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the elite are going to withdraw all their investments to tank the market. redditors will go broke. then elite will buy back in.

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so if I just HOLD then I got nothing to fear?

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Good I hope they accelerate it more.

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they are selling SPY to buy Bitcoin becuase the currency is collpasing once everyone becomes a millionaire

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They're cashing out to Bitcoin

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Can't wait to see americans burn their homeland and die like pigs on the street over some fucking toystore.

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you dumb fuck you just outed yourself as a suit.
>uses reddit spacing
>doesn’t know the lingo of biz

go back to your hedge fund office you fag intern

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dumb fucking bot can't even scan for newlines

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>The market is gonna crash.
Good. I'm tired of this farce.

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In case anyone needs a new target, here you go.

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Everything is gonna crash except for the tech big boys.

Buy amazon and Google if you're smart

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Expect a lot of liquidation of stocks as they keep trying to afford the interest

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Serious question: should we sell on friday? What is the fucking plan?

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Hold until you think it's about to pop, then hope you got it right.

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I am not a bot. I just really like gamestop. Ever since I was a kid, I've dreamt of owning gamestop stocks. When I went into the gamestop to get my first gamecube™, I went by every month to get a new Gamecube Game, and the workers there would say "Hey, it's gamecube gabe!" They'd laugh and give me a promotional item or even a voucher for a free used game, which I used often. Sadly, someone named Chris Chan utterly trashed my local gamestop by pepper spraying the entire store after coming out as unclit and insisting sonic arms aren't blue.

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>then elite will buy back in.
then we buy back in as well and restart the chain.

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I already made out with what I wanted to make
I kept a little bit invested just to see what happens

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They aren't legal obligated to buy on friday? If not, this is just a ponzi scheme.
If they are, the price should rise to the moon on friday, but I see few people saying that they intend to hold for long

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I hope they enjoy the taste of my penis.

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the normies will be way more hesitant to buy in after it crashes. that's the point of crashing it.

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you cant go broke if you dont fucking sell

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They're gonna have to buy over several weeks if not months

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>They aren't legally obligated to buy on friday?
Depends on when the shorts come due. Realistically, they won't all come due at once.

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So, it's safe to continue holding the shares? $5000 is realistic?

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You'll have to figure that out yourself.

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answer seriously

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pretty much, problem is a lot of people don't have the stomach for it

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nice try Schlomo, now you know what it feels like being market manipulated into bankruptcy

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implying this kike is not long GME and becoming a trillionaire after this.

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Lol no

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da elite oh noooooooo guys pack it up

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We should hold until at least $5000

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put a limit at 1488.69

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Then I’ll hold and pull money out of savings for cheapies. No worries.

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ill take my profit. then ill buy back in too. its a win win.

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I just bought at $307, I wish I could sell for at least $5000, but I think I gonna sell on friday

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Not allowed to.

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it was never about the money anon. its the principle. I will pass down my AMC to my grandson.

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those redditards are right
if he's still in, I'm still in

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The Big Banks literally cannot afford to....

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What 1488 has to do with Hitler?

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after bezos just sold off 10 billion of amazon stock?

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So sell everything ASAP then buy the dip. Got it.

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>MFW /biz/ finally make it and becomes millionaires only to find out tyrones welfare has been increased to 250k per month and bread is not 10,000 per loaf and all the asset owning ruling class are now trillionsires and quadrillionaires but they still blame poor white people for all the worlds problems so the genocide accelerates.

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>5k is realistic

ehh who knows, VW became the most valued company on the planet during its short squeeze.

if this does happen to GME 5k is realistic, but what are the chances of that happening? probably really low

i would definitely get out if it hits 4 digits

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This is my worst fear.

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>Melvin and Citron miss out on the wealth transfer by being rekt anyways

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This. Even worse, after that, they will short it even harder and laugh all the way to the bank as autists and normies get stuck holding the bag. Big capital will ride the stock down as retail investors panic sell.

