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Give me your best FUD
This will be at $3 by midsummer, $10 in bull.

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It only dumps

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If GRT goes $10 I'll suck you off

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I want to believe. But every day I consider just selling off and doubling my link

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Do you faggots not realise what you hold?!

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I admit $10 in 2021 is a very optimistic prediction. Maybe $10 by 2023.

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Do you expect that this will hit $10 pre or post supply increase?

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I just sold at $0.55 as soon as it recovered.
This shit is only making Coinbase rich. The marketcap is way to high and reviewers say the algorithm is too slow.
It also way too much during the dip compared to other similar coins.

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hopefully post.

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wet paper hands

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fuck ill be happy with 10$, got a small bag, not worried if i lose it all to much either

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what algorithm? what reviews?
>it also way too much

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The opposite nigger

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to late for GRT?

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aahahahaha you're going to feel pretty fucking stupid within the week.

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give us the source links to the reviews!

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I have 100 of these. Hoping for the best.

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your hands have the grip strength of a soggy noodle

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enjoy holding those bags

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At what price point are you anons going to start selling off some of the delegation rewards? Was thinking around 3-4

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Useless unusable token. Enjoy your bags.

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>reviewers say the algorithm is too slow.
literally talking out of your ass.

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can you link us the review(s)?
Token algorithm usually means if the token is mineable or not. GRT isn't.. so I don't know why it'd be "slow".

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nice, you ignore everyone asking for more information. Go fuck yourself faggot

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let's say I'm a 7.5k GRaphleT
is it worth delegating all of them?
is there any reason why I wouldn't delegate my entire stack?

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thank you for the hopium
the heavier the FUD the better the coin

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This. Its boring

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28-day thawing period. You might miss the bull run. There's that.

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I see
so if I understand correctly, delegating freezes the value of the tokens? or is it just during the thaw?

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tyou fucking degenerate its doesnt freeze the value, it just takes 28 days before its back in your wallet. This other fegit talking about missin the bull run means if you plan to sell it when its ath for example. Just delegate GRT for a year and check back.

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When you undelegate you have to wait 28 days for the tokens to get back to you.

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What would be the market cap of Graph at 10$?

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>>26383235 >>26383253
ah thanks faggots

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this year? ~55 billion (after june)
12b before june.

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FUD? Don't need FUD if it's over.

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Marketcap = total supply x price.
Graph has 10 billion tokens, multiplied by $10 per token gives a marketcap of $100 billion dollars.
That would put it at #3, just behind ETH which has a marketcap of 146 billion.

Now is that possible?
Well this is the google of blockchain, the foundation upon which web 3.0 shall be built. The digital economy is worth trillions and since all future dapps will be using the graph. Yes, i suppose it is very possible. If not inevitable.

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So you're saying it will 36x by July?

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Predictions of how much it will pump?

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this guy prediction is 90% precise

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Who is hiring the indexing services that you delegate your coins to.

Help me make sense of this please and explain it as though I’m retarded because I’m retarded

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I had 5K of GRT and sold 4K yesterday to buy more LINK. Kept 1K GTR so I don’t neck myself down the road

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looking sick. I checked his profile, he seemed to be right about grt so far

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we're all gonna make it fren

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$3 probably eoy. I don't like the amount of VC's behind this and the token supply is a big issue.

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Also I’m delegating and have unrealized rewards - do I realize them when I understate and take my stack out?

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What’s his name?

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developers who build dApps

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unrealized rewards = they accumulate as your indexer closes allocation (every 1-28 days.. they can choose when) while you're still delegating.
realized rewards = when you pull out (undelegate)

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Gotcha thanks.

That’s crazy I don’t see how the price of this will sky rocket. In less than 24 hours I got 5 grt off a 6k stack.

No way this coin is going to be able to go too high

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Best FUD? No material to work with, to be honest. That's my biggest fud.

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I’m making 20k grt per month. Inflation will will decrease after year 1. Protocol becomes deflationary a year or two after complete migration to mainnet. This is the bootstrapping phase. Indexers have favorable conditions set up for delegators to incentivize GRT allocation.

