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DAE le fuck Melvin xD

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Friendly reminder CRBP is a tranny shill and wants you to buy his heavy bags.

He's banking on the end of March to be the catalyst for the approval of phase 2 of their drug that has failed to meet endpoints previously. What he didn't tell you is in order for the trial to end at the end of March they need the FDA to shorten the trial. If this doesn't happen the trial will continue to its original endpoint in Q4

Not only are you betting the fda says OK to changing the duration , you're betting the fda approves the end point, which they haven't done for corbus before. Snib snab eternal crab

>but muh investors are buying all the shares
>but muh price is at the floor


>There have been recent changes in the dermatomyositis competitive landscape with studies that are shorter than one year using the same efficacy endpoint as DETERMINE. Therefore, Corbus will submit a protocol amendment to the FDA and other regulatory agencies to shorten the treatment duration of DETERMINE to 28 weeks from one year. The last subject visit through 28 weeks is expected in March 2021 with topline data to be reported shortly thereafter

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recommend me a <$10 stock to dump cash into please

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Wow sauce on magical frog should have gone in OP

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my lil mate in highschool and his fellas are more redpilled than you even they get about this stupid trash fake

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Be aware of the CLSN shill, he's talking out of his ass:


>At the second interim analysis by the independent Data Monitoring Committee (DMC), which covered 80% of the deaths needed for the final analysis, indicated that the OPTIMA Study had narrowly crossed the futility boundary of Hazard Ratio (HR)=0.90 with substantial uncertainty. The reported HR suggested by the Kaplan-Meier analysis was 0.903 with a p-value of 0.524. The DMC advised Celsion of its findings, leaving the decision to stop the study up to the Company.


Thats a big fucking yikes from me. The Phase II was probably a fluke. Or maybe a scam.

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Lol I just put money in and stock go up

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First for asuka

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If you're not in TR calls, what are you even doing with your life? Trying to pump something that's already pumped 200% like GME or BB? Trying to pump something with a billion shares (BB)?

Why pump this shit when you can get in on something with:
1) Low as fuck IV. You're buying in at the ground floor of a meme rocketship
2) A float of 16 mil shares. WTF. That's a small fucking float.
3) 46% of the float is short. Not only could this pump just because of a low public float, it could easily cause some massive short pain.

Low float + high % of float shorted + liquidity surge = massive volatility. The key here is to use the current normie sentiment. Normies are currently head hunting shorts. We need to point out that this is a prime candidate to fuck over some monopoly man looking motherfuckers.

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Why is she angry?

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Who is Asuka? And why isn’t she real???

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That's a lot of nice words you have there. But CRBP shill has made me money

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She can be just make big gains brothers

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I can’t remember what playstation game I used to play that this was in and made me a fan of static x as a kid.

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>If you're not in TR calls
Sooo everybody.

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First for American Asuka

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Is the market gonna get a stiffy tomorrow?

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What do you think about the CLSN / OBLN shill?

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Every meme has an origin story faggot.

>> No.26463316

didn't they just claim bankruptcy

I thought they already had phase three approval on at least two of their drugs - they have a seminar on the 27th to announce

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you won't trick reddit into buying this or anyone for that matter just stop

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Based as fuck

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who is this melvin guy everyone is talking about? >>26463016

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First for buy ATOS calls on Monday. TikTok retards are now shilling it. It’s gonna explode anons.

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Buy $CLF

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I earned 35% return because of CRBP so I dont care

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is RBLX still day 1 buy? $45 seems steep

>> No.26463405

That makes me not want to buy it mate

>> No.26463406

> tranny shill
Isn't this a bullish financial indicator? Tranny shills have a good track record on /smg/

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kek why did he let him get punched that many times before calling it? I don't watch UFC, is that normal?

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go shill PnD shitcoins like all the other pajeets. Stop shitting up our general

>> No.26463426

Everyone on here shilling you something that's already pumped 200% = trying to offload their bags on you.

Someone trying to shill you something of pure memeability that hasn't left the launch pad yet and you get all angry. This is the reason you're poor anon.

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The forced TR shit is cringe lol

Buy CLF which consolidated low 15s and is now gonna move north into Q4 ER blowout

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pls do tell

>> No.26463446

It was that mech game with a beautiful soundtrack. Omega Boost.

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who are you even talking to? lurkmoar

>> No.26463464

45? It's going to open at 100. Were you not paying attention to ABNB, AI, DASH, AFRM, WOOF, DFH, or any recent IPO?

>> No.26463478

>tfw hooker was on my parlay
what a faggot

>> No.26463494

Anon, please carry my bags on an equity that has already mooned 100% is what you meant to say.

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nobody wants your tranny rolls bags you dumb shit

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Idk but here's McGregor getting HEEM'd last night

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Ahaha they tried to handwave my institutional ownership thesis they think they can just ignore the fact that institutions have been buying up CRBP after the dump they are idiots they are literal fentanly snorting milkbreaths idiots IDIOTS and they think that FDA timelines matter here he thinks the end of March 2021 Phase 2 approval deadline matters when the money has already moved in i just cannot believe they didn't see the options activity on the 4c april calls idiots idiots stupid donkey milkbreaths cum monkeys stupid fucking milkbreaths IDIOTS

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nah I think it was either a cool boarders game or that similar game with snowmobiles

>> No.26463566

from the thumbnail I thought this was an evil clown. panties are eyes, hands are a nose, thighs big bushy clown hair.

