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as someone who's completely out of the loop, could someone explain what exactly is happening here?

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Everybody is selling their LINK for GME lmao
l m a o

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Pamp and doomp

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no but the serious truth: a hedge fund had a huge short on gamestop, they got squeezed, they borrowed more to double-down, the final battle will be Friday, this could rock the stock market either direction

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Start of the next economic crisis by some plebbit retards.

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>stock at an all time low
>lots of retards join together to all buy in, in a huge larp
>stock raises in price
>everyone shorting it mad
>so many tards join in the stock actually skyrockets in price
>shorters actually going bankrupt

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pump and dump fuelled by short sellers having to make good on there arrangements and now need to buy gme.

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didn't you hear anon? we're dabbing on the wallstreet kikes, hop in

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/biz/ is having an existential crisis because reddit is officially superior

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this but
>someone noticed that shorters were actually over-shorting this to make it dump badly and profit
>they took advantage of this by joining forces and buying stocks
>when contracts expire friday the hedge fund shorting will post pink wojaks on the board

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Retards about to get ass fucked by SEC


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How does this affect gamestop?

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When you short a stock you borrow a share at $X with the expectation you will get to sell it later when the stock declines in value in time to pay back your lender whatever the new price is and pocket the difference.
GameStop is a brick and mortar retail store for physical video games that was expected to fail.
Hedge funds got cocky and shorted GameStop for more shares than actually exist which allowed Reddit to launch their campaign to buy and hold GameStop shares forcing short sellers to pay exorbitant prices now to try to avoid owing even more later when their contract date comes up, which creates a feedback loop driving prices up to even crazier highs (short squeeze).

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its a 'fuck hedge fonds' flash mob
tldr, buy GME at open tmrw, sell before close Friday, all good.

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Ok Melvin.

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>short selling is where you borrow a stock to buy back at a lower price later, thus earning a profit
>it's a braindead easy way of abusing the stock market, it's scummy af
>gamestop's stock is one of the most commonly shorted stocks because it's a dogshit company
>redditors and biz all decide to buy into the stock to fuck over the shorts
>stock prices rocket up because of this

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Battletoads pre-orders

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They went after a 15 year old who made a measly 300k. What do you think it's going to happen to the retard that posted the thread on Reddit and made millions off the calls?

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They borrowed shares to sell and promise to pay it back.
So they borrowed a shit ton of GME stock at 4 dollars and expected GME to go backrupt which means the shares would be 0 and they don't have to pay it back.
They were so sure GME would go bankrupt they shorted more shares than what was available.
So now the shares are at 200 and the broker wants their shares back. And so they are forced to buy it back. But buying it back drives the price up.
And remember that there are more shorts than shares, this creates a feedback loop which can send the price to infinite.

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the 15 year old was singlehandedly manipulating the markets

riding the meme wave and getting lucky isnt the same thing, unless the plebbit millionaire is shown to be pumping the stock himself with fraudulent claims

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Whatever it is, this definitely takes some of the recent regulatory heat off of crypto.

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>/biz/ is having an existential crisis because reddit is officially superior

but it's the same forum?

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>microcap stocks

not the same thing

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Maybe battletoads will finally fucking be in stock

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they are gonna pink wojak irl

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Gaymers rose up. GG NO RE

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Gamestop is the Google of blockchain.

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I love it Reddit battling kikes and taking the heat off our Stinkers.

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power to the players, baby

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OK, and what does this mean. I'm from fit I don't understand this lingo.

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this is a good point and the only reason it's going up

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Gamestop is gonna airdrop 400 copies of Cyberlarp 77 to everyone holding their stock.

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Someone explain why this keeps happening to stuff that doesn't have actual value like gamestop and tesla.
Nobody is buying those teslas and nobody is buying games physically at gamestop.
Theres no actual value behind this so how long can it go forward?
At least crypto functions as a store of value longterm.

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Does anyone know the law that was being broken? You cant post about a stock you own?

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>you're under arrest for buying a stock you expected to go up
fucking kek

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>id: safe to u

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pledits found a bloomberg termial

also, here's a very simple summary


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>Some people bet that gamestop stock would fail
>Some redditors and channers said "lmao but what if it didn't"
>buys stock
>fucks up the betters (shorters)
>now shorters owe money they didn't have to put their money on the table to make the market work
>rich people jewing the system crying about being jewed

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L-lads? This kid went down essentially for being a /biz/raeli

How is telling retards to buy your bags illegal? I get it if it’s your company or something, but wtf?

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why are the hedge fund waiting to friday? why not take the L now and pay the piper before it gets worse?

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stock is just a jewish invention. it stopped making sense years ago.

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I'm holding two shares but honestly wonder,

how do we actually know there's a GME short at 155 expiring friday and how do we know how big it is? I heard that the 115 short expiring friday is 60% of the short open interest, but idk how to verify that.

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fuck off kike

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the hedge fund was cycling tren for a natty comp and tested positive. now they are forfeiting 1st place to a bunch of dyel skinnyfats. And they have rhabdo.

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It isn’t fair to the rest of us.

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the kid was pedaling like 15 accounts and pumping stocks on his own lmfao

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Everyone should be pretty concerned this question never gets answered.

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Serious answer: check the option chain on yahoo finance for example.

