used by billionaires.
You have been lobotomized by western academia and corporate media into seeing everything through the extremely limited and illogical marxist lens.

>> No.27064154
File: 254 KB, 785x1000, b6xa2ujdr2d31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fucking kek the memes describe them so perfectly

>> No.27064227

I don't think she's the bad guy.
>Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) calls out the Robinhood trading app.
>Warren says [Robinhood] has an arbitration clause, “so if it turns out that we really did cheat you, it’ll never be made public, there’ll be very little that you can do about it.”

I've watched her interviews and the sentiment seems to be that day traders are screwed by the current system which heavily favors mega investors.

>> No.27064267

Liquidating Citadel to pay for the damages from their insider trading and market manipulation?

>> No.27064403
File: 46 KB, 598x628, shut it down.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and he does know about being the Trustee on 1000 different multi billion dollar trusts but having a 'personal' net worth of a few 100k at any one time.

>> No.27065422

>43% of the 1% are Jews
>but its still Whites with an overwhelming majority of the oligarchy.
Doesn't matter how many jews are rich, only how many of the rich are jews

>> No.27065494

Based take on Twitter?
Oy vey this is problematic.
Shut it down.
His account ofcourse.

>> No.27065581 [DELETED] 

because Dems aren't left. She is pro-banks hedgefund etc. People who bought into her messaging were stupid

>> No.27066027

Don't post that website, Snopes proved they are fake news

>> No.27066075 [DELETED] 

bernie and the squad told everyone to vote biden and dems down the board, so not really a rebuttal

>> No.27066310

Casino was one of the words they selected to be blasted on repeat.
Along with “manipulation” and such.
So I bet this guy already knew the joke to be made and just waited for warren to stick her shrunken head out of the ground.


>> No.27066533

>False. Egalitarianism, which is in itself an authoritarian concept, was never part of liberalism..."

Bruh, "liberty, egalitarianism, and fraternity" was quite literally the motto of the liberal french revolution.


If someone is ignorant to some of the most basic facts in political history and is talking out of his ass, it's CLEARLY not me.

>"The power dynamics of feudalism are seen every day through democracy..."

Through democracy? Have you considered that the oligarchy is not democratic for the majority population? The powers that rule the world are not your democratically elected leaders. And as far as who are your 'democratically elected leaders', the working class at large sure as hell didn't get to pick them. Just look at how they did Bernie in the primaries? Tons and tons of evidence of corruption in the electoral process. Why do you think that the US has invaded and interfered with over 100 nations in the past century in order to install puppet leaders and dictators?

>"It's non-centralized until you decide to do something the commune does not approve of."

As compared to when the cabal of rich oligarchs does not approve of? One if clearly centralized, and the other is not.

And is it until I decide or until the commune decides? You're not going to make it very far in any system raping and murdering whomever you please. However, it is easily demonstrable that a system based on common interests will afford much more liberties than one is tailored to exploit you for the gain of a privileged few.

>"The concept of private property precedes the state."

Wrong, you can't declare land occupied by other people to be yours without the legitimizing agency of a state. Without the state, you can't claim ownership of the dwellings and resources of others. Capitalists literally kicked people out of their lands.

You're confusing private property with personal property.

>> No.27066581

you know that's satire right?

>> No.27066870
File: 79 KB, 750x717, Is your child a nazi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

really ?

>> No.27066874

>White supremacy is a tool to keep the ruling class in power
Lol you're fucking retarded.

>> No.27067254

>Invading another world as a dark spirit
>A connection error has occurred. Returning to your world.

>> No.27067259 [DELETED] 

I mean what did you want them to do? Tell them to not vote or vote 3rd party in our fucked electoral system? The anti-voting/voter fraud messaging creating distrust to the point of people boycotting the Georgia runoffs almost certainly lost the senate for republicans because the margins were so close. And the margins for many state's presidential counts were ridiculously close as well. Not maintaining their voting block could've been catastrophic to the party as a whole. I'm mostly just calling people who believed Warren wasn't in the bank's pockets retarded.

>> No.27067437

the babylon bee is a christian based satire site

>> No.27067468

>the communist kike is still trying to pilpul his faulty argument into acceptance
Communist really are vulnerable to circular logic. How long has he been at it?

>> No.27067745 [DELETED] 

Actually no, logically speaking your response is logically irrelevant.

Also, many anarchists did the same, not as an endorsement of the democrats, but as a measure of harm reduction.

>> No.27067931 [DELETED] 

They literally promised a world of difference under democrat rule lmao, all of them did if we just voted for biden and it's all just the same shit

>> No.27067998
File: 1.16 MB, 292x323, chloe.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh and here I was thinking that Merraim-Webster changed the definition, printed it and shipped it out to stores. Thanks for the heads up!