>> No.26463576

With a machine like that you must know exactly what anime girl anus smells like. Care to enlighten us?

>> No.26463587

Checked and basepilled

>> No.26463591

damnit I forgot that was last night I meant to bet against this mick again

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Fuck bro's. I might start getting into this shit. Whats that one white patriotic american hero fighter that trump called? thats gonna be my guy.

>> No.26463614

I fucking KNEW you were the CRBP shill now get the fuck out nobody wants your curry shits here jeet

>> No.26463619

Ahahaa he thinks the announcements in March 2021 is the catalyst hahaha oh my god this is what happenes when you hahahhaha care too much about FDA dates intstead of following the money hahahhahaha oh my god i have tried to explain for a week but the poorly researched FUD hahahah keeps on poppping up loool just for one moment try to stop hahah looking at previous pharma shills on here looool because those were shilled on the basis of PDUFA/FDA approval deadlines. Not institutional ownership buying certain strikes and expiry for calls. Idiot. Savage. Subhuman.

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$32.50 for CLF is a PE ratio of 10 in an industry where the standard is 17, retard

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it's like heaven but better

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What’s up /smg/ I hope to break 100k in my portfolio this year

>> No.26463667

I've only posted in this thread once at the time of your response you special needs cunt

>> No.26463690

based image, youre going to make it.

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personal responsibility

>> No.26463703

Buy rolls Royce don’t miss out anon

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I'm still riding with you CRBP shill, you've made me $100 already on my calls. You're alright.

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Reminder that your cells are counting on you to do a good job with trading.

>> No.26463749

Hey tranny

No approval make line go down. You cant spin it any other way.

>> No.26463770

post hand then you rat

>> No.26463794

a comany quarterly results are best ever fir that quarter.
the price still went down 2.3% ??
Is this HFT manipulating price or people really think company is not worth?
it is best in its sector.

>> No.26463798

It genuinely is retarded for people to think CRBP is a play which will rely on a catalyst all the way in March 2021 when institutions have been loading up on Feb 2021 and March 2021 calls for a few months now.
But I am not surprised because tards on /smg/ actually think this is an investment which revolves around FDA deadlines. Those are actual gambles. This play is nothing like BCRX. This play is nothing like OSMT. This is a play about following the money.
Lol, approval will happen regardless but I've been trying to reiterate that approval deadlines don't matter for this stock's price action.

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incredibly based

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Needs more emoji rocket ships and gayer hashtags to be credible, reddit tourist

>> No.26463837

Why? No you fucking schizo retard. Try to actually contribute to the thread

>> No.26463838

>He has tiktok

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how long do i hold? forever?

I sold all my steel, should I get back in?

This bubble is never going to pop.

>> No.26463857

Doe that tiny string of fabric over her visible asshole make this picture SFW?

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>they fucking knew

>> No.26463873

April 2021 calls** not March 2021 calls

>> No.26463875

Because Asuka is STINK!

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You mean short

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God I wish it was Monday
Weekends are fucking torture

>> No.26463895

brown curry stained hand confirmed

>> No.26463918

I'm strapped in for Wednesday, we can watch it together and charge our JO crystals haha

>> No.26463936

All frogs are magickal.

>> No.26463940

What a bitch!

>> No.26463945

What the fuck are you talking about yes I am Indian i openly told you this. I do not want to post my hand so some obese white virgin who has not been able to see his penis in over a decade and fantasizes about shooting minorities in school hallways can get off on it.

>> No.26463946

I don't know anon, but aren't you happy you got to see that? I am. It's really good.

>> No.26463957

What do you guys think about actively trading short term patterns like Afternoon breakouts? All this longterm shotcalling is gay

>> No.26463962

Any recommendation what financials are good?

>> No.26463967

yeah im gonna fap for the 2nd time today and its only 10am

>> No.26463981

>following the money
Yeah but didn't all those people buy the April calls exactly because of the March approval?

>> No.26463995

it ceased being a bubble once everyone realized we were in a bubble and kept buying anyways

>> No.26464021

if institutions bought April calls for March approval than they are being risky as fuck. Too little theta. April calls for a February moon makes sense, you can still sell off the theta.

i do totally admit the bull thesis for an institution is longer term so im not gonna pretend like CRBP is going to moon to $9 overnight this upcoming week

>> No.26464052

but what if some realized we were in a bubble, so the bubble is already poppoing on account that THEY knew soething we didnt, they always know those darn bastards, fucking theyrm.


>> No.26464056


>> No.26464144

>wake up
>take a shit on the curb outside your house
>go on /smg/ to shit up the thread
why is CRBP shill like this?

>> No.26464194

>fantasizes about shooting minorities in school hallways

The guy from a country with a fucking caste system is going to lecture whites about not being nice enough to minorities.