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oh, so you just buy up a sizeable portion of a stock, sell your assets, wait for the price to drop, then buy back in? what a meme. there's no way it actually works, right?

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afaik based on minimal stock knowledge, they have to wait

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>greedy conniving kikes placed more short orders on GME than GME stock in circulation (GME is 140% shorted IIRC, which is not only impossible but is disgustingly illegal)
>michael burry went all in on GME a good long while ago
>wsb realizes what he's up to and notices the potential for retarded gains if they band together and go all in
>now everyone realizes just how fucked those kikes are, invigorating everyone to go in even harder
>melvin capital now has to fulfill margin call at 5000% higher than their original shorts on friday
>might even bankrupt their parent company, citadel
tl;dr weaponized autism out-jewing the jews

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contracts expire or have to be fullfilled by friday

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>borrow a stock to buy back at a lower price

SO you borrow a stock from someone and then you... give it to someone else and they give you money... wut?

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How does you borrowing a stock that goes down in value mean you end up making money?

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Idk, maybe they didn't expect retailers to react in this way and then kept shorting and increasing the shorts, believing that they could break this horde of autists with brute force and price pressure.
Actually it's not working.
It seems that when the price reachs $175 they were currently on a -100% loss on their short.
Fun fact is that overmarket price is currently at $212.

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Markets close on Friday

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>borrow stock and promise to give stock back in a month
>sell stock at current price
>stock goes down by half, buy back the shares you sold and return them to the lender
>pocket the difference

if you can't follow this go to a different board you don't belong here.

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So what? You don’t think anons here shill their stonks in at least 15 threads a day?

I just don’t see a crime, and it’s scary they still fucked him

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Remember kids, if a goy practices jewry, he is severely punished.

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Brainlet question here. Wouldn’t it make sense to short the stock now since there’s no way it’s gonna sustain this long term?

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When we say "by friday", are we talking at close? If you have a call expiring friday, that means you'll miss out of the pump caused by the squeeze, yes?

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How much is it at now?

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So what does the lender get out of it?

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around 210

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gets their stock back + commission rate

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what do you think theyre going to do to cover their loss
everyone on this board has already announced they're selling monday
that means short for monday

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they charge a premium to the borrower. Basically if you don't want to sell your stocks, you can lend it to people and charge a fee to make a little money off of it without risking your position.

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>it's scummy af

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wsb is literally /biz/ lite

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What's a stock?

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Yes, problem is that to short something you need someone to borrow you the stock he owns.
This happens "automatically" in a normal context, rn is very hard to find stocks to be borrowed, and interest on borrowed stocks spiked from 25% on jan 25 to 82% on jan 26.

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The value is in the public's hands on how they decide to allocate money, This time with pure meme magic backing it.
This run on Shortfags is taking a bunch of money out of their pockets and putting in the hands of regular people, but that isn't even the best part.
Long term, it reflects that the market itself is in a giant bubble and has been for a long time. Driving tons of money in the market will cause massive amounts of chaos and opportunity for people to blow the lid off of the market. The result is a crash long-term, which was staved off by loads of easy money pumped in via Fed fuckery anyway.
In the short term, it's capital in the adventurous investor's pocket to put towards their own lives in a massively inflated and fake market.

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its what we're going to put you in if you keep up the attitude mister

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Gotcha, thanks

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They can execute whenever they like.
It’s a game of chicken. If enough weak hands are involved, there could be a crash before Friday.

There is a huge psychological component to trading (more specifically, holding) that they hope will be exploitable.

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So you're saying I should wait until wednesday and then short this?

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Tesla kept going up longterm

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so you get to charge the borrower just for being able to play with your stocks. got it, thanks.

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When you short, you're selling stocks you dont own at a set price. Eventually you have to buy that stock back, ideally at a lower price. You sell something you dont have for a lot of money, you eventually buy this thing back for less money.

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>interest on borrowed stocks spiked from 25% on jan 25 to 82% on jan 26.
what does this mean, and why did this happen?

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>How does you borrowing a stock that goes down in value mean you end up making money?
I have bananas that are worth $10 each.
You think banana overpriced, will go down in a week.
You borrow money for one banana from me in exchange for paying me back the future price of one banana next week when it's (you hope) cheaper so you can profit off the difference in price today vs. next week.
A few days later and banana is now down to $1.
You use $1 to buy me the banana you owe me by end of week and get to keep $9 profit.

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>want to get in on the action
>put a fake name on robinhood AND it takes 1-5 business days to confirm your identity

it's an abstract kind of feel

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That was the point. The hedge funds were shorting Gamestop because they expected it to pull a blockbuster and go bankrupt. They borrowed X amount of stock from the brokers with the promise that they would sell it back at that same price in whatever time period. They expected gamestop to go bankrupt so that they could buy at literal pennies on the dollar and make a huge profit.

In all likelihood though the hedge funds will just let themselves get liquidated for the amount of the short, rather than buying at $1000+ and selling for $6. It really depends which one incurs the least amount of loss.

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It's just a idea like antifa.

>> No.26611529

>put fake name in robinhood
>it asks for you ssn anyways
lmao are you retarded?

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I don’t see how it hurts regular investors who aren’t shorting. Similar situations always result in gains for people who had stock, but didn’t know what was happening.

Sure, they could have gained more, but the monkeyshines actually benefit them anyways.