>> No.27068156
File: 61 KB, 678x297, who really owns stocks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since we are going to hear a lot about regulating the markets soon from politicians, I think its important to DYOR on actual market mechanics so you don't fall for the narratives that are going to be shilled.

>What is the DTCC?
The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) is an American post-trade financial services company providing clearing and settlement services to the financial markets. They are a private company that holds many subsidiaries, including the DTC.

>What is the DTC?
Depository Trust Company (DTC), founded in 1973, is a New York corporation that performs the functions of a Central Securities Depository as part of the US National Market System. Basically they handle the bookkeeping of the market while keeping custody of the actual assets by registering ownership of them under their subsidiary: Cede & Company.

>What is Cede & Company?
Cede & Co. is a specialist United States financial institution that processes transfers of stock certificates on behalf of Depository Trust Company. Cede technically owns substantially all of the publicly issued stock in the United States. Thus, investors do not themselves hold direct property rights in stock, but rather have contractual rights that are part of a chain of contractual rights involving Cede.
They are not the custodian of your stock. They are the legal owners. You are the beneficiary of their ownership.
>The legal definition of cede is: To surrender possession of.

>When a Biz wants to issue stocks, bonds, any securities, they have to issue them to Cede & Co.

>The DTC can restrict book-entry movement of securities

Robinhood etc. will likely take the blame for something out of their control

Learn who controls the rules of the game and use it for context in what you're about to hear in MSM.

>> No.27068187

piola, muy piola y extremadamente basado.

>> No.27068188 [DELETED] 

You reek of a vaush tard, quit trying to justify your vote going to a neoliberal lmao

>> No.27068482 [DELETED] 

you motherfuckers just never stop do you? regardless of how many times your elections are rigged, your money stolen, and other people's lives get fucked up you fuckers just don't stop. Here you are on 4chan too. LOL, wow.

>> No.27068518
File: 84 KB, 171x208, 1492525401076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27068571
File: 81 KB, 662x463, 1611188568857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh Democrats understand the economy perfectly well. They work for (((them))) not you.

>> No.27068756
File: 6 KB, 225x225, 1594758030582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27068770
File: 128 KB, 187x342, Who's Buying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me something democrats, it's still "We the People" right?

>> No.27068929

They wouldn’t be such an old meme if they had the ability to self reflect, so of course they never get it.

>> No.27069031
File: 201 KB, 463x459, FlorideStare.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and when they do this, the people still won't wake up. They'll blame it on Internet Nazis.

>> No.27069089

lmao the problem with US education is that people come out so dumb that they think that 10 self-serving word memes make up for a lack of understanding.

You can make any mouth-breather believe anything if you kiss their ass in the process. lmao

>> No.27069099

But why have no brokerages pointed the finger at the DTCC? I don't get it.

>> No.27069257

I lost, this is too fucking funny

>> No.27069304
File: 5 KB, 370x97, 1611950176950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure if retarded or shill

>> No.27069305


>> No.27069329

From the link you posted:
>Liberals accepted liberty and equality, defining the latter as equality of rights
They changed the definition of equality to specifically reject the idea that everyone is equal period.

Democracy, inherently, recreates the power dynamics of feudalism by giving authoritarian, thus unethical power to a majority or to whoever fools the majority. No need for oligarchy.

>As compared to when the cabal of rich oligarchs does not approve of?
Aside from Putin, who was literally KGB and a statist politician, I can't think of a single oligarch that wants to control my life as much as communists do.
>you can't declare land occupied by other people to be yours without the legitimizing agency of a state
That's a violation of private property, something that the state does every single day by the function of its existence through socialist policy.
>a system based on common interests will afford much more liberties
Liberty is doing what I want, not what you want. And "common interests" in a communist context is DEMONSTRABLY whatever the commune decides it wants to do me.

>> No.27069344

Merriam Webster has done crazier shit.

>> No.27069534
File: 453 KB, 3767x668, 1604440566599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was 4chan actually.

>> No.27069634

>I thought she was for the people
Yes, the people of Israel

>> No.27069659 [DELETED] 

The only people who do not consider her a leftist are fringe twitter communists like you who change the definition of words to try to argue.

>> No.27069769


>> No.27069802

looks like it was seekingalpha, which is more believable than 4chan or reddit

it was really michael burry though, he named gme, bbby, and i think amc..........he has others too

>> No.27069877


>> No.27069878 [DELETED] 
File: 304 KB, 803x551, cool billionaire.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao what do you mean? We're the ones that are fighting election fraud, theft, and protecting people, dumbass.