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The goyim learned how to play the game, kvetching expected to increase

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When to buy gme?

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i don't know much about the guy, or that number, i just think that 1488.69 is the top of this squeeze.

my opinion, nothing more, nothing less, and i have no insider information available to me.

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What are your selling price? And what is the day? Redditors are a bunch of fags on a circlejerk without organization

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Idk about 5k but 4206.90 is definitely possible

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Retard. Take your gains but this hitting 4k easy

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literally cannot wait

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Pic related

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>the elite will withdraw ALL OF THEIR INVESTMENTS out of the market

What in the utter fuck are you smoking?

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he bought 14 GME shares at 88 cents
thats how he made all his nazi gold

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The shorts will start to come due on Friday but just like VW in 2008 it will take days for melvin to start the sell off so the oeak will last days. It will easily hit $500

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>Big capital will ride the stock down as retail investors panic sell

Wall St will take whatever paper losses are necessary to keep the slaves frightened and obedient.

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imagine if this had already happened before, i wonder what came next?
and in this internet age where we can learn from our mistakes for the first time ever, this time we're playing for keeps

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I already google that, it means "hi, hitler"
Thanks, retarded

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If the elite were able to coordinate and trust each other that way we wouldn’t be in this profitable mess. It’s elites squeezing others (shorting) elites, and some /smg/tards and plubbitors along for the ride. Don’t kid yourself, junior.

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No one, certainly not anyone that will articulate a post here, knows. If someone told you last year that GME would be 300 you would not believe them. The short position has not changed. That means, in general, it will become increasingly more difficult and costly to maintain. If you like Gamestop, but the stock and hold. Maybe you'll have a story to tell when you are old.

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Agree, $5000 should be the price tarket

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Why 4206? Another hitler's number?

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Households in the states are currently holding roughly 10 trillion in disposable income. Most of which is in the hands of non-jewish white males. The elites operate solely on the illusion of the control, which they are in fact holding on to by their fingernails. They will fold, and let us win. If they do not, their house of cards unceremoniously crumbles.

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>"Hey, it's gamecube gabe!"
kek, nice pasta remix

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this post has inspired me to buy another 20 shares, and also to HODL on tighter

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Toppest kek m8

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Sad, but based.

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so youre saying I can use my 20k cash to get some cheapies because redditors bought the game stock?

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Good. I have $500k in cash waiting.

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Carl Icahn is your example autists. Herbalife lol.

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worst fucking post. the stock market is currently held together with scotch tape and string. I can't wait until it finally crashes after a year of neglect, gonna be very profitable.

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>REEEEE I read a bunch of unfounded conspiracy theories about this on a troll postboard so they must be true! Jew man BAD!

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We should pump a new stock and let those redditors do their stuff

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You literally have to decide for yourself. Everyone has their own exit strategy and risk tolerance for holding.

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Oh sweet summer child

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No source? Guess I'm buying another share of GME

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Fuck "palestinians" they deserve it

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Good. Have fun crying about a broken institution that does nothing but ruin millions of lives finally dying. I'm gonna go buy a fuckton of RBC and give Robinhood the middle finger the second I pump.

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Friday is a psyop intended to convince brainlets to sell when a massive 50x doesn't happen. A true short squeeze a la VW in 2008 is not a one day event; it's a slower burn that unravels over the course of several days to weeks. Hold, you paper-handed dumb fucks.

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I sold SPY and XSD this morning to buy GME lmao

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That's not how shorts work. Shorts aren't due ever unless the lender does a margin call.
Weekly call options expire on Friday and most if not all of them will be ITM. This will trigger a gamma squeeze but it is not THE short squeeze. Prices will go up rapidly on Friday but it's not the event everyone is holding for.

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Palestine never actually existed faggot.

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just post your noses and get the fuck out

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you faggots holding are going to lose so much money once everyone sells short on friday

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>just post your noses and get the fuck out

just facts. Sorry man.Many other ways to make your point without being wrong.

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what facts you faggot?