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>It's Monday and Tod has $100
>Tod thinks Amazon stock is going to crash
>Tod borrows 50 Amazon stocks that he will eventually have to give back to the loaner by Friday
>Tod sells 50 Amazon stocks for $2,000 each hoping he can buy back those 50 on Wednesday for $1,800 and pocket the 50 x $200 difference
>Amazon goes up to $2,200 instead
>Tod now has to come up with 50 x $200 to get those 50 stocks back

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I don't have a broker account set up and barely know anything about stocks. Is this shit still safe to buy?

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Exactly, tomorrow they'll try new jew tricks, but things are getting worse every day.
Today they pushed very hard and obtained many (((stops))) but the chart kept increasing steadly.
After market close the price spiked again, it seems price can really reach $400 or even $1000

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How do you know all of these options are expiring on Friday?

>> No.26611649

>When you short a stock you borrow a share at $X with the expectation you will get to sell it later
when you short you take borrow a share at market price, immediately sell it, and are expected to buy it back at a later date. if you buy the share back at a lower price you keep the difference and that's your profit.

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Somebody tell Jimmy Dore!

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couldn't change it before it was too late

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> I always believed in Gamstop. It was my favourite company. That why I bought all the stocks. I knew Gamestop will make a big comeback.

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Here's the ELI5 retard

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You borrow, then sell, then when price drops you buy at low price and return to broker or whomever you borrowed from with interest of course.

>> No.26611797

Anon, all those options people are trading?
Someone wrote those options. That is who everyone is talking about, not the people buying out options (who would just let them expire).

The writers have to actually execute the contracts or purchase the contracts back (same thing, but with no affect on market price), no exceptions.

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>Your honor, here is proof I've been banking with GameStop for years

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cannot seem to buy anymore. says only view

>> No.26611895

Contracts can be settled in cash.

>> No.26611941

why doesn't Melvin and Citron buy now ahead of it going to $1000 or whatever the top will be?
Couldn't they buy at any moment?
And isn't it game over as soon as they do?

>> No.26611947

I don't know the complex explaination, but i guess that there are people profiting from that too

>> No.26611951

It is pretty scummy when large investment firms make their biggest gains this way because instead of investing into companies, they only directly profit off the loss of others. Shorting was a big part of the 2008 financial crisis.

>> No.26611993

You borrow something that you know will lose value in a week from someone and will have to return it then. So you sell it the day you borrowed it and after one week you buy the same item for the lower price and give it back to the person you borrowed it. The risky part is if that item gains 10+ times the value in the 1 week which is literally happening now. You would lose 10 times the money

>> No.26612046

maybe theyre in balls deep and dont have enough to cover losses

>> No.26612070

How do hey short more than 100% of the shares?

>> No.26612088

LOL. It's a bank until they go out of business and then your fucked.

>> No.26612094

Again, you aren’t just competing with the shorters, you are competing with the entire market.

YOU may want to cash out at 400, but you have no idea how many people think 300 sounds just fine
...or how many of those 400$ people suddenly find that 200 seems just fine after watching that red line grow consistently on Thursday.
>just one more day and I’ll be rich
>did I get scammed? Is this not happening?
>you know, 50% profits is a great trade, I’m done gambling on this

>> No.26612099

They can't buy enough shares to cover what they owe. They are 130% over shorted the amount of available shares Thats what makes this special

>> No.26612168

I mean that gives me some insight, but nothing to support a claim of 60% short interest

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>> No.26612174

They probably already hedge with options. Reddit is going to get fucked on this trade.

>> No.26612182

is it retarded to buy now at the current price?

>> No.26612188


A few rich investors started investing in GameStop at it's lowest, the action attracted a few other investors, which increased it's movements, which again attracted more investors. Now it's at $300 but it's obviously a bubble. I'm hoping those who invested cash out before the top guys do.....

>> No.26612266

>one person dumping millions of shares to crash the market and destroy bulls just so he can profit off it?
>perfectly normal and legal behavior, sorry kid there's a loser in every trade looks like you lose this time
>lots of people recognizing a greedy hedge fund hoping to make easy money from an over-leveraged short so they buy and hodl to destroy bears?
They're clearly not going out of business now, Bobo.

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OK, so if you short and stock goes up you're fucked. And so everyone realized they had a TON of shorted stocks they ill HAVE to buy back so they ballooned the stock.

>> No.26612312

They are probably hedge with options at this point. They won't need to cover the short position any time soon.

>> No.26612316

long time since i've seen the bank of gamestop

>> No.26612329

get off my board schlomo

>> No.26612374

Probably somehow but either way I hope it POPs them

>> No.26612389

go watch a youtube video or some shit

>> No.26612402

So it's literally just selling stocks (to buy the dip).

>> No.26612403

Sure thing, Judea
> t. /pol/

>> No.26612433

thanks for the based synopsis

>> No.26612473


Did you think a all time investor made that much splash in a dying company?

>> No.26612493

Also, you can't just pay the person back the money the stock was? You HAVE to give them the stock back?

>> No.26612525

where's the part that the redditors did something illegal though

>> No.26612549

arent they waiting for friday for the contracts to expire?
This allows them to cash out at $1000+ AND destroy some jews in the process

>> No.26612611

thats up to you, dont play more than youre willing to lose. the squeeze has not yet happened though. so it can still go up tremendously. people are saying 1k and thats generous (the highest stock of all time was 1k, during a short squeeze of VW in 2008. This is also a short squeeze phenomenon). 500-700 is conservative.