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Is it worth it to delegate my little 1k GRT stack?

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So I should be a patient lad and leave my stack delegated and check back in in a year or two?

Also is my delegation in place until I undelegate it?

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>20k GRT/month

Based on what initial delegation/stake?

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Yes your delegation is set and earning compound rewards until you undelegate but I would continue checking up on your indexer once a month to make sure he hasn’t changed any network parameters and your APR remaining steady.

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600k GRT with one indexer and 200k GRT with p2p

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you are just in time

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Thanks for the info

You’ve got a huge stack what is your realistic end price for this bad boy?

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End price when exactly? This bullrun, or the next one? In 10years?

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bros, i'm starting to feel pretty dumb for delegating my whole 10k stack and missing the chance to sell at $0.60. is there any realistic chance of a moon mission? the market cap is just so fucking high and this thing is just moving with btc

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I don’t know. I have to hold for 3 years anyways so not worried about it.

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Trend has been upwards on weekends, so at least hold for the weekend and sell on monday if your hands are made of paper towels.

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No, you're never gonna make it (ow!)
Never ever gonna make it
(No, not this time)
No, you're never gonna make it
(No bags)
Never ever gonna make it
No, you're never gonna make it (ow!)
Never ever gonna make it
(No, not this time)
No, you're never gonna make it
(No bags)
Never ever gonna make it

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Yeah, there's a chance for a moon mission. I can tell you when too: the very moment BTC moons.
It's an interesting project and it may be worth it if you have enough GRT to run a node, but this coin is simply following BTC and by looking at the market cap it looks like it's been designed to do exactly that

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>Its boring
agreed, been feeling the same, thinking now this is probably very bullish

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has anyone tried undelegating? i just get this spinning wheel when i try

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GRT will be between $30-$60 in 3-5 years.

If you have a comfy stack now you will be that much closer to make it when you switch into BTC after for the golden bullrun.

Screencap this post and send me a tip of BTC when I am right.


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>the algorithm is too slow.
I love FUD like this

>> No.26387580

As opposed to a useless usable token?

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>$3 in summer
if this paces like link, we could actually see 4 or 5

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It’s over priced garbage.

Also, you’re a pedophile.

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Hey anon I have 600k in a pretty shit indexer. Maybe getting around 200GRT a day. Should I switch?

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Miss the bull run? What the fuck are you talking about?

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is 5 EOY just a meme or realistic

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It's conservative, anon.

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$2 EOY is more realistic

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Riddle me this: If delegating produces GRT for free like fucking magic wouldn't that dramatically reduce its value?

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Yes it’s a scam coin

>> No.26388123

I would take a closer look into how the protocol works. Short answer: no.

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So you expect bitcoin to be at 130k

>> No.26388209

What's a good suicide stack for GRT?

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why arent you indexing? stupid to delegate if you have over 100k

>> No.26388302

it disappears like magic into the indexer and delegates wallets. which cannot be pulled for a full month.

>> No.26388556

Literally no way I have time to learn how to index. Not until I make it I guess

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Because you have to have some pretty serious technical knowledge to run a node and if you fuck up your funds get slashed.

Much easier to just stake it and bake it and chill.

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You don’t understand the time and cost it takes to run an indexer. $15,000 in hardware to start.
From talking to other indexers it’s nearly a full time job.

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thanks fren

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Aight, quick question for you anons.

Graph, or the techno used for it, will be used for web 3.0, as in will lay the foundaition for it, right?

Which will moon the value of this?

Thinking about going all in on this for a year or two, so gotta think about this.

>> No.26388887

>thinking about it for a year or two
the coin is barely a month old

>> No.26388893

Ghats 4k GRT a month fren, sounds comfy

>> No.26388981

I mean thinking about PUMPING it with my poorfren wage, sorry if I wrote it wrong, quite fuken sleepy trying to make sense of the crypto market

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You wrote it correctly. The guy who replied to you is retarded and doesn’t know how to read

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I expect bitcoin to go above $150k and then correct to 88k

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The digital economy is estimated to be worth 15 trillion dollars.
The future of the internet is web 3.0
The graph is the foundation upon which web 3.0 shall be built.
Literally all dapps will use the graph protocol.
We're talking millions of dapps.
And Trillions of monthly queries.
Resulting in an insane amount of fees being paid.