>> No.26464292

>This bubble is never going to pop.
this thinking is called peak bubble, everyone knows its a bubble but have so much greed they think they can ride it a little longer then will be smarter than everyone else and get out first, problem is everyone thinks this

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buy science in sport on monday

>> No.26464351

Still holding APXT and LGVW. When the fuck are they going to do the sneedful and announce their merger dates

>> No.26464366

To the millennial retard who called me a zoomer in the last thread go drink a soi mocha chai latte you dumbass fuck

>> No.26464370

haha bro if you just wanna cyber a bit and charge our crystals you don't have to be so tsun you can just ask

>> No.26464373

Any AUPH news or did I get >shilled

>> No.26464399

Ahahahahahahaha, if you don’t understand how to get cash with crypto volume on crypto just forget your account and fuck off from this thread

cmon, I am too experienced to follow in this shit, that’s why I will hold my Base on uniswap exchange and use Cascade system for top cashflow with passive income

>> No.26464406

I'm born and raised in the USA, Kyle. This country was essentially founded on white supremacy and slavery and you literally cannot live anywhere in the united states without being near the site of some white supremacist type going off and killing a shit load of people.
There was a period of time I was genuinely afraid of being in a large crowded place in public with too many minorities for fear of some white dipshit going postal and shooting everyone with his AR because he couldn't get laid because they were cucked by a minority
>lived in Vegas in 2017 and then near the garlic shooter in 2019
>relatives have had to live through actual school shootings from white kids in their high school

I understand that black people are dangerous but white people do not like to admit that the pent up racist virgins created by white supremacy leads to a lot of horrible violence/terrorism

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CRBP is 106.76% owned by institutions

>> No.26464424

the deal went through

>> No.26464446

>Any AUPH news or did I get >shilled
Come on, man!

>> No.26464452

>lived in Vegas in 2017 and then near the garlic shooter in 2019
very suspicious...

>> No.26464458

Anyone holding some good AR/VR stocks ? Time to look for the next TSLA

>> No.26464463

rocket emoji one hunnid one hunnid

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Simple as

>> No.26464492

Dude what the fuck are you talking about.
You can shill your stocks without being weird and talking about crystals and cyber sex all the time.

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Which Euro brokers have GS2C?
I tried Trading212 and they only have GME.
Apparently Interactive Brokers has GS2C, but it's 10€ a month.

>> No.26464524

If you think that is suspicious and rather not a clear illustration of how pervasive white supremacist terrorism is in the USA then you've been brainwashed by 4channel. It is hard to explain how scared I was of incel looking white guys for a while lol

>> No.26464532

You're a big fat retard

>> No.26464537

It's not uncommon for institutions to own stock. Not sure why you think this is the most important factor. Blackrock was holding OSMT when it tanked.

>> No.26464539
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What does this mean? I've seen a few stocks that say theyre over 100% owned by instituions

>> No.26464554

TR #2 trending on stocktwits. Apologize anon.

>> No.26464556

>A minor over C
>E lydian
>B flat
>Gminor over E
doesn't sound good imo

>> No.26464558

Can someone explain why i shouldn't just load and hold tqqq? If i never sell a dip, and the market continues to go up, I'll make tons of money

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Mexican-American here, and I don't give a shit if you believe me or not. I am actually more worried about the tens of thousands of murders caused by blacks each fucking month than the whites who have a school shooting a few times a year (and where other whites are killed too, you fucking faggot).

Even us Mexicans don't like blacks, unless they show some signs of intelligence and stability, which can be said of ANY race on this planet (but blacks show the least on average on this planet).

>> No.26464585

>It's not uncommon for institutions to own stock. Not sure why you think this is the most important factor. Blackrock was holding OSMT when it tanked.
It's not "weird" it is just that because institutions have a price average of around $5 for CRBP before it took a big dump, it means that institutions have been loading up on it along with April 2021 and Feb 2021 calls. Means the tutes expect the price to rocket

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>It is hard to explain how scared I was of incel looking white guys for a while

>> No.26464621

CRSR. didn't give a shit about doordash or airbnb because they are shitty companies.

>> No.26464624

congratulations, you have media induced brainworms, go look at FBI crime statistics and dilate

>> No.26464634

So, does Elon go down in history as the greatest con man ever? He finessed his way into the bank circles with PayPal, and then opened his butthole up wide for them to fuck him while telling everyone on the other side that he's just a genius and going to Mars and building the future and shit. He literally didn't invent a single thing, he's just powerbrokered things engines batteries ect, already invented by the military and other car companies and made them profitable by having the government let him have exclusive access to their money tit.

>> No.26464686

Blackrock A

>> No.26464693

I mean statistics back up my point too. I live around Asians in a 90% Asian neighborhood so empirically speaking, it is far more dangerous for me to be around Whites (and Mexicans and Blacks).
Also violence aside we have to consider how dangerous all-white communities are when it comes to excessive use of opiates and other hard drugs which can harm you over long term.

>> No.26464703

Is BB a sell tomorrow or to keep?

>> No.26464705

Usually means there's short interest because it's going to count the shares being borrowed to short. But the important thing about it that fires my neurons is that it's a high number, very high institutional ownership

And I checked the short interest, it's 30%. That would explain the over 100% thing

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Just woke up, I need to take a huge CRBP shill in my glorious porcelain throne, no shit covered needle infested San Francisco streets for me no sir

>> No.26464732

And what is the problem with buying GME instead of GS2C?

>> No.26464737

So, you've been trying to shill this scheme for the past 3 maybe 4 days now, trying to make a new GME without the fundamentals that made it in the first place, not to mention this boomer stock is so stagnant that it didn't even budge 2008 or 2020, obviously there are massive shorts on it, but thats because TR is a shitty company with no prospects, unlike UTZ, which is in a similar market with rising prospects, TR has no Ryan Cohen, it isn't a game retailer, it has no market moving news, or volume even if people were paying attention, and even then gamestop was suppose to die around the $14 dollar mark, it was clearly a PnD op accidentally turned moon mission (suprisingly i'm still holding 1,000 shares from october), genuinely convince me to take interest in TR, because it seems you're trying to force a synthetic GME, when only such things happen organically, and rarely.