>> No.26612613

You know what, I have no idea.
Have we been bamboozled?

>> No.26612620

he'd been buying GME calls since fucking 2019, not his fault retarded short sellers decided to create 140% short interest

>> No.26612634

I going to say 90% that this won't POP them. They probably take a loss on this or maybe break even with lots of stress and time wasted.

>> No.26612652

>PS5 and Xbox Series X are out, i expect em to do better

>> No.26612673

That's all well and good, but the real question is WHEN DO I GO SHORT?

>> No.26612693

Yes. If you gave him that stock and then it exploded like GME, would you rather have the $20 or the $1000 share? What you're suggesting transfers 100% of the risk to the lender and nobody would ever agree to lend their stocks for shorting if that was the case.

>> No.26612694

This is making me wanna buy GME lol. I’m doing well on AMC but I regret having sold my GME

>> No.26612704

>he thinks crypto functions as a store of value
Ohhh nooo no no no

>> No.26612723

can i as a european buy efterhours ? if so on which site

>> No.26612733

what they borrowed wasn't money, it was stocks. They have to give the stocks back. And the only way to do that is to buy them off the market. And the price just goes up and up.

>> No.26612755

>thinking modern finance makes any logical sense

Neh it’s just Jews Jewing Jews all the way down.

There are loads of companies that have literally never made a dollar in profit and have no model for how they eve will yet they are valued at billions of dollars by the “market”

>> No.26612802

You don't actually buy the stock, you just loan a stock from someone who owns the stock. You pay them a commission, and then sell the stock in a month when the price has dropped. For big firms who can short in great quantitates, it's like shooting fish in a barrel when you short companies like Blackberry and Gamestop that have been trending down for ages.

The risk is the shorted company might actually have good news, the shorting party might get caught in a short squeeze where basically so many people have to settle their shorts at once that the price artificially increases all at once, or investors might take a position against the shorts to bust them. All 3 of those things happened at once, and then Elon Musk tweeted about it. It's the perfect storm.

>> No.26612813


>> No.26612825

I get that monthly options expire on Friday but how do you know what % the monthlies make up?

>> No.26612837

Wtf I love gamestop now
Can i get a 3080 instead?

>> No.26612880

> Most Americans don't have a proper Internet connection to download these games they want to play, Sir. People want to own physical copies of their favorite games. And the new CEO promised us a fresh batch of PS5 Battletoads copies.

>> No.26612919

>hedge funds gonna borrow more stock to cover their losses
>the price will continue to rise because of this
when will they learn

>> No.26612930

should have waited until thursday

>> No.26612931

Well we know previously it was something like 125%

>> No.26612970

>This allows them to cash out at $1000+ AND destroy some jews in the process

It won't reach that that. A few big investors can change the course of a stock

>> No.26612972

this is quite a show

>> No.26612977

ITT: Anon goes to federal prison for securities and tax fraud.


>> No.26612990

you know the rich cunts that steal from you and get rich by exploiting the average joe? average joe is fucking his wife and eating from his fridge right now.

>> No.26612991

So how do you think Gamestop themselves are reacting to all this?

>> No.26612993

>blahbadabadoo me smart
this is why we hope it ends horribly for everyone involved.

>> No.26612997

can't we tell how many shares they need to cover? Are people buying GME at $250 a share not knowing this amount?

>> No.26613042

everyone selling their chainlink to buy gme

>> No.26613052

Options are settled in cash....

>> No.26613115

lol cry more fag

>> No.26613140


i go away for 1 quarter
and /biz breaks wall street
wtf happened bros
>t. link marine

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>> No.26613155

How does overnight trading work? If i buy now will it automatically be filled at whatever price it is tomorrow morning when it opens, or will I get 210?

>> No.26613239

yes it does have to be the stock, the entire reason they took the other end is because you each had different ideas about what the difference between the strike price and market rate would be

Shares Outstanding 69.75M
Float 46.89M

>> No.26613267

calm down, i said everyone.

>> No.26613277


>> No.26613314

Its 130% over, These nog bikers have to buy by that much. Just buy it and hold. You can buy partial stock. Put some to send a message. If you got a few dollars you can make 30 extra, just put in what you are willing to lose. We set the price as long as we hold by friday. A hedge fund is dead now, more may follow.

>> No.26613321

I dont have any problems with reddit zoomers getting rich. I'm a cryptofag and always will be. What existential crisis?

>> No.26613326

Jewish magic.

The only limit to how many shares they can creates is how many people are willing to hold those shares in whatever form. The options market alone on most stocks is much larger than the entire market cap of the companies.

>> No.26613398

Bullshit. If Reddit goes down for this, every financial analyst in the industry is going to be assraped in Gitmo then.

>> No.26613412

>Chinese retards

>> No.26613440

Should I actually buy GME?

>> No.26613441


>> No.26613489

Not necessarily. They can be exercised for stock, you have to deliver the stock and it doesn’t matter how much you have to pay to acquire that stock, you owe it by contract.

>> No.26613524

>reddit goes down
g o o d

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File: 766 KB, 220x268, maam.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ma'am is behind this

>> No.26613558

that's based ngl

>> No.26613568

>Should I actually buy GME?