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We Just wanted to play video games.

https://youtu.be/5DoBY8M_bCg?t=5 [Embed]

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Just bought another share of GME.
Thanks bro.

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I'm not fucking selling!

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lol there is nothing left to live for here anyway, they ruined all the girlfriends, closed all our businesses and wont let us outside, who gives a shit

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Then why don't you put your money where your mouth is and short it right now!
Kike faggot you have no skin in the game.

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wtf is this gif. SEC detected.

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>dollar becomes worthless
>still own my shares, crypto and PMs

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Eastern European anon here (Georgia).
Willing to help with GME & AMC.
Which app/site do you recommend?
RB is for americans.
etoro delisted AMC.
trading212 is bonkers. asks my address verification which atm i dont have.
also any advice would be appreciated.
Lets do this.

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im not reading all that nigga

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>gamecube gabe
Son of Doublemint Dave?

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Leftoids get the kochs and rightfully so, the right gets Soros and he's actually far more damaging and ruthless. I mean the guy is a self-admitted nazi collaborator ffs, and somehow he is a hero to be defended to the death by the left, like holy shit.

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of course you're not, because you're a faggot jew bitch, but dont worry, the future will bring you worse than what happened in germany

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lol no, they're going to abandon their risky shorts so they don't get fucked like melvin, which will be good for the markets. we're literally saving the economy

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Wanna know what would really fuck up the hedgies? If everyone who bought GME also bought like a couple new games from their local GameStop. Think about it. Most of the CNBC boomers are complaining that the GameStop stock cant support its price, and it has no fundamentals. Increased sales and public awareness will help create a better floor for GME tendies, and helps fuck over the short bet that the store will fail.
>Do the math; 200,000 units at 60 USD is 6 million in sales.
If it all goes belly up, well, at least you have some fun games to play

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last week

>> No.26777902


They can have the Kochs. They don't care about the USA at all.

>> No.26777914

>the elite are going to withdraw all their investments to tank the market
good, that should increase the value of my BTC

>> No.26777948

Absolutely not. If you have to ask this question you should sell as soon as the market opens tomorrow.

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Yet another share of GME purchased.

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And he's still made less than Melvin CEO spent on his holiday home.

>> No.26777984

This is actually a based plan and I'm going to spread this.

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I got a Switch after trading in my PS4 last September at Gamestop. My gains today are well over cost sunk on it all. Thanks, Gamestop!

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nice larping faggot, market is closed and so is AH

>> No.26778095

>guy is a self-admitted nazi collaborator
>((((No source provided))))

Can't really compare the two since libtards don't make up wild, unfounded, conspiracies about the Kochs.

>> No.26778097

>42069, Elon's number

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Its calling "Buy order" retard, it'll buy at whatever the cost is when the market opens.

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why does Robinhood take a % of you income ?

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>mfw GME becomes the entire stock market then
>mfw GME shares replace the us dollar
>mfw Melvin is still broke

>> No.26778198

then you didnt buy, you put in an order faggot

>> No.26778230

>it'll buy at whatever the cost is when the market opens
>not doing a limit buy

>> No.26778368

Here you go.

>> No.26778395

everyone is confusing option strike dates and shorts getting margin called

>> No.26778438

If GME crabs or pumps steadily after 7:00 AM tomorrow, buy!

>> No.26778440

They halted sales, would try tricking people into buying higher than they were going for, and cancelled sales multiple times. I don't trust them after this.

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just bought in 2 more because of your "ACKTUALLY" homofaggotry.

Just put in 30 more.

Thanks for making me rich guys.

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All the good candidates are already getting pumped

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>mrw this is what the multi-billionaire hedge mongrels actually think the people that are putting the screws to them are
That's what they get for messing with gaymers.

>> No.26778662

in reality all you're doing is larping because your parents wouldn't trust you with any kind of money, and they're the only source of money for you

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>> No.26778760

AH action of CTRM, SNDL, and NAK suggest they might run higher tomorrow.