>> No.26464743

Elonito is /based/ and /ourboi/.

>> No.26464754


>> No.26464796

is it still not common knowledge that Mexicans vs. Blacks is the real race war title match? white vs. black is just a meme, the real bad blood and violence is in those two communities

>> No.26464800

GS2C is cheaper right now and soars just as high
And i suppose currency exchange fees?

>> No.26464802


>> No.26464827


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I'm not listening to that shit. Either type it out or fuck off, and I don't care what race you are, but don't ever fucking say that whites are the only ones in this world doing wrong while you allow other races in the background to commit the same crimes without repercussion.

>> No.26464832

That's great. You think the stock is worth 5 bucks with a pipeline that keeps failing to meet ends points and no revenue coming in kek

You're delusional man. Take emotion out of your trades anon.

>> No.26464834


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>govt takes 25% of my gains
>"it's used to improve infrastructure, schools and public transport anon"
>infrastructure still shit
>schools still shit
>public transport still shit

what did they mean by this?

>> No.26464847

Loool Mexicans and Blacks have a full on race war in certain contexts. The two ogoros de las Americas sometimes brawl it out in LA but things have calmed down a lot.

>> No.26464851
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You're on about big Colby Covington, the true alpha in the UFC

>> No.26464893

I’m tempted to buy calls since they are so cheap but I cannot see any reason for this to rise on pure fundamentals alone. This looks to me to be purely a meme play

>> No.26464906

>You think the stock is worth 5 bucks with a pipeline that keeps failing to meet ends points

Their pipeline has openly been able to meet deadlines.

> You think the stock is worth 5 bucks with a pipeline that
Yes, possibly soars much higher if it breaks that $4.50 support level. Anyways if you don't believe the institutional thesis I don't blame you, I haven't shown a single piece of evidence which talks about the absurd amounts of dark pool activity in the last two weeks for CRBP on top of 10 million shorts randomly covering last week .

>> No.26464921

They do actually spend the money on infrastructure, it's just that it's offset by them simultaneously importing people who degrade the very same public services.

>> No.26464925

How much higher do we think GME can go?

>> No.26464934

Someone shilled TRCH a few months ago.
Thanks, I'm up 160%

>> No.26464937

150 then dump

>> No.26464938

80 iq marxist redditors belong in their insane asylum. Go back.

>> No.26464944

Eww, you realize hes centralizing internet infrastructure under military contr with starlink right

>> No.26464954


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Is PLTR still a good buy bros?

>> No.26464968

Maybe a bit of fx fee yes but it is just nyse vs fra. I don't think it would really matter in the end.

>> No.26464972

Hi please get the white cock out of your mouth. I never did say that white are the only ones doing wrong, i just said its odd how we don't talk about the pervasiveness of white terrorism!

>> No.26464973

Why would you get stuck bagholding for years when you can jump on and off memes every week? Plus it's not guaranteed to go up. Only looks that way because it wasn't around when 2000 or 2008 happened.

>> No.26464983

Where is 2020? That image is useless...

>> No.26465004

How big of a portfolio should a 25 year old have? Trying to see if I'm a failure or not

>> No.26465006

I'm curious about this too. Are they really a solid long term hold?

>> No.26465009

>80 iq marxist redditors
Le epic le buzz word i don't know the meaning of but i'll throw it around so i can seem like i know what im talking about

>> No.26465030

They meant their infrastructure, they need to add on more pools and bedrooms and shit, Nancy Pelosi can't store all that ice cream from some piece of shit refrigerator from Home Depot that would be crazy

>> No.26465043

>please get the white cock out of your mouth
Then get the black cock out of your mouth and we have a deal.

>> No.26465046
File: 53 KB, 300x287, 1611468591131.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Want to know as well.

>> No.26465078

and his upbringing was bankrolled by his daddy exploiting africans

absolutely based

>> No.26465079

Selling CRBP at open on monday
I can't trust someone who's this retarded

>> No.26465082
File: 196 KB, 640x619, 1610737892838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would buy it on a dip before Tuesday 4:30 PM EST, then set a trailing stop loss after the aforementioned time.

>> No.26465097

>Daddy, why are we poor? Why didn't you invest in TR, the most dominant candy company in the world?

>I'm sorry honey, I didn't listen to anon when he shilled me on it

>> No.26465098

The calls really suck tho why did you meme TR?
I have to pay 112 each for ITM weekly or pay 45 for 5 OTM. If I pay 500 I can make 5000 if it hits 40 but there are actually safer 10x in the market like CLF on this dip for earnings.

>> No.26465118

Refer to:

>> No.26465120

>thinking he could possibly manage
you're being silly

>> No.26465121

Literally thats all they talk about on TV please go back to you're echo chamber on reddit or twitter

>> No.26465126

We know Jose

>> No.26465132
File: 342 KB, 2000x1286, amc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get in on the next wsb pump and dump
>hollywood jews are not going to let the movie industry die
>Low IQ and High IQ plebs love watching movies in the thether

>> No.26465135

>set a trailing stop loss
How big?

>> No.26465136

Tell that......to.......your......girlfriend.

>> No.26465163

They have failed to meet endpoints in various stages for various drugs numerous times.

This time its different right.
This time the fda will shorten the study
This time the fda will approve us to the next phase

Good luck with that

>> No.26465168

Lolol enjoy losing out on gains u stupid marxist

>> No.26465189

thinking about picking up BAT, I want divs thoughts

>> No.26465191
File: 165 KB, 421x370, Quock - static x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got fucked today, biz... and not in a good way...