The Graph is a future trillion dollar marketcap blue chip crypto Gem.

You have the opportunity to buy it well under $1 now.
This is an IQ test.
buy now or stay poor forever.

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GRT is pretty limp dicked right now, not going to lie.

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>Help me make sense of this please and explain it as though I’m retarded because I’m retarded

>> No.26389557

I wish it would go fully flaccid. I haven't gotten my bags completely stuffed yet.

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The fags saying this is a shill, others actually making this a possible goldmine.

How the fuck ya make out which is which.

>> No.26389871

Who cares how much USD you can get for it? Government currencies aren’t going to survive on a global platform like the internet. USD will only survive in America where it belongs.

>> No.26389932

Thats why you do your own research... Then you know for sure whats up with it and the potential it has. Of course if you try to make a financial decision based off of what others say you will be questioning it.

>> No.26389939

Until you can start buying houses with crypto I'm sure most people will still care.

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blow it out your ass

>> No.26390600

Fair rebuttal

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Maybe some tips where I can find which is which?

Or do I have to go on my own, for only then will I.learn?

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jesus fuck look at your reaction you incompetent nigger, go invest in shitcoins, go get dumped upon only then you will learn. Trial and error you genetic dead end. I will give you a tip: you see rubics on this board? , thats a classic pump and dump (5000 threads a day, no real discussion about the product). You see GRT? well i will let you decide.

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just keep looking through the biz catalog and find the people who speak intelligently on the subject, and look at the websites and who they partner with. 10x shitcoins tend to not have that many partnerships or anything at all. however, GRT is being funded by COINBASE, one of, if not the, biggest exchanges out there right now. they put a lot of time and effort (3 years prior to token release) in comparison to a month of work on a shitty ERC20 that'll flop to 100 sats in two weeks. names are important, and time is much more so.

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Is it worth delegating a 10k suicide stack?

>> No.26391241

yes absolutely, not delegating is a huge mistake. buying a suicide stack and not HODLing by way of delegation is pretty silly. the APY on delegations right now will pretty much never be seen in the future when more subgraphs come around.

>> No.26391282

Agreed faggy fren, trail and error, trail and error

Good thing I went with the majority on GRT, slipped on some shit coin


Yeah, thought about it, just as a new fag, them dumps are a bit scary, while ya see other shitcoins pump ump :D

>> No.26391484

good boy, now keep researching more. If any of your investments drop, just remind yourself you made a competent decision and wont be acting out of emotion and sell your bags. Hodling is easy as fuck if you believe in the shit you invested in.

>> No.26391739

Curating will be profitable as well I hope

>> No.26392128

Is the supply dump over the next year already factored into the price or should I wait?

>> No.26392144

Anyone have a link to the delegate calculator? I got a 4k mini stack, wondering if I should bother delegating any of it or just wait for potential $2-3

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here you go, niggerboy

>> No.26392447

thanks swapped digit bros

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I'm assuming the grt that you receive from indexing is automatically put into your wallet yes? Is that auto added to what you are already indexing or would you have to stop. Wait 28 days. And then add the additional amount you want to index?

>> No.26393998

No, it’s added to the delegated amount and you don’t receive your rewards until you’ve undelegated.

>> No.26394021

Nice. So I don't have to get fucked by the gas fees. Thanks anon

>> No.26394047

How does an extra 3500 GiRTies a year sound to you? Compounding.

>> No.26394079

How do you pick a good indexer? What do you look for?

>> No.26394196

I actually got it backwards. I meant delegating not indexing. But it looks like you figured out what I meant.

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File: 3.55 MB, 4088x5586, grtdelgation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the bottom of this chart should help

>> No.26394512

3K of grt is enough to delegate?