>> No.26778896

I"m going to double my portfolio from 1 gme to 2 because I know it makes you seethe

>> No.26778928

Final boss fight

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You absolute buffoon, you middling twit, you moronic baka of an idiot.

You really don't know what can of worms you just opened up do you? You can't take a little fucking ribbing at the jabs so you go and use the literal most Reddit card in the fucking book "HURRRRR YOU LIVE WITH YOUR PARENTS AND ARE POOR"

Fuck you, absolutely fuck you to you and your entire mentality, this is precisely why I'm fucking doing this because of faggots with a mindset like yours.

I was shitposting, but now you made me legitpost. Well fucking done you mother fucking hyper mega kyke.

>> No.26779119

yeah, I'm seething alright, at the complete larping happening here

>> No.26779122

Shalom, rabbi, how is the weather in Tel Aviv?

>> No.26779148

currency aint collapsing from fucking GME its like 00.001% of the US economy

>> No.26779237

>most reddit card
>reddit spacing
go back

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20 more orders placed

>> No.26779286

post a screenshot that shows you just ordered 10k GME, fag. bet you wont

>> No.26779314

use TD Ameritrade

>> No.26779340

newfag, don't you know reddit spacing is allowed if you have over a certain character count and your avatar has a cute scarf?
we can smell you..

>> No.26779696


This. i missed out on the boat on this (too poor for even a single stock), but if it actually unfucks the economy in the long term, I am all for it.

>> No.26779796

Yes, from what I can gather when a fund is liquidated, the portfolio goes to the primary dealer, and they have much more flexibility to sit on the shorts. They can cover them months down the line so long as they have enough shares on hand for their other customers.

They are only forced to cover if all their other customers are selling

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here you go.

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>> No.26779935

AMC was like $2.50 a week ago. Maybe if you quit jacking off for two seconds and pay attention you might not be so poor.

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brokers fw

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if the poke-poster turns out to be the richest dude in this thread after it's all said and done i commend them. really gotta be committed to get all these orders after close.

>> No.26780300

kikes tongue nigger anus

>> No.26780395

>I was shitposting, but now you made me legitpost
fagposting should be illegal

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Then where would cocksuckers like you post online?

>> No.26780569

This is so based... Can you all feel the shift? Where are we going to colonise is what i want to know.

>> No.26780670

This is why we should go to crypto, in one swoop. A more even playing field would be great for innovation. Stock market to ATH in like 5 years

>> No.26781239

Guys I am retard please can someone explain how anybody loses money from this? pls ty

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When do the markets open for the Krauts?

We needs their Panzer battalion to buy more GME.

>> No.26781447

They have to buy as much as they can before they, the people backing them, and maybe even the banks backing them go bankrupt. So technically, we could all just make it cost 4k and call it a day.

>> No.26781489


>> No.26781565

Use prisoner's dilemma to our advantage because we can exchange information and make it 8k+

>> No.26781602

Yeah, fucking sucks

>> No.26781696


Thanks, senpai.

Will the Huns have our backs again?

>> No.26782015


A few days into the squeeze - see this post from WSB



>> No.26782056

Thank you, I understood some of it, but why would the people/banks backing them go bankrupt just because GameStop has stonks? How are they related?

>> No.26782161


>> No.26782425
File: 193 KB, 951x536, bane-batman-dark-knight-rises-stock-exchange.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They sold shares they didn't own.
>They sold more shares than the amount that actually exists, something like 138%.
>They have to cover their shorts, effectively buying the shares they don't own multiple times from multiple people..
>They were expecting to buy them at a later date but cheaper. Due date is this friday.
>Retail investors, and most likely large firms, quietly bought it all up knowing melvin would have to buy it from them.
>Media shits on reddit and 4chan over kike greed biting kikes in the ass.
>Kike hedge fund manages to get funding and actually doubles down on a shitty position, thinking it can't go on forever.
>Actually jump from 40USD to 140USD. Yesterday they were 91billion in the hole at 150USD or so. currently at 350USD and climbing, lord knows how deep they are now.
>2008 happened with just 40bil in the hole due to toxic loans and shady trades by these same "people" who are crying.
>Trading halted several times to try and keep from going too high; pulling out all the stops to end the bleed.
>Too late, the secret's out. The goym saw behind the curtain.
>Kevaching all day over "economic terrorism" because mr. smallhat can't stand being a bottom bitch for once after making his living fucking everyone else.
Friday will be a day of reckoning... outjew the jew with Gamestop, the players choice.
Let it burn. Fuck it.