>> No.26465203

AMC is a retarded play and a most something like Hertz will happen

>> No.26465207

That's rich coming from the same guy who went off about "white supremacists." In reality, there's no such thing.

>> No.26465208

name your price & write them you ding dong

>> No.26465225

CRBP took the biggest crap of it's life when they had the bad news back in Sept, that prior news has already done all the damage it can do. With Vanguard, BlackRock, & State Street loading up after that Sept dump, this one is one of the lowest risk high profit potential penny plays you can find. Watch this break the 2.50 resistance and just take the fuck off towards 4.50 this week.

>> No.26465253

TR is a solid value play backed by tons of memeability potential. What's not to love? This thing has crabbed between 30-40 for the past 5 years. It's trading at $30 now, you're literally buying in at the bottom on a dividend king stock.

-Near 52w low
-Low float @ 16M shares
-High short interest @ 46% of float shorted
-Low IV
-Insiders own 25% of the stock and haven't sold a single share since 2016
-Solid dividend play
-Has existed since late 1800s. This shit isn't going anywhere
-Tons of memeability

This thing sells itself on memeability alone. I think we'd be doing a disservice to future generations if we didn't turn this into a meme.

Why would you invest in a boomer stock like BB or GME that's already run 200-300%? You're literally buying in at the top to baghold. Get in on the ground floor with TR.

>> No.26465256
File: 39 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember buy miners when bitcoin dips and ride this baby to the moon


>> No.26465279

It's retarted which is why it will moon

>> No.26465282
File: 51 KB, 420x420, 1607830169662.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure, but if I had to guess, we will probably hit around 40 or so between Monday and Tuesday. That being said, 4:30 EST is 30 minutes after the market closes, so if this PLTR Demo Day presentation is really bad (and doesnt meet expectations), there could be a massive sell-off Wednesday.

Conversely, if the presentation is fucking mindblowing, Wednesday morning might send PLTR to Ganymede.

>> No.26465288

BCRX and AUPH chads: do i wait for a buyout or sell on the pump?

>> No.26465298

>Any AUPH news or did I get >shilled
Drug got approved. My calls I got Friday should print some. Thanks, AUPH shill, wherever you are.

>> No.26465310

>smears shit on the walls and waves a confederate flag in halls of congressional buildings and is allowed to stop the transition of power and undermine a democratic process at the fucking senate chambers because their skin is lighter than the shade of mayo so its fine

>> No.26465333

You bought MLR didnt you how are you getting fucked

>> No.26465334
File: 557 KB, 1029x786, original_276713633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All good buys BFARF most undervalued to it's peers

>> No.26465340

I meant what kind of % do you set the trailing stop? Also when it goes to Ganymede, it will fall down to hell again, too, no?

>> No.26465345

>BCRX and AUPH chads: do i wait for a buyout or sell on the pump?
Checked...and stuff. Sell the pump on AUPH.

>> No.26465350

You're the only one shilling it here
If you're so smart then why not just go back to your asian silicon valley discord room and leave us the fuck alone

>> No.26465381
File: 179 KB, 112x112, 3x.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you guys are buying anything but freshly minted gme calls you are doing it wrong. screencap this

>> No.26465385

I enjoy talking to you guys. I consider you my friend. Milkbreath.

>> No.26465396

>shilling news from before bitcoin crashed
you can't still be carrying those bags, are you?

>> No.26465408

Roblox is a DPO now. Not a IPO

>> No.26465416

I am looking at the CRBP volume from last market open on Friday Jan 22nd. Market makers were holding the price at $2.10 all day with over 10M shares traded, amazing how they could keep that much volume barcoding all day. But that just means they’re loading up and/or letting other institutions load up before they let it run some more.

>> No.26465417

Got 4k shares, hope this bad boy goes to $500

>> No.26465423

I don't usually set a percent stop loss. I just put a stop order in profit that trails behind by a buck or so, but only whenever I expect a huge drawdown at any moment. Yeah, I'm new.

And as far as falling back down? Well, if PLTR goes up a shitload, there is a chance that it will increase the incentive for insiders to keep their shares instead of selling on the day that the lockup expires.

>> No.26465462

It's fairly valued bro.

>> No.26465473


>flood america with hostile foreigners and give them voting rights, to undermine the will of the original citizens
>cheat in elections
>ban all non-leftist opinions from social media and the regular mass media
>support their own massive terrorist organisation, antifa, as they attack non-leftists on the streets
>turn federal agencies into extensions of the dem party, with fbi being close to a secret police for them
>call the other side undemocratic
kys, really

>> No.26465487
File: 73 KB, 814x799, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bulls, what are we thinking?

>> No.26465525

It's contradictory if you have to FORCE a meme, it means its very bad at being memetic, and no one is going to bite this shit without actual reason beyond "guys, wouldn't this be SOOO funny if we did x????" also have fun getting deleted by the SEC when inevitably some tattle tale faggot screenshots of your retarded scheme, go play crypto if you want to PnD on people with no repercussions

>> No.26465536

so how do you think market makers are able to keep the market down while buying themselves?

>> No.26465546

Been buying SPCE since 10 dollars so based

>> No.26465563

>not longing BB

dont get greedy anon

>> No.26465568

no but I will save this duck and spam post it in every discord I am in thankyou

>> No.26465573

I dont own any crypto but these are no brainers and just because BTC settled to 31k from 40k doesn't mean these companies stop going in on crypto. the opposite actually

>> No.26465606

I already picked EXPR as my retard left over cash play

>> No.26465610


What the fuck do you mean "allowed"? They were arrested by the dozens and will face serious prosecution.