>> No.26394685

Should get you like ~40 tokens a month which is about 13% apy

But then subtract 15 bucks in gas and .5% in taxes a month and you will up with 5% apy

>> No.26394829

Can you explain in retard terms? So if I put in 5000 grits for delegating I’d have to pay the gas fees out of pocket? Or it would come out of the stake?

>> No.26394871

Taxe apply only once
Apy is 25%

>> No.26394901

apy is dependent on which indexer you choose correct?

>> No.26395160


You have to pay the ETH out of pocket. The 4 delegations I made cost me a TOTAL of 41USD in ETH gas and ~3USD in GRT

The ETH is out of pocket. The Grt is autodeducted.

Its definitely not 25% APY with such a low token count. It MIGHT be 25% APY on the tokens you put it (probably closer to 15% APY, even at a 9.5% cut the calculator says 22.6% apy) but if you count gas fees your actual cash balance ain't getting over 15%

If you have 30k tokens (instead of your 3k) you still pay the same in gas fees, but the returns are so much larger that the gas fees are basically not a factor and you could hit 20% APY

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File: 50 KB, 800x450, 4uv2mj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>mfw fell for the 0xc60d meme
The fucking rewards calculator told me 70% APR

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File: 119 KB, 443x443, 1600190836355.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.26395903

why did this stupid VC Coinbase turd capture biztards imagination so heartily

>> No.26395975

>0 reward paid out historically
You deserve this.

>> No.26395989

it's the grilled cheese sandwich of ice creams

>> No.26396018

Once subgraphs migrate to mainnet can we expect an increase in APY? I'm under the impression we'll be producing a fuck ton more fees so it'd make sense we will be making more GRT. Only thing I'm thinking is more people will delegate which will dilute rewards

>> No.26396171

Theoretically yes. Right now we only get rewards for staking. But down the line we'll start to get rewards for queries too. But it might even out. Mostly because you have to consider the resources consumed by the server under load versus now when they're not. They'll probably change reward portions.

>> No.26396244

I mean you could've just outright picked the one that is shown in the picture. Took me about 5 min to find it and I've never even looked at this shit before.

10k stack would get me 18.4964 APY

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File: 514 KB, 840x843, 1610581345228.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because it's The Google of Blockchain.
It's already being used by the biggest names in crypto.
It's the backbone of defi.
It's about to become the backbone of web 3.0
But most importantly, it's about to make us all filthy stinky fucking rich.

>> No.26396412

FUD? that takes care of itself with a new asset, on COINBASE, in the billions valuation, at the near top of a cycle.

-90% is also a given in 6-8 months or so.

Aleph > GRT.

>> No.26396606

Their site is buggy af, or at least slow. Try refreshing the page.
Keep in mind that there's a 28 day hold on undelegated funds.

>> No.26396644

I am thinking of FOMOING all in (200 dollars) on GRT but I already got burned doing this on Algorand how do I know this isn't another trillion billion supply shitcoin

>> No.26396748


200 dollars is nothing. You want to invest that and not look at it for years. Any little amount of trading will eat at your stack, and you're probably too retarded to trade effectively.

That being said, you're your own person. If you want to gamble and swing trade, do it.

>> No.26396771

I never trade anything I just hold I am going to give whatever I have when I die to my nieces and nephews

>> No.26396982


I like to speak with the people in the GRT discord, it doesn't seem like a shill coin. If anything, the project is bare bones in its simplicity of indexing, but bare bones is what you need, and if you're the first one there, you stand to make a lot of cash. Look at Bitcoin.

I am a noob with computer science, though, and only beginning to learn about it, and crypto programming. Familiarize yourself with the ERC20 and ETH / blockchains in general. I'd say watch the videos on Youtube of people video chatting.

>> No.26397077

My best F.U.D. at the moment is that they are basically giving away the to organizations that make shit like this... https://info.uniswap.org/home

without GRT uni would be shit. they need to charge more per query

>> No.26397183

there is only one subgraph at the moment and several still testing. hold the fuck on man.

>> No.26397212

my indexer is stoned.

>> No.26397235

we break ATH this weekend unironically

>> No.26397364

This, it's actually a rare chance to get in relatively early on a VC backed venture. No guarantees but this an easy $1+ coin.

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