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>forget to pull back foreskin and my piss goes everywhere
How do I profit off of that?

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let rabbi have a little succ

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This post was made by someone who has never had a foreskin.

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He doesnt piss in the sink
Anon i..

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Best thread on biz right now

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hahahahha /thread + kike OP detected or burger

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My foreskin is velvety soft and I just stuck my finger inside of it.

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Foreskin gone. Never in my life have i ever thought, damn i wish I had some extra stinky skin around the tip of my penis.

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>Americans are waking up


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Is this a joke? are we NOT meant to piss in the sink? I always do to save water.

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Doesn't it stain it? You have to clean out your sink. What happens when you shave and you get piss remnants?

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I recently started pissing in the sink as well, never will I go back

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based sink peeer

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I don't know what having a foreskin is like, because a kike doctor convinced my parents it was a good idea to have it chopped off.

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It's really nice. It's cosy and protected.

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you have been hitting it with a hammer first? Right anon?

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Does that make the pee go faster?

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It's like your pee pee is receiving a hug

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>find others who have the same problem
>create a game show out of it where contestants take turns pissing on things
>profit $$$

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Is it toasty underneath there at the moment? Can you check for me?

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I just peeled it back and rubbed my thumb along the skin below the head, smells like cottage cheese

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Does it taste like it, too?

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My cat doesn't talk desu

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>Not pissing your pants

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I never shake off the droplets so I normally always have a wet patch in my big boy underwear.

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yeh, it's like a turbo for your peepee

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I always pee outside in my backyard that's way I save 2€ every month poorfags

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You shouldn't pee like that anyway. It's unsanitary.

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Sucking baby dick blood like your subhuman culture does is unsanitary you pdo kike

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Foreskin intact. Never in my life have i ever thought, damn i wish part of my drick was surgically removed without my consent

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>My foreskin is velvety soft and I just stuck my finger inside of it
That's a good feel

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This thread is full of seething cut yids

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Hahaha cope and seethe
The Goyim News Network programmed you well didn't it anon

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>Is this a joke? are we NOT meant to piss in the sink?
I used to, but now I pee by squeezing my foreskin shut so the piss makes a foreskin balloon and I eventually release it which splatters piss all over the place

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Feels pretty good doesn't it, kind of like giving it a power wash from the inside.
Haha imagine having a jewish doctor surgically remove your dick skin because your parents are too retarded to tell you to wash it when you;re 11

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>pull back my foreskin

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cut it off and sell it to cosmetics companies
.. except the rabbi got there before you

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Tranny here, can relate. Penis gone. Never in my life have I ever thought, damn I wish I had some extra stinky penis around my mangina.

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Is what what they mean by 'pump and dump'?

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>Always irritated whenever I took a piss since it would double stream and hit my pants or the floor
>Used to block the stream with my hand, so only my hand got soaked in piss
>When I turned 17 I finally realized I could just pull my foreskin back and have a regular fucking piss

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haha niggers i never pull my foreskin back, and a thick singular straight stream of piss comes out without me ever pissing over shit. feels good to know that others dont enjoy this privilege

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its like putting pee pee in vaniga

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Fucking fudders can’t get that no one will use their shittokens

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>having forskin

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That's a real chad move, my fren.

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how do you amerimutts do it? the exposed tip of my dick sticking to my underwear is the most unpleasant feeling i know. i cant imagine my entire cockhead having to go through that

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Get a gallon jug and slip it around your benis then use the collected peepee and trickle it onto your neighbors flowers at 5:30 AM every morning

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Yeah man. That's why it has to get crusty and disgusting to 'protect' it.

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You have to short your dick, hence why rabbis always try and get there first

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haha idk lol i dont really know how that would even be like since i dont have a foreskin anymore haha
sometimes its funny wondering how having your whole dick intact would feel like, i have no idea lol haha

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they lose sensitivity over time

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>tfw have no foreskin but have massive double stream at every piss anyway for whatever fucking reason and it still soaks my pants

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try pulling it ba...

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Lmao. I actually piss in the same jug I drink out of, simply because its my own pee and I just wash it out and dump it into the sink. Pee is also antibacterial/sterile. Flushing a toilet, using 10l of water for 500-1000ml of piss is bullshit.

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are you meant to pull back foreskin when you pee? I've been doing it wrong all this time

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yes, it helps you not splash
but it's optional if you want the pee to be a bit more hectic and live dangerously

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This is a demoralization thread to attack people who were circumcised at birth.
And it's going to work, too.
Because people who got the most sensitive part of their dick chopped off as a baby think about what they are missing out on every day.
Masturbating and having sex is pointless without foreskin.
The funny thing is, even going the tranny route won't solve this problem, because a tranny vagina would work 10 times better with the original foreskin to give it more sensitivity.

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wtf, why hasn't anyone put stop to this yet

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How do I cope with having my foreskin stolen from me bros?

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But if you never had it, what are you really missing?

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Anons, I just forgot to pull it back... again. I pissed on the floor again.

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The pain in the trauma of doing it also permanently alters their brains.

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Cope. You may as well not have a penis if you had your foreskin removed, which means you're basically a tranny.

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I dont want to sound petty, but every single woman prefers cut peni over the meat cap filled with goop and bacteria.
Uncut dicks look animalistic, but not in the good way.

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If you've cut off part of your dick you might as well just cut the rest of it off and get it over with.

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>every single woman
Anon... this is not true. I could walk into a bar in the US, just talk and they would swarm over my smelly dick because my accent is attractive to them and it's normal where I am to not mutilate children. Women find that attractive. Your women want you to be mutilated.

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Maybe in muttland and israel.. The rest of the world doesn't sexually molest children with knives at birth

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suicide, try again in your next life.

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I have successfully bedded 4 women in my life and not one of them have complained or said I wish your dick was mutilated.

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Ahahahahahha cope mutt

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Angion method
Thought everyone?

>> No.26508924

hello...? cope department?

>> No.26509230

I used to do this, but the mess is too much

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t.never had a foreskin

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Anon pee is not sterile

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pray with me
God i thank you for the serenity to accept the things i cant change
i thank you for the courage to change the things that i can
and i thank you for the wisdom to know between the two

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Though I don't pull it when I have to pee and have a boner for whatever reason

>> No.26510623

but that causes problems of having to lean over

>> No.26510661

You won't have problems with your foreskin if you cut it off

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>he doesnt even contemplate the aroma.
Kek, you dont know what you're missing pal.

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That sweaty cock smell is nice.

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I don't get uncutfags obsession with cutfags. Sure, I would rather my penis wasn't mutilated as a child, and I certainly won't have my sons circumcised, but I've never known any different and there's nothing I can do about it, so personally, worrying about it seems pretty pathetic, even a little psychotic to be honest.
>inb4 rabbi

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