>> No.26465623
File: 40 KB, 410x598, 83C9A6E7-4F34-485C-822F-FACE4920619A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26465642
File: 39 KB, 510x448, canada.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you got me

>> No.26465668

>poor as fuck
>could literally only afford 5 shares of GME before the spike
feels bad man
Even triple digits would be a miniscule return.

>> No.26465679

Youre ID says it all Go back please. You shitted up this thread for too long

>> No.26465717
File: 100 KB, 500x281, 1598493400811.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GME sets a new president that shilling pumps stocks
>/smg/ is now nothing but shilling stocks
I am not sure if this is better or worse than kpop autist and /a/ fags spamming

>> No.26465719

Almost every single point you mention is proof that you are a literal white supremacist who has been brainwashed from living in a fact-averse echo chamber.
This is genuinely sad. The worst part is you are the type of person who would brag about contributing less taxes than me to my country's tax base.

>> No.26465725
File: 440 KB, 709x1024, 1611258465178.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Absolutely under-fucking-rated post.

>> No.26465728

Should I sell RKT?

>> No.26465739

Indian magic

>> No.26465768
File: 9 KB, 1006x37, fuckyouimbuyingit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh jesus christ... fine man. This world is fucked and we may as well eat tootsie rolls.

>> No.26465770
File: 48 KB, 474x651, 5E1B7F4B-52C4-4468-A347-28CC4342A4DF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you are a literal white supremacist who has been brainwashed from living in a fact-averse echo chamber

>> No.26465806
File: 55 KB, 901x935, mara.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>I dont own any crypto
So you DO hold crypto miners? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ok

>and just because BTC settled to 31k from 40k doesn't mean these companies stop going in on crypto. the opposite actually
no lol
these companies are just a leveraged version of bitcoin
I'm sorry if you thought you were buying into a real company

>> No.26465807

I'll probably sell this week. February 2nd the lockup period expires, not going to take that risk

>> No.26465810


Go back to red.dit and go back to india

>> No.26465812

PLTR is the most long-term of long-term holds, how do people still not know this? I bought in at $11 and I'm never selling.

>> No.26465837

idk but it kinda forces itself, a fucking tootsie roll stock kek, I want to buy in unironically.

>> No.26465858

They were not shot on sight and in fact encouraged to go inside. Moreover, members of congress showed them around inside. The fact that we have congress members encouraging and conspiring with white supremacists who wave confederate flags and yell nigger in the fucking chambers of senate should be conclusive evidence that America is rife with White supremacy and White supremacy exists in the fraemwork of our government.

>> No.26465860

Are you a woman?

>> No.26465869

About to become a NOK chad with 13 000 euros next week, wish me luck.

>> No.26465873

I really don't care what race you are. I don't care if you're white, black, asian, hispanic, or fucking martian. That being said, for you to say that the person you are replying to has a one-sided perspective is incredibly hypocritical at the very least. Either stop bringing that shit up, or go fuck yourself dude. You're fucking it up for asians mate.

>> No.26465881


>> No.26465889

Could pump slightly more with the Jap approval news .
Hold or sell.

>> No.26465893

>if foundation of beliefs = exposed
>print "soijakimage76"

>> No.26465900

Any good plays for tomorrow?

>> No.26465925

on average white people and white countries treat minorities and women better than any other race.

contradict that or shut the fuck up and go live somewhere else.

>> No.26465937
File: 60 KB, 640x640, original_276500225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By companies I meant the ones in the pic offering credit card rewards and such. but you're right they are leveraged versions of bitcoin. I guess it depends on where you think bitcoin will be in December either wait I'm gunna be in at least to see q4 earnings

>> No.26465949

How can you not love this kind old man? I dont fucking get it.

>> No.26465962

But when long term holding is so good, shouldn't I sell it when it moons and buy back the dip with even more stocks because of me selling after it mooned? Even when my average becomes high, if it's a good long term hold then that shouldn't be a problem.

>> No.26465965

can wsb raise the price of gold and silver?

>> No.26465980
File: 38 KB, 600x800, 4BB84046-367D-4BA9-9515-2691A4528699.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if foundation of beliefs = exposed
>print "soijakimage76

>> No.26465987
File: 77 KB, 618x944, tranny.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26465995

I put $550 into an ETF because I’m a broke fag, how much more should I add to see some real returns?

>> No.26465996

What's your reasoning?

>> No.26466002

That post was truly awful. It is plainfully/painfully obvious that you do not belong here. But that is okay! There is a positive solution. Rather than trying to fit in, you should strongly consider going to a site more suitable for posters like you, such as reddit, tumblr, or maybe even Gaia! You have plenty of options. You will be happy, and we will be happy. Best of luck, but don't come back. Bye

>> No.26466003

Mistaking an assignment operator for an equivalency, total noob mistake

>> No.26466012

No. Just aware that as an Asian-American i commit far less crime than whites, contribute far more to the tax base than whites, produce far more intellectual property than whites, am far more entrepreneurial than whites and provide more jobs for americans than whites, give back to my community and try to commercialize technologies and consequently jobs for white americans around the country. Yet i am seen as a "hostile foreigner". It is very sad. White supremacy lives on this board in an almost "ironic" sense but when you've actually dealt with white supremacy first hand its terrible.