Are you one of those people educated by Prager U and Alex Jones that thinks that leftists support the democratic party?

You thought that the national fascist party was a better choice for the nation? Leftists are the only ones pushing for infrastructure that operates independently from the state and private industry, such as through direct action and mutual aid.

We're out here fighting ALL of the billionaires, not sucking up to the stupid ones that tell us we're special.

>> No.27069965

>They are not the custodian of your stock. They are the legal owners. You are the beneficiary of their ownership.

Well it looks like we were in a Communist dystopia after all. Actually it's worse than that, because at least in Communist countries you are guaranteed a home and food rations (if there isn't a famine, possibly intended).

>> No.27070000

If you ever read the talmud, you'll understand why jews cannot be our allies, or anyone's allies, for that matter.

>> No.27070131 [DELETED] 

>we are the ones fighting election fraud

>> No.27070133 [DELETED] 

Dude you are low IQ as fuck if you think that you helped your cause by voting for Biden. The system was destroying itself under Trump. All that will happen with your precious Biden in charge is that the Establishment will fortify itself over the next 4 years and never allow an outsider to ever run again. You Fucking Kike Nigger Faggot

>> No.27070198

you're a gay jew retard

>> No.27070284 [DELETED] 

Trump was corrupt as hell you moron.

>> No.27070305
File: 11 KB, 225x225, pay denbts greece.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Checked but I think the bigger blackpill is that not you nor your broker have control of the stocks you "own". If brokers want to play in the market making game, they have to respect those with control over them. Imagine pointing the fingers at your obscure-to-the-public masters and thinking you can continue with business as usual. Risk of "shut it down" is higher and results in total loss if they do that, whereas blaming anonymous "clearing house procedures" gets them, at most, some bad publicity.

>> No.27070515

>The only people that will truly seek to fight Wallstreet on this are the socialists and leftists
Only because they want a share of the corruption.

>> No.27070577 [DELETED] 

He was as clean as can be compared to the average career politician.

>> No.27070686

and retards still think demorats side with the people and not with the special interests. In fact, these retards voted for Biden, literally the most corporate driven president in decades. His cabinet is 100% ex-lobbyists.

>> No.27070715

>Wah I went to business school and market is god
You're the one who's not getting this. The stock market is just a failed attempt at harm reduction. Sociopaths and psychopaths always win as long as they're allowed to handle resources. The exemptions to that rule is few.

>> No.27070732 [DELETED] 

The only people who consider the progressive Democratic party not to be leftist are fringe twitter communists like you who pretend they don't understand what political spectrum means in order to try to appear as they are outside the box. Even though everything you believe is spouted in academia and corporate media every single day.
Cope harder.

>> No.27070818

HhHHhahahahahahahahh this retarded bitch who rails nonstop against wall st for votes does this. WHAT A SURPRISE

>> No.27070886
File: 169 KB, 748x1010, domesticated.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only hedge funds can manipulate the markets.

>> No.27070985


>> No.27071051

audible kek

>> No.27071052

She's a fraud just like (((Bernie)))

>> No.27071215

Snake Pocahontas at it again. Stabbed Brother Bernard in the back with lies about sexism, came in third in her home states in the primaries. Sad!

>> No.27071319
File: 56 KB, 780x439, intro-1555348655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27071353

>He was as clean as can be compared to the average career politician.
He was incredibly dirty.
This is just off the top of my head:

He had ties to epstein, ties to russia. He gave his children cabinet positions in the white house. He charged the secret service for staying at his hotels, after making them stay there. He endorsed buisnesses (like GOYA) while he was president.

>> No.27071424

I laughed out loud.

>> No.27071444

>Just be happy you aren't in China. You would've been executed already.

I know you're getting raped, but just be happy the 12 inch dong going into you isn't 13 inches.

>> No.27071459
File: 83 KB, 1080x682, 1587502274853.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Robinhood could have been THE entry level trading platform for 100 years but they ruined it in one day by blaming those anonymous "clearing house procedures". Why not just say that the DTCC pulled the plug and their hands were tied?

>> No.27071762

>slimy kike lover
no shit

>> No.27071782

That sort of "compensation" is just insulting.

>> No.27071862

>literally regurgitating election propaganda from last year
>bitching about fucking GOYA
you’re never going to make it, kid. how many billions into the mueller report, and this is the best you can find?

He’s literally squeaky clean compared to the average American billionaire, not to even mention the career politicians. When was the last time Trump accepted money for speaking at a conference of billionaires?

>> No.27071977

>ban talking about investing on the internet

This is what they will do

>> No.27071997

theres no point in arguing with these people. their brains are rotten.