Right now??? No. It's too late. Reddit is already on to the next meme stock

>> No.26613633

You are missing one key difference. The “financiers” make the rules and enforce the, selectively to protect their interests.

You better believe they are going to come after the people who made lots of money on this but aren’t members of the tribe.

>> No.26613661

One stock will not kill a hedge fund. They are probably hedging the position by now with options.

>> No.26613668

Power to the players bro.

>> No.26613734

you have no idea what this clown world has in store for you. These boomer funds will get exposed once the smoke settles and the vanguard era will be over and will require smart contracts and complete transparency if you want to manage boomer retirement funds. This is unironically very bullish for link and crypto as a whole. Big brain suits will be phased out.

>> No.26613745

Pick a stock that is massively shorted (tbf I would have advised shorting GME but I'm not a parenthesis)
Robinhood accounts clump together to buy the stock, thus incresing the value-the more the merrier and they are very merry men.
Technically illegal if published in a magazine, with precedent so no idea wjhat will happen.

Hedgefund (hedge the bet by shorting one, backing opposite) are all begging for bailouts already. Remember the first rule- no begging.

Proving that this isn't capatalism, bankrupting many wankers, accelerating. pick your poison.

>> No.26613878

pump and dump is illegal anon, no matter if you are an insider or an outsider

buffet can't just buy a stock and say he bought it to make everyone buy and then just sell it and say wtf I can't have free speech? there are clear rules in the stock market against it because otherwise it'll just be a race to who can shill a stock the most and exit it'd fuck the entire market up hard (not that it isn't fucked already as is)

>> No.26613944

I agree that DeFi is the next logical step, this might push us closer in that direction by 3 years. I just don't think any hedge fund is going POP over this.

>> No.26613962


>> No.26614017

I put in a bid for 2 shares on Ameritrade at 213.50. Trade is still open. When will the bid confirm?

>> No.26614019

/biz/ can't do shit even if it's all they had to do
It's redditards who are pumping GME into infinity gamma squeeze, and we are just jumping on the bandwagon

>> No.26614025

this just made you look even more retarded. that anon wasnt trying to look smart he put it on /fit/ terms. go back to jewish reddit

>> No.26614037

Is all of this money gonna flow into crypto? Should I long btc or eth?

>> No.26614131

Tomorrow morning at 9:30AM EST

>> No.26614168

why should I sell at exactly 1488$?

>> No.26614176

I have a qeustion. Is anyone going to jail over this?

>> No.26614230

Fucking kek, good one anon.

>> No.26614245

Why is there no mechanism to strike a deal between borrowers and shorter in this scenario? Rather than demand the exact shares back it would seem to be more beneficial to negotiate some compensation instead of getting the original shares back.
Not just because autistically requiring those exact shares might bankrupt the shorter but also because those shares will immediately dump anyway when the whole thing is over?

>> No.26614304

Shorts don't expire. Don't believe the lies.

There is no mandated limit to how long a short position may be held. Short selling involves having a broker who is willing to loan stock with the understanding that they are going to be sold on the open market and replaced at a later date

>> No.26614331

Yes, you can just sell before the close at whatever the going rate is as long as someone is willing to pay the price for it.

>> No.26614588

>Can't until tomorrow
At what time does the market open?

>> No.26614593



>> No.26614595
File: 98 KB, 655x347, gme-battletoads-its-happening.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's happening frens

>> No.26614608

Don't come here if you want to play things safe

>> No.26614660
File: 297 KB, 483x511, no.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you sell something you dont own
>you then buy it back
>this is somehow a legitimate financial operation
Jesus fucking christ, I know perfectly well why I don't participate in this kikeshit. Only a complete, parasitic, troglodyte subhuman would even come up with something like that.

>> No.26614774

The broker or lender of the short can force it to be closed if the stock prices goes up so much that it causes massive losses and un-met margin calls.

>> No.26614885

That’s pretty antisemetic of you anon

>> No.26614900
File: 109 KB, 1856x734, 1611592870319.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26614913

When did the hand joining happen? Kinda sad I didn't catch on, could have dumped like $40k and been set for life.

>> No.26615026

based redditors

>> No.26615051
File: 19 KB, 560x669, 1603559344613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much profit will Gamestop make selling PS5s this year? I think I will get one now.

>> No.26615134
File: 304 KB, 677x677, 1611447365967.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You fucking idiots really don’t understand how serious this is do you? You’re causing major institutions to lose billions of dollars and might even cause the grandparent loaning bank to go under. People will lose their homes, people’s mortgages and investments will be impacted as a result. There is a loser on every trade and mark our words at the end of the day it WILL be you

Enjoy retaining a lawyer and fighting off discovery for the next five years. Was it worth ruining your life for a 10x? Good luck explaining why you’re using words like “Jew” and “nigger” to a federal judge. Enough is enough and it’s about time someone took you man children down a notch.

>> No.26615211

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Wednesday but instead of soros it's redditors and /biz/ and UK is wall street

>> No.26615235


>> No.26615307

Fucking kek

>> No.26615463

kek, anon is so fucked

>> No.26615493

who is being asked to borrow the bananas and lends it?

>> No.26615612

we have to dumb it down more.

>> No.26615629

This will be an epic massacre, couldnt place a order on etoro. Have fun guys!

