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Femanon here, guy who invented batteries for cars is worth over 100 b$ while me plumber makes 1k$ a month, should i rope? i cant cope!

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bob and vagene

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>i deserve to be queen of the universe because i have diddies and vegana
yes, rope. There is no hope for modern women degenerated by tiktok and facebook fake celebrity shills

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show your cunt you banal fucking bitch

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Why specify femanon here? Nobody has to know and nonody cares. Tits or gtfo
I dont specify im a mananon so just stfu u attention craving ungendered nigger

Everybody is anon

TL;DR tits or gtfo

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Do you have a plumber's crack at work?

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watch this shit bait thread get 200 replies

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what country are you in anon?

even plumber’s helpers make way more than that in the US

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female plumber? shill plumbing brands on youtube with generous cleavage

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plumber and sandwich maker!

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>female plumber
lmao are you a dyke or a cumdump?

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it's a pasta, newfags
fuck off to reddit, norman

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Just invent a better battery for cars and you can be rich too. Or hodl shitcoins until one moons enough for you to retire comfortably.

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How many pipes do you clean per day OP?

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>falling for the femanon bait

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>starting a thread with "femanon here"

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>be me invent something that improves the lives of billions of people
>be you clean literal shit out of toilets

why even live

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