>> No.26782449

Everyone assumed this would never happen again so they never bothered fixing the insane loopholes in their deals and contracts.

>> No.26782471

So basically you are hoping and praying that the average guy doesn’t want to cash out on 500% gains or not
Get over yourself. These are the richest people on Planet Earth. Our chance to take back what’s ours was on the 6th, you are being delusional and are going to lose tons of people tons of money

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>Selling all on friday
No fucking way bro. I'm going to sell a couple to help out my family just in case this shit dies after friday, but I'm going all in with the rest of my stock.

>> No.26782518

So, in short, they just fucked up.

>> No.26782543

in the long run yes, but the elites don't actually hold this stock. they are massively over shorting it. yes now that normalfags have noticed elites are buying in to ride the wave but that is only to mitigate their losses at this point.

>> No.26782577

>we could all just make it cost 4k and call it a day.
But this is only a tiny percentage of the shares. What happens when other people ARE willing to sell for less?

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read a book nigga hes literally on video talking about it

>> No.26782803

They'd probably hear what we're doing and raise it to 5k because this situation is an odd combo of "we're in this together" and "lets milk them dry". If everyone knew a sizable amount of people was doing it at 4k, they'd probably do it as well.

>> No.26783416

>then elite will buy back in.

You were right up to here. Why the fuck would they buy back in? Is GamestopCoin going to replace the dollar?

>> No.26783617

glowies out

>> No.26783842

Where can I find the current short percentage. Everywhere I find shows it from only December.

>> No.26784014
File: 34 KB, 480x364, 1555788226295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sounds a little familiar

>> No.26784083

>No buyers means price goes down

Get a load of this guy

>> No.26784271

boys, im a noob, how is it possible that GME or anythings price fluctuate when it's a closed time. Is it possible to buy now?

>> No.26784373

Pre market and after market. It's pretty small volumes usually though. Some brokerages let you. Lots of financial institutions can do it too.

>> No.26784473


>> No.26784997

That's called voting for your dollars and is the plan. I might just buy a PS5 with my already recognized gains.

>> No.26785682
File: 5 KB, 236x133, 8A02B44B-5CBA-4D34-A23A-6AEBD2F14B96.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Watch out Cortex
Crash is coming

>> No.26785792

What happens if I short after after friday?

>> No.26785861


LOL 500% gains? That's it? It's a fucking pittance

If you bought in at <$50 you're already close to 500%.


>> No.26786000

good thing i learned to have strong hands in the crypto markets. stonks are pretty boring tbqh, fren

>> No.26786114

I read somewhere that the ENTIRE FUCKING STOCK MARKET is like 10% the worth of the public sector and private companies.

>> No.26787315

What if we agree to hold to the moon or die?

>> No.26787416

lol "palestine"

>> No.26787516

Literal Cancer

>> No.26787647

Imagine thinking George Soros is the problem. He is but one of many

You just want to hate on Jewish people

>> No.26788258

Oh god, what was the name he thought they might call him?
Juicyfruit James or some shit?

>> No.26788360

>What if we agree
With who?
The other thousands of shareholders we don't know?

>> No.26788457

I’m THE that. I’m pleased.

>> No.26788580

and also Hitler's birthday + 69

>> No.26788748
File: 55 KB, 500x355, IMG-20210127-WA0003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26788785 [DELETED] 
File: 299 KB, 710x1200, Mercurius.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let the market crash.