>> No.26466026


>> No.26466101

When will the bubble burst, I need to warn my dad.
He's been hit by every financial crisis in the last 25 years by following conventional wisdom, but always panics and sells at the bottom. I think if he's still holding stocks when this bubble bursts he might kill himself.

>> No.26466104

Kek who think asians are hostile foreigners. Funniest shit i’ve heard all day.

>> No.26466107
File: 286 KB, 1670x1743, 1605838139035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From a Hispanic-American to an Asian-American, go fuck yourself and shut up. This general is not for this shit. Also, buy PLTR so you can redeem any little bit of dignity you can.

>> No.26466133
File: 771 KB, 960x960, 16069700926183898612498198059946.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26466148

Theoretically. If you can keep up with that why not do this with every stock? There probably comes a point where you sell and after that it moons or you buy back in and it drops. I just prefer to hold and forget about it and rather play current memes actively.

You don't know what they do, do you?

>> No.26466156

Beyond based i think this fucker is ass blasted

>> No.26466160

13.90 here with 45 shares. Will buy another 300 when/ if there is a dip after lock up period

>> No.26466175

In your narrative now, substitute white for asian american and substitute black for white and you’ll find a truth that is much more accurate and prominent!

>> No.26466181

>brainwashed from living in a fact-averse echo chamber.
More projection, eh? People like you make me question the wisdom of universal suffrage and republicanism. You're clearly not fit to influence the direction of the country. You lack both intelligence and emotional maturity.

>> No.26466207
File: 74 KB, 735x729, 75939fc2eae135e6d584e4ed9c372164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>every financial crisis in the last 25 years
>panics and sells at the bottom

imagine being 25 years in the market and still having paper hands
just tell him to keep it in a savings account

>> No.26466212

You're just whinging like a faggot lmao

>> No.26466224

what race are you? If ur Japanese then no problem, japs are based. Korean is also ok in my book. Anything else is nuke teir.

>> No.26466236

Its amazing how convinced of this faux reality.

>> No.26466246

>You don't know what they do, do you?
Not entirely, no. I'm not asking for a spoonfeed, but more so why you think they're profitable long term.

>> No.26466260

Buying into PLTR is betting on data-mining, mass-surveillance and AI becoming more prevalent facets of society in the future. Who the fuck is retarded enough not to take that bet?

>> No.26466268

I hate pajeets so fucking much, they shit up everything thing they touch, especially /smg/

>> No.26466273


>> No.26466275

>Theoretically. If you can keep up with that why not do this with every stock? There probably comes a point where you sell and after that it moons or you buy back in and it drops. I just prefer to hold and forget about it and rather play current memes actively.
I did this before with Palantir, sold at like $29 and FOMO bought at $28 again. The handful of extra stocks that I got were fucking nothing when I think that my average was about $15 before. Until it really moons, I won't sell and just hold.

>> No.26466300

he is just mad baggie is fucking his girl

>> No.26466304

they make overpriced ERP software

>> No.26466309

I have an asian fetish, can I lick your moms asshole? pls respond

>> No.26466314

He's the resident streetshitter retard

>> No.26466317

It's sad to watch honestly. He's a smart guy with a lot of things but try as he might, he is just awful with money.

>> No.26466329

Baggie fucks no one. Baggie gets pegged

>> No.26466336

Oh my god I hate niggers now! What the fuck! Because comparing Black American history and White/Asian American history in a socioeconomic context sense is totally not dogshit retarded!

>> No.26466357

You think now is a good time to buy in? Or should I wait for a dip?

>> No.26466362

Not me

>> No.26466370
File: 3 KB, 125x120, 1521915185425s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26466385

better than this fucker

>> No.26466387

Well /smg/ bros I just started my new job in Investment Banking. How do I cope with my anxiety since the entire team is just Stacies? Not only that but everybody in the firm went to a more prestigious school than me. I can't fucking focus.

>> No.26466394

Yes. My mom has IBS too.

>> No.26466409
File: 791 KB, 1903x1985, original_276822494.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry I misunderstood this, Marketwatch uses Stocktwits too, so its NOT trending on two different websites. SOrry sorry.

Why does Nancy Pelosi ball so hard? Look at these freaking options. Why yes I do buy my DIS options at 100, why don't you?

>> No.26466435

Just look at your portfolio to remind yourself how much of a Chad you already are.
You DO make gains, right??

>> No.26466466

Up 50% over the past 3 months.

>> No.26466470

>No. Just aware that as a White american i commit far less crime than blacks, contribute far more to the tax base than blacks, produce far more intellectual property than blacks, am far more entrepreneurial than blacks and provide more jobs for americans than blacks, give back to my community and try to commercialize technologies and consequently jobs for white americans around the country. Yet i am seen as a "white supremecist". It is very sad. Black victimhood and affirmative action lives on this board in an almost "ironic" sense but when you've actually dealt with being a victim of a diversity hire first hand its terrible

>> No.26466483

can i have one juevos rancheros with a lemonade

>> No.26466515

Every single company/govt is collecting shitloads of data and it is only increasing. It is not collect what you need, it is collect everything possible you can, because maybe at a later date you can use/benefit from it and this is where PLTR will be handy because I don't want to finish this sentence anymore

>> No.26466518
File: 85 KB, 720x950, 4fb747d49e1f7953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

xanax and LSD microdosing

>> No.26466541


Again, comparing white/asian americans to black americans in a historical sense by ignoring at their socioeconomic is one of the most 5th-grader tier arguments you can make

>> No.26466560

That fucking face makes me kek every time.