>> No.26615630

it is the hedgefund who is to blame for shorting something they can't pay back. Not people who buy a stock at a bargain.

>> No.26615682

i don't get it, i havent made any money and im not going to.

>> No.26615697

What if they decide to be in the hedge funds side and not force them to pay? Sooner or later once he growth stops people will start to dip, and the price will go down.

>> No.26615706

Sounds a lot like half the threads on /biz/

>> No.26615710

>People will lose their homes, people’s mortgages and investments will be impacted as a result.
good. I dont own a home yet and I've been waiting for a dip to invest my new savings.

>> No.26615804

theyre that bird that delivers the new babies

>> No.26615816

This will be a fun week.

>> No.26615885

Actually a really good and clear explanation.

>> No.26615907
File: 360 KB, 714x2801, talmud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26615934

kek the stock market is such a fucking scam

>> No.26615936

I read the articles
I listened to the fin news
Everyone is applauding them, they say that it is more then likely legit. Even then, at worst, plebbit will be named as the manipulator, not the rest who jumped on the band wagon. That is what they said, but cross check yourself to make sure everything I said is legit

>> No.26615937

Gonna call and check tomorrow.

>> No.26615984

then the broker is on the hook and if they don't meet margin requirements, they too will go under. It's a federal law to meet margin requirements.

>> No.26616013

No payout means they become richer then they ever were.

>> No.26616077

indeed. its literally fake jewish magic money

>> No.26616106

decentralized holocaust of the merchants

>> No.26616136

>parasitic hedge fund
>major institution
it's a major institution in the same way a golf-ball-sized lump of cancer is a major organ

>> No.26616167
File: 113 KB, 1433x1437, 1325295198002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be retard
>Don't understand but want to join the bandwagon
>Deposit 500 on etoro to buy
>Can't place order
Well, at least I can get those back.

>> No.26616337

>when contracts expire friday the hedge fund shorting will post pink wojaks on the board
Holy shit I spilled my drink

>> No.26616358

i bought shares in gamestop (herafter: 'GME') because i saw there was a commotion in mainstream media and it was on the rise. i am generally inexperienced in the stock market and couldn't possibly understand any of its mechanics enough to have any ulterior motive other than to grow my investment as is common practice. i started monitoring this public forum (hereafter: '/biz/') in order to keep an eye on public discourse relative to my investment.
thanks SEC.

>> No.26616381

fun fact: nobody loses their homes, bank sells mortgage at a loss and life goes on. FAGGOT NIGGER

>> No.26616417


>> No.26616431

Yeah but that doesn’t tell me anything.
If I own shares of GME, and I don’t write shorts, how can all of GME be shorted?

>> No.26616445

Is this babby's first blackpill on the financial system?

>> No.26616453

We're turning gamestop into amazon, no we're making amazon a subsidiary of a fucking game store.

>> No.26616479

No, and you know why? The hedgefund owes shares worth 140% of the current shares that actually exist. And on Friday they MUST close their position. In other words they MUST buy shares between now and Friday to be able to give back what they owe.

And silly enough as it sounds there are more hedgefunds doubling down on the short position. You almost have a guaranteed buy on Friday with ridiculous prices, they literally have to buy more shares than exists. They need to buy several shares more than once if people refuse to sell and some won't sell so the price will rise because they are contractually OBLIGED to get the shares until then.

>> No.26616503


>> No.26616534

market is closed bro

>> No.26616614

t. Nazi

>> No.26616655

So do I sell on FRI when it presumably reaches 1k or hold hold hold?

>> No.26616676

Short float

>> No.26616681

I feel like this will backfire somehow

>> No.26616728

It feels too good to be true but the technicals are solid.

>> No.26616758
File: 6 KB, 257x196, 1598132376455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

or, they could just roll the naked calls out in time for a net premium

>> No.26616764

if it goes up to $2.5k+ I'm peacing out and buying an off the grid cabin and 40 acres in the Appalachians.

>> No.26616767

Ding ding ding
FNMA, GNMA, and FHLM pick up the fucking loans.

>> No.26616810

is it worth to buy aftermarket right now, like 220 and put in a stop order for like 1000 for tmrw

>> No.26616817

As I said, I'm retarded, will buy tomorrow morning.
The worst that can happen is me loosing 500.

>> No.26616847
File: 98 KB, 1024x1024, EsmGSxNXAAAXgj4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all according to keikaku

>> No.26616876

That is up to you, I dont know your economic situation. BUT the hedgefund (or hedgefundS now) has to buy the stock by or on Monday. They don't want to buy at these prices because the stocks are going to moon even more than now since they have to buy so much stock. But on Friday they HAVE to if they haven't already.

Which would just prolong it. And they have to pay huge amounts of interests if they do that.

>> No.26616934
File: 100 KB, 1280x720, pure_ejaculation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/smg/ shilled gme continuously for 8 months

>> No.26617037


>> No.26617150

Can someone explain me how banker jews are losing a lot of money here?

>> No.26617212

What happens if Melvin goes under instead of purchasing the stock on Friday?

>> No.26617223

but it would also give retail enough time to cannibalize itself. Also consider the SEC is involved and has probably already guaranteed infinite liquidity for the funds involved, sort of like how the FED organized a bailout for long term capital management to the tune of billions.