>> No.26788786

And I lose $100. I got into this knowing that. I told all my friends not to do this if they can't afford to rip up a $100 bill. I can stand to lose it, can you?

>> No.26788844
File: 69 KB, 400x400, 484914052e922beb9579f97dc2ef310a-imagejpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.26788922

>Friday comes and gone
>Melvin short GME again
>Makes money as plebs loose interest

Why do you think you can win??

>> No.26789168

that's rad as fuck actually

>> No.26789221

>Chris Chan
I actually know a guy that has that name and ironically hates everything autisticly

>> No.26789513

You have to understand,

Our homeland no longer exists.

>> No.26790047


Nothing is over until we decide it is!

>> No.26790744

>So basically you are hoping and praying that the average guy doesn’t want to cash out on 500% gains or not
They will hold because fomo, they will start selling when it starts dropping hard, which won't happen until the guys who already did 500% and are still holding decide to sell

>> No.26790809

They will have to withdraw all their assets to buy back the shorted GME stocks.

>> No.26790867

What do people mean when they say the Shekelbergs have to buy ALL your stocks? Could I literally set my 4 shares to $999,999 and they'd still have to buy them? How would they know to buy it? What about when the stock price tanks?

>> No.26791295

Extra Extra lead all about it.

>> No.26791304

>'our' lingo
Ask me how i know youre new

>> No.26792645

I miss being this blue pilled, the world was such beautiful place, everyone could become a multi billionaire, it was all about putting in the effort. Schools, media and Hollywood was all educational and no double agenda. There was no elite, it was all a bunch of old men who had worked hard. Such sweet summer child.

>> No.26792760

And what exactly are they gonna buy if we hold on to our stocks?
Your mom's vagina?
hahhaha shlomo, shitting your pants are we?

>> No.26792765

This. Anons get redpilled on jews and then just think the rabbit hole stops there.

>> No.26792940

>He is but one of many
Yes, one of many jews...

>> No.26793909

soros is mid tier
the rothschilds and rockefellers are way higher up

just a heads up: look up the guatemalan 40's syphilis experiments. the us government, the rockefeller foundation and the john hopkins hospital infected guatemalans with syphilis similar to the tuskegee experiment. coincidentally, john hopkins hospital was founded by a major investor (john hopkins). finance has their hands everywhere

>> No.26793963

shut up kike

>> No.26795042

>What do people mean when they say the Shekelbergs have to buy ALL your stocks? Could I literally set my 4 shares to $999,999 and they'd still have to buy them? How would they know to buy it? What about when the stock price tanks?
If they refuse to buy they will suffer a penalty which is the current stock price + % penalty percentage. The longer they refuse the buy the bigger the penalty. So it is in their interest to buy or go banckrupt.

>> No.26795120
File: 17 KB, 480x480, 1496024050554.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>baseless prediction with no proof to capitalize on current events
nice bait faggot

>> No.26795156

>finance has their hands everywhere
he who controls the gold (money) is king

>> No.26795305

>americans burn their homeland and die like pigs on the street
why should this happen?
it's unrealistic?

>> No.26795476

Sounds like market manipulation. Let's execute them and fuck their headless corpses for hurting mainstreet Americans

>> No.26796528
File: 276 KB, 1077x1600, 1273263276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, and what happened after that? Did the Jews lose, or did the goyim fumble the ball and prove their natural inferiority once again? Can't wait to go through that eternal cycle once again.

>> No.26798173

you have to go back immediately

>> No.26798332

fuck off my board faggot Soros is literally a demon

>> No.26798446

Except the US is on our side this time. And good luck getting and slavshit to fight for his country. They're the most disconnected they've ever been.

>> No.26798646

>t. Melvin

>> No.26798660

So GME is gonna bust hard in the next few days/weeks(?) is there a way to profit specifically from the huge burst and bet against it?
Kinda like the 2008 real estate bubble in the big short?

>> No.26800119

So its a coordinated Reddit Rek ?
That's great OP

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