>> No.27072134

The only manipulation here is your race you grifting hag

>> No.27072203

I don’t argue with them to convince them. I argue with them to see how ridiculous they become.

>> No.27072691

they even take pictures with their mask on

>> No.27072927

In what way?

No, they won't. They'll place limits on shorts.

>> No.27073016
File: 14 KB, 300x345, jewswin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are a chain of clearing houses that lead back to the DTC. Apex Clearing, for example, was another one responsible for shutting it down across multiple meme brokers.

From RH's perspective, they make WAY more money cucking retail's data for cash, and like all things in life, their connections to those with power are more valuable than the praise of plebs.
>for 100 years
No one at RH will be alive in 100 years. Think about human nature. Everything in life is a pump & dump to some extent. Do you think RH leadership want to risk their personal wealth and connections to wealth during their lifetimes? Also remember that the 1% holds more wealth by far than the 99%.

>> No.27073228
File: 2 KB, 125x119, 1513009965389s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27073665

>in what way?
You repeat verbatim media headlines and you don’t see anything wrong with it.

>> No.27073759

All I know is I'm not using it anymore and I'll never recommend anyone else use it and they had 100k 1 star reviews pop up, implying about 5 million people are upset with them over this.

>> No.27073870

Jannies, why would you warn for a political post in a political thread? Why not move the thread? Are you really that retarded?

>> No.27073892

She's not saying that stuff because she's dumb, it's because she's paid to say that stuff. She's not on your side (as most politicians).

>> No.27074034


>> No.27074325
File: 60 KB, 391x694, vic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Capitalism is defined by centralized power
retarded take, we don't even live in what you so call free market liberalism, when a centralized power takes over to "prevent monopolies" "set the rules of the game" guess what, they don't, the state will only benefit themselfs and their partners.
The problem after feudalism was the new states gaving a bunch of people (who inherited machinery or just for their families) free land, and I don't think that's what "free market" is.

We gotta make a political system in which THE PEOPLE can ACTIVELY participate in something like Switzerland or Liechtenstein, not some bullshit presidentalism, so we cannot be scammed by politicians because with every major decision politicians make we keep them in check but if the people don't help people like Assange there's no way this happens and, most importantly, educate the people in finances to not be scammed by corporations, sadly this GME think won't change anything by the long run because people only like this because is the new trend.
it's easier to just cry and saying the system itself is the problem, not the way we plan it.

>If you want non-centralized power, you gotta look into leftist solutions such as anarcho-communism.

ok not taking you seriously anymore.

>> No.27074514

amazing, someone who manipulated/insider traded on the market wants answers from the market?


>> No.27074661

Not to stop brokers from colluding with hedge funds to protect their retarded and borderline illegal bets.
Not to stop there short sale of more than 100% of a stock.
No. To stop regular people from "buying a stock they like".
Fuck this cunt.

>> No.27074679

according to the CEO of webull in this vid: youtube.com/watch?v=4RS4JIEVyXM,
brokers had to stop allowing buys on GME because their clearing houses could not front the capital to sellers because DTC raised the collateral requirements from ~2% to 100%.

aside from hedge funds being able to short over 100% of float, does the illegality of this situation come in because:
1) brokers didn't stop clients from selling (they wouldn't be required to by their clearing house but to not do so is market manipulation, even if unintentional)
2) DTC raised collateral in order to protect hedge funds in case they can't pay but would never do the same for any group of retail investors

is it 1 or 2 or both?? or something else?

>> No.27074730

its fully, she is an actor who did audition for her job. remember this. nobody in there gives a damn about your. they keep you divided so you are easily ruled over by whoever has the most $. the 2 party system is nothing more than the illusion of choice. if you havent seen that in the past 17 years then there is no hope

>> No.27076199

baaaaaahahahahahahahaha she cites VOX as a reference in her letter to senate hahahahahahahahahaa

>> No.27076670

The gamble was the initial sale of stocks they didn't have. What came after by your average joe is a very deliberate effort to possess what the hedgies promised. Average joe did not gamble.

>> No.27076932

How did anyone think blackmailed pedophiles in us govt were anything but jew shills?

>> No.27077687

the capitol """"insurrection"""" is gonna look like a summer picnic compared to the fucking chaos that will happen if the SEC stomps on the little guy after decades of fellating Wall st or if Congress votes through a bail out in record time after months of circlejerking about how 'doing stimulus to people is really hard you guise'

>tfw gamers have unironically risen up
bottom text

>> No.27077743
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There is no illegality.
SEC gives the DTC (a private company by the way) the authority to act as it pleases. Aside from that see >>27068156 , DTC is the legal owner of all shares of every stock!



>> No.27078185

Oh fuck. She gonna scalp us!

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