>> No.26617309

Holy based

>> No.26617325
File: 28 KB, 206x305, rotn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26617340

Idk man I sold at 220 cause I bought at 200 and it was an easy and quick few bucks. Put it into AMC for the night, so far so good. When the shorts in AMC see their statements tomorrow they are gonna panic cause it’s up like 50% in the after hours.

>> No.26617403

>Also consider the SEC is involved and has probably already guaranteed infinite liquidity for the funds involved, sort of like how the FED organized a bailout for long term capital management to the tune of billions.

Which means infinite profits for people who own gamestock stock. Considering the fact that the short position is 140% of the value of the company they literally have to buy 140% of the stocks that exist. If people don't want to sell for a low price then they have to buy for a high price.

>> No.26617413

You lend someone a car because they will sell it and then buy it back at a lower price later. They then borrow another car and repeat the process. Eventually as the price of cars decreases, they will have borrowed and sold as many cars as cars exist if they continue this process the entire way down. Sometimes a retard makes that bet and then doubles down by borrowing even more cars so there are more cars owed than cars exist. However cars actually begin to increase in value with you paying interest on the original car, and because so many cars are owed by people, the demand for cars will surge as the price increases due to increasingly worse positions for those who owe cars causing them to have to pay $10,000 for a car they sold at $1000 to repay their debt or be stuck paying large amounts of interest until your prediction that cars will be worth $0 comes to fruition. However the car lot you sell cars on has strict rules, and will force you to close out once your positions are bad enough.

>> No.26617443

part of the money loss happens when gamestop stcok tanks and becomes even more worthless thatn it was before this, resulting in people being stuck with worthless stock

>> No.26617447

Stock doesn't actually exist anon

>> No.26617457
File: 107 KB, 1224x863, oyvey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26617527

With digits definitely checks

>> No.26617569

Market efficiency in action

>> No.26617653

very based

>> No.26617655

I just wanted battletoads. I swear

>> No.26617662

Have you looked at the options market for GME

It’s hardcore fucked. Like five dollar bid ask spreads and calls offered for basically the same prices as the ones ten points higher.

I was gonna sell an assload of call spreads in here but the market is broken. Twenty point call spreads marked between negative nu:beers and only two dollars.

Anyone short GME may as well kill the,selves, it’s not coming back.

>> No.26617674
File: 343 KB, 659x525, 1610150263492.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Research what happened to the Hunt brothers in the 1980 silver futures short squeeze... CME made it illegal to buy, and thus price tanked. There's a lot of jewish tricks that aren't being accounted for here.

>> No.26617749

That's what a vega spike will do for ya

>> No.26617770
File: 118 KB, 1280x720, 1504229772891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm fucking crying over here

>> No.26617786

If Babylon the great falls because of trolls squeezing hedge fund short sellers, I will be extremely impressed with God.

>> No.26617803


I'm laughing my fucking ass off. /biz/tards are actually fucking with wall street. Seriously, I'm fucking dying over here. The real world is way whackier than anything you could make up.

>> No.26617894

Brainlet here, but if the FED is going to fund these funds forever, doesn't this mean that this whole scheme is simply a way to siphon taxpayer money into the pockets of everyone who cashes out before the crash? If the hedge funds don't lose money then the people they buy from don't lose money.

>> No.26617937

It's not us that caught on, it was actually reddit.

>> No.26617978

GME is proof that Dr. Michael J. Burry is ALWAYS right and everyone else is just fucking wrong and retarded.

>> No.26618001

the shoulder thing that goes up

>> No.26618026

>too many trump supporters to possibly crack down and arrest them for domestic terrorism
>too many people manipulating the market to possibly punish and crack down
>too many words and avenues for discourse on the internet to possibly silence speech

Yeah I'm thinking this is gonna be an epic decade

REMEMBER they deserve to lose everything, they siphoned money out of billions of people's hands with the meme flu hoax, and also they fuck children

>> No.26618082
File: 75 KB, 1024x576, 1609627031771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26618196

yup, i'm shorting it on friday.

>> No.26618199


>> No.26618244

It's been that way for decades, anon - different story, same game. I won't make the stupid assumption that there won't be an infinity squeeze... but there's a lot of other options the regulators have available to wrangle any market they so desire, and I want anons to consider this as a potential risk. Nothing is ever 100% guaranteed

>> No.26618312

Yes. Bailouts are actually a tax on everyone who holds cash, so anyone not in the green on their assets is losing money. Inflation is how they rob you from a thousand miles away.

>> No.26618412

enough said
make it happen faggots

>> No.26618462

Alright, so from what I understand, a bunch of people decided to short stocks, but then people on reddit bought all those stocks and are holding them at high prices, so now they have to buy them at those prices or else they will owe even more?
I have a spare $300 dollars and I want to make a bit of profit, how would I get in on this (if it even works)

>> No.26618463
File: 39 KB, 403x528, 1531880068227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Play with other peoples money and shit you don't actually own so you can manipulate and scam people
>A bunch of idiots on the internet find out and fuck you
Honestly, I haven't made a cent from this cause I'm too much of a brainlet for stocks, but watch you all make the kike seethe is a priceless treasure that surpasses any financial gains.

