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METAWHALE is a suite of self-renewable deflationary and elastic protocols that are backed by their own self-filling reserves and liquidity.

Web: https://metawhale.io/docs/

As of today, people are becoming more familiar with the negative effects of inflationary currencies. For a very long time, the narrative that central banks are recklessly debasing their own currencies via endless rounds of quantitative easing was highly prevalent amongst traders and investors of precious metals. The emergence of Bitcoin has been a major catalyst to bring that narrative to the general public, and as of today, we can find more people without a financial background, reiterating that same narrative, albeit in very simple terms. There is one major difference though. Bitcoin is presented as an alternative to inflation hedging as opposed to precious metals.

Historically, debasement of a national currency combined with astronomical budget deficits has happened in a myriad of countries and empires throughout history and at various times. It often leads to periods of high inflation, and in many cases, it has led to catastrophic hyper-inflation.

As the monetary policy of debasement continues, the consequences start to become more volatile and pronounced. Prices of every other asset rise dramatically. Food goes up, utilities, real estate, stocks, precious metals and it would make all the sense in the world that cryptos with Bitcoin-like parameters (as they stand today) would follow.


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