>> No.26466564

Might honestly try and get a xanax prescription. I think most people in finance are on it.

>> No.26466570

I dont hate niggers i hate the politicians that treat them like victims and second class citizens that need the white man’s tax money in order to survive. Like have some self respect!

>> No.26466595

Cum ID

>> No.26466614

chinks are fucking gross

>> No.26466648
File: 25 KB, 427x427, 1606353961990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey anon, all things aside, I have heard everything you have said, and I have taken it into consideration (even though I don't think you're bringing up other perspectives enough), but do not allow racism to conquer your life. As someone who has gotten jumped by 6 blacks (vs me and a friend) and fought a white guy 1 on 1, every fucking race of humanity has the same qualities if put into similar situations with similar experiences. At the end of the day, this is the ape/animal in us, and it isn't solely based on race.

That all being said, I would like to feel like I helped someone over the internet today, so all I can say is please do not allow racism (from ANY race) to consume you.

Also, buy PLTR. Big Brother is coming anyway, might as well get rich off of it.

>> No.26466654

You're obviously a low-testosterone faggot with an inferiority complex towards white men. What even brought you here from reddit?

>> No.26466656

>t. entire family uses food stamps and is hooked on fentanyl in some all white shithole

>> No.26466659

>I don’t hate niggers
Redd*t is down the hall and to the left

>> No.26466660
File: 38 KB, 758x644, 1601345803565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26466683

Fuck it, I'm just gonna fomo into $BB at open, seems like a reasonably safe bet for the week

>> No.26466684


>> No.26466695

>can i have one juevos rancheros with a lemonade
Now that's funny. As a Mexican, I can take a hit mate. So should you.

>> No.26466696
File: 3.08 MB, 420x431, n.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26466707

You're not poor enough to get handouts like the imported voting/low skill labor stock and you're not rich enough to shake hands with politicians or manipulate your finances to make it look like you're losing money for tax reasons.

>> No.26466712

Why? Get ritalin/addy

>> No.26466719

Take the politics and race shit back to /pol/ and go back to shilling shitty pump and dumps for fucks sakes.

>> No.26466728

Thank you both, I appreciate the explanation.

>> No.26466729

Could BA be a good play?
I've heard Cramer shill them over and over again, especially saying how China is going to buy a bunch of planes in the near future. They are also still way below pre-Covid levels...

>> No.26466747

50% in 3 months?? I'd be embarrassed too

>> No.26466777

Would help my DFEN bags

>> No.26466780

but if you never sell you never make money

>> No.26466808

BA is good for swing trading, and is dog shit as a company

>> No.26466811

oh my fucking god are you a boomer dude i've been making streetshitting jokes about myself just open my vocaroo
you sound like have been sucking white cock HARD ngl brother.
By the way the hispanics i play soccer with are the funniest people ive ever met in my life. On top mexicans i'd say know how to have fun more than any other race i've met, I've gained 15 lbs since i started playing soccer with mexicans and hanging out w them after

>> No.26466853

Is GEVO a good buy?

>> No.26466863

You also never pay taxes
>> wink.jpg

>> No.26466876

>screams that white people are taking pride in the accomplishments of others while telling black kids “You be KINGS”

I saw a teacher on TV in my state saying she unironically called black boys “Kings” because that is what they “historically were” until white people took it away from them.

>> No.26466920

At some level you have to be aware, but unwilling to accept, that Africans are of lower genetic stock than both whites and Asians.
Their intelligence is lower, they have less control over their impulses. Doesn't matter their socioeconomic status or not.
This is just simply evolution since Africans have always lived a place where food has more or less been available all year. They didn't have to prepare for winter by stocking away food and rationing - controlling their impulses, and careful planning takes intelligence as well.
There was no such selection on the genes of Africans.

>> No.26466952

The African kings sold all the niggers ancestors to Jews and now their here because Plantation owners couldn't be assed to shell out money to pick cotton

>> No.26466958


>> No.26466970

>blacks were kings
>lose monarchial rights to white people
>white people now kings
>call black people kings
libs don't make sense even by their own logic

>> No.26466980

I hope you faggots don't drag this into the next thread.

>> No.26466997

Should probably copy her trades.
She's definitely gonna influence government to get to her goals.

>> No.26466998


>> No.26467001

>t. ethnic faggot who finally feels superior to whites because TV said to

>> No.26467044

Black people, maybe little over a decade ago, were steered by bank officials to subprime loans when many would have qualified for loans on much better terms.

Wells Fargo loan officers referred to black customers as “mud people” and subprime loans as “ghetto loans.

For fuck's sake, stop letting white liberal bullshit like that distract you from actual white supremacy from commercial banks which has happened past the 2000's.

>> No.26467045

Sad day my friend. Babbies first 4chen :(

>> No.26467056

This lmao this fucker is the biggest virgin poster of this week lmao

>> No.26467065


>> No.26467074



>> No.26467094
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just buy now nig. i suspect lockup expiry won't make a dent. pltr will be $60 eoy. i think it will hit $40 by lockup exp in feb, and even if it comes down, will prob retrench to where it is right now.

>> No.26467163

Can you even make money that way? All these are already hard ITM.

>> No.26467514

just avoid him the pain and just tell him to sell now. You have all your life ahead of you to gamble, he doesn't. You haven't clarified when he bought back in but im sure he'd rather miss out on another 10% over going through the depresso rigmarole all over again.

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