>> No.26618530

not only do they fuck children, but they do it in the most vulgar way imaginable: the rabbi sharpens his fingernail and cuts off the baby's foreskin. he then throws the foreskin to the women, who fight over the bloody scrap of flesh under the belief that whoever eats it will marry well. then the rabbi fills a glass with wine and penis blood, takes a sip, and forces the mutilated baby to drink it. while the baby is passed out from the trauma and blood loss of sexual torture and mutilation, the adults eat bizarre foods including meats that may only be slaughtered in the most violent, inhumane way possible. if it were killed instantly without pain, they'd refuse to eat it.

>> No.26618594

Who is pumping it thought? My bet is that some NEET stinklink whales from /smg/ all decided to buy in (seeing as they shilled it there for ages), then once they had all bought they shilled it as hard as they could on reddit. It seems to have worked.

>> No.26618599

>repay their debt or be stuck paying large amounts of interest
Which one will happen?

>> No.26618603

Ita this. The first part is the part that should be illegal. The hedge funds literally drove gme straight to the brink and then tried to kill it completely, austists figured it out.

>> No.26618642

Is it too late to buy stocks for Game Stop or go ahead and buy AMC during the after hours?

>> No.26618687


>> No.26618696

I forgot to mention that before the rabbi cuts off the foreskin with a sharp fingernail, he molests the baby to get it erect.

another missed detail. the rabbi actually sucks the bloody stump of the baby's penis. that's how he gets the blood into the glass.

just FYI, goys

>> No.26618862

alright i found out aboutthis a few hours ago like you did. At first I thought this was just a bunch of people hyping companies they were interested in, but after reading looks like some weird market battle between a bunch of reddit ppl and biz? I'm confused on what the hell is all going on.

>> No.26618896

They're either betting on weak hands or pulling some jewery behind the scenes

>> No.26618916

this shit no doubt going to hit over $500 by friday

>> No.26618941
File: 110 KB, 1097x487, GME FAQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I got everything in this FAQ. Stupid 2000 character limit.

>> No.26619008

Its literally wallstreetbets on reddit. 4chan has been washed up for years and haven't done epic shit in a while.

>> No.26619065

i dont care who the fuck is the superior board. Im just happy i get to watch this train wreck and actually participate.

>> No.26619103

you were supposed to sell link 2 years ago noobs

>> No.26619106
File: 122 KB, 1505x401, 1606309759245.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gamestop was /biz/'s doing you newfag.

Like all memes, they start here and eventually leak out to the rest of the internet and then the real world.

>> No.26619193

who the fuck is melvin?

>> No.26619300

based, thx. bumping for this.
>obligatory call to gas kikes

>> No.26619301
File: 223 KB, 351x483, tonight you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>believing that they could break this horde of autists with brute force
lol. boomers will never learn

>> No.26619303

stocks, crypto...it's all a spook

>> No.26619405

It's like a scratch off ticket, but with letters instead of numbers

>> No.26619439

fuckin kek

>> No.26619525


>> No.26619652
File: 85 KB, 900x460, kisspngtribalwars2videogameinternetsadpepe5b4b1834950ca2.0724439915316480526105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys I dont understand what any of this means

>> No.26619659

So what fuckery will they pull to prevent this from happening?

>> No.26619720

It’s part of a plant. Like Jack and the Giant Beanstock. He planted it and it grew really big then he got a goose that laid golden eggs. That whole story is about stocks.

>> No.26619732

Eventually as the price rises they will have to cover, because the price is now accounting for the demand that potentially exists from them covering. This compounds until either they cover and eat the loss having to buy shares to give to their institution, who will then resell the share on the market, because they owe 140% of the shares that exist. Oh and if the bank they use gives them a sweatheart deal and tries to use this as a strategy to lower the losses of their customer by swapping shares for gradually lower prices, it'll get the SEC all over their asses for market manipulation.

It isn't manipulating the market to acknowledge that demand will exceed supply and how to take advantage of it. Buy low, sell high, easy as

>> No.26619809
File: 43 KB, 546x728, Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 4.42.56 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have 15k should i buy boomer shares at open tomorrow?

>> No.26619840
File: 1.02 MB, 1754x987, 1611646523255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>too many x to possibly crack down on y
This is going to be a recurring theme and I love it

>> No.26619882

more halting i think

>> No.26619912

You're a moron. /u/DeepFuckingValue had his GME YOLO position on reddit in 2019.

>> No.26619916

There is a mechanism. Buy the shares at the current price, and pay back the shares.

Same rules as everyone else.

>> No.26619925


Also I've never used Robinhoodd, I'm more of a cryptofag. If I buy now will it buy at open?

>> No.26619968

B-but what if it keeps going until end of February? wouldn't that mean you get double fucked by the commision rates?

>> No.26620001

Fuck it I have leftover Christmas money I'm going all in

>> No.26620011

This is not financial advice, but yes.

>> No.26620067

Can the company use that money somehow? Like to put it in company payrolls etc?

>> No.26620126

well it won't be a thing come next week you can be sure of that

>> No.26620210

can someone explicitly clarify the endgame please?

>> No.26620392

there is no endgame melvin will default before the anticipated epic short squeeze happens

>> No.26620394

Gamestop buying amazon. Tendie baller kings holding majority stake in the new empire. Bezos locked in the wagie cage.

>> No.26620401

another 6 million.

>> No.26620484

Melvin is not the exclusive holder of shorts.

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